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Episode 13 · 1 year ago

Episode 13 - Movies


Episode 13 - Movies

Welcome to the 13th episode of Beauty and the Beast Movies - learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we discuss our favorite and non-favorite movies!

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Coming to an his life from Leek Tie,I'm beauty ad, I'm the beast hello and welcome to another episode of beauty inthe beast. Today's episode is number thirteen and we are talking aboutmovies movies. We love movies, we hate movies. We can't wait to see so sitback and relax, and here we go wi'll start off with beast and his moviestake it away beast, and here we are in the office, it'sonly seven thirty in the morning, it's crazy that the recording is going andwe started plus we've got our new commitment, Jamvan Tour Radio Show and we gotto keep that going to okay, it's EIGT ten. So here we gofolks and other quarantine edition of beauty and the beast where we arerecording in separate studios miles apart and through the modern day marble ofthe technology at our disposal, beauty edits to stuff together andmakes a show out of it and usually, if you've listend to ourshow before you know, we pick a theme and we discuss it. But generallyspeaking, we discuss e face to face and we haven't done that for a few weeks.So ifs, Tha you're, a fan of beauty in the B showwe promise you as soon as the stay at home rules, aren' lifted or otherwise we'll get back to that because there's nothing like beautyesinfectious laugh, even though we don't want to get infectious withanything these days, of course, Haha, and anybody out there who was justrealizing that you could make a covid nineteen Piroty song out of my Sheronajust go, you know just go shoot yourself because it's been done todeath and we're already sick of it. So anyway, SOM parodies do live Dr Demento lives on, etc, Etca and there's plenty of people out. Therewant to be the next weird Al Yankevik and I haven't checked his net worthlately, but not such a bad thing for a guy who started out just playing in acordion and singing goofi songs, and you know copyright infringing. Iknow it's that fine line between copyright infringement in parody, butanyway, today's theme of Window. The theme Madusor, is movies movies. Ind,all their forms Ti was just told to talk about movies and Yuny. Had some ideas about remakesversus the originals and the cartoon versions versus live action versions, and I don't know like always, I justgoing to throw it out there, because what do I care? What do I care ifweeven talk about movies because I hate these shows are so biographical? I needto talk more about the general nature of things and, for example, calling the movieotline right now by Hem up and let's see, what's playing in thetheaters. Oh that's right, there's nothing playing in the theaters and youthink when we go back to the theaters that, like the seats, are going to besix feet apart or something we gotta sit every other row. What arewe going? Nto Do there and you know who's really suffering through this.It's not Hollywood! Folks! It's the people who make that stuff that theyput on a popcorn that they say is butter, but whatever it is, those arethe guys- and you know our local theaters werejust finally getting up to speed an a...

...lot of old rundown shore, communitytheaters that are now I'm axis with bars, and not only can you put that stuff on yourpopcorn, you can then put eight different flavorings of seasonings onit wow, so you can get some extra caloriesright there without even lifting a finger. The guywill just shake it righton a papcorn for you, and that is one of the best things about going to. Themovies is all that overprice jump food that he can buythere now, I'm very spoiled very, veryspoiled because I'm very old- and so I can remember things that don'thappen today like when I was a kid, I could go to amatinee at the local mall and watch movies all day for like two bucks andthat included soda an unlimited popcorn. Now, no, you can't do that. TWO BUCKSWAT! Can you even get at the theater now for two bucks, nothing Abo a bottle of water, I think isprobably five yeah. You know, that's why I don't go to sporting events. AiCan't even get a bottle of water for Lut than ten bucks, and anyway I used to go to this theater and waiton mall what a wonderful place it was, and I saw many many awesome shows thereare many awesome movies, because back in the day- and you know, if you take ashot ever time- I say that it just shows you how old I am back in the day. You could just sit inthe theater and watch movie over and over and over. If you want Ted, youwanted to watch the movie because you liked it so much or you missed thefirst ten minutes or whatever didn't matter. You didn't have to get out, and you know apparently people weren'tsuch slobs back then either because I rarely remember having to wait throughthe junk and debris on my way out of a theater that I do these days. I thinkpeople just throwing everything on the floor. Whether they bought it there ornot, ther women are might be emptying their purses for all. I know that maniccrap, that is in the Imax after the the closing credits- and I want to shout out to I'm- ask forruining every movie. I've ever seen there, because you're not allowed tojust watch the end of the movie and listento the closing music. There always has to be the themovie is over and please exit to the right, and just you know, I just paid twenty bucks tosee the last star wars movie, and I want to hear te SOM and I sorry it's not necessarily because I'm a starWars Geek. I just want to hear that song and I don't want to hear youtelling me how to get out of theater. I know how to get out of the theater first of all, I've been there to before, and the egants haven't moved and secondof all, I've been to savage before and you know pretty much a same deal. So Idon't really need that. That message and part of that messageis that you're thanking me- and you know, if you want to thank me- don'tplay that stupid message and drew in the end of the movie. So I say probably the three funniestmovies I've seen and I've seen a lot of funny movies and currently I'm on this silent movie Kep watching everything I can find in eway on Youtube and every now and then the stuff choems up on a TCM, toueorclassic movies, which I have been watching a lot of a lot of greatcomedies, of course, but I think three of the funniest ones, the ones thatmake me laugh over and over our cadty shack and national lampoons animalhouse. And then I would say third, would bemony python. Toally grayl they're not listed in any order, but these movies do still crack me out,and I do like molbrook movies he's got a lot of good ones, a lot of good gutlaughs and big fan of spaceballs, because I'm abig Fan of Star Wars. A plus, I saw all those movies in the theater which wedon't know, Hend we're going to be able to do that again made them funnier, probably because Ilaughter is so infectious, but we can't go to the movies. Now, because again wemight Gat, infect Ted, so sometimes Keita enjoying a group comedyis that everyone around you is also laughing right. Just like stand up comed, so muchfunnier when everyone is laughing...

