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Episode 12 · 1 year ago

Episode 12 - 20 Questions


Episode 12 - 20 Questions

Welcome to the 12th episode of Beauty and the Beast 20 Questions - learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we ask each other 10 questions each!

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Coming to on his live from Leektide,I'm beauty ad, I'm the beast and welcome to another episode of beautyand the beast, and today we are at episode number twelve, and today we areplaying twenty questions. That's right, I'll, be asking tests. Ten questionsand he'll be asking me ten questions and it looks like I'm up first. Solet's hear what you got beast hello beauty, even though the miles mayseparate us, I've come up with some questions for you and our listeners, so they can get a lid or moreinformation on beauty, because we can't know too much about you, lady and I'mhoping some of these questions make. You laugh because that's a big part ofwhy this show wis such a success and that's hard for me to tell what's funnyif nobody's, responding or laughing so we're just going to plough through it.The first question I have for you is: Do you think that you'll look back atall this with Von Nostalgia? One day, these lockdown days are going to besome kind of happy memory. That is a good question. When I look back with Fon Nostalgia onthese lock down days, Hmm I want to answer yes and no yes to being of being able to spendmore time with my fiance and my mother, it's been greedy. That part isdefinitely been great. Some fond memories. I don't really recall theseas Fon, but they've definitely worked their way into my comedy routine. Likeone week, I was pulling up my pants and I sprained my ankle. Like I mean whodoes that anyway, and then I lost my glassis and of course frantically. I'mlike, Oh, my God, where a e, my glasses here right here, the rager theye righthere and my fiance is like you have a pair on your face- is that the pairyou're looking for it's like yeah and then to top it all off? This isdoring one week's time I got my arm caught in the trash handlid. I meanlike really like really like. Okay, first, I became you know a house catand now I've become a raccoon. So I mean I don't know F, those are fondmemories, but they definitely made me laugh. What's the first thing you planto do when you're free to move around again and we can gather in numbers. Iknow I'm looking forward to some social undistancing and also drinking a few beers was the first thing you plan to do. Oh,I think you know the answer to this one. The first thing that I plan on doing isgetting back into Improv. I Miss People. I Miss Everybody at unity, theatertroop you know, especially Maddie. It's been hard just keeping in touch becauseit's kind of sad that we never had to have our one last improvsession atDante Hall. Before they closed it down. We totally completely missed out onthat. So it's like that's one thing. It's like I just want to give her likea huge hug and, of course like following Improv, is getting back intostandup, comedy, no matter how you try or how many zoom things that you doonline. It's definitely not the same...

...without the crowd there, withoutgetting energy even doing the podcast. Sometimes it's really hard to pullenergy in and just focus and do that, but definitely want to get back intodoing improv and comedy. So if you had to give up something to guarantee thatyou would be in good health for the rest of your life, not even a headache,never even an a acre pain. Would you give up costplay creating art, or wouldyou give up those video games huh? Could you give up your animal crossingor whatever to hell? That thing is, could you give that up your finalfantasy, or would you be able to give up thosecostplay making those Wacky porgs? I don't know I have my hunches and maybe I'll writehem down and seel them in a mayonage jar and put them on my porch until youanswer something I would give up for good health wow that ane's a hard one. I know youmentioned, you know cost player creating hard or video games. It's like.I don't think I could gete any of those up. Oh Wow yeah. This is definitely athinker. Maybe, of course, if I stop eating junk foodI'll be healthy, but if I had to give up something, Orthi is going to be like twentyminutes of me. Thinking of an answer for this, I think I would give up. I tend to spend a lot of money onreally like Wenot, stupid stuff, but things that I probably don't need, so Iwould back off and chopping like just keeping to the essential which we havebeen doing. You know for groceries, and everything like that. I think you knowjust if like. If I need a shirt like say all my shirts got holy tomorrow andI needed to go out and buy a new one. I would but I think, shopping and justyou know getting off of that. Kick because I love the shop. It makes mehappy and I'm looking straight across from here and I have a shelf just fullof like canvases and art paper and stuff like that, and I'm like I canopen my own crash tore today. So I think that alone I would give upshopping so, and you know, since there aren't any renfairs ranfors with aextra e for etce etcte you've got to be going through some kind of withdrawalat this point, since there isn't any place to even do stand up or perform onstage. What's the beauty to do so. What is the one that you miss themost? Do you miss going to events andcostplay doing stand up being on stage any one of those really ring a bell. I know that you must be suffering unable to connect with the masses. Theone thing that I miss about not doing rentfair this year, even though Ididn't get casted, but I still support everybody that did I just miss beingtogether. I'm just doing improve and I miss just seeing the smiles and thelaughter- and you know me doing something off the top of my head.Without them. Thinking about it and getting people laugh or wonder likeokay, what the hill is wrong with her. You know I miss that I completely missed that that's WOW UM!That's definitely one one of the things that I miss is Seeng. You know thesmiles and the laughter and actually hugging people. You know it's likeforget about the renfare. I just want to start hugging people but yeah. I D, I just misse the peoplelike ever. Everyone was like so amazing, like the directors are great and I just missed being around people and speaking of not connecting with themasses or connecting with the masses.

