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Episode 21 · 2 years ago

Episode 21 - Toyz


Episode 21 - Toyz

Welcome to the 21st episode of Beauty and the Beast - Toyz and learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we discuss toys from our childhood to some of our favs today!

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Coming to you almost live from lake side. I'm beauty and I'm beasts and we're back almost live from lake side. WHOOHOO, that was my beauty impression. That was great impression, by the way. Yeah, welcome back to the beauty and the beast studio where you can't see anything. Where are you? And I'm disclosed location, somewhere near a leak, and we're surrounded by toys, because today's subject is toys, and not the beauty and beast kind. Oh, these are the kids kind. Well, also adults, apparently, because we're surrounded by them, and I know I have my share at home too. So what from your collection did you want to point out? And why the heck are we talking about kids toys today? Well, we're definitely talking about kids toys because we want to send a shout out to far point toys of maze landing, who have hit a little snag in their reopening plan after the plague, which isn't going to happen because a few weeks ago they had a power search which took out all their electrical sockets. Everything in there, like their computers, the printers, the HVAC, caught fire from withinside the panel. That held everything together called on fire and totally melted together. So every little thing has to be replaced. But the good news on that part is everybody got out alive. The building is still good in standing. It's still got good bones, so they don't have to tear it down and Redo the whole thing. So they had a little snag. So they're doing the fundraiser on go fund me right now and they're they're big part. They're good friends of mine, Justin and Penelope, and they're a great part of the community. Not only are they a toy store, like we don't have any more toy store since toy toys or ust closed, and that's one of them, besides level up at the mall, which has amazing things. They both have different things. So yes, yeah, so where was I? Yes, far point toys. They're doing fundraise or right now because they're going to have to get inspectors to come out and inspect the wires, you know, in the walls and you know, underneath and everything. And they already hit their goal and like two weeks time, I believe, they've raised twenty fivezero dollars already. They weren't sure even if a go fund me would help them or not, because they didn't know if if they had, you know, that kind of community that would come together, which they do, which is amazing. Like last year I was there, I was in their commercial that they did and everything. And not only that, but when the whole the whole quarantine happened and covid nineteen happened, they were like, well, what can we do for the community? Even though they couldn't open or anything like that, they started doing like a food drop off and they would donate it to the church next door to them. Well, they've been doing this the entire time and they've been dropping off like, you know, twelve bags full, ten bags full, like every week. They've been donating and helping people out, you know, so that they wouldn't go hungry. And not only that, but the ones that graduated from Okrest, they put comics...

...into bags and everything and got them all for the graduating class for two thousand and twenty. And there's still looking. There's still looking for ways also to help the community while, you know, trying to get back into business themselves. They've been doing everything online and they've created barter town, which is on Sunday afternoons from three to five where they showed showcase toys and comics and it. They'll start it out at a bid or whatever, but if you want to claim it, you just type in claim and that item and people from all over the United States have been doing this. And what's great is anybody that has ordered from barter town in the United States it's free shipping, but outside you know it's going to, you know, cost a little bit of shipping, but other than that it's like they've got great products, always on sale. And being able to talk with penelope last week when I bought the Jake Mug from adventure time because I needed another mug. You know, I just had to have it. I popped on barter town they were doing that and I was like sold claim. I can't remembber the secret word. What is it? And so I did that and I was able to go pick it up, like if you're local and you're doing barter town, you can go pick it up so that they don't have to ship it. So it was great, you know, talking with her and they were like so grateful that they were there at the store when the power surge had hit because they were able to put out the small fires on the inside. Justin was able to run out and turn off the gas, because if they weren't there, that thing would have been flattened, it would have been completely gone. Not only that, but there's a wire out front, a live wire, that had hit the ground. Not only did it hit the ground, but it melted the sidewalk. So it's like, oh boy. So right now it's like they are doing a fundraiser on go fund me and please check them out at far point toyscom. They're on facebook, instagram, like any social media. I believe they're also they do twitch as well. So and be sure, like on Sundays between three and five, to check out barter town and purchase some amazing toys. So let's let's help out our ends at far pline. So far point the toy store, not the point on my head. Me Do plenty of far point stories. I think the first time I encountered far point was down in Richland, because we used to take our kids down there and ride that Christmas train and miniature trains are down there the Cho club and we knew the mayor and of course that was on the way to Hamilton and Buna. So I have a remember going into that big ever, were you ever down at that location, the big toy museum that they had down there? And No, unfortunately, I have every nook and Cranni was filled with some toy or comic and I also I remember we had a toy sale there. That was one of the biggest. That was first time I remember. Or they had all the vendors out in the parking lot selling toys and bartering and we had a great day. My son and I went down there and that's one of my toy stories because I sold a toy at that on that day that I want to buy back now, and this will be the third time I've read I brought this toy back, so hopefully this will be the time I can hold onto it now. The first time I saw it on Ebay, I bought it for twenty five dollars, is about one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, I think it was. And what was that toy? Is Sixteen inch tall astro boy made out of polyvinyl. That's a I think it's called Billikin and he was smiling and which, of course, he was always smiling in the Japanese cartoons and didn't didn't ever frown, it seems like. So I needed money and I I put it on Ebay and I got sixty five dollars for it. So, okay, made a little profit, but I wanted it back and I saw it on Ebay again and I bought it for fifty five dollars. I figured I was still ten dollars...

