Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Episode 22 · 1 year ago

Episode 22 - Toy Story Part 2: NSFW Edition


Episode 22 - Toy Story 2: NSFW Edition

Welcome to the 22nd episode of Beauty and the Beast - Toyz and learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we discuss adult toys.

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Coming T on his life Lesidei'm beastand welcomed the episode numer. Twenty two were finally legal. That was lastweek. Yet we were legal then, but now we're so leagee bang her all night andnow we're twenty two EXAC ye got her drunk too 'cause. Shecan go in a Barnow with no problem. What a SAR says are moving on and actually twenty one should havebeen. This show not the last show 'cause. The last show was pretty tamecompared to what we're going to talk about today. Yes, last week we talkedabout childhood toys this week, we're talking about not childhood toys, Oadult toys, yes, sice. His episode, number twenty two toy story part two,the not safe for wor condition. Exactly. This is explicit shit. We say fuck alot: Yes fuck fuck Fu fuck. That was fine, Fox Fiv, six, six UKs! Oh look a little H. Idon't know Wa, says seven. Actually, my eight, Oh, my God, wow losing trackalready. Now. One aother thing I like he track of is the Yuno come on. I don't want to hear anyYunoms, even though I already said too ha s now, let's Ye read at for allright thin. Now. One thing I'm concerned about islast week when we talked about child toys. There are many childtoys aroundthis week, they're still here. No, I don't know why tist Verbis here, butyou telling me you can have sextaf thing too. Neverfucked a Ferbe Befrno I never had his mouth is too small. I O my Godh Os aslot. It only gets like double as I am not a double A. I don't know about you,but his ears look really good for penetration. I mean there's no of them,so it's double enegry. Have you had it in your ear, its like yeah, I listen tobeauty and the bees or we talk about penetration and beingmoist and adults, toys which are none here, but last week you had a list oftoys, h your favorite childhood coice. Now let me let me just reach into myAdolt paited brain and I'm not too stone. Yet it is carebears record player is some top ofyour list. You're, a big Pink Panther Fan. I remember you saying that my little ponies put the baby ones, notthe regular, fucking ones. Okay, don't get her F! Those h! That's three things!THAT'S PRETTY GOOD! N! Okay, THAT'S PRETTY GOOD! I WON'T Y! U W JUSTREFRESH MY MEMORY! What what were some of the other highlights from your list?Oh my Gosh, Oh wow, there're! So many of 'em, I know Barbieswason e darbys. Isaid we did the carbears out rinbow bright stuff. Oh right, 'cause wetalked about people who dress up like rainbow bright and Bronie's and Yo atence breakfast you dressed up. Likeother thing: Buses Er, the adult. You know topicshere, you know with the whole furris yeah. So when you dress in a fur suitand do some notty stuff. Well, all the furrs tell me it's only about theprancing around and stuff, and I'm like you, Gotto, be kidding me. You don't gothrough all that trouble just to dance around in the woods now. Do you yeahthere's? No way it's like I've, seen your back doors? Okay, that's what thisflat for! Don't allow those tales attached by insertion pretty much yeah now yo, they have the tails in there.You see 'em on Ebay, all the time and the grandma doesn't understand exacty they're, like yeah, you knowit's just for show. You know it's just I culd do anything with that, exceptfor shove, itg up my hand yeah, and you gotta. You know I. I know yougotto start somewhere with that stuff and I think it was a h, a previouspodcast. We were talking about certain fruits to help you get those, but youdon't have to pay as much as you do for those wonderful toys. I remember working in a in a sex shop.I was hoping to build a website. I wasn't the Guy Wiping to come off thebooth. It was not me. I deny that okay, even four, ten percent off. I would notdo that Um,...

...but the funny thing was having to weighthe deldos for for shipping, how heavy is hat dong that increasesthe cost of shipping. I knowright now I just see like a wholebunch of dogs at the window like puppies that wanted him to be adoptedlike in Ser me Nsert me ieno, I a I'm getting a cat for him. They got real clos and teeth and Theynbuck around, especially when you try to Masterbatwith one try to mess er with a cat. Not since breakfast S Yoet a catabreakfast. Now it was apuce hm lets. Se S, you are what you eat. You puse, you call Hemd Pussit, Pussi, ie you're,a big Mak yeah big mind. Do Remember woman walking into thatstore with this forlorn look on her face because she had basically gonethrough her third Jack Rabbit and they don't come with any warranty.All right. You wear what out you wor it out. Nell they's, not Gongto Huhshall it out. How did you wear this thing out? Youknow, didnt. You still find one setting it works on. It can be done ithink. It was wildright like it pomped rotated it tickled. It sang the National Anhem yea had those little beeds on theinside. That would rotate and ow UV, been there hea he'd, Gon Innside, yes, and that's another toy right, Thoeseanibees, which you can never pull out at the right time. Well, there's a lot of things thatpeople don't know about Ono beads, I'm getting to that right now. Oh, is thaton your list, yeah o o y check that one off I've done a lot of Um. You knowshows where you go and everything and you know intimat little parties likepure romance rk. I have a COUPL ATA party, Om First With Katy and then withmy front earan, which I will be dropping Eran's link an our pot Chavany links to draw wit, the FA, an Ye links like what the Hell Ike Gina FindMe. Some sex friends, te droplings on see a lot of things. You know that youlearn from these parties and everything is you know what anal toys are outthere and how can you tell if a toy is annel? Wait a minute the ano toys are outthere then they're not doing their job. Okay, just socarry on it's all good, soUm! If you want to know if a toy is rahe for anal or not, it will have aplug or a handle in the back. If it doesn't, your ass is going to vacuum,suck that thing up and you're going to have to go to the ER and explain thatexactly so. There are certain things that, yes, you can shove in your assand there are certain things you cannot shove in your ass, so don't make thatmistake, like always look for a plug or a pool handle, and at this pointthere's still women who who have had nothing of their ass priv. Much everand I know they're out there. I know they're out there thos samewomen who have never given head even once W yethe habits atwas true wow. Those are like virgin virgins right back to her ore, not saying theytdidn't give a million hand jobs, they won't blow you and you can't go inthe back with the Hell K, good ti, O the movies Weth, the cut the hole inthe popcorn are Yo. Her Mix tem rightthat real butterd, it's evenbetter exactly when he's real butter that still stinks after an hour. Now I'm fitching picturing. U A giantatin the butter and yeah! Then it really wouldn't smoke owhatkind of popcorn. Did you get Wel, leaveste beauty to be an annual toyexpert? There you go oner resume. It's it's not a resume. She reallycirculates much, but it's Onaor the list to it safely. Stop Shoving Shit up there and going tothe ER. You know that just ruins the whole mood for the night. You knowdoctors like it though, and then nurses really to you know, and then it'sreally like then you're on fucking, instheground and lik a came into the AR. If you want to be a star that fast goahead. Shovit up your ass N, everybody shoves things up, thei ass,you know what was it Steebo on jackassid shoved, the twiy car up hisASS YEAHMEA? That is not the kind of playeyou want, but it was like getting back to likeAal edl toys and everything et it back to the Eing back to there's a lot ofdifferent Um anal toys like t e, the...

