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Episode 52 · 6 months ago

Beauty and the Beast S3:E6 - May the 4th Be With You!!


Beauty and the Beast S3:E6 - May the 4th Be With You!!

Today we celebrate Star Wars Day and apparently nudity - woohoo!

Welcome to the Beauty and the Beast Show! Beauty and the Beast is a show with comedian, Kristine Knowlton (Beauty) and comedian Mark Hills (Beast) coming together to make and create a show about nothing and everything in between! Please sit back and enjoy some of their best comedic diarrhea! Disclaimer: For best results play the whole show backwards with the sound completely turned off.

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Coming to you almost live from lakeside. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the beauty and the beast show. Yes, may the fourth be with you. Can you believe it? Not only is it Hump Day, but it is may the fourth. So all right, I've got to ask, where are my nerds at? MMM, chiming. Yes, that's right, may the fourth. Can you believe star wars has been around since one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, holy crap, forty five years. Still going strong. Yes, let's keep it that way. So all right, so we'll poem here. Roses are red, violets are blue. If you love Star Wars, may the fourth be with you. Yes, all right, that is my gift from me to you. Yes, also, one point out to okay, yes, I know this is like a totally rated our show, so I just won't put that out there, but holy crap, are Todt has one of the filthiest fucking mouth out there. I mean every line that he's ever said, every word has been beat out. Can you believe that? That must be some good fucking he fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, going on. Hell. Yeah, so, as we know, it is may fourth. I'm going to keep saying me for it because I'm so happy, Y as we get to do a podcast on exactly me, the fourth, and not like a special episode. So, as per a nerd, we must recite the opening to star wars and new hope. So here we go. We can't show up because it's copy written. But however, I think just speaking it, it's fine. We're going to find out. I don't know we're really I don't give a crap at this point. I'm just so excited it's like fucking Christmas. All Right, here we go. Long time ago, in the galaxy far far away, Star Wars litwe though appears. Yes, it is a period of civil war. revel spaceships striking from a hidden base have one their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star and armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. That's right. Pursued by their empires, pursued by the empire sinister agents, Princess Leiah races home aboard her starship Kausodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy. Yes, that's right, you have just been inducted to some nerve on. But before we get started, I do have more star wars jokes that I recorded a year ago. So we are going to show the video now.

Hello, everyone, and may the fourth be with you. So I've got a couple star wars jokes for you. What's the one thing you would never ever hear a storm trooper se I just shot someone, like literally, they couldn't shoot someone, even if they're standing on or they still couldn't shoot someone. So look, skywalker and Princess La Kiss. That's okay, as long as it didn't going further than that. But you know what she was really looking for? Love and all theron places. And last would certainly not least, and I have no idea why, I was thinking about this one day when I was driving. What does Han Solo call a condom? A GALACTIC PROVYLACTIC? Thank you for tuning in and if you like my comedy, please check me out at wwwcraftat COMEDYCOM and always made. The force be with you, me, the force be with you. So do you want to know why I do stand up comedy? Because when I used to do it laying down. They called it prostitution and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you staved and watch the end because, oh my God, I got how funny that was. I also forgot that there were out takes in that like, Holy Shit, Oh my God, I haven't even flash that. We have to bring it up. We have to like, all right, all right, everybody, get your you know, yeah, get your lightsabers going here as the fucking force. It's like, what are you doing? You don't have a life saver? Lightsaber, Lightsaber, yeah, I can fucking talk. Okay, if you don't have a Lightsaber, what the hell are you doing with your wife? Come on, guys, get it together, get it up, you God damn, that's read. We all know which side I'm on right. Oh my gosh, you ever get this thing stuck up your ass? Like just a question for you know, Star Wars kink out there. It's so big I can't even get it onto the fucking screen. You know, it's like it's over here. It's like a Dick, like like when guys are like here. You know, fuck it, suck it, like what. You know? I told you this was a rated our show, Goddamn it, and that's how it's going to remain. We're going to remain read it our maybe read a x some at some point. But anyway, what I used to do comedy. I used to do comedy a strip club called centerfolds. I have videos out there on the web. It's an amazing place but unfortunately, like when you get to the stage there, it's dark as fuck. Right, it is totally dark. I mean there's some black lights going on, like I would walk under them. I would check myself, you know, make sure I wasn't wearing anyone at the time, you know, make sure I cleaned myself up after, you know, a couple into it. But anyway, so I would bring my right, I would bring my lightsaber into the Strip club, all right, so that I could see where I was walking on fucking stage. Like I said, it's dark as balls in there. There's a reason for that, because it's falls everywhere. So I would take this up. It actually became my annal probe in my set. So can you imagine this thing? I'M gonna try to get the whole thing on screen. It is. It's quite big, all right, it is. Yes, it is. Combat Ready, check this out going up. Imagine this as your annal probe.