...ahead and I sold it because I needed money. At the far point. Toys sail down there in Richland and I got seventy five dollars for it. Now I'm still ahead. Now I want to buy it back and you know how much you're selling it for an Ebay for the only one on Ebay. How much is it? How much? It's two hundred dollars. Oh my gosh, it went up so much. And now you're like, I still want it. It's the water that you'd be back in the hole, but I would keep it this one time. There's no way, Dude. Hey like that's what my first day I know you're like bbwenty years ago at this point, but that's okay. I have plenty of other toys, just like you. Plenty of other toys. In fact, it was just my birthday and I just got new toys, mini Funko, pops, Batman and a joker, because I have a eight one, thousand, nine hundred and eighty one cadillac. That's my big toy and it's a rolling Joker Museum. I have a collection of toys in their Pez dispensers, limit edition comics, limit edition artworks piece that my friend made. So my car now is my excuse to buy joker toyes. That's right, awesome. I still have to see I still haven't seen it yet because it's always getting well, not service, but it's getting upgraded. Well, yeah, did upgraded upgraded? It's getting yeah, cooling system. It's important that the car doesn't overheat in the upcoming months, just like it's important and there was Hvac in the far point anywhere. You know the thing about far points like that place was like part toy store, part toy museum. You could just go there and your childhood would come crashing back down on you. It was I I love going in there. I believe they've gotten the inventory from. It's a toy store. I think that's where they got most of their inventory from. Gosh, was they bought that out when that store went, which I which I miss it was a teeny tiny store, but man you would find some awesome buys in there. I remember seeing a father and son buying some some toy at far point recently and they were just like picking out, they were laboring over the Ninja Turtles Toy they were going to add to their collection that day. It was awesome and they did help us out. I work for a yet unmentioned agency and we do fundraisers, one of the which is a pinball fundraiser. We played pinball, we raise money and far point stepped up the first year we did that. gave us a nice big prize package to give to the KITTIES, none of which were kitties. It was all adults, the adults that are driving this thing, the Funko POPs. Come on, there are people making a whole career out of unboxing Funko POPs. I've ever watched those silly videos? Oh yeah, it's like I think the fun co POPs definitely bypass the beanie babies, like million miles away, like fun co POPs is where it's at. Like I never thought I would see anything as popular as beanie babies where, but wow, fun co POPs, they're here. To stay. What about Dunny Bunnies? Have you ever seen those Duney bunnies? No, I don't think I've seen an doney honey don't he bunnies are a limited edition mold of a bunny and then other artists, pop artists and rap artists and musicians and people decorate them based on their style or limited edition. So No. Wow, now you have a whole other thing to check out. Donnybuddy's done any bunnies? I'm so down for that, because about Donnie's has. They're coming all different sizes. They're huge in Europe and Japan and they're part of blind box toys, if you're into blind box toys. Yes, that is a very popular blind box toy series. I love blind boxes.

I love it. I love the elements of surprise and still their most valuable when they're still in that blind box. Oh yes, and yeah, I've never been one to leave toys in the box. Yeah, not to not too much. On this half. I do have to say big Kudos to my aunt, my aunt Barbara, forgetting my cousin John. My cousin John's obsessed with transformers and he has been ever since he came out, since he was a little kid. And Kudos for her because every time a new one would come out, she would buy two. One was for him to play with and one was to hold on to. And yes, he's had to sell a few of them, you know, we all have to sell a few to make a living, and you know. But he's kept like everything like in pristine condition in the boxes like he's kept. He's kept most of the ones that he's played with and everything like that as well. But he's kept. He's got like like an addict, like full of transformers, which it, which was a great idea. So it's like way to go aunt Barbara leaning him. I definitely have a box full of robots and I will take you back in time, not that this is a biography show. It wasn't time when I didn't have any kids and I had a house and I had my own room still, and in my room I had my own toy museum and then my twin museum I had and it was about the size. Big Screen TV, nice leather couch, had peev's playhouse set up. Oh Wow, all different levels in shadow boxes with all the sort of toys. So pee wee was on on there. I had a full size, a full size this play case filled with robots that was lit and neon and it had dark light. I had a mural of transfer Z and other transformer robots on the wall and I actually had a jumpsuit with patches on it and an embroidered du Maszinga Z on the back of it and I used to prance around in that and boy, I guess that was the height of my toy geekness. I think all that exists from that phase of my life, which is now decades ago, is one polaroid picture. Yeah, that's it. That's Oh, I do. I used to have the top of the jump Sup, but that's only but to fit. It's nice. I didn't want to ditch the you brewery below and trying to do I can't imagine. It's like I can't remember. I really have like like no costumes or anything from my childhood because, you know, all I had for Halloween were those plastic ones that you suffocated, which those were great back then. My mom was pretty cool to you about FAO shorts on. Oh Wow, in the middle of our little Hick town that we fucking lived in, at Christmas time, oh a Christmas time we lived at Hesta had hess department store in Allentown. Oh Wow, and that also Christmas wonderland. There were atomatons there that were from the eighteenth to nineteen century that you will never see unless they were met. There were museum quality robots all around, amazing things. And and let's talk about macy's down in New York. And how about down there? What was the store want to makers? They had a they had a they had a mono rail. They would install a Christmas Christmas Mona rail that you could go take to go see Santa Clause. They had a room. You could walk in. It was thirty by thirty and it was just robots and elves on roller coasters. Wow, and those are the good old days. Are and it really was the good old days. And it's so strange to think of how over the top it really was. And the thing that really structing that...