...beads and everything like that and thebeads that are on the rope are the most unsanditary ones and they could alsosnap off and get stuck in. You, you wan, to avoid the rope beads Yo, so don't go for the Roope go for theplast, I'm just going to sit back here and listen to this. Obviously beautycame prrpared. I have te list, I'm like The des anddont here, wer still talking about anal stuff or we AE Gooh, okay, they late onme baby. I want to hear Tho Wrestla, Eyour Ata said Al Loo, Wi Te Nedl, theatalbeads are great because they start out small and you can, you know, insertthem into the l. You know the lordest bed. Sometimes they go six, seven,eight and nine ten. You could really get a lot up there. You know if youpractice like, I can only go down three three on the one and I think five onanother one, this the ones where I can get three they're, actually vibratinganal bees. If you believe that or not like, I said they have a toy foreveryone out there. So it's like! Yes, if you have you know, if you're lookingfor something you know for the Anist, make sure it has a plug or a handlethat you ca easily get it out of Um stay away from the strings because theycan hold the most bacteria, no matter how much you clean it, which anotherthing is um toy cleaner. You want to make sure you get a twoy clearer,because, if you're washing your toys with so you're actually damaging them,which then they can damage you. Thank you. Buti back to root nothis is actually funny. I guess like tomorrow, like I could. Actually,I could actually work for pure romance tomorow. No all t o guys whe, I wanteyou listen to this- is because eventually you'll be able to sticksomething in the back door: R, something in the front door. Gagger hermouth tie her hands an go out and get a fucking pizza come back in an hour,she's satisfied. You'refull can both sit down and watchfucking game with thrones a and that's it you're you're good to go for anotherday, exactly make sure ees the handles andyou know, get 'em out, get it out ye D, be careful, there'll, be shovingcucumbers up there, an eggplans. You know people are starving and we'reshopand shit up our asses so, but also if you're listening. If you can developa line of vegetables with handles, you are going to be a bazillionaire ecause.They can fuck your dinner before you eat it. I mean come on, he doesn't want. You know, Wain't us togo with their dinnernohoney. There's something different about this squash.Why? Yes, it has a handle. Does that mean? Don't don't o? Yes, itwas up my ey wow. How about this carrot get ready for the Salad, othe, Salad.The roughage O anocucumber MM. On that note, we can find out what's next onyour list unless of course, there's some possible thing about anel toys.You still need to tell us what is that you had a seguod with with the cleaner,too. I think you needed to start to show whit ot. I now I OKA cleaner, Neli,cleaner folks, we're Gongto, edititfor co before youdo it and then after you do it and there's some good old soap and waterdon't do it. You know I mean I gotta Wash. I keep covid off my body by withsome hot sopang water, but I got to buy some toy puck and shit tha, that'sbetter than that right. Yes, it's! It's! Not just that! It's better! I meanantiactoreal S, huthatill kill thingsas! Well, it's what does it killed o you? Why does itgo? It kills fonguses Aguess. Is You gotto use that thing enough to not evergon to get a fongus on it, an just just come and sa Don want that? That's whyyou do it y a twi cleaner, like he honey, N, your hildows Al Moy, youhaven't used it in a month. What the Fuck Lady I go and spend good money onthese things. The cleaner is mostly to keep it, so it doesn't get rough, itdoesn't break in Te. Little seems like it depends on what your toy is made outof like latex, and things like that. You don't want it to split open andthen you instert it and then you don't clean it right, and then it formsbackteria to it. Oh, my God whant to have a nice um toy cleaner! That's whythey make toy cleaner. They don't make it so that you have to you know,purchase like an extra ten dollars. Ok, whatever a comic book thing, you're gotto buy one to play with, and one o Tak on the show, something like the AIT's well worth it,and, let me just say ofbal of that stuff I bought from pureromance like Iwant to say M. I don't know like a year ago, Wer you not just dropping link. Idrop ethrotic mentions to teing Dogi'm the funting way behind Yo likwant totalk all you want about this shit like a pure romance episode rig now aRomance Yeah Hor Romance like I said, I'm going to drop the length on myfriend, aarons pay. Okay, I think it's...

Te Rai Romance these days. Like honey. Did you ring on the Rall Isure did and a new mask for you to baby? Oh, my Godi got some rubber clobs. I haven't touched myself in weeks the governor said not to now that move oun from cleaner Dalou do not use purl as a Lub. Oh you'll,get I a wake up call. Oh my gosh. You might as well just pray some pepperspray down there. Okay that'sts like when you, when you wake up a three Hendprush your teeth and you grab the Ky and and that's also a good way. Co likewhat t apter the do. Taste Yo'l be slipping, SMII've, tasted to somewhereelse before thiats Hor Fishi at the time. That's not sogy and on' use to PTOOTHPAC as Alubrcaword oways. You Know Wat that Um sting in the mion, theirendsomeon sto sounds like common sense to me. Yeah Commonsense, there's alsocertain essential oils. You should not use because they actually destimulatethe important parts they relax them and that's what they're supposed to do. Soyou got to be careful. 'cause you'll get an assortment of of essential oilsand there's some that'll that'll make it not work and you're like what Luckin Avi Therana Seta, loils flucking, Hippy Shak, and there are SA me some Col Gate, some ofessential oils and Lubes that are actually not good. Forod go O, read theI know this from EXPERIENC. They may feel good at first H, all of a suddenyou're like chiefing to death and you're killing your partner, and someof these things that heat up too. Sometimes they sometimes they go. Ayouknow you're like what the fuck is happening. It's like the bed's on fire. It's likethe whole peppers pray down there go for that. Don't go for that! REATING SHUL! Go to what am I saying, pure Roman Rooman.There you go, I get it, I get it. You should go. I YEMAC and you'll learn allabout it. They do. They have a lot of like waterbased ones which are great because they're, the ones that don't end up allsticky and everything like that. You know: Yeah, L, you don't want to beStutu, I'o Ust like who baby grab the o the grab, the baby oil and after touseit you're like Oh, my God, iee horrful, I feel like. I have a coatingof Palastic on me at that point. Ambyli oils, like the worse yeah it was like. Oh or the vasilinethere. You GO HEU V to be used in case of emergency yeah. If you need vasoline now, thenyou may as well you SOMW wardy as well yeah or or what's the Ol saing from thenorth from the south, pull a little slobber out of your mouth. That's not on the website. That'sfucking fright and you get that for freebaybe. That is very, very true. Youknow this is not as fun, I guess definitely not ESLOOB and Third Worldnations that an armfits way exactly. That'sthey probably just recrate under the pits, and you actually fuck te pits andthen the horse can do two at a time ever God, a Pitcho ever heard of apitch o Na' Fra me either. I just made it up: Did you seae a worse jop or ahorses t a horse could do four that'Si set a horror, bring out Thelu Brhan, that's funny ahorrors. Job Sounds as like: A horse's job for Jand. She gave me a really goodhorsejob last night, really put a so on me broke my back rode meall night, wea yeah Giddya, with cold gating Ki. I wasKINDOF Tingler. I don't know where Shinoler I placn. Ifound I car it, though se that's one thing: we can impersonate racker stare, O and Osis H, dumb people. What's your best domperson I lost my tol. I can't find it it slipped in the back door and I aintseen it ye Ramo help e pull it out. Get the lawn mower. Take your turn outof her. It's a pretty good, cracker Impresson,exactly y get that MIT that we oseminate the cow Wewe're going indeepgrandpais using it Grandpa...