Are there any television shows. Yourecommend to Binge Watch during the current crisis, not that I'm gonna, but maybe you could recommend somethingfor people to disconnect with that's definitely a loaded question,and I think you probably know the answer to that one. The television show that I woulddefinitely recommend. If you haven't seen it would be American horror story,they have every single season and episode is out today and yeah. Ju tstart with season, one which is Murder House. It's it's fantastic like I wasactually like way behind on the American horror story. Curb, like Ithink I started in at Freak, show, which was quite a few seasons down the road fromthe first season, which was called Murder House. I'm going to repeat thata thousand times, but it's it's amazing. It's definitely amazing. If you like horror or you just likemystery in general or it's Cos, it's GOTF comedy. I feel like it's a mixtureof like everything. I don't think it's like too serious. It is, I guess it'smore on the Horor side. It's scary side, I would say I wouldn't say completelyhard, but yes definitely check out Americanhorror story. My favorite season is season two asylum. I just I can't getover that. I just I fell nup with that which was funny because that used to belike my least favorite season, I'm like so okay. What turned that around for me,I have no idea, but I just I fell in love with it like over the past fewmonths. I I feel like turning it on now. It's definitely one of my favoriteseasons. Now, if you do like the Raiders of American horror story checkout the politician on Netflix, that's about eight episodes. It's only oneseason in and I can't wait for more episodes, I'm totally not into politicsor that kind of thing, but that show was just amazing, so yeth check it outon Netflix and I definitely recommend it. Y Next question is: has anyonetried to scam you lately? Is there anyone you've tried to scam? Iknow I got my first emails about the stimulus packages and how my check had not been able to clear mywellt Fargo Account, and I got to look into that because I don't have a wellFargo Account, so anybody trying to scam MOU lately. Has Anyone tried toscan me lately? I have to say no, it's like the phones have been quiet aroundhere, like I'm still used to. You know like seeing a number of pop up and I'mlike. Oh No, not again, and now it's like nothing. I mean somebody saidsomething funny like. Oh, I guess they lost their job to. But it's like wait aminute. They were like telemarketers that work from home, which is like ironand great. So it's like all this stuff stopped. I think maybe I have gottenmaybe one about solar panels, but that was like just one but not really a scamor anything like that. Not like your extending car warranty, that's actuallystopped, which I am like thrilled. But if you want to scan me, it's like youcan definitely call me up and try to scan me because I'm quite bored withoutthose phone calls that's where half of my comedy came from. What would besomething you want to tell people about yourself, bat. They probably shouldn'tknow. Okay. This is definitely a new one. What is something I want to tellpeople about myself that they probably shouldn't know well, I'm addicted tothe game, Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo switch and lately like if Igo on, what's what'm call it instagram and youjust type in animal crossing, and you could see like all these people, likeamazing islands and their houses and even they'r, intended switches, becausepeople go all out on this stuff. I mean...'s like they decorate their entire.You know, Nintendo switch, whether it's with skins or coverers, and they havelike all these characters and things and trading cards, and, like I meanit's insane, it's like my new form of poor. Like can you believe that animalcrossing porn? It's come to this? It's like wow, like what you know Le theother month was, you know, masterbating to nuns, an American horror story, andnow it's you know animal crossing for and like that's, definitely the newestthing and then you'll definitely get kick out of it. When you hear thisepisode, but yeah, it's like it's amazing, I'm like Oh, my gosh and I'mlike so jealous. I'm like half these people have like these amazing houses.They look like real houses. Mine just looks like a Junkard just filled withgifts that I've gotten from other people are things that I've built, butother people's like everything's, like