...turn where toys were on TV and tours were on commercials. Oh Yeah, and now you not. Once upon a time, Christmas time was the time, but then when cartoons came along and all those commercials, then it was like every day you were seeing these awesome toys that you had want this I need to have that. You know. It's like, oh my gosh. I think I missed the most is when catalogs came out, that you know, the Christmas catalogs with nothing but toys, like a thousand pages of toys. Oh Yeah, like, oh my gosh, what kid didn't go through that and circle I like everything. So I was telling you my father worked for a chain store called two guys and two guys. At the time was the Kmart. It was before Kmart, it was before places like. It was around the time of sears was coming, but it was a Christmas wonderland there and the lional trains would be set up, the toys would be just and that's how I was able to play so many fantastic toys, because my father would get a discount on them. So thank you, discount employee discounter. I wouldn't have played with after the toys because I know he just said, who the hell needs this at this and you know, the thing you that you would rag on your parents for would be in the in your your yard sale the next year. I don't write. It's like I want, I want to, want to need a for sale for that's her sale. Yesout for a Bot. I know that's cringing. Like I said, it's like I mostly grew up with like toys, r us and KB toys. Anybody remember that? Hey toys was fantastics. I loved it. I mean it's like I still have a couple things around here that I believe have kb toys, the little stick her on shore. Sure Marvel stole a lot of robots, because they have. There was one on Chestnut Street in Philly. So when I lived in center city Philly, every Christmas, the the month after Januine February, they would be blowing toys out of there. Oh yeah, that they had overstocked, especially the little end scale trains. At one time I had a whole end scale train layout going. So I would always shop there. Just now, street in Philly was great at Christmas. There was record stores, there were places you could go and buy little gifts for people and not get robbed, and Kav was one of them. Great prices. That's the other thing. That's the irony. It's like, hey, you see this toy in the cabinet that you want to buy from your childhood as a Kaby. Price stick on it. Oh, it's three hundred and ninety nine how much is it? Oh, it's a hundred and seventy five. Yes, yes, my Gosh, there are so many things, like if I knew back then to save things and keep things. Actually, my Star Wars, Oh my God. I come from a generation we blew up our toys and shot them with guns. Melted Element. Yes, absolutely, what happened to half Frey? Barbie never survived, and know they never did. Know that. We grew up in the sticks. That's what we did, you know, we got fireworks than move blue shit or stuff. We blue stuff up, blue stuff up. That's that was our childhood, and wish wait bloody shit outs, though. I, like kids, sit in that toy story movie where him all day long, I know, as if I would have, you know, known that it's like, I know I probably would have hung on to I had. I believe I had most of the rainbow bright set, like. I really love that show. I actually still have the sleeping bag which I fit into, which is amazing because it's a child sleeping bag. It's still in decent quality to like it hasn't faded...

...or anywhere. Aren't all these people who dress up like those characters and they're into that? They go to conventions, rainbow break conventions, I'm pretty sure there's yeah, and my little Brownie Convention. Yeah, yeah, I done that. I haven't done that either. It's like I'm curious. I'm like, I hear about them, but I guess maybe I don't fit the qualifications to get in. But you know, yeah, I had some my little ponies. If I could go back, I would keep I had like the little baby, my little ponies. It's like I love those ones. I was like I would have kept those. It's like I thought I did, but probably melted them as well, since you gotta furb here to ever kill a Tamagotchi. Yes, betimes, I have, multiple times. I have a whole droarful of for full of them. I'll take a picture of them. I actually still I have the Sabrina, the teenage which one Salem? It's like that one's for that one's in condition. I think he's worth like sixty. I have some sucker. Yep, I have babe piggin city. That was that was worth a little bit addition to specially. Yeah, well, you could kill license characters instead of just some random creature. I mean, for Salem, he definitely went through his nine lives, but that's my my pokemon go, which I don't even know. I don't even know what that is, but at least they don't die in that. I know right. Those are what you just while we're rather like capture homer. That's my profit, free of the POKEMON for the POKEMON. Dude. They're bringing back that, like Pokemon snap or whatever it was, or bringing it for the Nintendo switch. I just got got like word on that today. I was like, exactly, it's like a much more it. What's really weird is like today's like toys and everything. Like I've always been a Nintendo freak. So it's like started out with the rate regular Nintendo. I never had Super Nintendo, though. That was the only one that I didn't have. But downstairs we have the regular Nintendo, the Gamecube, I have the DS. Regular Nintendo was the first. Super Mario, the first one. Well, they haven't even marry. Broke even played on the Nintendo switch and I was like okay, I'm liking the Third World or whatever. I'm like, I'm going to do that trick where you get unlimited lives, which you can do that on a switch, but if you get too many of them it'll say game over. I'm like really, no, infinitely infinite, like no, Lot, you having forsaken that? Yeah, yeah, no, I'm almost three hundred hours deep. So, yeah, like I said, it's like toys. It's like I'm still playing with them. I'm I don't like everyone, hours deep into my other podcast. I do with that Guy John. I know you're like, wow, it's so funny. He when you get him on a roll. You know my buddy Johnny special needs, and who the fuck isn't in my humble opinion? But this we did all show yesterday based on his record collection, and this was basically a guy of the yard sale was the end of the day. John was a young kid, I think he was twelve or thirteen, and the guy's yard sale was over and this guy was throwing all these albums away. Basically had you've done with them? I couldn't sell of the art sale. And he's like, I'm at these are done and John's I can I have those? And the guys like sure, what? Sure, I don't give a shit, and he gave him the John and his mother was like, you know, are you? You know? She had to verify the fact. So and then the rest is history. So, so here's the deal. John's got this. Most of the rap records are stinkers. They will you could go look him up and the Wikipedi will say that it's basically the band's worst album. That's is one of the reason the guy was getting in his oim of this stuff. Nice, it was the band's worst album, but what also turns out was, hey, it's the band's worst album, but yeah, because it wasn't the worst. I'm the only sold tenzo copies and now you have one of them yet right. And then in this box of assorted shit which he has is Nick Jagger's first album in the main condition. He's got albums from Australia...