...r o laugh in away. We ares, like twentyminutes of Laugterandthey, are going to do a podcasts. Our hundredth episode isjust going to be an hour of beauty laughing from the first show, o the thehundredth and then we're just going to becounting one to there. You go well make fun of her laughing, thoughthat's when she stopps, so it's weird were anti laugh effect. Soas. You pointsomething out to someone n'r like T, I'm not doing that anymore. I ain't laughing! No more! You make me you chy and make me withyour clever banner about sex toys. You believe, like Um feathers can be likenot like vibrators or anything but like tickling for pleasure people actuallydo that they get off on being tickle. I thought you talked about that in yourfetis show htwas pinishes yeah. There are all sorts of vibrators. You know Wwe're talking about. You know the rabbit, which is the like. The mostpopular one, wet they're, also like Teorl vibrators. As well, it's likejust for the clay. You know, I'm thinking about it and getting offright now, noshe's, not yes! I I could tell you ifshe was. They said theyre early, so manydifferent ones. So, if there's a spot, Youn US look, Ou'r Rooen thesein thedog big one's little ones, you can fi all sizes. You can put them next toyour bed like the bars on your cellphone and smallest, the biggest Aora vibrators she's Bot vibratorscan't find your de pot get a toy it'll find it for you yeah. If that actuallyexisted, moving on Itd, so popular Mai wouldn't be about sluchwithout my ceese Bo. No, I know it's real. This is anotherthing I want to tell guys now, if you're listening and you're young andyou're just getting into this, you can have intense sex with a woman and aftershe comes like three or four times, she'll laugh, she'll, start laughing. You know it's just a whole total relief,don't think she's laughing at you. Do that's what happens to scerial killers.You know he's laughing with Heu she's laughing 'cause. It was fun and she'sout of a good time. You don't have to kill her as a result. Okay, moving onnot that I've done. Yeah Ohasn't made woman don crazy things. Sometimes theylaugh ECAUSE, they cry andt, they scream daddy. You never know what thefuck's going to happen and when you had that JEC spot, though boy you know thatyou oan know that there ain't no at that point, it ain'ta mystery. It's just like wow and what happened and- and you know, dudes it's like mybuddy has a chimney. Okay and it doesn't rain. Water doesn't come downthat chimney unless it's going, the wind's blowing a certain mile per hourand rains going ot a certain angle. It's Sa the same thing with Jisa.Sometimes it just takes that one little angle, you know just get a lit andthere you go and that's that's history and then she's in love with you andwants to have your babyes. It does happen. I I hate you and thenyou give 'em anno and they're like hey. Will you call me again? Please? Yes, ifyou have been fortunate enough to find the Juce spot, always let us know it:beauty in the B show sixty nine at g ML, dot com, Hashtag, Rammalama, Dingdong wouln't that be Ramalamag, Po Yousou Ding down it o get to it. YouRamo, Lama, Tang Dog Elama, is the condom which we should talk about. Yo Bibr, we're vibrating. Now guys canbuygray too guys can vibrate with Otrings, oh boy and those have littleCli. You know devices on Hem Tho. This is anequal opportunity. fucking vibration thing here: Little Qlit stemulator,exactly those are the bast thing. Oh my go. I have h so many differentconquerings. They have leather ones, theyve vibrating one, but in my in mypersal opinion the elastic ones that you can quickly get off. If you need tosometimes the best 'cause. Just like you don't want to be in the Er withsomething up your ash. You don't want to be n te Er with a fucking four hourhard on you can' got have some metal cockering, somebody convinced you youcould fit in. Okay, start biggind work your way down and I t squeeze my ball.Ou Know O. Please, please, God not enough ice in the world to get that.Boner down there, young man in Goin, with a welding Torge, get the fucking thing off of me Dak. Ican't go through life like this with a bonerll ther. Well, you should ave used the elasticone young man. They come with cliterastimulators on them and th and hsince they move around the woman, can grab it and use it as she pleases. Well,thank you I'll make a metal know that... get ther. Looking cockering off manin Han case you made em middle no to that an O for a mental cockrangdoctor's not into puns. At this point you Kno we got down there Wi I r with afucking torch, an doesn't want, burn your junk off. Then you got ta, go fucking, jury andyou know: Thenyou got to show your bur junk to twelve fiften people and y getfifty million dollar. Maybe it's worth it. I don't know, go out there and get that small cockring today. You'll enjoy it. Yeah enjthe lawsuitthat you get tomorrow. You can split some of that with me amazing. What else we got to play with here? WELLTHERE's, these full blown sex dolls.Okay, now are these just that bachelor parties, 'cause anybody's, reallybanging these things. I just don't know now. I know there's these five thousanddollar Japanese models that are lifelike guys are they're, so they're,so life like guys, are fucking marrying them, that's their right, O theyassociate with being a robot. But you know I'm talking about yourbasic running the Middle Spencer gift blow up down in dirty sex, to like I, hothinpeople are giving these away as gag gives wi actually using them. Sho I'drather fuck pie, SOM fruit. There you go catour Vatamins. At the same time,where's willberds out n, the punking patch fucking TEP humkins again well.Have you seen that sex styl we bought him o? I haven't seen it GRANDFA's got it GRANDPA's using e, an grava he's usingt as Bool Floaton back that guy, oh that'd, be cool. You go to a party atall. All these sex dols are floated in a pool, different colors and side. Thatwould be awesome. You know what I love the best about. Sexon dolls is thesurprise look on their face, like they don't know. What's coming, whypenetrating me it's like sweet squeak squeak, like maybe my breath's inside oyou I blew you up myself. I didn't use noinflatable pump. That's all means! I saw me an therebaby on me. Thin smells like Jackin he'll sit winped and CIGARETT GRANDPA been blowing up. My sex dollargain when he does. He smells like Moonshire Youl Pass Me Tho, cold gathwe're, allgoing to fuck your six tollrs a night just to punish you hell. He was fuckingin punking, like grandma's, going to get her frea on how he expected to sellin Punkins with a hole in it. It's not Hollolan. It's a premade,Jacklaner T's. Like boy you dot, Dick out of that pump Catt. You dig out TePunkin, whose pumpkins put it in this pie. I'eseen that movie, Oh yeah, I CIFID A hot EP of that you're, usually fucking of a giantcon on the media. For this stuff, you know Hollywood. This is why this is why,when Hollywood tries to tell you any fucking thing, you should not livenokay, 'cause they're, making bucking movies about people fucking pies, okay,so don't hold them up to any higher level. Alrighty N, I don't Care Bradpa who the fuckthey are all right. Apple Pie does not make a great loob either 'cause you'vejust got to end up sticky, Yeah Ere, the whip cream, really y to alike eveyone's. All like. Oh, let'sgo get some weap cream and put it's like. Oh my God, O that like ten minutes out in the air,and it starts to rot on their flash BASL and et just oh, my God, it justget sticky and I get stuck together and it's just. I no Wi will watch two women wrestle INGit sure why not yeah that's fun! Yeah Jello mud pudding, gooding yeah, I wasgoing to say, go we descended at the same time. We got to try harder nexttime. I know right puting. What else have I seen themwrestling in ice cubes once T at was a very short match that was a cold yeah but they're goingn its naked snowwrestling, so um back to the subject of toys. If you had a naked, if you werenaked snow, what were you doing? Nicken in the snonaked snow wrestling I getssnow wrestling. Then you have, I still dose Oh and then you can just freezethem yourself and then justhyeah you ice bugging, Queens out there, you'lllove it colhearted, binches, they're, perfect, and you know, weevehave a great one for virgins. We have the Cherry. Flavored right, see omeflavorslcept for this Ro. That's another thing, that's supposed to be sogreat Annibal Panties, Oh my God, havehave you ever tried to eat. Some ofthose...