...and, of course, drinking. That's right.A lot of the success of a standup comedian. Is this weird formula of whattime you're set you going on whith your number in the line up and you dividethat by the level of Drunkin, is in the crowd and at the point that your ownlevel of annewbration has to be cluded and spirit just very complex and that all equals laughter or lack oflaughter. But when you're in a theater laughinglauns everyone, you know, that's part of it. That's a blast and if you've ever seen a movie in adrive in watching in comedy it's really funny to because you can your outfurstof laughter but like they're across a field. You know it's like that's awhole different thing. Ani' talk more about drivings because you know.Basically I grew up on at one. I remember seeing blazing saddles in thedrivein and when the fort scene, around the campfire, came on the entire place,just erupted and laughter and people were honing, your horns and flashingtheir lights. It wasn't rig. Oh Oh, don't know if you've never seenblazing saddles, I'm sorry! I spoiled it telling you about the fortzeene and spoiler alert, there's also a scenewhere a guy named Mongo punches out a horse and apparently no horses wereharmed in the filming of blazing satls and apparently kno animals are harmedin any films these days, because they're all CGI what wild we ever dowithout computer graphic generated images. You know so many great movies depend on special effects and that it's one thing: You'll notice, I'm watching these old movies and it'slike written by produced by directed by anthe story starring that was, it then has hat. And then his movies wentalong. It was like hair done by costumes, Byk oreography by so theopening cretits got a little longer. You know now, at the end of a movie, it's like twenty minutes of credits and the third inturn to the secondgaffer assistant to the best boy in Australia gets a credit, and I watch those things. I've watchedthem and I read the names out loud, so anyone still in the theater maybethinks I know that person. Oh, there is vary Smith. Twenty eighth best boy assistant to Mr Star Second Assistantto the assistant he's in the credits, got a wait. Ten minutes after themovies over to see it flashby, which is really funny because on TVthey're, so pressed for time that they they can compress a movie so that it'sa couple minutes shorter and you don't even notice that or they can stretch amovie. But you know the Gengo stretchin movie by putting more commercial breaksin it, which is so aggravating if you're ever watching a movie on TVD.You know, there's only ten minutes left put teres still twenty commercialbreaks in your future. That's one of the things about watchinga movie on television, but if you've ever seen a movie in adrive in it's a totally different, totally different experience, it's a lot more fun. A Dlike I said I grew up in wone. It was one close enough to my ass. I couldjust walk there and they would let us in for a buck and we can bring oursleep ing bags and they had a playground area with benches in frontof the movie screen and we woule basically camp out. There we'd sit onthose benches. They had a speaker. There had a speaker for when theparents were swinging, their kids and if he could swin high enough, you lyou know, could imagine that you would get your feet up there and block thelight, but we never did that, and that was it was a great place. Itwas called Shank Wil, as well still as it's actually still there, and if Iwere you, I would invest in drive in movie theaters, because with all thissocial distancing and it's going to become a drive throughworld world of people just driving aroundtheir cars and picking up their food and going home and sheltering in placeall the time and they will go to the movies they'llgo out to the movie theater...

...and they can just cap their car andnobody as to touch each other. They can pick up their food if the drive throughon the way in and Park and watch a movie and go home and never interactwith anyone else, an God forbid. You have to go to the bathroom. Maybe that's the next big thing: IUcars with bathrooms built into them, so people don't even have to get out ofthem. I guess they would have those the called R vs- and I recently you know- that's part ofthat's- is part of going to the theater going to the movies going to a concert.Is Social not distancing, sitting right next to a completestranger and watching the avengers movie andbonding? Somehow, even though you don't know each other- and I recently saw cady shack was lastsummer and it was in a beer garden at thisplace called the Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall in Beautiful Atlantic City. Thiswas, of course, preplague social distancing and I guess I' just sayingthat as a disclaimer, but we were drinking and Hootin and Hollerin andpeople were reciting lines from the movies and just having a gay old time, especially the old gay people, and by the way thatmovie was shown at the Tennessee Avenue Beram, where Ialso had the pleasure of seeing clerks with Brian O hollering. I know that's not his name, but he was in the crowd. He really isactually a local IICON here at the Jersey shore and within a week ofmeeting him at the Beerhall, I saw his picture on the wall and Evel UFentertainment in the Hamilton Mall, and then he was in a commercial for farpoint toys and collectibles in Ma's landing. So I really didn't want totalk about Brian, so much as mention all those places. What were they?tenssy avenue beer home the level of entertainment, the Hamilton Mall andfar appoint toys incollectibles. So when the new normal allows us to be inthose places, youall remember the beast, showed you some love during the covidnineteen baby and another thing about cadyshach atthe beer hall, it was being projected onto a big screen, and you know niceand big there and there's a scene that awesome new scene with Syndy, Morganand Wour tits were like nine feet wide and people e just walking down a streetnext to the place must have been like hello. That was great really great, so it seems like right now, everybody'smaking their own movies. If you can call it that everybody's life,facebooking and interesting stuff happening was stuff coming right out.That was going to be in the theater and going directly to streaming going directly to DVD. I guess- and I don't really keep up with thesethings, because there are so many movies, let's face it. If you go and Yget a thing, a racoustic, a fire, stick, you connectto some of these channels tome Pluto what are some of the others you can just spend. You cust spend yourWole night just going through the movies to decide what to watch. Youcould spend a good twenty thirty minutes, looking at every selection andwondering even how the hell, some of those things got made, there's just so many movies and same thing. There'sa there's. A APP website called crunchy roll where they show Japanese cartoonsand anime series, and you could watch different episode every hour of everyday for the rest of your life and you would hardly make a dent in the PLESARAor Plathora of of selections available. It's justimpossible and it's daunting to you kno like let me watch one of these thingseverybody's into and then you're like wow there's three hundred sifty fivehours. I have to invest in my life and that's just to learn the the basic storyline. That's not thenext threethousand hours I have to spend watching all the characters growup and have kids, and then their kids have kids, but it really is really is amazing tosee the different view of life and different the different things that theyinvestigat in Japanese movies and other farm movies. What are the themes thatrun in those movies and they're a lot...

...deeper than t e stuff tha we see overhere in the states or that we package and push out the morals on the lessons learned in those foreign filmsare way more complex than some of the messages and morals and stories we are told over here. I thinkthere was a final fantasy video game which wasn't even released in theUnited States, because they just felt that the audience over here wasn'tintelligent enough to actually be able to figure out what was going on andthere was no way to sort of Hobe it or make it work. Otherwise, so theyskipped it. I'm not a big video being fan anymore.That's mostly because I worked in a video game industry for so long andused to go to those e three things and wow totally totally played my share ofthe video games, but cancertainly understand theyre a lure and they arepretty excited. You might get me an a Supermarryi was like a smashrothersituation every now then, but I'm ar a pinball go these days and lucky. For me, that's pretty popular too is there's aresurgents in pinball. In fact, on the west coast, it's gigantic. There arewarehouss full of beautiful, anti and modern day machines. Working just beautiful, but not you know notwith the COVID. We're GOINNA have to wait a while to play pinbog a sagi hat.An I'm gonna have to play this machine, but you got to play that one like downhere. Sorry, so that's Gona, everything's being impacted of course.So if you got room for a pinball machinein your house, give me a call, Wyeu can become friends and then afterthe quarantine is lifted, we can do some pinball and h. You know one of the things Ireally like is that flippers. If you play Flippers, where somebody's on thelebtside machine, some 's on e right, that's pretty fun and I'm pretty lucky,because I work for an agency and every year now for the past two years, andhopefully we can do it this year for our third annual invall tournament, wehave a little pit more tournament to raise money for the company. I work for so we're goingto do this like weare, fortunae whe. You can't really mention the actualplace. Let's just say it's an agency s mission is to help people withdisabilities and there are a lot of them unfortunate or fortunately,however, you look at it. I just know that work. We're doing isgood and I can play potball to raige money for it. So there you go and otherthings too, like have golf tournament, Gavyoua events with the Gane galaevents. So, while we're on the subject upmovies, I'm sure we have to talk about forn. No, we don't. Okay. Thank you. I didn't want to go down that road. Ifigure. I can leave that open for this blush queen. She probably has heropinions, her favorites and her porn. U playlist is I mean yoursearch is traigt forget about it. I don't know. I really don't know about that stuff.I've never infected a computer or received an email from anyone sayingthey call me masturbating to childcorn and I need to send themtwo hundred bit coin whatever that is so. No that's not me. I used to get it the old fashioned waywhich playboy magazine Ha bar it in the Cornfield, so no one could find it.That's right. That's all it used to take was a beautiful irbrush set up knockersin a gatefold in the middle of a men's magazine. That's all used to take folks. Actually there was a that whole Benny PA each thing. Well, you knowthat's a that's his porno as I want to talk about here on Bauty in the beast,maybe we'll just save porn for subject of another show, because I'd like to talk face to face withbeauty about that. That's for sure, I'm sure she has her opinions and because she has her opinions abouteverything else. As so, do I and so do you, young man, and so do you, younglady, so you just sit right down there.