...which were only issued in Australia, so they're not even been seen over here. I go on Ebay. Look, there's only three of them and they want sixty five a piece for him. John. Yes, yes, you can get so lucky. So that's you know, she's are made. That's how cool. That's how you do this, guys. Take my shit, get it out of here. I don't want exactly. It's like you never know until you go through it. Now, if you ever come across eat your Eddie Yard Sale. You know, just bundle it up, take those records without even seeing them, because who knows, you may have an Andy Warhol cover in there. Those one of the bigges Zipper in it, oh my wreck the album. Yep, those are the big ones, but like given one better than that. My mother used to work at one of the record pressing places, so she has some first editions and some some things that weren't even like released. So it's like there's the whole collection there. But speaking of records, I'm this is why I wrote things now. He came prepared with a list today. What let's toys. Let's do it that. We've better get back on the sub time. Back to toys. But since we're bringing up records and everything, one of my favorite toys when I was a kid was my care bears record player, which I still own, and actually the needle on that thing is still better than anything that's bad today it. I mean, I get it out right now and it's going to be crystal share right for so clear. I mean it's fading and everything. I'm thinking about trying to restore it to its you know, original colors and everything, but that thing is still jamming like. I mean, what else would I listen to? It? Red Foss, you got to wash your ass on. I'm like get others. Yes, my care bears record player. I kid you not. So now that you said that, it went back into the great matter. I remember. I know I remember having you gonna give me toy memories. I remember having a view master television that you could put a slide, you could slide the Strip of view master images down into it. I read the record and as the record played, it would make the slide pop up to change the scene on the record player. That is one thing. I still have probably two hundred view master real sets and the probably half a dozen view master revilers. That was like the original virtual reality, a reality. Yes, that was the yeah, I'm in the Amazon. What there's Mickey Mouth? Huh? Yeah, I made a point of getting the Weird Hanna Barbara Cartoon sets. So I have all the bad cartoons series sets. So as bad as like the Flash Gordon Cartoon is, the view Master version is just as bad. It happens. That's are awesome, you know. So what else is on your list to dredge up toy memories? I think we've gotten through most of that. But yeah, I mean had one thing on your left well, was that's supposted now it is it really any pick up brother and neck care bears record player. That was it. There's were much childhood toys, you know, growing up in the S, all we had was imagination and a stick and fireworks, for some odd reason, fireworks. Right, everybody had fun. We did have fiers. We had like quarter sticks, the dynamite M S. that's right, the good stuff, the good right. I remember her playing hookie and we were near the school and I thought I would throw one and the lighter wouldn't work and we were like yeah, maybe it's not a good idea. And then this a police drop by. So it's like, thank you God, I got a fireworks. Whoever you are exactly, it's like you saved us. The nasally flesh, I think, the God of lighters, you're probably the goddle or not worth I'm gonna go with the Gobble Light. Hating the day... got a lighters. I get me out of that jam. I know, right. It's like yes, somebody childhood toys, like I remember like the Sippy Cups that came out that had like the Pink Panther and everything like that in a little straws. It's like this seems were awesome. Like I still I have the Pink Panther on DVD and that was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. It's like I just love that. Even my mom loves it, and I was like it's great, and a lot of people these days likes being of, you know, cart cartoons and toys from cartoons. The old cartoons are on Boomerang, so it's like parents are getting that for their kids to watch. Actually it's for them to watch, but really, I know it was like here we go, you know, the old classics and everything, and it's like wow, and now there's some of them are coming back, like looney tunes is coming back, but they're not giving elmer fun a God. Now I'm more fund is a hunter, like, if anybody was to chime in on that one, I don't know, like one's kind more really. You know, I'm a hunter too, and I go to the thrift store and I hunt down bargains. Yeah, Oh my God, I'm just catching your food out there still, folks, I think between I don't know, like mom are here's the other part of it, although they had you Collo Oh, they took away over foods gone. Yeah, they got like fifty billion dollars worth of advertising out of it, and now their time worn old cartoon characters are seeing a resurgence and popularity. Ha Ha, ha ha. And you're worried about they're good the gun being taken away instead of all getting manipulated into even giving a fuck about it. Okay, I just chimed in on it. That's very nice. Like got like all y'all guys with the Dukes of Hazard car and the confederate flag, and I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to move on. And I get it. And you can still watch the Dukes of Hazard in the Cup privacy if your own home, but you don't need to take to facebook to defend it. Believe me, Amazon loves you for doing that. Thank you for keeping another time worn classic in the mix. It's could have gone away on its own. I could have, but you guys make a point. Yeah, give US pretty advertising. Sales are through the roof. They are. Sales of Classic Warner Brother cartoons are through the roof. When asked, Oh, I just wanted that classic gun version. It's going to be a collector's item some day. Now, the guns, maybe. Now. How else is he going to hunt the Webbit? You know how else? Okay, so when? Yeah, that's gonna hum like do tickle. Yeah, right, that would be great. I always, I always play those. You know, there was a time when there was way worse stuff and Warner Brothers cartoons than Elmer Fudd and his gun, believe me, ha ha. Now, I know they were paid and it was World War II, but it lasted a long, long time. And if you watch the Elma fudd cartoon, well, he's a Canadian oil mounty. They cut the end of that for a specific reason. So if you want to go check that out. I'm not going to even bring it up. But sometimes it's sometimes you have to sometimes you have to let go something. Sometimes, I mean, I'm going to keep this. America's cool, you think, keep your collection those things and you can have them. And what I love the fact that this stuff now you know who those people are. You know who the people are. WE'RE gonna go to Defense of Elber Fun. If you don't like something, don't watch it. Don't want watch Lore's the channel's like that's the history of the world. I mean all these eight billion channels out there, you know,...