...was just getting a CI up. Attaching thetage all little F roll, a fucking Thong there you go make 'em yourself exactlyyou! Nonwhen o get some Liqorish Fox I'll by Ya Rake mad from the box of theso horro there worsean hard Ou might as well the cardboard that I can't honey.I was really turned on Til. I started eating your paand, he said, Oh, my Godnow. I think I need to go to the yard and Y next to the guy, with e thing, OAass and the Gu wit, a cockeray and now you're, the guy who's. You knowovernosing, on Tanes, a d like I a'l, see the snowbitch next to Cramrihe, Havgot an ice giles, cock opper waiting for it to melt, can cast the charaterswe ot here cause of sex toy juscause e selois. Herice brings out, wasn't rock music, it Wasthey were listening to rock musicwhile they were having six with the toys, but that's a whole differentthing. It is you know it's like a motion of the ocean. You know, and youhave I do have your transformer. I've talked about that e talked aboutcornering the market on transformers that turn in his exstors,so that the guy can like it and it can be on the bed and it's just cooltransformer and then later on. It's a whole another thing, optimis,prime just Bekin, to a best friend. This is mackinjunion. It is where arewe doing? Why are we doing re we're? Making A hocast about sex? hoppyrightinfringement would be a big part of me, but they don't have to be trainedwarmer. I ind of the Italian market, there's Japanese knockalso o y to not on this another thing. I'venever seen is like personalized. You know buttlugs with the logo on 'em. Youknow. Why isn't anyone doing this? There's limited ITN Tamagachis you werekilling. Why aren't there license character? fucking, Betty, Bookdi, doseand stuff come on. What's old is ne, it just cost more. Exactly like you know,go with the classics and I'm getting you a pin. Anther, you know I's got alittle pauprints on the fucking side of it t s a pink panther, vibrater limited adition. Now now, not only you have sex with it.You can sell it years later as it collectible there. I get anything with the ELVISON.I mean LS, b Puge gracelleanthe other day. I might not ever use it, but itdoes have the kings FAC on it Sombodye. I will he ain't nothing, but but makingno problems. No I'm going back next week for thelimited edition Elvis Dildo. It's a double deal, though he's rolling some snakeeygrnel park isstill making fucking money. It is grave illeil. I Shit Righyeahlike, I'm dead, but I'm stillraping your Ghost Ethe King of Dildos, the King Afterlife Yea. So why aren't Theyr Limited? You knowwhy? Why won you got say so you go to a convention, a Hershey Hotel there. Whydon't you get an limited edition? Trunglay cover vibrather with the hersy.Lo Go on it. This is no, my God that would taste tha,smelli ch what's happening here. Why aren't these things Hapenen a bin Fan,then one could smell like Bubblego, mbubblo, Om, buble, Gom up ut, what the F BOT sticky situation? That's what theyneed essential oils for you know Bot this sage in Petroli. I Want Bacon andH Jherry frosting. They do have one abirthday cake, lume from pure romance and it Tas delicious. Some things were on the subject. I haveno tulking clos go to Puro and you put andls on the Pussy and blow hem out now it's a loob that tastes like Berda,kkyou, gotta, Kit, Youe Bissthis whole thing, though Youe Goin ta rap thatbaby up there ound the package blow the candles out somebody boes a cate which is also f. You know from now onfolks, with the with the pandemic, no one will ever be blowing out thecandles on their cake again or they'll. Have two cans? They'll have two kicksone's no blowing out of the candle cake, the other one's te one wan to eat cakethe no bucking way, you're blowing hon a cake anymore. You know yeah, no Lon, no more blowing. No, I think a lot of people discovered sextoys during this Pan, damic myself. They they at least a few ladies gotfound their juce spots. I know that's true yeah pretty much. It's like well,there's nothing else to do and he can't go anywhereit's time to pull out thetoybox and then a lot of husbands. A lot of Boyfriends, a lot of lovers. Alot of girlfriends are all getting...

...their H. They're. Ten Thousand, Oh medallion is a gotto goow. I Sai. U, my woman cantousand. That's oergasms has gone on a thousand O gazms later whey're stillhappily married as fuck I'm crazy. This is o Goit. To tell you guys. If youwant to stay married yea, you might go out. You might. You know, there's a lotof women in the world, but as long as you take care of business, you knowthings will work out. This is what Horse Tel or hookers orwhatever I saw him on Salli Jessie Roppia once telling all the women that,if you just gave good head half of us would be out of work. So, ladies, you want to keep your manhappy and I'm telling you right now. You' e Gett'in pretty much do anything'cause guys getting blow jobs, that's a whole different thing. You know theycanr. Like Hey. You remember me. Twenty years ago I gave you blow o behind thet stadium and I like heck yeah. I remember you, maybe I don't rememberany fucking thing else about the day or the week proceeding or an followed, but they remember thatthat blow job after the game. That's for sure, like a blue job, is a giftthat keeps on giving and like H, will you do the wash honey? Well, it's likewell I'll, give you punch, op walts on a spin cycle, heck yeah I'll. Do theWash Lik now we're talking now Orwi SA wife,AIN EIGHBOR! You got some watsn as W. it's like there's all these great.You know different things that you can tea Um, there's other Um thesprays thatyou can get that numb the back of your throat if you're like getting into deepthroating. So ty ladies pay attention to this. They have a great synomon spray at pureromance. That will do just that and it relaxes it so that you don't gay. It isfantastic and I have a friend Melissa that has actually taken these pillsthat you can take, wait. No, no, no Malissa, I'm making a noseman her husband can actually take them and,while she's blowing him when his come comes out, it tastes like a Pina Colada.I'm not kidding en ther, be a penis Coloticoou, Henis Cok. They have allthese things that you can um use. Tak. Well, it doesn't matter it' what ittastes like: okay, 'cause most of the women are like that's poison, don'teven get it near me! Okay, Oh my God to be ther. No one s like you got Jews on my dress.I'm going O have to take you to court now, Eyeah! That's that's! Why use yourFerbe for sex say years from now, when you sell it on Ebay B ee, what theFuckis, with this ferb Erit S, all clumbs ar like the SE robot you bought last, don't FIN OU SEX ROBOT! I told Ya Thehayou just gotto get hate oay! Maybe that's a toy too, though H, wigs, wigsa,how the hell would you fuck Awaik? No, you wouldn't you put it on the women orthe man Wa and now sn ther, so totally different person. But there's this samefucking person you've been pulking. You know I want to tell you somethingtoo jello Jelly Ye. Okay, this Jello is how the curtains and the rug match. Ifyou know what I'm saying, if you're out there with blue hair beautiful bluehair, your pussyhair should be blue too, and you can do it with Yello 'cause.It's completely nontoxic Max Yourself! U Match! Of course that's!If you still have hair down there 'cause most women do not Yo Knowyo G, asmer like a fucking smirk yeah. Then it goes into the whole smerthing and oh my gosh. If you really want to be messed up, just Google Um dohnny Darko TalkingAboutsmr, Oh smirform, I waseris. No such thing: IT'S ALL GAYPORN! There isno O. I can shal you dude in acheck. Oh, that's something different, its, notTsmur, yeah, no they're! All like blue body,pain yeah. I get thatie really Massyo. I if you want to mess that up, go watch,donny, Darco's, explanation of Wise smer, Don are't, fucking, Smir fat. I it'll ruin you in fact, at the end ofit they say, t you're, always fucking up stuff for us n I as like. Well, there goes thatvision again. You know, Yoa have some good smirfor what thehell come on. somer get in the game. My foren is a woman masmannig Wat a littlesmart there. You go thinking of the animatedseries and they were all like gangbanginger or something that's. WhatGoes Ono bu you master beat with T is: Go I'm telling you WHA, Watch ConnyDarko, hell we're ording for you theyr sexual. They don't even have sex organsmurfs, ECAUSE, they're cobalds, Oh wow! They don't even have sex organ. Sothere's no there's no Hua GRANDPA mirk...