So movies movies, an one of the things I was not suckedinto recently as been subscribing to any new moviechannels, and I think cansel my netflix subscription, so I can kno longerNetflix and chill I wrotecustick and chill now and some people fire stick. This isbecause we fired our cable company about a year ago and it hasn't been toobad, but based on the new move and the area welive in, we're going to have to go back and bout it out to the evil empire toget any kind of decent access to the Internet. I can use a mobile hospot of my Phumb,but it's like yeah wow. It's like having a flash. I connecting you to the Internet versus aspotlight. It's just dreadful. It's good for theOCCASIONA set off an email, but you want to watch a movie with a mobile hotspot on you fom. Sometimes it can be a drag not like the old days back in the day when you had the dialup and you're Hurd to singing that we remember that folk. Do you rememberthat the old days the chatrooms yeah dry, watching a movie then you're, likeI'm Gointo, watch a movie in then two days lager like it's still downloading,okay, Wel, we'll watch it this weekend. Well, I hope so because I got popcorn, so I can certainly recommend that the problem these days is you can skipmost movies at the theater, because we totally forget abl, especially the nonstop churning out a superheroflix that are a bunch of guys in a room in agreen screen and everything else is again CGI not to take anything awayfrom those guys and the fantasic things that they invent. But when I go to theImax Ike Il tell you what what I saw Jurassic Park for the first time. I was like more dinosaurs, less story,please. I certainly could have just watched dinosaurs for an hour. I neverhad to have a moral or you know a hero, never needed one. I think I said that as soon as I soundlike why not more dinosaurs, less people talking please and that's what I find about these newsuperhair movies, they're, just totally forgettable. You just wait for the nextone, O W Wai for part nine, and I never had to buy into that anymore.The only reason I wikte to see the styr wars Flix was cause. I needed someclosure. You know I started with a new hope andafter that I had to ride it out with the rest of them and have a lot ofhappy memories and yeah. I'm a Star War Fan and I bitof a Geek- and let me see you know I'm just normal when it comesto star wars like I never cost played at of Plaeta at a fund Razer as LandoCowerisy, and I never did that except maybe one time I did that, and I don't really collect anythingfrom the movie except all stuff that I got. I mean I don't do it anymore, that really emen like give people gifts of StarWars, because I know they're fans to. I don't do any of those things onlyoccasionally. Yes, I do have a Dars Bater, Pezdispenser and a giant action figure like three foot tall andyou push a button on his chest and it talks to its so awesome and you cantake its fist off and replace it with a hand out of the light favor in it. OhMan, but that's just you know, that's just a thing, I'm not too into that. Ifyou take that away- and I wouldn't be- I wouldn't be too upset- I wouldn't beupset to op that so yeah I might, I might be bigger fan of that movie than any othermovie and and why not? Why not? If there'syou're, going to invest your fandom geiktitude into something? Why not there's so many things you canlike and not like about that series of films? They changed the way that films were made, that's for sure, and they also pave away for Disney to scrow it all like it's going toprobably screw up everything, but then,...

...but then again, people have got greatthings to say about the things Disney's doing with StarWars. On their Disney Channel but I'll never know, because I won't pay to seethat stuff forget about it. I recommend everybody whowas on lockdownor shutting their house not to Subscribe Tho anything don't take anythirty day free trials because you'll forget about them and then you're goingto have a eight hundred cable Bel. He won't beable to buy food, so food is more important than thatsLix. This is just my opinion, not the opinion of the management and certainlynot the opinion of the next plix. So my time is through I've talked aboutmovies or didn't. I was going to talk more about that driving, but you knowwhat maybe we'll see each other with the new drive, ing and there's plenty of rundown onesright now that could be easily renovated and reopen just in time forthe second way, all right so have you loved what you'veheard so far from beasts? Well now it's my turn. Here we go withbeauties favorite movies. Well, I, like the first start off bysay. You know it was a great four twenty and what movie gets me into thatis grandma's boy. Now Grandma's boy has been around forquite some time, but I didn't discover it until maybe you know a handful ofyears ago, like I thought that movie was brilliant, it was funny and everyway it had. You know video games and you know obviously pot smoking. Youknow it was great. I mean there's this great party scene in there and DorisRoberts playing grandma. That was just classy. She is just hysterical and in this movie grandma's boy it justmakes me laugh from start. To finish I mean there's, you know, of course it's one of those farse comedies. So youknow everything you know for materbation the drugist the video gameslike it's all there. I think it's the funniest thing in the world. Even mymom loves that movie now my my cousin's fiace. On the other hand, she hatesthat movie. So what dill I do whenever I go over there, we start quoting themovie, and I said that's just one movie that I canwatch over and over again I don't know about any of you in quarantine, butactually we would love to hear what what are your favorite movies? Whatmovies do you? Like? The Watch? All the time I mean, I think I saw that movielike seven times already, since we've been quarantine and it makes me laughevery single time as I just love. I just wish the video game that they madein their demonic. I wish it was real video game because that looked like socool you know it's like blown up stuff, riping people in half. You know it'slike who wouldn't like that, but anyway, it's like that is tha.Definitely one of my favorite movies, I'm giving the giving you these moviesand there ar no way shape or form and any kind of order. They're, just myloves and, like I said we would love to hear from you and hear which movies youlove like. I said it's like. I saw that movie. I guess. Maybe a few years back, I was sick orsomething- and I was just flipping through Netflixor whatever and thet, I'm sure if it was on Netflix at the time, but as like,I pulled it off and I was like where the hell has this movie been on my life.I said it's hysterical like I said if you like, you know the drug references,masturbation references like I mean there's this one part where this dudewas like second titdy for like like twelve hours or something like it wasinsane. So it's like that is. I definitely recommend watching thatmovie other than that any other movies that I can watch likeall the time like since Ron. You know kilike comedy and things like that, onethat is very rarely looked upon and it's very hard to find. It's callednoises off now had a terrific cast ad John Ritter was in there carol. Burnettwas in there Michael Cain, Christopher Reeve Rese. Like I'm sorry, I'm still,I I have a little bit of the allergies going on, but noises off had such afantastic cast and it was hysterical again from start to finish. I love itbecause it was actually a play like if I ever get the chance to see the play,I would love to see it. It didn't hegly haggerty in there from and were playinglike. Oh my God, like the cast Wuld like just blow your mind, Nicoletteshared and she does like such an amazing job like everybody did anamazing job in that movie, and it always it cracked me up, because it's about like this theater productionand they're they're, going on tour and...