...other shows, and they're just kind of narrow it down. But yeah, I'm like, I'm just going to keep my classics in my head and the stuff doesn't go away, folks, it won't go away. Right and are right now. It's not going away. I'm fun will always have his gun and it'll always have now now the new one doesn't. It's the new one. Yeah, it's the new one. Don't, don't bother yourself with it, but don't make it your social cause. And why Mort Shit. I know one franchise I love is transformers. They have like kept that true even through like the newer version of the cartoon and everything, like sure, it's like they've kept it great, like the transformers are great bad guy. I love shoot megatron, megatronumber from the first, first episode. First Day we watched these, I we again a sack this planet dry. We're like, yeah, but the best is the JAP animation. They don't give a shit, man, that blow. People who wait always have. That's like the best part. That's great, you know, and you know it's like we got guys in the a team. That the you know, the open of the convertible world over ten times, but still the guys alive. You know, plane crash in the mountain side, but he got out at the last moment. Not In Japan. Maybe you dead. He's dead. They blow up everything. We were toys. Exactly what do you what did you destroy? I know I just destroyed DII Joe's and yeah, we would go buy a little bag of plastic gardenment just to just to there were a trillion of them in the world. It didn't matter. If I was to be a villain in these days, maybe I would go around and I would destroy toys and comic books. There only ten of these in the world has now there's only nine and I all go up and value. The collector was here. What would be the anti collector? They hit the be the collector, the Anti destroyer of childhood dreams. Coush your toys. It's like you want that no childhood herby names and the Furby. Oh yeah, he knows that. The box and the kicking them, like I'm scared the shit out of your three. Yeah, I am Satan. And then he's like the subject of some ghostbusters show. I know exactly like Shitch did. She did you smell. That as what it is like. I love like like creating movies and everything like that. If you finally childhood toy or something, or something creepy as hell. Yeah, a movie out of it. Yes, I have a girl to life is horrible. Toys at all the movies, all the dolls come and kill you. Yeah, that's your look with stummies. Forget about it. I know what to freak out your guess and make them go home. And they've been there too long. Throw some Ventri look with stubbies in their room. How did those getting there? What? Well, that's been to look with stummies. What one dim chili and I you go in the room and Fain. Let you're shocked. Where did these come from? Like, Oh my God, bring them with you and while we're leaving, have like a recording. That's like go and he keeps playing. Oh, that was all. That was a great toy, especially when you found out that you put regular cassettes in there, you know, and you just jam along the deep purple. Yes, little mouth would wear out because he couldn't keep up with Ritchie blackmore's licks. Those were like the beast falls off, and it's right, you know, two timing three am Teddy Ruxman's jaw falls off and he's singing ausy that dad. But then finally, when you when you realize that and you're on a couch, then you know that's the last session. They're like well, I think you're cured, but all goes back to three am teddy Russian's jaw falling off while he was seeing black Sabbath. You really it's to me now, doc. Like I said, those were...

...the days, these are the got our toys do it. Yes, yeah, I have a toy my my for my father and it was actually it was like the safe version of a cap gun and you would cut out strips of newspaper and loaded in the gun and through compression it would pop through the newspaper and make the noise and it wasn't nearly as fun as actual fucking caps. Of course the smell was the best. But here's the here's the toy. I want you to go out and make folks you. I don't think he can do it anymore. When I was young, not even even even in for a long time in Philadelphia they were magic stores. There were magic shops and they were stocked, they were jam packed. A had many high explosives in them, flash powdered, flash paper, different colors, different sizes, different grades, and so we could go buy flash powder and flash paper and we would use that in our in our puppet shows, in our street performances, because it would attract people. So one thing we would do is you could take a steel ball bearing about one inch around and you take or bole of caps and you wrap the beer the ball parry and the roll of cats, take a little piece of taping, you tap it down there. So I had this nice little cap ball. Okay, then you take that cap bone, you roll it in a piece of the flash paper and then you take that last paper and you Conda make a Little Cup there and you poured a flash powder down in there right, and then you make a nice little ball out of it and you tape it shut and you throw that sucker down on the ground and it blows up. It's the Ninja thing you see in the movies, and we used to be able to just make them and we would make come and we would use them at these at these shows. Well, the reason you use a one inch or bigger ball bearing is cause otherwise the ball bearing just pissically shoots often random. Miss like a bullet. You'll shoot your I am it's my buddy found out because he shot it through the front of guy's restaurant. Ha, Ha, you tried to run some what what was I tell you to do? Make those, don't don't make those. I take that all back. I'm over here taking notes on Holl of. Do you there's no bower to get the stuff anymore? Anyway, you gotta tell all kinds of paperwork. Now you can just get that stuff. I know it's like cap guns were the best. I love the smell of them. I love the smell. Getting a little bit too close. We send your finger a little bit. You know, that was the best part. I thought the best part was just taking the caps and your thumbnail and just igniting them with your I'm not so. Just rip your thumbnail cause I'm going to go pop. I don't think I was over that brief. I mean I did do the pop rocks, the coke, im that urban legend. Pop rocks are considered as toys, but they're going back in there, you know. Yeah, pop rocks, coke. Nothing ever happened. It was great, you know. So my friend was like, Oh, you bought Funko POPs, did you? You know, because I bought a couple comic books too. But I said to him, no, you got me all wrong, laddy, because he's like, Oh, you got the bug. It's going to happen again. And I said first of all that the two comic books I bought were issues four and five of the five series run, of which a soul that exists. So that's already done. I'm done with that. That's exactly I said. In the two Funko pops I got are from a limited edition of five, so in a perfect world I only have to get three more. So it's not at the top of the list, that's for sure. I'm doing more. The last toy I bought was a lawnmower, and that thing rocks. Adult Toys. You're doing it right, you're doing it. Yes, let's see what else. What other...