...wasn't filming it non. There was no mifor yeah, no Papa Smor, that's who he was yeah Papasmur Officso. There wasthe ice. Maxwer bet around a little. I don't know I I don't know but like shewas Su to show their purity of Hart or something it's it's weird symbolism.It's it's really deep for a stupid cartoon really too deep for a stupidspeaking about going deep. They have u'going back to Anwe W yeah,which way are we going now or going in the back? doorer got it in the backdoor. Yes, they have all sorts of anaplugs out there from you know:Starter plugs to like whoa Momma Ere's, a truck parking in there, plugging yeaha the ones that you like sucking up onthe wall and then they leave it there and forget it's on the wall and take aSelfi later nowthis is UST Sucin, like ladies, come on. If you're goingto take a nice, pretty selfi take the dill do off a walk or the wall yeah putit away, and your naked husband or other wises lover shouldn't be standingin a mirror. T's like we see that's my best, you know I was likejust looking through selvies and seeing all the dildos and the pictures Y O yeah unless you're aninstegramand, thenthey want you to see the Deil Dou for sure. I know right check out my new toylately. Goino show MOU as much as I possibly can drive you to my funding,my crowd funding page a see, Lik wit on a regular basis. It's only thirtydollars a month, exactly ll sudden Ey by ten andit's, like oh no mom you're on myInsi Gran crat crap yeah, but I'm not Ijut mo good thing onit. Next to grandma. I think grandma. Thanks for the tol cul, you imagine like. If yourgrandmother gave you a Doldo or something by accident like w thought itwas a light Sabr here, Johnny S, one of those starwars things. I'veheard about M t's like grandma, not really all of a sudden johnnhy's, verypopular with the housewives and a got his new lightsabrlike OI, can't believeit. The starward SOG is over it's over and s ws like. Let me borrow your light:Saber honey I'Vl, you right back. Why you commiserate bout, your Mocking Star Wars movie! Igot needs! Oh Man, I'm on crack right now, we'respeaking ou with the whole Um with the hole the back. Just when I an Ha ersand pun after another, if you're looking to get Ol Cor, OMaver Col, it is Awell. That's was US thinking tobeginner buck plugs. You know, you start with ear plugs. If you canfanhack that you know maybe you're on the road to recover, but they'l sick,an ear plug up there, 'cause you'll never eat it. Bak you'll, never get itback. You know your body might observe that small enough it'll just block yourcold and Cot. You Lik you'll, Be Inn iane R, a you do lik, there's a papeClok Hea, get back to your whole story. The Whole Story, Oh We'ere, talking about you knowislike t the carpage Mak, the draps and Eyou N, no corble there and everything.Well, Um, there's a great cream. It's called Kujishaving cream. I know Kuji's one of your favorite words right like C, but yes, it's like if you're going tosheave down there thisw. This is for men and women. Yes, definitely try outthe Kuji shave cream like it will make everything like smooth. They even havelike the acter stuff to put on and again it's like, it doesn't costanymore than what you buy from the store, except for this is a lot betterfor your skin, like don't use the stuff that he can geve from the store 'cause.That's like alcohol base and everything. So it's like you make one cut or oneneck. It's like you're in trouble, thought that was part of the fun. I don't think that Ha a big Dick shaperazor of God and all the hair comes out Brazilian waxes online. Doing it an doit at home. I sip he get the duct o eat and the other onefor the ER picked him of a hotwax. She bought onthe fucking Internet, O Ike got that Kuci cream honey. He best is when the guy wants to help.Oh, my Odo stay away, lkit's ut, it's so sexy. I just want free, like I tirtyCrouger Get Tho fuck out of here.

I bever just cringed. Thinking about it.I got raises for fingers, match I'll shave. You Til, there's notomorrow to there's no tomorrow, don't you meanlike there's? No Tomorrow Don Oki know what I mean, I'm looking at your Cun, it's like well, there goes my hid. Swiand the whole new, many othe words.That's right, I was sure yous. I sponsors quotefriends: O're Kinda Gonta be like you know w. You really had this when thatguy came off. We love that I'm beauty and then, assoon as that, Guy Sai that I'm B it was fucking off it was over for us now were we're educating along God,we're kind of it's going to be another version where she edits me outcompletely and t n she's just laughing hysterically at nothing. No, no, no, noweare, keeping it a keping me ine an b get by hthebsho there you go uck thosesponsors ie together, like horrible l, you know we we stick together like badcost play and remember co as not Consen Justgotto get through this Thi mucking Costplat SS 'cause e thing's going tofall apart. Costlay is not consent unless you are consenting cost playerexactly and you're, paying fucking thirty dollars a month to see that shiton what is t e, patronyeah, Patran Bacrion. I I think it's called paoasepatronizing, O People d. You Aca Ata, think that that theydeserve the money yor sending them. I know they're like here, look at mybooves and then you see hem at Castlayen. Don't touch my boobs! Don'tLook Im gay! That's another thing! That's Gointoblow out of guys' minds. You know that the diva of their dreams they see onwwe and they're cherking off through, is actually like. Girls Yeah that costler she's hot WOA. Shelikes girls D, But she'll take your money anyway. It's no problem. Xc E, agiving her that money to jerk off nop women. Don't care about that Sen. Ansright men invented thatsh man, inveted the Xerox Machine. Just sothey could copy pictures of playboyr and give that her friends, no fuckingaother reason it wasn't for office. It wasn't for productivity, it was toXerox, tits that'Sright. All great technology isbuilt on that. Why is there an Internet? Oh because of the Difen? No, because wewant to look at tits, Oh okay, tidand, Kujis, tiright, there's plenty of thatonline and I need to pay for Ta Yea. So much free poor in these da no, and theywant to give it to you free 'cause. They want to keep that little PoniStrey, so they can use that at your trial. I'm DOMEA SUC UGY and the last things he watched and hislast days were pig tailed, cheerleaders three way squirts and I can't even fuck it say the lastone: Okay moving right along alright. Are there any other? Are thereany special toys that you have? I do not have any special toys. I I get themfor other people, ooh, I'm with t a special toy. I can do a lot you're veryGoo, I'm very uh letme see I've been fucking, for I don't know fifty yearsnow, Syou know I' better. have it right, but now couples and toys couples and Tur tecanbe fun. I personally think that H as much as you want to get a woman, sometoys, the first thing you should get is just that general massaging, vibratorthing us it on her back, he's it on her neck. Oh wait a minute! It's on thatnice little spot at the bottom of your back. Oh, doesn't that feel good? Nowit's on your ASTEC, so you're doing double duty here, guys you're actuallygiving them a such you actually have to suck it up and give that massage, butthe whole time you're getting her used to the feeling of this vibrating thing,because believe me, if you just jump out of the closet, wheni'mpucking tillO Onea, Ibrarter n other, just like a fur, reak she's kind of fucking eitherbe like o baby or you will never see her again. You Wont Ever even she won'teven get you woldn't, even it'd, be like teleportation. That's how fastshe'l got in a fucking room if she's not into that Shit, so you've got tofigure this stuff out. God can't just whip this stuff out. Sometimes, like I loved Hem, I thought I was goingto marry him. Then I found I was into...