...everything and they don't even havetheir act together. Like nobody knows or lines like one person's, you know eye contact is always you know fallingout. There's there's booze like they tried not to let this one characterdrink and it's just like hysterical like they're going like all at it,except for this one point where they're doing one show and they just end uplike backstage and they're like allready, to kill each other. You knowit's like this one sleeping with that, one that one sleeping with this one youknow theythey make each other man and everything mad and jealous, and thatturns out it's like somebody is pregnant and it's like whoa what sonoisis off. I would definitely recommend again if I could see the play it probably blow my mind. I was alreadytold if I was to ever Bein a production, I would be great playing the role ofpoppy, which is druly haggardy's part, which I would love to do some day. Thatis definitely on my bucket list of characters to play and shows that Iwant to be in so it's noises off. The playas actually called nothing on. So,if you haven't heard of these, I definitely suggest you checking themout at least reading the script or the play of nothing on and then seeing themovie noises off again, it's a little bit hard to find. But if you likecomedies, like I said, you can't beat the cast with Carl Burnette and MichaelKane, Christopher Reeves, and you know John Ritter, it's like hello, like likebig time, even Murry. Loo Henner, like Oh, my God, from taxi she was in this.She was like phenomenal like it s again, it's one of those movies that I canwatch like a billion times over. Like I said sticking with the comedies,let's see, let's go on over to it's melt, BrooksMilt Brooks. I grew up on millbrooks movies. I remember seeing blazingsaddles like I was probably what three four maybe even younger at the time,and one of my favorite scenes is whenthey're all sitting around the campfire and they're eating beans and thefarting and everything. Of course I would like the FART scene. You knoweverybody's lifting up a cheek and it's like so my dad was like well ahead of histime, so he ended up taking a cassette tape and recording that scene and we used to go a lot of times to thelemoth furnace. That's where you can go tubing and fishing and everything, but usually it's like a lot of toping. Sowe were around this one corner and we had our. You Know Picnic Aria set upand everything and my dad's like okay, there's some dupers coming around thecorner. You know I'm going to hit the tape and then you know well take turnsyou know, lift it up like it's really ULS farting. Well again, it's like, Ithink I was probably about four years old at the time and I decided to joinin and I lift up at the right part and there's this tuber coming around thecorner and he sees me lift up and here's the and he thinks its me and he laugh an soeread. He falls out of his inner tube. You know it's like a lot of peoplewould say at melt. Brooks movies are like totally offensive or whatever Idon't know at any of those people by the way. So, if you're offended by anyof miltbrook stuff, you could kiss my ass because that man is hysterical. Hewas like way before his time. Everybody left to his stuff back in the S.they're still laughing today nobody's offended. So it's like for those peoplewho are offended. You have no sense of humor. So if you're, one of my friendsget the hill out, like I said it's like I grow up onplazing saddles. I mean what kid wouldn't like that. You know what kid doesn't like. You know, movieset in Western Times Yeah. You know people eating being sitting around campfires fording. Of course I didn't know what half of it meant until I was older,but it was just. It was just a funny movie. It was like I said it's Great Childhoodmemories and thank you mom and dad for not having any rules of what I couldand could not watch so yeah. That is definitely one of mytops. It definitely oh my gosh. What was her name aboutMadelin con? If I could act with anybody, it would definitely be herlike if she was still alive today. I would love to man something with herbecause she was just amazing. Like I mean think about it, though it's likemiltbrooks always had fantastic cast Ho. Couldn't o you od beat that he'dlike Rork, Maranis and space balls, and I'm just you know, naming people offthe top of my head right now, like I know the characters and everything butlike even his cast were so great, like they made all of his movies liketotally come alive. Like I said it's like, I love blazing saddles. I wasjust thinking about another simpleton part. It was right right where theyeregoing into town- and you know the bad guys were coming in and doesn't isn'tthere, like all told booth out in the middle of the desert and rise on up andsays hey, he looks at the told boos its... man. Somebody's got to go back andget a shitload of dimes and it's like, and I'm thinking I'm like really I'mlike they couldn't just ride around it. It's like it's the desert, like dudedude, it's like just go around just go. I mean that was like a child's logic.You know, I don't think they were all there in their head, but that it waslike it was insane, but it was brilliant. The same time I mean whoelse would put a toll booth out in the middle of a desert mm that would be malbrook's right there. I said he always makes me laugh. I Havn't gotten toomuch into his animated to series before I do. I definitely have to check thatout. I really wish that he would keep making movies because, like I said,every one of his movies makes me crack up. It's like I'm, not just saying thateither it's. Those are just few good movies. Youknow like spaceballs, it makes fun of you know, Star Wars like it, you don'thave to be a star Wars Fan to get that movie either. If you just like thatslaps the comedy it's like go for it, it's like how many assholes we got onthis thing. Go you know it's like it was. It was great. It's like fromArin. This is like I'm surrounded by assholes like these are probably theworst impressions ever but, like I said it's like spaceballs and everythinglike mines that you can remember, and Oh my gosh they have you know this. Onepart where they're you know looking for the princess and everything and they'resupposed to be outcombing the desert and they actually have large giantcombs and I'm like fat is freaking brilliant. That is hysterical, sothey're come in the desert and everything- and you know it's like notto get on like th this- it's racist, but it's not, but it's funny like whenthey gave the black guy t the black guys the pick for the desert scene,like Oh, my God that was like just hystherical. I mean that's just me.It's like I, like I said every little piece like people would be like sooffended. Like probably half the people they saw, you know Melbroks, there'sall these people that just get so easily offended, I'm like we watch amillbrooks movie and shut the hell up like yes, baseball was great that'W's,another favorite one of mine, I believe at the time I remember we had it forone of my birthdays and it was still out in theaters. My Dad knew somebodythat worked over. I believe it was that tolhen sixteen back in the day and wewere able to get like a whole bunch of boot like copies of things, which isawesome. It's like Oh there's, movie, yeah, Oh no, showing right my livingroom, awesome! Sou's, like best, you know best parentsever for getting me that for my birthday, so yes baceball, Oh God, Ican watch that like forever and a day, any moltborks movies, any I'm going toyou know, keep on going with the melbrooks theme at the moment. What other ones young Frankinssein!That's a classic right there. If you like frank and sign you like comedy,you got a movie, it's like Bam. You know it's like I'm not going to read.You know everything about it, but yeah young Frankins line was just histheraaland yeah. You know it's like I had oh, what washis name. He went to play man. I am having the biggest brain for the dude that played Willy Wanka. Whatwas his name yeah? Let me think for a minute. Yes, so young Frankin sign again, ifyou love Frankin sign and you love comedy, that is the movie for you. Iwould watch that like over and over and over again speaking of Frankin sign. There's this one movie called FrankinWeany is by Tim Burton I'm getting off the the milpbrooks cake for just the moment,but Frankin weeny was actually a black and white movie. I don't know ifanybody owns nightmare before Christmas. I knowthere was a special DVD out or a blue ray that had the original black andwhite film before Frankin Weeny was a cartoon whatl cartoon animation, Ishould say, or was that claimation? I can't remember the exact specifics,but frank and Weni is like amazing. Iactually do like a lot of artwork towards, like Tim Burton, I do a lot ofthe Frankin weeny art and that sells pretty pretty Darne good because it'sone of those hard to find things, but if you've seen it it's great like notonly is a great animation like the storys great. You know it's like whowouldn't want a dog bougt back to life.