...thing he did we buy? I think we're in the market. Oh, the new Blue Yatti and boom, yes, come on, and the pop filter and all that. That's going to up my game. And and now the thing about that is, since it's Omni Direction, we can go out, we can record music if we want to. Exactly you can and we're back here. Oh my God, we're back here in the beauty and the beast studios. So this is what it was opening up. What a great change of pace. And then we're sitting, you know, in a white room, talking to myself. Was that here? Was Everywhere. That's really like bathroom. That's where I do that most. That's what that Necho it was the flushing. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, and if you remember that one, say you see people come out of the toilet in there, you know the obviously they've been on their toilet texting, and it's like why wouldn't? You know? Don't borrow their phone. They're worried about it. All these surfaces. They know they're walking around with his phone and it's probably dripping with with their germs and other germs and any PC's powder. I don't know if you do. That's another toy we're going to get like a late that UV light that kills everything in the known planet. Make a suit out of it. You know exactly, you know, but I do regret any any time we go into the bathroom and then I don't have my phone and I'm like really, or it's even toys in the bathroom. Like people that rubber ducks in there. Right, we have a every toy room, every toy. I have a couple of like those old tin like matchbox cars, like I've got the race crispyes one, that one's up in display in the bathroom. It's right. Let's put the crispies in the shitter. Let's put there. That's just where they go. That's that's really get a Pettina exactly of a guy who says, Oh, I love the Pettina. How did you like? Oh, yeah, you know, we don't want to talk about that. Like gives extra for the PETTINA. Gagg somebody helped me move the desk into the bathroom. Here. It's a Pettina step up the process. I think the table here in the corner might fit in there perfect. That would be I know a guy who actually has stuff in this Lillian Vernon catalog. I've ever seen one of those? No, a Lillian Vernon catalog is an incredible collection of Shit you don't need, but they'll put your name on it for you, and he does. He has a product called BIB Kins, which is basically the little the little chain the Dennis uses to make a bib wood, a nappy. He sells those can you can put your name on them. But he also was the guy who invented this little toilet miniature golf course. You can sit on the toilet and it was a little little Green Matt with the Cup in the hole, a little mini club that was cut down, a little flag, two holes, so you could play two holes while you were making a number two. But very nice. I definitely want one of those. That would be great. I think, yeah, when I think learning Catalog Lily Invernie. I've got to check that out. That'll be like the post covid nineteen purchases right, games for the John Games. They could probably be a whole a whole genre movies of girls sitting on the toilet playing miniature golf. There we go, we're coming after you. That's a niche market. It's like right now, somebody's had a gone. I'd watch that exactly. It's like move over, Oh street, Mini Golf, yeah, get ready, oh, those guys, we're out. Everybody's down. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, Mini Golf. It's like I... it. I believe when I was younger there was a toy that was a miniature golf course. I had a miniature golf course was advertised by Lucille Ball and a little guy stood in the middle. It was called Pivot Golf. You could turn him around and you could push a plunger and he would hit the ball down into various miniature golf holes. Yes, definitely had one of those. Also had a game, I think was Hasbro or similar was and Don Adams get smart. We would play pool. I don't know if you remember a little miniature pool table and you had a basically a little launcher where you would slam it down into the cue ball. I remember that. Do you remember? Is means thing. Let me see. Well, we had slot cars that they were fantastic. Yes, we just keep adding track, adding track, adding track, and these things were going on all over the all over the living room, under the couch around. Oh, yes, yes, they were the best. They were those one's too, and that what was the cars that you can pull back and they would go shooting off. Well, add some clothes, Johnny lightning track, which was a big oval and was a plunger with a little launch ramp and when the car would come up, you plunge it around the tracker. Yeah, sometimes they fly through the air, take out your brother's eye. Those if you, if you tried hard enough. Yeah, the next version will be toys that gave us injuries, that lays that give us injuries. So which there's many. Choking Hazard. Wow, yeah, choking hazardwise, if you ever go to the mudter museum in Philadelphia, there's a one exhibit which is all the stuff that one doctor pulled out of people's stomach. That was just specialty. Wow, wow, he hasn't in tight. It was like a chest of drawers about six foot tall, and I don't mean drawers, I mean those little drawers, literally like an entire like first pescimens and one's full of hooks or one's full of little miniature shoes from dog. Oh my gods, wall think oaks. Oh, okay, okay, slow, any damn thing. Wow, of a little filter in their throat, like until they're three at least know, but they understand? I don't know. I've got a couple three year old cats and let me just say Miss Archer the other day we have these little balls that they love to play with and half a ball was missing and then she has the other half in her mouth and she's chewing it like bubble gum. Well, like, get that, I'm not picking a ball out of your ass when it passes through. Sounds like we have to worry about that. And then lucky with a little toys. There, a little toy mouse like nothing, my even, my, damn, that's have joy. Yes, it's got, damn it. They've like for toy boxes down there, for toy boxes, toy boxes. I got one like container. I like. That's it. They're like, so spoil I do. I throw the stuff away because it gets kind of gross. Sometimes, yes, yes, when they destroy things, and yeah, it could become a choking hazard. Right, we're there. They're like cooping feathers or something. Exactly what happened? Made a bird. Now I that stupid toy Aa me. It was the lastest best thing. If not, we're on the subject, a dog cat toys. Be careful when you go to the cheap chain stores and buying those toys, because they're often filled with nasty stuff, just anything they can find. The stuff them and and surprise, Findo. Opened that up on Your Sofa and there's you know, her world industry are wasteing it, but hey, it only costs you a buck. Oh, exactly. Plain and the best part is too, is it's like Hey, I bought ten rug squares for you to work out on. I got some cardboard over here, some PA, some cat toys. Here's this thing. It's a motorized thing. It just goes around and around, around. You can... it around and around. Here's a little trap of the ball and it Oh, you still want to claw myself far apart? Okay, I understand completely. I'll just go over here chaste the little ball around. Another thing my hat toys to a lot of times they prefer playing with my hair ties, zip dies and paper bags and play exact Taser gun. Hey, mommy, what's this? Yes, two days later they're like, I'm hungry. When the fuck you gonna beat this? What would happen? I know lucky would come over to me and be like smack me on the head, you know, like you wake some was late. They had an offswitch, like a toy that can mere kitty come here. Yeah, they like no, you're not touching it. Switch, I you're not turn me off. The last time was a week's like, no way, that's like seven months in cat time, oh my God. Or would people came with him be like. Switch me off if you like. Where is everyone? I don't remember anyone like. Well, it's thirty years later. They finally switched you back on. The put you in the closet and fucking forgot. Come on, how do my battery still work? That'd be a new toy. It's new to be a good tity. Be The neuralizer thing and the men in black. There we go. Hey, I've never seen this movie before. You've actually seen it twelve times, because, wow, I love this movie. What's it called? It's called Star Wars. I've never seen it. That'd be fuck that. We wouldn't be like Roundhog Day, it would be worse, oh Lord, because every day be like, what's going on? I don't remember with that sounding me through the whole quarrant. All Right, okay, is money? Is it aptimes? Do we eat now? Like, what's going all the time? Yeah, we are. It's tiny eat again. Oh really, what time is it? Tiny eat, it's hungry shit. Yeah, it's two thousand and twenty. He's the invention, the Avenger of the Tower of animal crossing. Three hundred and one hours later, it was the best and the worst, you know, and that's the thing about toys now is like it doesn't even exist. It's like, okay, the the switchy thing exists, and maybe the little cartridge that went in there, but all the other shit is just winery coat exactly, and that. Oh, and I did it, I did it, I did it, I did I spent money on a name game purchase. I will my only one ever and and and it was because I wanted to give myself a birthday present and I first I had the twenty bucks. Now, but I learned my lesson. I like my friend who has an entire wall of Funko pops at this point, like really, you're buying more of that those that you haven't. Well, the varying a Z twenty nine point seven special edition from the convention. That didn't happen this year and they only made Fivezero of them. I had to be lucky. Number One, hundred and thirty seven right, oh my God, exactly. I don't think I'll ever stop buying toys like I think that's just a part of me. How can you stop buying toys? I love them like I just do. I have a small collection of Funko pops, which is mostly the Captain America. I think I have all the captain American ones that are out? I don't. I'm pretty sure those ones have stopped. I want to say, you know, winter soldier, I'm only missing one agent Carter pop and then that would complete that. After...