...butt plugs and fucking her. She kisseddildos and Ye had Chaner on Ey. He was like he'sgoing to shave my Kuji. What the Fuckis I was going to marry him Tet K ye esgoing to have my children O. I don't know if I coald trust them aroundchildren, and, Oh, my God, where did he think hewas going to stick that big dill dos right, like I don't think so, I'm notfacisitoo my grandmother left miner will I was going to use it on you. I'drather have the diamond rinng honey. It was the only thing that GRANDPA hadleft as right. That and an all you know what it always it's. It's a woodenHande with a point that used to punch leather and he said to me one day. Thisall will be yours. I had to get apining yeah you pckingdoing it. The whole show so well hope Yo looved up for that onewellther go. I got it out of West O thecirt. In There D. I don't think yousaid you know even once W, but I don't o have to review the tape like. I will actually do that, like I know we did at the beginning,but yeah anyway Um how about let's talk about some sex shops. You know sex shot,they don't exist. ANYMA Eder Online, like fcourse, to be crazy shit outthere time square back in the day. Oh my God! Now I grew up in Philly. Ididn't grow up there. I relocated and then grew up there. They had docjohnsons. There was SANSOM street. That was the big joke, all the por and allthe dancers. All the DOC Johnson's leisure products they were called wasthe biggest deldo story he ever wanted to see. He was an inovador which isreally funny because recently, a local person got their N B, a and now they'redoc. Johnson Ey have no idea. There was a wholechain of sex stores named after them at one point, but they cleaned all thatshit up. You know and then, of course, the price tof dildos went through theroof. The Face Ihi hate when a sextol marketwent where it went like. Oh that's thousand dollars fortha a thousand dollars, I'dmire a use car shove that up my as you might us one for Thos fo you mightas well for that money y might as well. I I els with a video and one year guarantee well that ohwell, that makes it all worthwhile yeah. Some of them do have guarantees andworranties on them, and I know Um one that I've purchased from pureromance. It does have a wifetime warranty, but you got to take care ofit and everything like you, canoutleave your batteries, an Adill de whence youare done with it. You have to remove the batteries 'cause if you don't andthey crue the battery Um h, yeah the battery compartment andeverything like that and it short circuit. Then you're shit out of luck.So you want to keep these nice toys. Has a nice frizy hair cut there and h.The other thing, though, is if those smocking batters are coroding thereyou're not using it enough hello again. She should be sitting around gatheringdosbot fungus or the batteries coroding. If in fact they are just go, get youone went out of battery and it you don't even have to worry about it. Youjust have to worry about clean and it yes that glass stuff freaks me out.Sometimes I know glass breaks. I've broke en enough of HEM. I see this Tuff,I'm like I'm not putting that in Yo. I just can't do it. I really enjoy myglassmon, my favorite one. You know it's not the BACT, it's not for theback door though, but I amazing I can smoke out of it. Hell yea he e some awsome to the other stuff.Again, yes, last thell, O the doubles is a pipethere. You go exactly I'm selling, U thousands of those and get your girloff and then have a good uh, a bowl of weed afterwards, not that yousmoke that folks, nobody does. You might need that for this episode just aminute. You need that, for this episode,there's a toy for you emer that that kind of crap. I remember whenamelnitrates got real big on the gay scene and we couldn't keep those in atthe at the Um Parmacy I work at. It was so bizarreguys Gong a like. Oh, what do you need those for and then finally he was like the oneguy just dealt with him. He saw him coming so sex shops. There's! No there's acouple in in Atlantic city now yeah and one just went under renovation which thy they changed the Mandikins ind the window. It's still the same, seedasfucking place. It was before it's just under new management, with some newdolls in the window and, unfortunately they're in places. You don't even wantto go in Atlantic city anyway, which is basically anywhere off the boardwalk H.for any reason and UH. You know it's funny. They used todouble. As...