Awson, all nice and clean there's likeflowers, little white, picket fences, you know, so I guess I've resorted toanimal crossing pouring because that's definitely a thing now.So, in light of the current situation, have you had any trouble finding toiletpaper or have you had to throw down with anyone over the last roll andwe've been very fortunate here?Actually, no toilet paper shortage, we're good on tissues and paper towelsI mean we do have to forage for some this week, but the previous weeks wehave been very lucky and where we usually shop over the ACMYfor most of our stuff they've been completely wiped out like absolutelynothing there I mean tissues, maybe if that maybe paper cows, but we've beenreally lucky with the CVS around the corner, from here with the gettingtoilet paper and everything and being that we live in e through floor condoand we have three bathrooms. I say: That's pretty darn good, that this isthe first week that we actually have to go out and get more. So No, it's likewe're good. It's like we haven't had to kill anybody. You know we're notripping up old, tshirts or using newspaper magazines yet, but yeah so far so good. I know you got luckythe other day at big lots and I think that's if there's nothing at the acme,I think that's probably where will head is big loss because wecould probablyget a bigger bolt pack. So thank you for that tip. By the way I said tip just the tip. Have youmanaged to develop any new superpowers during the plague of twenty twenty I've grown, more patient and in this day and age that could beconsidered a superpower? My empathy powers have increased, butthat's nothing new. How about you have I developed any newsuperpowers during the plague? I think I've gotten lazier I mean.Maybe I can become lazy house cat, lady or something now. I don't think that's a super power. I mean, I guess, Imean IM wern clean clothes. Thelaundries done the beds mean, I guess I wouldn't be lazy like if that was super power. Thatwould be great. You know, like Captain Coma, you know, I would say, probably my ability to say like not like stup stupid stuff,but just like ironic things and I used to call myself. You Know Captain Christ, not that one wow, you know I think Ilost my memory during this whole plague thing. It was captain fucking obvious,that's what it was. I think I've improved on that. However, my memory islike completely shot because I don't know what day of the week it is I'mliving like a house cat, I'm talking to myself right now, even though this Ithis is a you know. Partnership thing is we when we record it's in toseparate things and I'm all over the..., so I think yeah. I think it would definitely haveto go with captain fucking obvious on that one that one's still sharp as atick. Andthe. Last question I have for youwas: What is the one question you wish? I had asked you there has to be something something youwanted to say or tell the world and feel free to ask that question onmy behalf, thanks beauty, the question that I wish that you hadasked me that you didn't would be my favorite question in the world is howmuch would what a Wood Chuck Chock if a Woud Chok could chuck could chuck wood,and I think the answer would be seven. I don't know why seven, but I think ifa would chock could chuck woud, he would probably chuck seven. It seemslike a good lucky number right there I mean he could go up as high as maybethirteen, but I'm gointo stick with the seven no know, maybe that's lucky inwood chuck years or something like that. Maybe that's how long they live. I anmaybe I'm. You know spatting out some facts here that I didn't know that werefacts that are facts but are probably not facts, because this whole questionmakes no sense. So that's why it I love to ask that to people even like whenthey're doing podcast or something like that or you know, they're doing a videoand they'll be like anybody have any questions, and that's the one questionthat I always put up there. I don't know why it's just so much fone to sayso. That would be the question that I wish you had asked me, which I justanswered. So there ye go. Those were some pretty amazing questions, and nowhere we go. Are you ready beasts for your ten questions? Question Number One. If you could eatone food for the rest of your life, what would it be so I've? I could onlyeat one food for the rest of my life. What would it be now? This is sounds like one of thosethings when the genie asks you, if you want to