Check out the handle to I'm going to seal him. Hold on. So, yeah, hit the light. So yeah, so imagine this thing going up your ass. Okay, like, oh my gosh, is my lightning is going to be so fucked from this thing. By the way, so, if you're watching, it's not the lighting, it's not my real lating, it's my it's my latesaber. Yes, and I am wearing one of my favorite shirts. Yes, it's actually a sure, it's one of Carrie fishers sayings. Be Afraid, but do it anyway. That's what this whole podcast is, you know, the beauty and the beast show. It's like fuck rules, fuck things, just fuck it all, just fucking do it. fucking it. You know, if there's anything to be learned from that, it is just just say fuck it and do it all right. So, yes, I am a star Wars Scheek, you know, popped out of the womb that way. I'm so grateful for it to be in my life. Anyone else been saved from Star Wars, you know, like all Hale and worship Star Wars. Yes, it's like Darth vader is awesome. I did ask one time. Okay, like I do a lot of cosplay, so this is some stories here that we're getting to. I do cosplay and of course you're storm troopers or starth vader and everything, and I went up to a storm trooper one time and I was like, inquiring minds want to know. Actually, we have to know what happens when you fart in that suit. All Right, so from Storm Trooper's point of view, okay, since they are wearing, you know, one of those tight, you know, cat suits and everything. Sometimes they wear latex, I don't know. But yeah, I'm like, I could just picturing like a fart bubbling up or bubbling down like your pants, like you see a Fart just trickle out, you know, these are my questions of the universe. All right, that I have to know. But no, actually, before it gets to the helmet it does escape. So they're clear, except Darth vader. Darth vader's helmet is actually connected to the top piece of his costume. So if he farts, he's in trouble. All right. So you know, you want to talk about like the death star coming up about in your asshole and into your mass, like it's a good idea, not the chipotle or Taco bell or fucking beans before putting on that suit, because that's what'll happen. And I was thinking, you know what, darth vader's kind of sexy, isn't he? Like he really is. So I just have to put that out there. But you know, with age and everything, it with Covid, like with Darth Vader, got covid, you know, and then he ended up with like CEOPD. Can you imagine him like with a sea pat machine? Like he sounds all the short now, like this is a really bad of like I sound like I'm a five hundred year old smoker, but imagine like whole like, but imagine a machine on top of that. It's like like he sounds like he's brewing some awful fucking coffee in they're like, I don't know, that's just my take off. I'm like, you sexy bitch, you yeah, roll over and make me an espresso. Like what? I have nothing intelligence to say. Can you tell yeah, I thought that you could. But all right, I have some awesome star wars art that I have to share with you. So I'm going to do a little promo here. So here we go. Let me see, let me try to drop this here while I'm doing this. I don't think I can. But you know what, yeah, I do have I do some star wars art you find me an optimist artistry. That's store nvcom. Don't...