You know we're not talking bet cemiteryhere, you know it's like sparky was the dog's name. You know which is clever ashell. You know it had a lot of aspects of Tim, Burton's movies, like wrappedup in that one, like kind of like, if you took like Edward Scissor, hands alittle bit, that's kind of what yeah what was his name, O Yeah Yeahi'm, aloss, for wit, like I said, everything we're talkingabout movies, which are my favorite things in the world and sometimes I geta little crossed, but he ha Victor Frankinstyn Fran is not anhet victor frakinsid who owns sparky. It's like kind ofremind me, a little bit of Edward Sus, your hands just a little bit. You knowo know whether it was like with the sunken eyes or whatever, but it's likethat is definitely a good movie again. That is another hard movie to find,like I'm, pretty pretty clear that you know, I have a really cool collectiongoing on. You know it's like Tim Burton like another one nightmare beforeChristmas. I can watch that any time of year. I can watch that now I watch it amillion times I was like I love it, like anything, Tim Burton actually, Sweeni tot is one of my favoriteTimburton movies. Like that movie Aif, you love the stage musical. It's likeyou will love the movie. I said again, it's like all starcast Austin, withJohnny Depp and Helena Bonam Carter, those two they just work like fantastictogether. Whenever Tim Burton gets them together to do characters. They do notdisappoint. I know there's a few people. I think there is something in the newsabout Johnny Depp and I had one of my friends. They were like yeah. I used tobe a really really big fan about Johnny Depp, but like something in the news,like totally changed her and she's. Like I just had the you know, I had to sell all my DVDs and stuff. It's like.I just you know, can't really you know support whatever he's doing and which Ihave no idea. What he's doing, because I try to stay out of that part of youknow, actors, lives and stuff. They should have their own lives like, butwhen it comes to movies and everything it's like clicking on another point,another good movie. Actually it is a Johnny Depp movie called Cry Baby,which is a musical. My got that boy can sing, I mean, is there anything that hecan't do you know it's like Parto? He sings he like yeah yeah, it's like another great movie, rightthere on pirates of the Caribbean. That was the original. I could watch amillion times, I'm not too into the sequels or anything, but the first onein my books is definitely a classic, but yeas. It's like a little bit more.You know on cry. Babies like I've watched that a billion times growing up.It's got these classic cars and, of course you know they've got you know the like twodifferent gangs fighting and everything, although I don't think you'd call likethe the rich white boys like a gang. I don't know what that would be. You knowthe crackers in the hood, but no it's like that. One is like even themusic. The music is great again when I was younger. It's like, I didn'tunderstand, hhalf of that movie, but it's like I loved. You know that it wasin the what s or s. So I love the clothing. I love the cars, thehairstyles hair syles. I hat go on and on likeforever. In a day, it's like I'm still, you know, I really like Roicki Lake isan actor it's like she's, one of my favorites and in that movie cry baby.You know that just got me hooked on her, like even more but yeah. It's like crybaby, the music's, great music, costumes hairstyles. It's like one ofthose great! You know fel good movies. Well, actually I woul know if it wouldmake you feel good, but it definitely makes me feel good again. It's like wewant to hear you know what what movies do you, like? You know? Are there anyactors? ACTORSES, you don't like or theire movies that you don't like. Youknow, Itas like let's hear some of Thom, you know contact us at beauty in thebeast, sixty nine at gmailcom! Wait, that's beauty in the bee show sixtynine at gmailcom, oh good, Lord! I'm even forgetting our email address, likewh no heading back to Um, WITC, mccallit, yeah, wanc, O Bo Alli, that'sa great one. I they actually that's a great candy bar. I mean if we'retalking about movies and everything like what are your favorite concessions,you know, are you popmorn a hall like a Chocolat Holly, you know. Do you likeice cream with your movies? You know go to the movies now and days. It's likethere's, pressels, there's nojose, you know you hat dogs, you get like allthese things. That's one thing I miss one thing I'm definitely doing afterthe quarntine is going to the movies. I loved it. At one point my fiancemight work at the movie theater, so we would always get in for free to seeeverything. So we would see like a... like eight million times, buteven when he didn't work there. It's like we still. If there's somethingthat like hooked, us, we would be back and we would see it over and over again,like one movie that we saw ten times or more in the theater was the greatestshowman like that movie. I think is veryunderrated. Now it has nothing to do with the real PT Barnum. It is a movie.It's there for entertainment, a lot of the stuff. Some of the names were realin it, but other than that, like certainevents and everything we're not because PK Bartam, we know he wasn't, he wasn'tgood with his people. He wasn't good with his animals, you know it's likethey kept all that part out of there. They turned it into like a musicalsensation. You know you got Wolverine, you know playin the head Dude, you know which you know if you're a fan of youknow comic movies and things like that. Yeah, that's me, but you know, is yougot a huge Jackman? You know just singing his brains out, which is, Ibelieve that was what he was meant to do. He was meant to just be more thanjust on screen. It's like he's he's a amazing singer like when he startssayging. It's like my eyes just like light up. So it's like. Yes, we did endup, seeing that you know ten times at the movie. Theater and like the musicis great. The casting is amazing and one of the songs. I do believe thatthey had in there was called this is me, and now that's not the on I'm thinkingof I'm. Thinking of I can't remember. Oh my gosh wow, like I said it's like I've, been alonelike too long well, actually, not alone too Lon that doesn't sound right. No,it doesn't. No. I believe I was right. It was thisis me I believe that was written. That was like one of those quick rightsthat they ended up just throwing into the movie and then Bam. It just startedwinning words like one after another. You know it's like it was amazing, sosometimes it's like you do have to just take that chance. But what I like aboutthat movie is, is that you know sometimes it does take a million dreamsfor something to come. True, and if you really want something in life, there'sgoing to be hurdles and there's going to be things that hurt. But if you havesome someone, just one person to stand by your side and get through everything,you can make anything happen and that's what I take away from that movie, likeyou know, don't give up. It's like things are going to be shitty until youmake it, and also sometimes you have to fake it to make it. If you have to tell someone, if youhave to bullshit and say you know, Yeah Blah Blah Blah, I am the best or youknow whatever and frankly, when I got more into Cassplay, I'm justgoin Ta, I'm going to skip on the cost play for just a second. But when I first started you know as acast plier and everything I didn't have that many shoes under my belt and I'veseen like a lot of panels and everything. That's where people comeout and they introduce themselves and they'll talk about. Subject like youknow, Cassblay for everyone or something like that or how the costplay build. Things like that, and I wrote that in my letter to quite a fewpeople that I that I've done panels before, but I have it, but I figuredit's just getting up there and talking about your craft, you know and you havea QNA session, so it's like that actually worked out because them morecons were hiring me they're like Oh, do you do well, not really hiring me, butthey were allowing me to be a guest there and letting me speak there. Soit's like, I would get you know almost every comicon that I would go to. Iwould have a panel yea, which is amazing, so it's like I did have tofake it. To make it so sometimes like little wlate lies are good. You know,don't tell somebody that you've got like a million dollars in the bank andyou could head up. You know it's like if they put up the million you'll putup the million, which you don't have yeah. Don't do that, but anyway, it'slike back to the greatest show men, the costumes there were spectacular. Ican't remember what year that took place, but an of course Zacka fron. If I was like a million years younger Y,a I'm just saying but know everybody wasfantastic in that movie. That's one movie that I can watch like forever enda day that it doesn't disappoint me. Actually I still cry at the end. Idon't know why it's one of those field, good movies- that's just like it justhits you right there, but that could just be me, but it's like the greatestshowman. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. I know my friend Denniswho's in Rehobeth beach with his boyfriend right now, Eric I've knoonthose two like it feels like forever in...

