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S1E4: Beauty's Bits with Lana Siebel


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Hello and welcome back to beauty and the beast. This is our segment called beauty's bits. That's be with the be. God, Dang, how long here we go. It's a forty seven now. Hello and welcome to the beauty and the beast show. This is a I can't speak to it. Huh. Hello, I've been there. Hello and welcome to the beauty and the beast show. This is a little segment that we call beauty's bits. That's with the be, not with the tea. If you want to see these teeth, you gotta go to my only fans. Now we have we have an amazing comedian here today. Her name is Laana seebull and she is all the way from New York, or a my case, like two hours away, and she has a movie that's now out on Amazon Prime, which I'm sure we will talk about here. And then she was also part of the Connecticut Comedy Festival. This is awesome. Let's welcome on like let's welcome on Laura. Is Great to have you here. Hey, thank you, thanks so much for having me. This is fun. Oh my gosh, I'm excited to be here. You're welcome. Yeah, so, yeah, I'll start off with talking about what's going on. Yeah, I think Jersey to New York, most of America, I think, is still we're on shutdown again. I don't know about at you know, Christine, but at this point it's feeling like a Sitcom that like desperately needs to end. Yeah, I don't know if you watch that show sunny in Philadelphia, but that's become my life pretty much for yeah, I am I'm the only female character. I'm with my eight year old son and my husband and yeah, every time I walk into the living room they're like boo, pretty much to like there, you know, voice like so they're like, you're ruining our vibe. My husband's like the three guys and my son. My son is definitely like the Danny de Vito character right because, yeah, he's short, he throws up all the time. So, yeah, with one of those myself. So yeah, I see that. Yeah, to be perfect. Yeah, pretty much pretty much. Well, except for mind likes and walk in the screen doors. It's great. It's comical, you know. Yeah, never stop laughing. But yeah, crazy, it's like everything shut down. It's, you know, blacked out again. It's like wow, where are we, you know, but you hear the booze, you know, was like, Oh man, it makes me remember about being on stage doom comedy, you know. Yeah, by the way, I might I was doing my set. I don't know if but oh, yeah, no, no, no, no worries. Should I look to you, whatever you want to do. Let me try again. I'm olders combobulated. Yeah, so here we go. You're bringing lot of to this thing, age to the ... of the V show. I love her name, Lada, because I watched way too much archer. So here we go. He's feel Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good show. So, yeah, I feel like this is great. We're getting all our shows out of the Archer study in Philadelphia. I don't know if you watched one of the most horrific documentaries on all the news channels. It's on now. Yeah, it's I have the news beaupf like the most entertaining thing right now and I can't wait for all that to be over. Like, I don't know about you, Christine, but like at this point I just want, like everybody to know that I've never cared about an old man this much. Yeah, every time, you know, Biden goes up to the podium, I you know. I'm like no, why are there's stairs there? Somebody help him, you know. You know, keep your mask on. The covid could still get you. And seriously, he's still playing with his dog. I think he's got more important things to do. Okay, these are just things. You know, I shout at the TV at this point, so I'm glad I'm talking to you, you know, I just I'm just thinking, like, if you really wants to play a game, you know, I suggest maybe like a crossword puzzle or Sodoco, you know, something to keep his memory sharp. I think that's important right now. But anyways, but enough of the politics. How it he's were weird this year. Well, it is. We're definitely weird. They were different. This was the first time that my son was actually super excited to go to school and Halloween. He yeah, he he insisted on dressing up is James Bond. And then a few days before that he was like, wait a minute, he realized that no third grader knows who James Bond is. So he was like, I'm gonna I'M gonna dress up in a full Tuxedo and a Martini Glass at seven in the morning. I'm I'm gonna hope, like an idiot. Yeah, nobody knew who he was. He came into school, everyone was staring. His teachers loved it though, right, and he keeps saying he loves that James Bond is a ladies man because, like he was like all he has to do is go bond, James Bond, and then he makes that with a beautiful woman. So he pretty much likes how little effort this guy puts in, you know, and we have to be careful of that because he also listens to Tom Jones, you know. He's a singer from the S. very different ethics back then. We had to have a lot of talks with him because he would listen to the song called thunderbowl. It's James Bond Song, and then the song is he goes like he could have any woman he wants. His days of asking or over. We're like no, you gotta ask, you gotta so we had to have a lot of me too talks with him. So yeah, that was fun. New Year's was also different. My parents came over and my husband's Dad and my son. Of course, here we go, let's get in the theme of Tom Jones. He was a...