...worry, I'm going to be flashing the porks up here. All Right, my poors, these are the best sellers that I have right. These are for by six prints. I think they're pretty fucking amazing, by the way. I'm not just saying that, but I've sold a shit ton of them. All right, so this is probably how this will go like. Do you like porgs? You know, those cute little creatures from Star Wars, the ones that taste like chicken? Well, guess what, now you can have them in a for by six print all of your own, that's right, featuring slogans and yeah, slogans and stuff. This is terrible fucking commercial, by the way. Yes, just pouring around, that's right, porks in a circle, and they are just pouring around. And of course we have the ever popular. Come to the pork side, we have cookies. Yes, they are showcasing some poor Ghio's in there. Yes, just like Orios they're poor used. I really don't want to know what that cream filling is. And then, of course, classically, classically challenged, classically challenge. What the fuck is that? Okay, what's the classic port made? The pork be with you, because why not? You have to get one of those for me. The fourth be with you. Maybe the poor be with you. Of course we have the ever popular I heeart pork. That we just have a regular por gear, which is really fun and yeah, apparent that, Leah. Judging by Chewbacca, it tastes like Chiin. But wait, there's more. Is that a Deadpool, poor guy? See, Holy Shit it is. Can you imagine deadpool as a pork? Oh my goodness, that's all we need as a mini deadpool running around, which would be great, trademarked here on the beauty of the beast show, copyrighted by Christine Knowlton. Yes, all right, let wait. What do we have here? Oh my God, the winter soldier pork. Are You fucking kidding me? That is so fucking cute. All right, Bucky as a fucking pork. We gotta have that. And what's Bucky with that? Captain America as a pork. Am I right? Look at this little beast. He is so fucking cute in his uniform. Who wouldn't want to have a captain America porge? That is right. Yes, and if you would like to suggest any other ports that I can make, or if you just want to told me to go to hell in general, please email beauty in the beast show sixty nine at gmailcom. Yes, that is correct. Yes, I will flash that up there. So if you want to porch, porch, porch, all right. If you have purchase any of these porks and a for by six print, please go to optimist artistry does store and Becom all right, that was a really shitty fucking commercial. Check that shit out. Okay, I I really don't know what the fuck my issue is, but yeah, I love those ports. Like I said, get chewy. Enjoyed them. I don't think they were chewy. I think they were tender. They tasted like chicken. They really needs some more porks, you know. They need more e walks to bring math e walks. The e walks are do for another live adventure movie, live action movie. Shut up. It's early in the morning as I do this. I don't know what I'm doing. It's great, yes, all that note. It's like all that note, bitches. Yes, it walks need to be about bay. Yes, the suits are hot as fuck, but they're cute as fuck. All right, bring them back. Bring them. That's all I'm saying. If you love the e walks back, then you know, give us the thumbs up, give us a shout out. Say, bitches, bring back the e walks. I have of for E Walk Rights. The hell just happened here, but the hell am I talking about? Yes, we need more of...

...those kinds of characters. We do. It's like there's so many characters and star wars you can keep up with them. It's like everyone needs their own origin. All right, we should be on like Star Wars, episode number five, hundred and thirty two right now. Are although I do I can't wait till episode sixty nine comes out. M that's right, everyone's sixty nine and around the galaxy. That would be some shit right there. Right, I'm for it. They probably have that in a poor version, like poor wars, or, you know, I don't know, Star Wars, Star and then that movie. Oh my God, I'm having a brain fart here. Bear with me, bear with me, I'll talk myself through it. I know what movie it is. Zack and Murray make a porno when they were doing the Star Wars. Like poor notes that. Oh my God, I would love to see that as a movie, like Holy Shit, I mean, did that get shut down or what like it just I want to see it. I want to say I want to see the cast come back and make that from Zach and Murray make a porn. No, okay, because that's got to be the best thing on earth. That's what the Star Wars fans need. That's what we want anyway. Using lightsabers as anal probes. Yes, yes, my answer is yes, although that shit would totally hurt, but they will fuck it. You know, people can get wine bottles and fucking like light bulbs up there, not like little ones either, like the fucking like fish bowl like bulbs up their ass. How in the hell is that possible? Like, Oh my God, please stop shoving shit up your ass without an handle on it. You want to be able to pull it down. Fuck all right, said and the segment we're going to be reading from a little book here. This is William Shakespeare's star wars by I do sure. I hope I pronounced that correctly. I'm only going to be doing a little bit of this because it's probably copywritten. I don't get the author to kill me. You can buy the book. Like I said, I'm just going to do a little intro reading here. If you don't know this, I'm currently in rehearsals for Shakespeare as much ado about nothing. So while I'm on a Shakespeare kick, why not do this? I'm going to show you the cover of this. Yes, William Shakespeare, Star Wars, verily a new hope. This is what the cover looks like, guys, okay, so you can find it. Is Rare. All, is very rare to find it, so you might have to find a second hand. I think I had to find a second hand. So we are. We are going to read this out just a little bit, just a couple pages. Again, it's copywritten. So if you like what I'm reading here, go buy the book. All Right, I'm not getting paid to advertise this at all. This is not a paid promotion. All Right, I'm just flipping through the pages now. So here we go. We're going to read this. All Right, the prolog outer space, enter the course. I'm not singing the shit, by the way. It is a period of civil war, the spaceships of the REFLS, striking swift from base onseen, have gained a victory over the pool collectic catalactic empire. I never said I could read write. The cruel galactic empire, now a drift and miss the battle. Rebel spies prevailed and stole the plans. So space station vast, whose powerful beams will later be unveiled and crush up the planet. Since the death star blast, pursued by agents sinister and cold. Now Princess Leiah to her home dothfully delivering plans and a new hope they hold of bringing freedom to...