wish you have to get a coupleof parameters set here. If you say one kind of food, can I say Chinese foodand whator anything. I want off the menu or say Italian food and haveanything I want down at Uncle Gino's as long as it's Italian or is it one kindof food like there's no way, I would say I want to eat cup of noodles for the rest ofmy life. I know that I would die in early death just fromthe salt and hey company. His people leave me alone. There's a crisis outthere. I don't need jout suing me over the fact. There's a lot of salt in yourproducts, hello, but if there was one kind of food Iguess I would go back to my happy carefree bachelor days and one of myfavorite things to eat and if that's the only thing you you're going to getfat pretty quick, but I really like to have maccaroni with Brown butter and catchupon it. That's right, folks that gourmet dishfrom way back when macaroni with Brown, butter and catchup, and I can eat that every day my get hedead for breakfast lunch and dinner. A one reason is because you can eat itout of the same pot. You'l make it in that's always a plus, that's a Tufaright there, and I don't know it just reminds me aWan. I didn't have a thing to worry about and even though all I could afford toeat was some macaroni with groun butter andCetchupon it. I was still pretty happy questionnumber two. What makes you laugh the most? What's the thing that makes melaugh the most.

I guess one thing that really makes melaugh the most after all these years and the even though I know everypunchline and every other word it seems like, as is Monty, pythons flyingcircus. I owe so much in my twisted point of view from those guys saw themin a very early age, and it's pretty funny. I remembertelling my young friends about it and at the time we were watching it onPBS and my little black and white set foryears. I thought the show was actually in black and white, because that's allI had wis the black and white set, I thought every show was o black andwhite, but Monti Pythons Flying Circus. What can Isay? I've certainly learned all my best English accents from that show, and I redo remember after telling myfriends my one friend got in trouble because the show didn't come on tilabout nine o'clock at night. I think it was nine o'clock or nine thirty on a Sunday night. So, let's kind of late, if you were aresponsible student and your parents give a crap about you, they want to have you in bed with theTV off by nine o'clock. I know it's crazy concept, but anyway staying up at nine o'clock to watch miny pythonfor some kids. That was out of the question, so my buddy Dave there washegot caught by his dad with the TV on after nine o'clock on Sunday nightbecause he was laughing so hard watching, mily python, because I toldhim to check it out. I told everybody to check it out and didn't cost anything since it wason PBS, so he's checking it out and laugh andSohow loud that he woke his dad and his dad came out. It's like what are youdoing and he's watching this show that hisfriend Mark Hills told him about I that goes what the hell and Ho sits down andstarts watching this show and it' the funniest show and he laughs and he laughs and they bond over the show, and theycontinue to watch it for years afterwards, right up to the point wherehis dad is in the home on his deathbed and they're cotching up on monny python andlaughing so monky python, it'flying setcus itsomething that really makes me laugh question number three: what is yourfavorite thing about your career? What's the favorite thing about mycareer? Well, the favorite thing about mycareeris. I work for an agency and we help people with disabilities toactually get a break and it's tough enough for people who inneed to get a break. So I know on top of that, a layer of beingdisabled and believe me, that's the most rewarding is you know,helping people hellbing people, wythe concept- I guess any job I'd have thebest ones were when I was helping people and not just selling them something, because I've certainly had enough jobs where my soul purpose wasto sell something to somebody that they didn't need or want wo couldn't afford so helping people, it's nice, it's nice, the last the lastlongterm job I had I left because I just didn't get along with the owner ofthe company and it was in the pet grooming business and believe me if Pek roommers wentaway tomorrow. All that would happen would be there to lot of dirty shaggydogs out there.