...a day. Actually it does. I think wecelebrated our decade well, Eric had never seen the movie t an IT. Of courseit's not playing on Netflix or anything like that, and it's like. I had my dvdof it, and you know some of those come with digital copies, which I like neveruse or download. So I'm like well. Why don't? I just set this up and see ifit'll work and Theyam they you know Eric was able to see it and it's likehe loved it. So, yes, it's like Oh check it out.It's like if you love musicals, it's like. I definitely recommend that onebut jumping back onto the young Frankin Tin and the name that I couldn't rememberthat would be wow. I lost tit already again well Gean Wylder, now that he washystherical like in everything that he played it's like, he was oven.emblazing saddles. I mean I love how you know Meld Rooks took you, know thesame people and use them throughout like differentfilms and everything, not every. Not all of them. You know went over toanother one of his films, but a lot of them did so you'd see like the samefaces. You know like like jam. Wylder was one of them. I know Madelin. Conwas one of them. It's like He. She played like so many amazingcharacters. Again, it's like if I could have ever done an acting scene with her.It's like yeah, that's my style, vacting and she's just been such aninspiration. Andso yes going back. Yes, I'm still onthe MELBROOKS. Kick don't get me wrong. It's like! I love the laugh. You know Ilove the comedy of it. SLAT tick comedy grew up on three stooges. The actualshow knock the movie. Now, if you want to talk ill talk a littlebit there, I don't really care for the threestooges movie at all, like I just I like them as they were. I liked alltheir movies, the real movies, not the one one or two that they made. I thinkone was probably enough, but that would probably be like one of my leastfavorite movies was the three stooges like having grown up on the actualblack and white three stooges. I always make a comment you know like like, Ifeel like I'm related to curly or whatever, because I could you knowimitate him a little bit with the Wi wopen Wo Women Wie Li, I'm witl offtoday, but it was my curli impression if you got that. I applaud you, but it's like. I love that and it'sweird because I talking with you, know people and everything and alsomentioned like three stooges and they're, like you like the three stages,and I was like yea why it's like and they're like, oh because you're girl,it's like well, what's that gotta do with anything I mean they had women intheir heck. They had Lucille Ball in the show, like hello, so anyway, yeah that one going from TVAto the movie that they made yeah know not really my cup of tea on that one.So it's like I kind of steer clear T. there's some things like that, it'slike I try to steer clear from like remakes are also not my thing. I don'treally think I've seen an actual remake of something that I liked, but es teycome with a couple dislikes here. The new nightmare on alm street movie thatcame out growing up with the original. Theoriginal was awesome. It's like I love that I don't know what the hellhappened with the remate there. It's like they trid to squish like littlepieces of almost every single one of them together and make a movie, and itwas just like no like I saw it and I was like I have togo like Murn my eyes out with bleach. I was like. I know: I've been Evvan, asked one of the conventions and met HeatherLiking camp. It was awesome. It's like 'v I've loved, seeing her accents anightmare at almstre, probably even Wai before then, and even during her justthe ten of us when she was in that show which te Kirkan mower he's an amazingcomedian. You know debror Harmon Lofjerson's, you know Bachelor partywhich I probably shouldn't have been able to see when I was a kid, but againparents with no limits and plus I had Tom Hang. So you know who like yeah, I was gonna say who doesn't like comhangs, but I know not. Everybody likes everybody but yeah. So it's like. I sawher to convention and you know it's like. We started talk and everything Iwas like. I just have to ask you this. I was like what did you think of a newof the new version of a nightmare in alm street and she was just like complete silence and I was like Iunderstand was like you, don't need to say a wordand, so we got talking withit and everything I was like yeah I...

...mean I, I don't know if it would havemade the movie any better, but if they had gotten Robert England to come backand begin it would it have made like a bigger difference or anything, and youknow I asked her and she's like well. He was he heard about that. They wereMak, doing the Romate and he would have jumped right back into that rule again. So I don't know you know, I guess theywanted all new fashes of faces fresh faces. You know it's like some people,you know swear by the movie, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Like I saidthis is just my opinion. If you love it, that's awesome because you probablylove it as much as I love the original. So it's like out of all that series. Iknow number one I loved number two, I didn't understand number three kind of came in also likenumber of one where they had you know: Heather Lingn camp come come back andplay Nancy, which I love that I hate the fact that she died. Spoiler alert.Sorry should have said that first, but a lot of this, a lot of this podcastand spoiler alerts, but yeah and then part five dreamchildwas just like one of my favorites and, of course it had brook testin therefrom just the ten of us who had their ligind camp also worked with at thetime which which, like I said, it's awesome. Seeing seeing these actors andanother thing when I saw other laying camp, I were talking a bit about theshow just in ten of us. I know this is movies, but I just have to jump in youknow say a little story sounds like Wev met, you know one of the conventionsand we were talking everything and hey asked her. I was like yeah. Do you knowwhen they're going to release just the ten of US ON DVD? I was like they justreleased rihster riches, which was anothertelevision show which was first a movie before became the television show, andI was like yeah. They just released that because I know when they did justthe ten of us towards the end. They readid some of the like Oldi songsand everything like the girl, the girls that were from just the ten of us. Youknow, form the singing group and they would perform. But you know it's likether were olv songs like back in the S, I believe like nothing later thanthat done like well. Maybe they just have to wait for copyrights to come outor whatever or wait till the copy ragts to expire, and that's why I was like.Oh, they have reksto riches now you know, and then I was like yeah it'slike do. You know when just the ten of us is going to get released and shesays she had. You know no idea, but she has. She had been asking about it. I was like, even if they you knowreleased, you know, maybe seasons, one through whatever it was up until he know the part where theywere doing the singing and using the music and everything- and you know she didn't know either-and I was you know talking about the show- and I was like I was like I wason this flord in the first episode that they did now. Just the ten of USactually came off of growing pains. They had a few episodes in there andthat's how that was like the beginning to just the ten of us and they moveinto this house in California, and was it California an it? Was Lubbick Texas,love now wait. Their last name was lovby.Okay, I'm getting hoies. I think they moved to California, R, whatever theymoved into a new house. Let's put that way B and she, you know everybody's. You knowlooking around the house and everything and it's kind of dusty and dirty andeverything and she comes up the stairs from the basement and and somebody Ester you know. So how wasit down there? She's, like it looks like something out of a nightmare, anOm street and I just like died, and I was like. Oh my gosh I was like thatwas too funny and, of course, when I lift at that, my parents realized thatI saw an itwere an alm street. Now again they weren't, really. You knowpeople that would yet you know, give me ratings on stuff or not. Let me watchthings. Of course. I would watch things with them, but, as my friend Andrew andis n the up to her brother's room and pretty much doller copy of a nightmareon Elm Street and decided to watch it for ourselves, they knew so I as like yeah when you laugh aboutthat joke. It's like yeah, they kind of know that you've watched that movie. Soagain, it's like love that you know I loved you know West Cravens, a new newnightmare. I kind of wish that they went on a little bit more. I mean Iwish they did like kind of a frequel like more and more I mean they tell thestory of how you know. Freddy Kruger Becomes Freddy Krueger, but yeah. You know it's like I just wish they would havedone like a prequel to that. But yes, hetly heading back yeah we're remailing.No, I don't think that's the correct terminology, it probably isn't, buthere we are back at Mil Brooks again. You know how my brain works right. It'slike O, look a squirrel here, Kitty Kitty, that's exactly how IRT works. Sohere we are...