...the galaxy in times so long ago. Begins our play in starcross galaxy, far, far away. Gee, that sounds familiar. Dozen it, by the way, if anybody ever wants to do this as a play and if we get figure the shit out, I am in all right. I am in like an anal probe. Seeing one aboard the rebel ship enter, see three Po and arch detail. I'm going to try to voice this. It's not going to be pretty. Now is the summer of our happiness made winter by the sun and fierce attack. Our ship is under siege I know not how. Oh, hast heard the main reactor fails. We shall most surely be destroyed by this high warrant. Madness flies here in Ur to D to BB B sweet bipp we we are doomed. That was CP, cpthree. Oh, here we go. The princess shall have no escape this time. I fear this battle DOF portant, the end of the rebellion, of what misery? All right, so see three Po and R to D to exit. The chorus comes in. Now Watch amazed as swiftly through the door the army of the empire fly thin and the troopers through the passage. Poor the murdered several dozen for revel men. Now the fighting begins. Holy Shit, this is getting good. All right, answer, rebels, many die. Answer store troopers and Darth vader. Exit, R to D to with Princess Leia. See through Po is cross the stage. All right, that was really fast fucking fight. All right. Can we get some P PPP PEWS in there? All right, I know there's got to be a fight with some bitches. I'm reading here. This is story time with beauty, all right. See through Po, Pray Art d to flare, Art Thou Art d too. Maybe I'm not shooting you. That's exactly what is written. All right, see through Po at last. Where Hast Thou been? I fear they come in this direction. Pray. What shall we do? My Secretary overloads my mind over throne, and Fear Hath put its correct in my wires. We shall be sent into an unplaced, known and place. I'm to that place. I dread, the castle's place minds when Snow druid pretends, and there'd be blasted into who knows what. Okay, R to D to begins, to exit, an on hard to an on an on art to, or Dost Thou go? A pretty patience. Leave me not alone. I even I'm and Injo the I'll show they die if I ever Thou fleavest me. This is getting crazy right worstly going to leave there. Okay, we're going to leave you wanting more. That was just seeing one. Are Right. William Shakespeare's star wars by Ian Doch er yet verily in you. Hope you're going to go on to check it out. I think it's really, really cool. Right and if you're listening, I want to do...