But if the agency I work for one awaytomorrow, there'd be a lot of sad people. A lot of people in crisis, alot of people desperate to get help for basic needs. So it's not very funny,but it is what it is and that's the best thing about my career questionnumber four, which decade do you think had the best sense of style, whichdecade do, I think, had the best sense of style, and you mean in the world orin the country. You got to look at t e e S. everyone seemed to be impectablydressed and ourt. Deco was all the rage. Long Black cars that had sixteencylinders, crazy stuff was going on there. The roaring Tis, of course, that's what we all expectedthis year to be kick off to a hundred year anniversaryof the Rurng Twentis and something's roaring, but it's aplague roaring through the other day down here. Tho Short wasthe wind roaring through? Oh my gosh. Seventy mile n hour winds, crazy collection of stuff I drove by mybuddy's house and after going out and do some essential, essential chores I drove by my buddy's house. I wasamazed and how much decorating Hehad done for Easter. I didn't think hecelebrated Easter, and yet his yard was decorated. Stuff was hanging in a treegarland and there were eggs scattering around and I called them up late and I said wowwhat a great job he did on on decorating his yard for Easter he's.Like I don't know what you're talking about. I said you yare, there's aninflatable rabbit and ow the Garland, and I just didn't know that youdecorated for East ecause. I don't decorated for Easter. So apparently, all his newly acquiredEaster decorations had simply blown there from other neighbors yardsbecause of the seventy mile an hour. Twentato wins. We did see some crazy stuff. We saw buildings getting the roofs ripped off.We had a gas station collapse, but nothing like they did in his souse,none of that kind of devastation and then that kind of flooding. Sowe're thankful for that, because if it's not one thing it'sanother, you know recently my mom had a stroke and shewent in the hospital and I'm like Oh mom, you know of all the Times Tho going to hospital.You go in the hospital when there's a plague and she's like you know what Ifeel safe. She's, loving it she's on Reham, she likes the food theymake. They make her better every day, she's loving it she's getting away from it all. It'slike a little vacation and if you're going to get sick, we're better to getsick than the hospital. Even though the hospital is one of the leading causesof death in my family, that is correct, always somebody checking out after they check in so a lot of times. You know I get I'min he hospital too Lin. It just makes me too nervous, like don't you want toget better. ' Like yeah. I want to get better. I just don't want to die, so there is that I'm trying to think of the last time Iwas there. The last time I went to seek out helpwas the flu I had the eagles when the Super Bowl flew. That's right and I didn't go to the hospital. I wentto the urgent care and they swabbed me and told me. I had the type to and gohome and get some rest and no by the way here's some Zepacks have a nice day. I definitely have toagree with you there. The twentis...

...definitely were the best, the Classeis,the most elegant and o those cars. They were definitely definitely somethingthat would make me go splush and there we g no question number five. What issomething that you like to do? If that other people would probably considerweird if they knew one of my favorite things to do that? Other people wouldconsider weird, and actually I do it. So I have gotten some feedback on thisalready is said I whistle without actually whistling I just sort of blow the notes, yeah somebody's going to edit that,together later, when I'm saying I just gonna blow but Sota goes like now, there's a little whistling goingon there. I must admit, but basically people lot of times hear that andthey're like. Are you okay? He sounds like you're hypervetilating, I'm likeno, actually that's A. I got. I realize what it's from learn Itg from my dad, so thanks tat.He also does this and the reason why we do this is to not get yelled at forwhistling in the House, because my grandmother, his mother hated it really funny. I remember that once upona time at the, the kids were doing this schoolplay for the holidays and one of the kids's parents were complaining that hewas driving them crazy because he was walking around the house whistling allthe time and turned out. He was turned out tthat he was such a good whistler because he had this big gap in histeeth. Now, because one of his front teeth had fallen out and he was awhistling king, he was whistling night and day and hewas driving them crazy. So we decided for the how they showthat he was going to whistle. That was going to be his act and we gave him a very complicated sortof Sonata and wrote it. You know rod it down on paper the best we could for himto pretend he could read it, even though he sort