...he's saying sex bomb. We left because it was uncomfortable and my son was like, why did you leave me all alone? It was like I was singing to drunk senior citizens. His exact words. We're like, listen, if you're modeling after Tom Jones and and the great entertainers, we hate to break it to you, but that's going to be mainly your audience, drunks in your citizens, especially if you're pouring a vegas. So we're preparing him, preparing him. But I say I'm originally from Ukraine. That hence the name Lana. I came over because of institutionalize anti Semitism like yet to a point where my passport didn't even say citizen. I swear I got it. Just said Jew parentheses and front leave. I mean it. Yeah, it's so excessive, right, a little, a little excessive for that. But Um, I grew up in Brooklyn. I still live here. Yeah, and you know, I know I look like the problem, but I'm actually getting priced out as well, right. You know it's getting bad when white people are getting priced out as well. Yeah, I know, I so, I grew up in Brooklyn since I was seven and I've been listening to rap since I was really little because, like, I don't know, I don't know if you ever thought of this, but it's like very similar. Rap Culture is very similar to my culture, because futures got the song and he's like, I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci Flip flops. I mean, Christine, that is so Russian. I just see an older Russian man and Brighton beach going. I just fuck my beach and Gucci Flip flops so much and God, and this is going by so quick. I'm just going to end off on this. You know, we're talking about names and I was a Latin dancer. Actually, I was right seven day states. This is true. Yeah, my peers, they're on dancing with the stars, but I had the war slatin dancer stage name, like ever it was. Actually it was that Lana Feldman. Honestly, of so embarrassing. The announcer would be like sometimes I perform in England, like you were just talking about before me, in England as well. Then that's real, like an now dancing the sexy Chacha Johns. That Luna Feldman. That can't be right and that people. Thank you so much. This was fun of them say talk to you. Oh my gosh, that's my funny how thank you, racle. You were awesome. Thank you. I think you might have to get your son on here, because he sounds pretty I know, larious, it's like that, you keep telling me. Sure, yes, he's like a crooked book. He's like whatever whatever you make, you make anything. I fifty percent because I made the jokes. So, yeah, he's he's very entertaining. Yeah, I think that's the Jewish side of him coming yes, definitely. Yes, he came out breaking. Yeah, yeah, the Jewer side, the bunny and the breaking the legs Italian. Yeah, so...

...he's got both. The best world. Yeah, very nice, very nice, very nice. I mean, like, you know all the classics, you know the James Bond and everything. Maybe I shouldn't some feel like Mr Frank Sinatra now that Oh man, know what's fun? It was las man. What's Oh my God, that's exactly. Just got a haircut and he keeps walking around saying I look like Frank Sinatra. I love yeah, he that's so you're on the money. Oh my God, yeah, that exactly awesome. Checking himself out. Yeah, he's been singing a lot of fly you to the moon you're really there. We your psychic. That's amazing. I'm psy Oh, that's with an Oh, not a no, no, psychic, psychic. You're awesome. This is awesome. So that would be nine hundred and ninety nine per minute. Now I guess that's feel the way to making comedy right. You know, I got the paraguards. Since it is the New Year, do you have any re resolutions or do you just yeah, so, before there was a coup, you know, Simpler Times. Last week, we we we were trying to just like to eat healthier, and we were. We were on today two and honestly, like we didn't lose any weight, but we were like we were on the right pass because we were all like really hungry and angry and we had but you know, after the coup are like forget it, we can't, we can't keep up with these headaches. But you know, just hopefully stay alive this year and take the care of ourselves. And you know, I've been doing last year and a half. So I've been doing comedy for six years, but acting for decades and dancing, but the the comedy last year and a half I've been doing like just fulltime professionally every day. So that's been really consistent. It is. It is like a job a lot of times which show. Yeah, yeah, so that's been been hopefully paying off when the world reopens again, exam virtually. Yeah, yeah, actually, right. Yeah, they said You have a new movie out on Amazon Prime. What is it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, IT'S A it's I've actually a couple of years old, but it's called the businessman and it's so funny. There's actually a lot of nine these rappers in it, like Mr Cheeks and from Boutang, Kappa, Danna and prodigy. So yeah, it's called the business man and it's out now. I have like a it's not a big role, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. And I've also been writing a lot. So I wrote a full feature cowrote a full feature film as well as a short film which we just shot. So yeah, I wrote it just so it could be like very few characters. Was a horror film. So hopefully that should be out soon. To do so. And I finally started to make videos which I just really...