...that, have you already putting them in the cases? They're still in their boxes because, let's face the funkal pop as a toy, it's you know, what would you do? Like, ha ha ha. Yeah, okay. Some of them I have had out because all Kay, some of US nerds like in the whole Captain America cosplay Group and Agent Carter cosplay group. Sometimes you take them out, put them on our shield and everything, take a little pictures and good little scenes with the one thing about Fanco pops and put them in the get it and out of the box without exactly like the best they only brought I have is locally. They some reason put the price, this giant price sticker right on the front of like, aren't you guys in the collectibles business? I'm like, Oh, you're making my not men mint. So yeahs are mess that. I was like no, thank you, like I know, man, I missed conventions and everything. There was one toy con that I would go to and that's where I got, I think, my agent Carter and my winter soldier pop. I bought both of them and it was only a total of ten dollars. I was like, this is awesome, this is some I'm like, I really definitely missed toy shows, but I know once far point toys gets open, they're hoping to open for Labor Day and they're hoping, hopefully, to have the vendors. They're like, it's a toy story. You should do like a whole vendor show one day right here and everything, and they didn't get to do it this year. So they're looking into doing that and making, you know, whole event out of it with the grand reopening and everything. The last Sept I was there part of it. Yeah, only makeup was there. South Jersey Jason was there, the whole crew. Then you guys made that commercial. That commercial was so much fun. I mean I watched it the other day and asked Mike. I actually cried because I was like I miss everybody. I like I did everybody and nobody misses me. So I think it would hit that hard to home. But that's I remember. I remember that day, that that last big vendor event there that those iconic cars were there, the a team, then the duke's of Hazard car, and I just pulled my eight you want, gaddy right up next to him, and as many people as took their selfies with those cars took them with mine, and so I'm looking forward to driving around again in that joker mobile. That would be awesome. The Guy. Finally, when I see the museum, well, I'm going to museum on wheels. US should sell tickets or something. She's just gonna set up in the parking lot. Yeah, trying to figure out what we can build in a trunk and stuff. For sure that would be awesome. Yeah, and but I've been thinking of cosplay, that maybe I would go with an upscale penguin instead of joking, because joker's just gotten so extreme in yeah, even just saying his name anymore, and this last round of movie. You know, that takes away from me and I'm not much of a Caesar Romero joker. Okay, was goofy. I was like I like it. Yes, it's I don't maybe it would be a little overdone, but you know, other than that, yes, I pull a penguin card pool. What the heck does might do? I can't remember what he does. The riddler, Uh Huh. Not many people do the riddler right, you know. So we did that and I actually made him like this cane that he carried around and it was green and it had purple lights on it. I called it the pimp cane. It's like, go get your Purple Pimp Cane. Let's that's right, which was great because, like when we did a lot of stuff that was, you know, after dark and everything, that's one thing that we can see, you know. So...