...this one day because I am a nerd. I'm going to BA bring that to rehearsal with me today, because why the fuck not? All right, so, are you ready? Beasts has got something up his sleeve tonight. You are going to love it, you are going to enjoy it, you are going to worship it. Stay till the end. Believe me, it goes out with the bang. I've been Christine Norton. I have been beauty here at beauty and the beast, good beast, and duty on the air a damn. So grab a snack intil the phone. Friends who baby bit. It feels so good. Some sounds you think you wanna but you don't know if he should. Well, it's me. We survived for hundred and twenty, but we're still really high. That's right. It started with some moon racks and went off the tracks from there. We have a new neighbor and they have a new Doggie, kissel thing, but it barks, incests and Lee. How much is that Douggy in the window? It's actually free if I just go out and snatch it, but I could never do that. Could never break someone's heart who leaves their probably out in the goal long. Well, I guess we've broken the curse of the twenty show in that it is now currently made the fourth. Then, and then and and Anna and under London, under the Dundlen dunt one. I know. Actually that's me. I'm having little trouble really, because I don't know if you've heard this about me, but I have him E. It's no, that's not true. I don't know if you've heard this about me, but I will be having some surgery done, and that means I'll be getting my throat slid for real on Friday the thirteen, when my thyroid that is filled with gaiters will be removed in its entirety. I will be doing one show there all, and then they recovery. I will be doing some jokes in recover, I'm sure, try and keep him laughing, even on my recovery bed, which I'm hoping will be very comfortable and well appointed with beautiful nurses. So I was practicing a song about beauty. What else do I sing about? What else is there to sing about? Let me see, his name is..., Jesus, blush clean. Just stick around and you will see what I mean. She's got a splusy couch. It doesn't have a poosh. It was a big hit that sex shop gives a TIFFIC kids. You're in right down there. She bought a big Dick, some lubrication, some but plugs in up, pink pricked that a vibrated. She's salivated. Later on she was elated. She's got a Chechne that she has master cheer rubs a button and then goes faster and fastest. She don't know you. She don't know you, but if you see her on her only fans page, she's got something she can show you. She's always rubbing a button. She's always rubbing a button ow, she's always rubbing a boxing. You know she is more that later. Huh, I'm sure there's another verse or two I can whip out of my sleep, something about you think it's sleazy this pussy pattern, pussy, potter, Potter, Pussy. Actually, she prefers to be spanked resoundingly, and I'm sure for the right price you can get an autograph Ping Pong Paddle from beauty or maybe it'll be a fabulous forgery signed by yours truly, yours truly being the beast, and you are currently listening to the beast parts on this edition of beauty and the beast, beauty and the base. Uh. So, how have you been since for twenty? My friends, I would go, Whoa, whoa. Yeah, so, as you'll see, that last that twenty episode. Boy, I sure didn't miss the part that beast did. But then again, I watched it till the end and saw it. And but that goalilocks, but it was pretty funny. And how about all those wonderful new sponsors, including ball SAC insurance? Sir, do appreciate sponsorships, the trust that you'll put it into us here at beauty and of me show to represent your products. And I understand we have some more sponsors on the on the list, the waiting list. Apparently there's a waiting list, because you got to keep him waiting. And what? Let me see what? Let me see. The next one, I think, is celebrity grub stump. That's right. Will we bring you some new sponsorship? Celebrity GRUB STUMP? HMM, and I have no idea what they're all about, but of course I don't have any idea what any of this is about, and that's the way I like to keep it. Now I'm not nearly as busy as the fabulous beauty but you can catch her a bits... week, or might be this week for all I know, and that's the way things go and I don't want to have to say this about that, so I'm not gonna. But in the means, in the lean time, we've got some new bits lined up and some old ones too. For example, we thought we'd return to some of the original things we did when we launched that spark now with the company, once upon a time, and that include some of the wonderful letters that people right into us here at the beauty and the beach ship love East parts, and I just will be reading some of those to you. We will also be reading from the holy scripture, that's right, the big book of the Limericks, Big Book of the Limericks, the infamous this pier Resian addition, as well as some other things, those things being comedy things, we hope, things that make you laugh, things that make you say, Hey, you guys should listen to this crazy fucking show. Let's called beauty and the beasts number thirty two and Sri Lanka with a bullet. But then we went online and we found out shre like it doesn't have any bullets, because there's and that's because there are Socialist Democratic Republic whatever and the heck that is Socialist Democrat Republic of Shri Lanka, but they don't have a bullet between them. So anyway, we were talking about many and we were talking about all the wonderful things that are happening out there now that the covid is finally over and everyone is happy to return to the huge crowds and be elbow to elbow with complete strangers from around the world with no masks on. And I I just can't do it yet. I really just can't do it yet. That's why I'm still here in this dark room doing a podcast that this podcast may or may not represent and the beauty of these show. Would like to say that they do not necessarily endorse any of the beast parts nor agree with their point of view. They're simply providing the digital space between your ears to bring you, my adults, and to you, Y and the beast show, happy two thousand and twenty two, even though it's almost halfway through. We hope you had a wonderful year of Goo. That's right, I we hope you've had a wonderful year of Goo, because here a course at the beating of the be show. We are all about the Goo that's blush to spunk, the cream that come. If you got it any you got to get it out of yet and you might get it on yet. But then again, that's why they make a laundry detergent and a washing machines, why you're at it. Watch, go put a quarter in a washing machine and thank your lucky stars. You think you lucky stars you get one night stands at your favorite boss. You might get it in her hair or on her under way, and you know what I mean. So this show is especially important because it breaks the dreaded for twenty...