...stay like a short little thirty second video, like joke of the day kind of thing with Chum. Got Three hundred views so I was happy. First one on instagram and like a hundred and seventy on tick tock. So again I yeah, honestly, the Tick Tock thing I love, but at the same time there's so many cute puppies and babies I get so distracted and it's like four hours later and I'm on to this next bull dog. Like how many bulldogs can they show me? A Lot, like four hours worth, apparently. Yeah, exactly. Damn, it's just another, another device for A. Oh my God, yes, hid this a. You know what was I doing? I'm four days lines for my we're yeah, exactly, that's what's happening. So, yeah, I have severe a DC. That's what I found out through tick tock. You're right. Yes, that's really bad. It's like we are the same in a lot of ways. That is awesome. wrote a script. It's like, I hope thinking knows covid settles or you know, everything is okay to film with other people. That's like amazing. It's like getting at so much. Yeah, let gotta let me know. Keep US posted to K. I will thank you. I fiance and I. We also do films. Were me so cool. Came it and our other company is trigger treat film, so we cater. I'll start those out. So, yeah, since we're only a few hours away from each other, we can definitely help out. That would be awesome. That that's so cool. I'll definitely contact you about that. That's great. So this is this is awesome. It's like yea, so productive. I don't we try like between ADHDS, you know? Well, yeah, that time. You know, let's do that short film that we wanted to do like five years. Yeah, let's get it exactly. It's so gratifying to like have it done. It's it is, you know, rough to shoot the whole thing and really get the whole thing going, but it feels so amazing when you're done with it or about to edit it, kind of thing. Yes, yeah, and then you're looking all finally there we go. Yeah, quickly. Yeah, I know that is that's definitely a resolution to get more movies out and everything. And Yeah, it's I think it's really easy to get them like up on Amazon prime now, like all you have to do is like fill out something and that it's like boom, it's like right there. I was like exactly, yeah, yeah, exactly, is that exactly exactly? It's amazing. All these platforms now it's really and I think, like I even saw like tick tock is doing like musicals now. So it's kind of like, I think it's still kind of like the wild wild west, like it was with Netflix now. So it just, YEP, getting the contact out there, like you said, as much as possible is really key. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I'm new to tick. Talk to it. Yes, I could get lost there for days. Oh my gosh, sasing. It's like who. Yeah, and I also the algorithm. That's what I'm trying to figure out, because I'm seeing a lot...

...of it is is. So that's that's great. I mean it's opens up so many doors. I Oh, for the love of it. Good. Yes, more, more opportunities. Yeah, yes, I know. It's like a trend. Like first, you know, Tick Tock was like all about the dance movements and everything, and then all of a sudden comedians just start jumping on the bandwagon and I'm like, yeah, I've got to go there. I actually I know more views and likes on there that I do want all social media. So I'm like, that's awesome, this is in and that's and that's you know, I think a big accomplishment because you're getting a new, completely new audience. It's not any of you people that you know. It's all so that's like a big deal. That's awesome. Its like official, like, okay, everybody that knows me is ignoring me. Okay, it's not, I see how the lines anyways, yeah, I know, it's so great, so great. Yeah, but yeah, I can't wait to, you know, start getting back on stages, like I love performing, not just comedy but doing theater as well and Improv like you know, it was like so weird less you started out greats, like I was booked for like for comedy shows, and then I did to theater productions and then I was about another one and then it covid came in. It wiped, I know, like I know I'd say, yeah, same here I was doing like a so many shows and and just go and go and go in and then, yeah, it was just March twelve, I feel like, just everything. Put it like us, put US stop to everything. So, Yep, yeah, and I am with you. You know, virtual is it's actually a you know, I feel like we both really trying to take advantage of it in terms of kind of taking it all over the country and worldwide and hopefully tour when it opens up. But yeah, in person is definitely much more gratifying feeling, maybe, but this is this is still pretty great, but it's not the same. I feel like it's not the same. I mean, it's great not having to put on pants, but that is nice. Yes, yeah, that's nice. You don't have to buy pay for drinks or food or anything. Yeah, sit and watch like Ninezero comedians a day if you want to. You know, it's yeah, honestly, that is a really great upside. When things were actually reopening again and I was like, oh well, I we're now, and it was a whole yes, like parking or transportation, and that's like yeah, but now it's like, okay, we're just going to sit the computer, put on some headphones and we're going to do this. You know, we're yeah, yeah, you don't have to think about it anymore. It's so great. It's I think. Yeah, we mentioned a good point. I personally need something to complain about every day. If it's not virtual, that it's outdoors or indoors. So it's nice to like constantly have something. Yeah, it's something to hold on to. Yes, I think it's healthy that way. You know, I'm yeah, I'm like doing the crowd work.