...we're all, I need a far point again, with our pimp canes and our cosplay and our toys. Our toys, bring the toys, cars, I mean I'm looking forward to it. Yes, using our children, yea, bring the kids. Get them addicted. If you can, the plastic bags to put your comics, and if you get your children hooked on toys, collectibles, comics, cosplay, they will never have money for drugs. Yeah, start them earli starting not on drugs, on toys. If you have kids, you should get them on drugs right away because you can sell those things for a lot. Tell kids on drugs for no, not the kids on drugs. Yeah, grant, but anyway. Now the drugs that they take. It's like, whoo, yeah, little Johnny's on riddling since he was three ill. He's never actually taken one, but they paid for his college situation. We're we acted up that way when we were kids and it was like to the back of the head, you're fine. Now you're finding these days. Little John He's mood altering drugs are ten dollars a piece. Never altered his mood even once. What is good altered when we sound to college because of all the profits we made from his opioids. That's how you do it, my friend. That's how you did and we hit him in this. Toys. Yeah, that's what toys are good for. You know, growing up, did you ever have any of those like toy peak ebangs, like the ones that hit either like pop the plug re you had to smash hoop the plug, pop like I had this one that was plastic. I'm like, God the Hell do you even get the money out the you like Sol the plastic thing, and ampt well taking it. Sure high level thief melted out. My my opinion on that is you get to butter knives, you hold it upside down and then you put the two butter knives into the slot and then the money rolls out because it has a place to go into. That's how we happed. Be Patient, but you can shake it out of there, the last coin and never have it, and that that don't done break up in the plastic piggy bag. How did he get the money out? It's right, like hey, we're not fucking butter knives, right. It's like we're so my lute. There's nothing in here any no lute in my piggy yeah, you can get the dollars out that way to let me tell you. You can take the dollar, if it's in there free floating around that fold it up. You can take that like amash it down for that slot. Baby, find dollar. I need that dollar for drugs. Dad Thought I'd never be able to get my money out of this thing. Ha Ha, ha ha. This is a great show. You don't try any of the stuff at home, kids. I've been doing. Any tips today? Ninja fireballs, how to get your rob your busy bag? Oh my gosh, yeah, and we go like the fireball like we're speaking of, like fireworks and things like that. Earlier. You know about those little those popers that used to get in just like Oh yeah, and each other's like mollion crystals or something. I used to love those because I used to take the box and dump them behind all four tires of my dad's truck, so in the morning when he backed up there'd be this loud pop and he would think that, oh, you're really tired. Oh boy. Well, yeah, when you don't, the whole bottle would all four tires. Yeah, those things. Now I go to the dance and throw those down and you see people like running for the eggs. It's thinking cover. Yeah, but we found like the heavy duty ones. We found him in South Carolina last year. Like, if you throw one of those it sounds like a damn gun shot. Like every mile there's a gigantic fireworks place... a tent. What I did was when I booked our hotel down there and we were literally right next door to a fireworks whereouts. Yeah, and every night I pray there would be a fire there to see all the fireworks go off. Are you pray for fire? Well, I we not free from pray to the lighter God. Remember the really either make it happen or not. I mean that would have been awesome. But we like right there. So we came back when a far poises the lightning guy, like, dude, please, no lightning. Now, every time the lightning goes to you're gonna get all Hanky, like. All right, who pissed off for? You know, every time? I yeah, four years after the hurricane, and every time the wind started a blow at a certain rate in the clouds are at a certain angle. Wait, wait, we a little, do we? Did we have a thor in our commercial, because if we didn't, we like totally screwed a homage to thor. I don't think we had a star. I don't think. But yeah, it's like any anyway. It's like if you want to check out four point toys online, it's four point toyscom. They're on facebook, instagram, it's like they're on go fund me. Like I said, they hit their funderies and goal already and they're still collecting like every little dollar accounts. Check out their barter town every Sunday between three and five PM. They have some amazing toys. They have comics. They're also great place if you're looking for like something unique or something hard to find, like sometimes it's like they'll have it and other times they might be able to guide you in the direction of what vendor or what store. I actually has it, and even a little for silly part, for your action figure. Yes, the third gun that came with it or the second little tiny knife. Yeah, they probably have it. They yeah, if you were going to smack in the head with nostalgia, just go in there, because it's a it's a blast from the past. Yes, and new stuff too. Yes, it's a museum where you can buy things. Yeah, that's what I love about it. Yeah, yeah, I said, they have comics and toys and video games and ponies. And actually, when we were shooting another part of the commercial, I was there and they had my little pony on for our little wonder woman to watch and whatever, but she wasn't into it and I was just standing there and then I got like hypnotized by it. It's like right, you just lost Captain Carter to my little ponies. You know, I like a fut bad childhood, you know. Right. So, yes, it's like check them out. It's like they have a whole bunch of stuff while on Ebay right now and they're doing, you know, local pick up and every thing. Don't whatever. They can, on their end, get things up and running. So, Yep. Any other toys that we want to talk about? Did we forget anything? I don't know. There's this twickle to watch. What does it say? I long we've been gathering about nothing. We're getting there. Were you know, we're getting there. A few more men there. Yeah, I don't want to rip anybody off. The batteries are included. Well, I don't know what kind of toys you're using, but my batteries are always including. Oh hello. You know, there was many a many a birthday, many a Christmas Day was destroyed because dad didn't get the right yes, I got the season, I needed the d's and then I gotta put out my fucking shoes and fight some shit batteries on the snowy day and there's nothing open because it's Christmas. Now. Everything is like rechargeable, you know. Yeah, you just eat get in exactly. Everything is also a surveillance device. That's why make it easy. That is true. That reportting every times you played with it, touched it. That's what I thought those furbies first were. You know, they had a little thing in there forehead. Exactly. He's thinking me again, and you had to stick your finger in his mouth to feed it. It, who's your life energy, exactly, and...

...then he put two of them together and they got smarter and they did stupid Shit together that they wouldn't do otherwise. I'm neat toys like that, but we all know they're actually possessed by seeing, you know, so we leave it at that, we leave them in the box. We leave my personal opinion on that is there only possessed by Satan during the hour of the wolf, which is the first hour before daylight. So that's when you got to watch a shit when they're sticking a knife in your head and stuff because you jumbled home drunk and you smash. They're they're there. They're a little knife. That's the one, a little knife that you had to go to buy. Exactly. Lost my little knife, so I'm going to use my other one in your high and they make you, you know, they're human sacrifice, like you didn't choose them. They choose you. They shoo, they don't. They don't sacrifice you, they infect you and you become a giant toy thing. Yeah, whenever, I think that was in a movie once, remember the little devil dogs every yet yeah, that she became the devil doll at the end. That's what it is. You become raggedy, Ann after raggedy and snubs you. Yes, yes, Oh, a great childhood memories. Well, we there are some really evil toy movies. Those puppet master movies are pretty evil. Those those I had no idea that they had made so many of those. I know I was like I was getting them from Mike when one Christmas or whatever, and then I was in Camar one time and they had the pack. I think there's like twelve like drive master movies. Of Right, what like pup my boss? Twelve, still puppety, the mind show, I like. It's amazing. It's like I watch out to be and there's this series. I haven't have not watched a but there's like a series of evil bomb movies made by Dom John, evil bomb, and then there and then I saw this other weird little series of American Werewolf and then I saw American war, war versus evil bomb. So and I can't get shit made, but these guys have twelve evil bomb movies under their belts. Well, I guess that wraps things up for today. Wrapping it up like a toy wrapping it up like a toy. Don't forget the batteries. I'm beauty on the beast. Check to seven with it. WWW dot eating in the best showcom.

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