Robin Hood Men and tights that movie wow just wow. They have like an all star cast in thattoo. I don't name a lot of well. I won't well yeah I'm having a brain fart,so naming people. Yes, I remember AmyAzback playing made Marian, which she was just funny that whole movie was funny. It was likea whole forest on Robin. You know they had. You know, Dave Chapell. I believe that was hisfirst movie. He is funny as hell in movies like his comedy, is like halfand half, but whenever he's in a movie and he's playing a character, he islike dead on. He is just hysterical. You know it's like Harry, always likeCarri. Always can play like a billion characters as well. I think, for thatmatter, anybody that Melt Brooks has ever had in his movies Complaya millioncharacters. I mean Bel Brooks it's like. He knows how to cast. He knows. Well,he I guess is his casting company or the companies that work forcasting. Idon't know you know it's like. Maybe they just a lot of them all just kneweach other from other things and that's how they all came together, but Robin Hoodman tights, like the timeperiod was, was the best was one of the best like Ilove like the renaissance period and everything and if you've been listening, it's like youknow that I love Rundathan fairs. I love working at them and this actuallypike my interest to go to a renaissance, fair to see what it was all about, butRobin Hood Man andtates. I can watch like day and day out, Megan Kavina,she's, she's, hystherical she's, justhysterical like everybody was hystherical in that movie, but yeah. If you like Robin Hood- andyou want some comedy, it's like go watch Robin Hood men, intights it'll,blow your mind again, it's a lot of that. You know geniusthings I mean theyven had Tracya woman in that movie like she, I love her comedy. I loved her showback in the s like that's where the Sinsens were started at and they werelike almost at South Park level back then because it was a late night show. So if you ever get a chance to it'slike go, you know, I don't know if there's anything on youtube like I'mlooking for DVDs for the for the Tracy almonchow myself, because they that wasa great sketch comedy show it's like I loved it, but yeah it's like back toRobin hoodmen tights againt, like the cast the characters. The settings likeeverything was like perfect. I wish they had had. Oh, what's his name an I'm doing it a gain, Patrick Stewart. I wish they had himmore in the movie. Like I love that he came in at the end,you know and yeah it's like. I just wish. He hadmore part. More of a part in there than just at the Little Iddi bitdy ending,you know it's like. Of course, you knows like letting his brother, JohnRin, the kingdom, which you know it wasn't so good, but they did like. Isaid if you love like comedies and stuff, like that, they were alwaysmessing with the Prince John's mole. He had on his face.It would be. You know his left cheek on his right, cheek, Gaus, niwwas downdown on his Chin and like it was like all over the place like you just lookfor it in the movie and like that's just like one of the things that I lovewhen Milt Brooks will do that with a character just like Bam. You know it'slike o e were an changes for the scene. Now Itas like thet, don't you know it'slike? Don't be you know whatever? It is, don't be on continuity? It's like justyou know, put it anywhere. You know what that didn't sound right. I just AI,put it anywhere splush. We had to get one of those in O. Yes, by the way that time period youknow like in the eighteen, hundreds and everything and eerixteen fifteen,whatever I'm losing my ears but boobs were just really good back. Then I gotta know what it was, but you knowthe costumes and everything and of course I like wove, watching like behind thescenes and amy as Backu played Ma may marianwas in this one inerview and she was you know telling them how great it wasto be on sed every day and she's like flat chested. So they had that, likeactual actually like give her boobs, so she would be like walking around allday like all proud and stuff, and then she'd go home like I'll flat chestedagain, which was like crazy, but they didn'tmake some Nice boobs. You have to admit that and then jumping on, like I said, I'mall over the place with these and silent movie was one of my otherfavorite melborks movies, again a...