...curse. And if we twenty curse, if you had the fact that we went all out on a big twenty episode, and that was a long, long time ago. So we've kicked the tires and I still don't get together at all, because beauty was going to move closer but ended up farther away. Not that happens sometimes, and this is allowed her to become the one of the Queens of comedy of Violand New Jersey, fabulous violent, where she is often on the bill there. And she's got the upcoming carnage at the fringe festival virtually appearing and it just inspires me to actually get on a plane and go check out all those freaks over in London. Well, I can get in how touch with me roots. And then, when I say my roots, I mean couldn't drink a lot in some pubs, maybe throw some darts, and here's some British comedy which is a little more droll, except that it's not. But there is a certain a cabaret style that I still see a lot of the British comedians to the zoom one liners Galore. So I love my self some oneline or some Limerickx Soll, some poetry, some parody songs and dedicated to bringing that to you freshly, fresh all the time as much as possible. So what's in the news? Oh my Gosh, who cares this? So much in the news that I don't want to talk about because we really don't do that. We try to keep it evergreen. Evergreen means you don't really talk about topical things because years from now, when the kiddies are back and looking at a nostalgically the Beau of the beast show, they're not going to know who the heck Johnny Depp is, or maybe even what Ukraine is. We will see. We'll see, trying to stick around for another thirty, forty, fifty years to see if our predictions come true and drink the wonderful wine we made, because that wine, twenty years from now, is going to be then else, even though right now it's not much at all. And we thought we took up a new hobby, and that hobby would be making beer to get drunk on and growing pot to get high on. That's right, we're going to become a beer brewers and pot growers. Why not? We've got the space and we've got the disposable income to have such frivolous hobbies. Now it's legal here and You Jersey, for wreck marijuana. And when I say New Jersey, I mean the garden state, which is finally opening up its garden for more things than just tomatoes and blueberries, but though those are two damn good things, take it from me. Then, like fresh pint of blueberries, wow in season. Then of course you got your pilling on the CAP, and you folks out there, if you got him one up, put him in your bottom, as long as you've got the patent pending veggie handle from Beaunyon of beast products, and we would like to thank some of our sponsors, including Harry Loose Harriett sex shop and porn on Porium, Jersey's leading sex shop and porn oh a POREO. And they've gotten on a nostalgic kick lately where week nights from ten...

PM to one am, getting out the old vhs tapes and firing them up on the big screen, and they're even looking at some of those wonderful classics, like Debbie Does Dallas and deep throat behind the green door with Marylyn chambers. That stuff's hot thanks to Harry Los Harriet sex shop and poorer and poorium showing those via having those vhs nights then showing those classic videos. I understand the other night at two o'clock in the morning they were showing some of your grandfather smokers the stuff that used to look out at the vfw on a Saturday night when they were chopping a cigar. I think they will going to eight millimeter wow, no sound, but two of the guys broke out their harboticas and played the blues. Betty peage grinded away into the Dank and technicolor a beautiful technical color eight millimeter style. Because, let's face it, everything is so abundant to you now that all this nostalgia kick it's fine by me if you want to go buy your vinyl good coom through the record stores, pick out your favorite slabs yester year and nostalgia. Everything that's old is new again. It really just costs a heck of a lot more. Really really does. And if you've ever really want to feel bad, which how come you don't? You know, why wouldn't you Gontay Ebay and look up some of the Shit young from your childhood and see the phenomenal prices some of it is commanding, unless in fact, you are a kid? And why would you be listening to this and not playing pokemono or masturbating? Or masturbating while you're playing POKEMNGO? That's right now. Might be a little hard to do when you're walking around a public pokey stopping to be jerking off at the same time and you will probably get arrested, but it's better and getting dead, because I understand people. When I first played that there walking off cliffs and stuff, walking off cliffs playing Pokemngo to catch digital animals and that is my new non profit and I present the t tonight that free your pokemon. Please go into your APP and set them, free them back in the wild and encourage other pokemono trainers to do the same. So my problem, folks, of course, is I have a thybord problem. Would you see my thyroid apress on my vocal cords longer? I taught the ors he gets and the side effects. One of the side effects of the surgery could be that I don't talk anymore. Would that be funny? Maybe then I'll finally become a wonderful and a revered writer once I can actually lose my mouth anymore. That'll be a hoot, even though I can't say hoot, or won't be able to.

So we're going to all cross our fingers that the next time we talk my thyrowy will be removed and I will have my wonderful adults and tones return to me, or I'll be able to talk deeper and deeper and deeper. That's right, deep as it gets. Go deep if you're going to go go way deep. Failed Nation concerts presents every band is naked draw sponsored by Golden Heart, rock super casino and marina bands, you love, bands you hate, bands you've never even heard of before. completely naked. This store really house balls, tits and asses. To you'll see things you've never seen before and will never want to see again. Overweight rock legends and our EXIC singer Songwriters, muscle bound metal dance and lots and lots of female bass players. Every band is naked tour. It's interactive, it's coming soon, it's possibly illegal. Every band is naked tour from failed Nasian concerts rock out with your cock out for real at the every band is naked tour exclusively at Golden Heart, rock Super Casino and Marina EWWW SHOWCOM.

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