You know, they were yeah, but like their energy, if they had it or not. You know, it's like is this guys sleep or dead? Somebody call an ambulance. You know, I honestly like gum. I felt like I started to do a lot of outdoors and also I started to produce my own mics and then they turned into shows and like grew a bit of an audience and they you know, we're doing really well. And the the outdoor ones, I felt like people are so appreciative to get out of the house and just listen to some comedy and again not be doing the same thing over and over. So like there's like a whole new different appreciation for it. Yes, people actually pay attention, you know, and you're yeah, like what is this? They need that distraction. It's so nice that it's like a real back and forth and it's yeah, it's like heightened level of appreciation, which was really a really nice exactually from it's like doing stuff in bars and everything, and one place I really miss it. It's not too far from here. It's called Josie Kelly's and they actually had an audience that listen to me and I was like, yeah, this is different. I'm like, this is crazy. You know. Usually we're just there like as background noise. You know. Yeah, I know, this is a yeah, yeah, I know. People. I feel like people like a like been like trying to kind of dozing off and drinking like by themselves and doors that they want to be like alive and sober and listening outdoors, which is like, yeah, it's a real change, it's true. Yeah, yes, it is definitely a lot better for US comedians. Yeah, we are getting heard, is like for the first time, I know, and awesome. Yeah, that's pretty amazing. It's awesome. I hear a dog in the background, you have notebook cooking. It's Oh, really, wearing a Brooklyn apartments or were like on top? Okay, guys, it's so it's kind of funny, like we hear my husband work and then we hear my son during school and they hear me during comedy. So it's like we know way too much about each other at this point. I know where everybody really family now. It's like yeah, yeah, we're right on TAP. That's awesome. Oh my gosh. So we're going everybody go to find you when you're awesome shows. And what's your socials? which is yeah, yeah, so on Instagram, I think, guess that's been the main one lately. It's Lawna, see Bul, so, LA, Anda, Siebo, and same for facebook, and then just joined tick tock, and on Tick Tock it's law, on a comedy, La and a comedy one word and I just just recently started that, like a few days ago. And Yeah, that's about it for and Youtube. I'm going to be starting youtube as well, and that's a lot of see Bul, because that's awesome. Yeah, we will drop all the links down below banks. Yes, yes, yeah, we're gonna be link happy. So, yes, yeah,... this was awesome. This was yeah, you on the show today say you're so like your energy and your questions and just everything about uses very appreciated and this was fun. Thank you, thank you. Awesome. So, Yep. So it's so hopefully we'll see. I'll see you a live or I'll I have you. Are you on Instagram, facebook and let me know if I could probably want anything else or subscribe? Yeah, I will definitely do definitely. Yeah, I just I'm a fan. Awesome. I'm a fan of yours. Yeah, we found each other. Actually, what did we meet? Like at the Blue Mike Chat? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's where we met. So it's that's an awesome place. You know, wants to find awesome mics and awesome comedians and shows, check out rampantly dot La. That's where it's all happening, bringing comedians together from all over the world literally. Yeah, so there we go. There's our commercial. Right there there's act I love that, and also displaced comedians. I highly recommend that group. I don't know if that you're on that already, but yeah, that's just like again, there's like a gazillion Mike's happening every day all over the world and count there are. Yes, yeah, yeah, so jump on board. So jump. Yeah, it's like jump on board. Yes, thank you for joining us. Thank you, Christine, aesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you everybody for watching. Thank you,.

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