...give me a breakt Guye, you would go towatch a porno and a video store. You don't have to do that anymore. So theonly reason they go do that it's 'cause. You want to meet anotherguy, let's face it, and so that was a big part of why they get rid of allthat stuff. I can remember in Philly man or ifyou've ever been the time square. That was like gross kind of pervertiant sexioalwonderland. You know as FUC in boy stores and Andy Stores there, but wellyou can just feel thevive when he got off at the Port Authority. It's likesomeone getting lucky tonight. Wowo yeah, but but the big one is, of course thethe trip you make to Amsterdam, those guys who make that annual pilgrimagethere and, like oh honey, it's just for business. It's like yeah monkeybusiness, fifty euros. Oh Ye, never did it. I just wouldn'tescort people there for the for the freebies, that's sure.Actually, if you've ever STA stayed in a Hospial Ou K in a dove smokingcountry, like Amserdo its Puck cime fun time, my next vacation has just been playine.Yeah, there's a lot of fun. I know they crack Dowt a lot, but the couple oftimes I was there wow h, yeah we met freaks of all kinds Um. I must have spent two hours with onegirl. I co. We didn't speak Shes B, a wor Ngish and P word of whatever thefunny Wat. She was speaking, but it didn't matter- and that's that's that'sthat's what I think people are afraid when they legalize Marijuan, a thatthat's what'. The whole country will turn into one big heatinistic bluckfast wher, everyone stoned all day and I'm like well. So what R look? What it is? fucking now, how isthat worse right now that couldn't happen so right now it would be aperfect time to test Islaa no way if we're social, distancing and being sixfeet apart unless you'se hot, F, a six foot cock, then yea. It's not is six wood build out wikelike Twenty d cousand, it only runs for five fuckingng minutesand you got to replace the the batteries Gai. Oh, what about the mechanical talkabout thet as one I know we're just talking about mechanical toys. Oh youmean like the fucking Deso Thecibian or whateer their couh simulator yeah, ltheones that are like hooked up. L, I'm telling you that's the future thinglike honey, I'm going to get a pizza and bowle with the boys, but you said Ibout you that fuck and fuck machine. I spent good money on that. I expect youto fuck that thing I geall right I'll start the CEAN. LookI folded two! Ninety last week I know I can break three hundred turn it up. Could you imagine those things likeonwarpsbeed like Terri, Hu new one like? Oh, my God, you see that on Patrior people would pay to see that I'm sorryif it puts another person in pain, even though it's pleasure people will payfor it. Well, I know Thos' Cam Girls have voice activated, or otherwise thetechnology's built into them. So when people tip them in their camerroom, itmakes their vibrator run for a certain amount of time. So the more money theguy's willing to give up with the the longer the girl is just ex. It's like hey, you're, torturing,her sir. There is a point where you should giveher a break Ho. I keep going. I actually got to monitor one of thoserooms. One time I have a frien and friend in Canada. That does tit. So I get to see all the amazing toysthat they have up there and I'm like Whoa tthing about up. There is their dollarcoin. Their dollar is not a bill is a coin, so you can throw those at thestrippers and they hate it. Is that why they have like no te?That's why they have like screens up thing about strippers in Canada. Theyain't like the ones in America, folks they can't touch em and they'll. Tellyou that TAC they'll scream it out in front of everyone during their routine theyas, opposed to the girls down here.Ere like okay, anything, you say: they're touching you the minute. Theysee you I knowi Feeyet, I'm ner used to do comedy inGSO. Yes, that's how I always had to come to thelate show, so I lwas make sure my mom and sister had left I'll make that up to you, Mama says promise those were some good old times, Yeah N, to run of my jokes, I hope they'redoing well during the pandamihop. They...

...have enough toys in their toy Bo yeah.Well, the funny thing is my mother lives in Arizona at the beginning ofall this Theye, like fuck, that govut she that's just a myth and now they'relike dying H, 'cause iy, didn't take it seriously to begin with so n, but theycarry guns and they thought they. They were going to shoot to covid. But I guess I wor sh O shoot ratle NAM.Kins you to go. Nineteen got dam, go damn youan find the juice Bot easio. Ifinding the COV in hey, won't, wear a mask: well, will hewear a ventilator yeah? They didn't take it seriouslyunfortunate yo a ly. Now the weirdest part was right at the beginning of theFAN dabning. She had a stroke that lided her in the hospital, so she didher three week: Quarantine and Rehab, being carred by nurses, eating goodfood, getting sand really a lot of books. So I'm like mom, you know you reokay, she's like Ah, this is fucking awesome, ' be paying them Oer ofthats, the firstvaication I'm had here, I wit she's. Doing good lot of peoplesay that Ofar Really, I really haven't had time off. Then it was in hahospital for two weeks. It was the best rest. I've had yeah that vacation. Iwas in Consciou for a few of it t soof in Bermuda, whatever. I wonder. If people like, if they'regoing to be long term in a hospital, would they take any toys with them? Doyou think anybody's ever like masterbated in a hospital? No there's other stuff goes on there. Ican tell Yo people will masterbat you sone. Yes, you will MAA noll if you'renear long enough, that's for sure you're a monkey. What the Fu are yougoing to do? I'm Ju talking about the guys. I don't know about the girls. I just don't imagine all men like arlike me off wanking in some corner somewhere and for any fucking reason.You know I mean I would go. Not you see back O y. If you seed me off, you know you're, like I'm, going to begood today. No, you O do all your chores, no andall your Carma points and you're. Like E L. I owe it to myself. He's me young,like meanwhile me playing animal crossing, I'm like thise beaches. Looklike Vagina I'll, be right. Back thre weeks later, thre's there's a FIS ferish fin see and that's Lik, a guy. You know Iwas good all day, then is aw a peach and fucking Otit was all out the windowright. That's what I'm screaming. ORMONII sawthe circus. There was a miget and and kneehighs riding a horse and Ivin Terotoff for day. As I hadi mean it's like the sangest thing, it's like wow, whydon't? They offer a Cova nineteen discount, though h when you go to thesex shop there everywhere, like look, you've been you've been pet up longenough by a choic today and then eturns as well. I do believe a if Youer, Romansih Ai, I'm going to put a arins link and everything I believe they do have msome kind of special going on right now. I can't remember what the hell it was,but there's definitely incupon yeah, there's always a cupon, I'm paying temAK puse guys you Goto, get some you girls to go out and get it yeahand. It's going to be a totalfuckfest, now they're. Finally, opening up everything everb like Oh, my God,I've got to get out. I gotta GET BANG GNT be like a way of that goes through.Then everything will spike again and everyone, one open e back and they o ecarntand and they were outbanging everybody and then everybody's Havin eCobi babis use protecton. If you're going to dothat, use protection please and covan babies, Covi beace, I'm lucky andwe'rew we're way past the point where we can make babies mostly becausemywork got fixed after the second one said: no bucking way. You ever doingthat to me: Goy Sonow. You just try to make mabes all day, O ain't going tohavepen, so yeah b t you can try. This port we'd have like fucking tenbabies in the fall. I know rig'cause, I know at least tenof the Times would have been a bang. I would have been singing instead ofpeople yeah using their rabbids. They were fucking like rabbit. I I's the longest time to have a baby.You know and then, when we finally did eighteen months later got another one'e like o. This happen that girl's right and I was like- let's makeanother she's like no way were done, we're done plus they were both sons. Soshe was like Holy Shit n no with three of these fucking guys. It's like am AtdGod, Dan and the first one's named after him WHOA. What did that whish? I'm the fourth one in the linethat'Sriat make it stick like some very bad C J. I gave my son.I gave him a pass o you don't have to name your kid have to SFUCK. That shitis your imagination. I abtously have...