...little bit harder to fine. I love howthey had the MOM Marceau Marceau in there and he's the only one that had aline, a physical spoken line in that movie. Like again it's like killer cast.You know melbrooks Tom del Wees, like wow. I like I'm, probably like namingpeople that, like aren't even alive anymore. You know it's like these arethe classic movies, like everybody should, just you know, dig a little bitdeeper. You know some of the comedies that they have out today. I'm like whatthe fuck, like really you know, ind like when you've seen Mel everysingle mellbrooks movie, and then you try to watch something of today andyou're like no like. No, it should be entertaining you know and another one of my favorite mallbrooksmovies. Probably my last Mall Brooks movie that I WILL MENTION WOULD BEDRACULA DEAD, loving in. If you love Dracula and you love comedies, this movie isfor you I mean it. Has It has Leslie MullsonIta, Amy Esbert came back making Caavina, we got oh, what was his name.He played in wings with amy as back. What's his name, I'm gonna all think of it, but anyway,yeah eah killer cast again killer cast. Youknow it's like Leslie Neilleson playing Gracula, I mean he looks line on this.One part was that Anthony Who's in the movie who's in another amazingcharacter, he's looking at like he turns like in this like, like batformor whatever. You know it's like first he's watching or gettingto hernightgown or whatever, and then he gets into this batform right and it's thisbat, but it has litlly Nilson's face on it and he's like flying towards thewindow, and then she gets a chill and she shuts the shuts the window, and his face goes right up against it. I mean that waslike hysterical, because I was like oh my gosh, like get so many pieces, O that that movie, thatwere just hysterical like when they 're like putting a steak through through Lucy's heart and oh my gosh, the guy. What was his name, I can't remember, heplayed he played Jonathan and he was there and he was banging on the steakand all this blood was like flors burting everywhere I mean like thewhole thing he was covered in so much blood and then Mel Brooks comes in he'slike we should a lead newspapers down like it was like it was so gostly. LikeI mean it was. It was amazing, like I laugh at it nowlike this t. That movie, like, I think, got me through my high school years.You know if it wasn't for that. You know and loving, like you know,Vampires and Deraqula, of course, interview with the vampire nothing cantop that movie, and I mean nothing for best. I would say newer, vampiremovie interview with the Vampire still thebest still my top vampire, except for the original nosrato other than that.It's like there has not been a decent one out there I mean they try. They didanother part to interview with t a vampire caqueen of the damned that waspretty good too, but the original interview wof the Vampire, the movieyeah. I was like I, which I really hope that they never ever remake. Is thatmovie, but Yeah E, but yeah drackila denloving it it's like hysterical and then there's this dude. Oh my Ashuwel, andnow I can't remember his name but heused to be in the show Alamibile andhe was in Drekila dead, loving it and he was eating like all these bugs andinsects, and everything and people thought that he was like totally insane.But he was like you know, they're like working for Gracula and stuff like that,and he was supposed to be getting him like bodies and things like that d. Itwas like sowore him. He could have like little lives, so he just kept eatingbugs and like shoving them into his mouth, and he was like crazy. He played like thecharacter of Renfield and Oh gosh. That was just another another classicfor me, but it's like, I think IV said like trying to jump back and forth. If I had to say for let's see going in my favorite hardcollection of all time is the entire conjuring series and James Maun knows how to do a movie.Any movie by James Waun is brilliant,... I haven't seen any other horror films this day and agecome close Tho way he puts out there like the conjuring is definitely one of my favorites. Youknow people move into a house, it's possessed there's these items that arepossessed and everything and they all have a meaning, and you know it's like.Sometimes you know it's like you're dealing with multiple spirits and Ilike that they had the real warns on the set, and you know you know telling them and directingthem exactly how things happened. You know how things looked, how things felt, I believe, is it Mrs Worren that hadpassed away. I can't remember, but they were. Like actual you know, I don't k o callthem those hunters, they weren't gost hunters. They worked with a lot of likeparanormal things and everything and extorcisms, and things like that. Likethe amteville horror, that was the the mpty Ville House, that was one thingthat they did, which they did start to do at the beginning of the conjuringtoo, and I was like. Oh please let it be about the house, please Lo be aboutthat house like I would love for James Wan to redew that movie it's like.However, I think there are certain things I don't know if they're like, if the warrens are preventing that onefrom being redone again like, I think, every version that they put out thatthe MDVILLE house was pretty amazing and I think James Wan would do you knowa killer. andition of that and things would be. You know on point on Qu and, like I said it's like, I almost youknow, fell over when they had pieces of it at the beginning of the conjuring toeverybody that has played in that movie is just like so amazing, like all thecharacters they come out. Of course you know it'slike I love, you know. Annabel Andabel comes home, andbol comes home wasprobably my least favorite of the series. I don't really know why, but Iguess it just didn't stand up to. You know the conjuring like the originalone that first came out and, of course you know andabelt creation, which Iloved, because that's how you that's, how you learn, how annabell became Annabel andI love when movies- do that, just like with candyman and Kanyman two. Iactually liked candyman to a little bit better over the first candy man,because you really got to look back into his past of how we become came.Candyman I mean you, can you know, hear the story and the first one, but whenyou actually get to see it it, it just makes it like a whole lot better, whichI actually can't wait. There's a new candy man movie comingout and I definitely have to see that one. I know it's not a remaker.Anything they've got Tony Todd back, so I am I'm dying for that. But anyway, it's like back on theconjuring the conjuring three I think was supposed to come out later thisyear. I don't know what's going to happenbecause everything's at a Holt right now, I don't know if they can editanything that they've had and try to. You know piece it together from thereor even how much left of it that they had to film I'm hoping that it was mostly done andcan mostly be. You know, edited and hopefully finished and out before outwhen it was supposed to be out or maybe av an out in octover October would begreat for that. You know but yeah it like. I love the whole conjuring series, one of my other favorite ones would bethe nun like. As soon as I saw Annabelle creation was it he anabillcreatioon wasn't the one sister was looking at this pictured andshe said you know it's like who's that to the side and if Youd tolt it it'slike. You saw this other nun and like right then, and there like, I got thesechills and I was like they're going to be giving the none her own movie. It'slike, I can feel it and they did which I was like. I was very happy and, likeI said that would be one of my favorites, the also the conjuring series liketheyre they're, all out of order, just like a lot of movies that have come out like I would probably start with. I'mnot really sure I guess you'd start with the nun and then go to Annabelcreation and then Annabel, which would lead into the conjuring the conjuringtoo. I know the conjuring too had the nun in it. It had falic in there, soI'm pretty sure the tow, you'd, watchit and then Annabel comes home, would bethe last one again. It's like. I can't wait until the third movie of the conjuring comesout. I just I love that series yeah. I said everyone that they've had inthere. It has been excellent and if you... horror movies, I would definitelyrecommend watching that entire series, so yeah I'm going to start to wrap this up soon,but yeah, it's like other than that yeah they had the warrens played by.You Know Pactic, Wilson and Burau for me to throughout the throughout the serieswhenever they would have the morns in there. I Love Them. Both I mean actually like,and I were thinking about cost playing as them and one of the there was petricWilson. That was doing, I think, a movie signing or something or comicBoklini, something it wasn't too too far from here, but it ended up pouringdown rain that day and I knew there was going to be lines around the block andI'm like yeah. I would rather r not you know chance that, but maybe we can runinto hem at like a convention or something like. I would definitely loveto see feur for me to come out. One of the shows she was great in theshow Bates Motel there's. I love her a whole bunch of movies, butyeah so she'she's, one of my favorites, andI was hoping that one of them in the series- I don't know how they'regoing to do with the conjuring three or if they can make something else thatwould merge in there. I would love the savior and her sister Tajia for Mega tobe in a conjuring film. They were, however, in the nun together, but it was pieces at the end that wereactually a part of the conjuring that were shown, so they technically weren'tin it together. But it's like, I just love, seeing them together and, ofcourse it's like Teja did you know American horror story and I thinkthat's pretty awesome or ver for MEA could be in in American horror story.That would be excellent. So it's like here you go. These are some of my top picks I'll gothrough them again. So there we go lit, let's Dee, that RECALPokay movies, that we can watch. Okay, Grandma's boy, blazing Saddle silentmovie, Young Frankins, Nin Drakila dead and loving it Robin Hood, men and Tihtscry baby, frank and weany. The conjuring theconjuring two Annabel, the nun. Annabel comes home, an Annabel creation. Sothat's my list. If you want to check them out- and you want to leave me- orI should say, 'm beauty and the beast some feedback- please email us atbeauty, ind the beef show at I did it again. I tolalhi MUSD up theemail. So here we go now, I'm talking really weird because I'm losing my wars.Now, if you have any comments, an want to leave us a list of your favoritemovies, send it on over to beauty in the B show. Sixty nine at GMAILCOMlooks like I've run out of time here. So join US next week for anotheredition of beauty in the Beast Quarenteine, I'm deauting tat, I'm the Beast.

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