...none. I know we're coming to the end here.Almost re, we W'E we're getting there we're getting o keep time with Da. Theywant. You know, Time Lise when you're having fun dragin ass tonight. I hope I'm not draging Asan. Actually,I went back to the Office for the first day in months, and that was the longestfalking day. I can remember in a long time like kidens wow, like yeah, likemy God, I'm Goingta go, take a shit. Now it's just the fucking waste tenminutes, you know, 'cause, God is fucking. Tos Dran, like Oh man, iwell. I hope we didn'tdrag anybody with this pod. CASL okayeverybodys, like Morny, is hellright now. Oh, your friends are going to give you such a good to Flikei. Never agreed to that Ti is the missis like I was talkingabout. You know, places and stuff like that. I know there's a couple aroundhere like the Red Barns, they have you. Oh my God, there's no way. I woulddrive right past that place. In fact, my family owns a property next to that acme. Next, to that otherscumbag dive know or you could just walk in there and ask for a blow joband basically get oo. You know that I know these things, but I was trying tosell that fucking property to no one wuld buy 'cause of that tha yea Y H, OKno, an like. Maybe the pucking Borno shop will buy it explan their parkinglot they're doing such gangbuster business. Then a guy told me that both of thewell, not that I know these things, but you know I know these things. H E oneguy told me that the red barn in that other place, whichever whatever thefuck, is called they're, both basically places for the police to watch and geteveryone's license tags, so they can contrack o ther perverts, COI'm fuyea. Basically those are the kind of placesthat have glory whole ratings online. Not that I know about these things thatar even looking to them. I wish s lory holes, but I mean that would be alittle impossible. You know w imagine to gory all believe. Maybe sticking in there youdon't care. What's on the other side, Oyyou're telling yourself there's awoman there and she looks like Oh got you' so awesome and it's like N, okayand then don't and then, if you ever use one of those guys don't go, don'tgo. Thank the person then to leave just La. I an have just Yoshawful hell yeah. When I lived in Philly, I ha myfriends ran the place and the stories they would tell, and actually they gotshut down because they started videotaping h when prominent peoplewould come in so they had. They wanted to blackmail.Those people and in Philadelphia you can try that shit, but they used tothey used to SAF things. The old fashioned way, meaning a baseball batis one of the most misunderstood pieces of sports equipment that there is so h. that's another thing you gotta becareful of is going in these places these days there ain't a whole lot of'em. So there's a one store with a bigcitus as perverds Er and you gothere. You know they pretty much got you pegged e got Te Gotyo, Se Gos,that's one of my face is up there. You know Haveyou seen this plusion. She made I a mess in the video preview.Booth boss. I flooded that thing. I thinkthey should insurance. Why don't?They have loners? No, Oh y, you're, not sure if you're intothis Jack Rabbit here es a used one try this after e, we cleaned it. Oh No, that would be hary. Ei should have a thirty day money back,guarantee right, we'e been ucking a shit out ofeach other. Well, it's been twenty eight days, whe doe, you RETR, I'm nothappy with this. It doesn't go h in the right direction. No definitely notn. I know one one of my other. My favoriteplacis in Delaware is leather central which they have an amazing array ofnotjust leather, but they have all sorts of Goldos and anal plugs. I thinkmaybe ot eleven. I think we still have Um Wai dropping aote link woman. Yes, Iam, Oh God, because I used to do their website and one of the owners used tobe my talent, agient so or ea just taking away ther allright. So I cam totally unpreparedAimin, I'm going I'm Goin to require, so she can do her. Okay, go Ahea, okay,hear I get away! So if you're lokine...

...for some tways some weather, some Loubjust go check out Jason at leather, central in Delaware and Rohoba Beech.It's like you won't be disappointed. So yet that's my little spiells for Umweather central. They have lots of awesome toys in thereas well as leather, and please can we stop saying asles chests because allchats are astless unless they got the plastic in, likePrince war, that time well. Ay Ea on Ye has special CHA, but they are allashless unless you're wearing pants huh, but the chaare still ashless,though the Chasteri th, there's no ass to them. Noyeah, there's, absolutely noAtaly Ma had plenty of experience with that they still don't have I used to Iused to date, a woman God. She was awesome and UH. She used to like totake me to gay clubs. 'cause she just wanted. I don't know. Th S got, got heroff and uh one night. It went so far as I did notwear ashless chaps because I didn't have any goes on. They were. It was allpainted on me. Oh my yeah and H boy. Did I get banged at night.She was just crazy that night ICN paint fucking pants on me. More often, lady Yahe, you have to try new things, but Iremember that going after an older woman who then got really bored with me,really quick and then when I went to try to go back yeah that worked out real good. It'slike no H, it wasn't happe, but that's okay, 'cause back in Thoday. It didn'tmatter to Fuckar me at all 'cause. I would be banging to different girls thenext day. Thank you exactly. It's like you know you get caught up in sex toys.A lot of that is uh. You know you pleasuring yourself. This is why Idon't need one of these fleshlight thing e. The last thing I wanted to hedoing his cleaning might come out of something no like thats like a wanteddon kind of IGAERI. I was a man that would be Onan d like if I'm speakingwith my lady cod, that would be thalike one and do like he GIS'n there throw itord this ill be dispose, is like the thing cost. Eighty five dollars R onToesetan. I sa I don't know ow Ashe, pucking Carse,I'm just tanking, O cat. I don't think they cost that much butyeah I hear y ladies at Po Yeah. I Don' think they WRobaly Jaon at leather, San Figr, I say cause. I remember seeing the fleshleage, that's where I learned about Flesh Lights, Soingto Fush in whereveryou go in Rohobis Beach, wheather, your gastree ASPLEA was the name of that place. I didn'twork that Inothe senit's the place you want to be. It is awesome, but then now I have togo God Danigot, damn a beauty trip, and I got Ta sgosee This fucking Guy, Jasonand you're there. It's an amazing place and wit BCH, and then, if you just keepon going down the highway, you'll end up in Maryland and before you know ityou're at the Red Light district when you're on an amazing sec shop. It'slike it's like Disneyl, it's not actual redlight section yea, it's just called Thergocha. I wentin there in my nun Cotume, because why the hell no only take the ferry over to Delawareand the first place. There's like this awesome seafood restaurant, which isconnected to the the seafood store. That's one thing I really rememberabout the last time. I I took that ferry to Delaware, e L. I used to livein Virginia Beach, so we drove through there all the time. There was only wayto get there yeah like very nice. So are there any otherm who ere your friends up your Romance Pure Romance? That would be my friendAarin and I will be putting her linked up there yoarand her hope. I did not offend Nou wew M eer O sa now, but'cause she's, aRed Farer, see red fituless out of the BA. I'mtotally doing his renfare Shit just for the Horny Shit that beauty's telling meand if it doesn't fucking come true, then I'll know I'm one of the biggestspucking creeps in the world. Wish I mad. I could ba I really couldbeyou could be but yeah it's like. I want some little in an Imfat at twoam to show meotets. While we drink wine out of a fucking leather sack, webought from Jason.

That could happen. That could happen. I thought Wud, Never Falk in happen. Itcould o that depends on when they open things back up. Okay off the subject, On, then in your experience, what's the best costome that a guy should wear toa ren. Far To you know to to really fit in, I might have to be a Lord. You know:can you be some kind of hot peasant, a Lord, a peasant, a Pirat Hirabooty Imy, but Um yeah, like I wal sayingnoblemen, would get a lot too. Nowoman can get some pussy at the RADOF air thefucker pirates doing at theRenfarteh bu the pirate far thhell out of here you pirates, we need them. Weneed pirates. We need a balance of all things but Y. no, it's like where thosenice, like the tyces that they were Weari like the stretching Fansoh,really did that see everything you Kno, Oh God, all right! Well, ITAST TE TASE! I amworthy. You are ut M. I worthy were Ni haper on top that that covers slightly,but I'm thinking a lot of expensive jewelry is the one that's reallyGOINGTA. I Su really want to do it. Do Nobility, with a codpiece Ohgo,definitely show off to the ladies to be or not to be wearing a card fase ateandfar you will enjoy it. You and ladies will love to Endur the slingsand arrows of those who would scorf at my cod piece. That's renaissance, fair with an extrae folks. The Extra E is for extra e. well, it looks like we're just out Abouwe're just about out of time here, no way swawell the batteries ran out. Justin time too. They did. I've gotta go make a Pleer,so yes bombrys jt Wi. He showed.

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