of whistlen along with arecord- and it was great he just whistled and whistled- and after thathe was all whistled out. After all the practicing and the pressure of havingto whistle on q and on key, he was broken of his lhistling habit. So I don't actually whistle I just sortof purse my lips and make weird little blowing sounds that people think I'mhyperrentilating, but that's the one thing I do that other people definitely consider to be weirdquestion number six: what is your favorite color and can you associate itwith a cartoon character? My favorite color is definitely purple and associating that color with acartoon character, and I guess I can think of a couple things. I know. Batman's cow and the TV show het waspurple and grap ape was definitely purple. Was He greatGrat Bape? I just remember a giant PURP, lape and race cars hm I'm not sure. Forme. I really love all the sky blue colors like if I had to associate itwith a cartoon character. I would definitely do fin of adventure time,and I just I love that color. I also love that show. I believe it's onNetflix or Holo. It's on one of those two I'm definitely going to startrewatching it from the beginning. Did you know that in their seasons therewas like one season where they had like fifty two episodes? I could be wrong.It could be two seasons. I had fifty two episodes, but that is damn amazing,but I do love the blues. I love the... tones completely question numberseven and this one's one of my favorites and I actually asked this Thupretty much everybody. How much would would a woodchuck chuckif a would chuck could chuck could Chuck Woot Buno here's a cleverquestion beauty's trying to chip me up? How much would what a woodchuck chuckif a would chuck could chuck wood? Well, you and I both know wood chucks do not chuck wood, that'sBeavers, I think woodchucks chuck dirt. They might digunder the wood pile, but I think they're, ground hogs, whichis also what Puxitawny Filis. So this little bugger should bechucking wood, instead of predicting what the weather is going to be becausethey're not doing a petty good enough job of it. And yet I guess, if you see a popularcar insurance, commercial, that's on TV, those wood chucks are going going forit, but do a little google search. You knowcheck your science and you'll find out that woodchucks do not even Chuck Wood. So that's a trick question it's like see. She sells seshells by theseashore. How much does she charge all right? Beauty back, a Yo with thetongue twisters? I think that's enough of that question number seven movingright along number, eight inquiring minds, one to know would you ratherhave the hiccoups for the rest of your life or always feel like you need thisneeze well during the covid nineteen it'd be okay to feel like you weregoing to sneeze as long as you weren't going to sneeze, because I think ifyouwere Hickiguping all the time, eventually you wouldn't be able to eat, you become mounnourished and you wouldyou would waste away because hiccoping too much it justcan't be too good for you. So you know what I'm gonna pull a bitle bur here and I am going to check the effects of long term hickups because I gottaknow I just think kickupping forever and ever ament wou would be bad all right long term hiccopping isdamaging or irritating of he the. What is that the vagast nerve andthe FRENIC nerve, which affected diapham muscles and let's see ar their long term effects thits like long term effects like thereare things that cause the cronic kickups. So you know basically having Tho Krinof kickups could mean these things. It doesn't sound like you want to have anyof them all right, so we're going to go for the tickle and the nose that feelslike I going to sneeze, but I don't sneeze, because some of the illnessesfor which continuing Hegus may be a symptom include pluracy of the DiaphramNemonia Euremia, elcahalism disorders of the stomach, orisophogus and bowlddiseases. So I would say feel like I'm going to sneeze over OOver hiccups anhy old day, allright thanks for asking question number nine: what's your favorite kind of Boob andwhy, if you prefer the left boom, the right bloom are both. I mean Ipersonally choose in between, because it's nice and warn there wait. This isbeast question and I also had to throw in boom...

...moving right along. Well, I'm surprised it took to a questionnumber nine for beauty to ask a question about a boobs and if youhaven't listened to our boob show best of our bits, which is magic number ten.I think because my shortter memorys so awful, but what's my favorite kind of bootWehol, let me tell you this about that. This could be none one of those trick.Questions where the boot means a fool, but I think in this incidence she means a woman's butrests and depending on WHO's, listening my favorite ones. Right now are theones I'm married to that's right, left and right, I'm no fool or Boob, and as a result of that, I'm happy, and otherwise I like them all ingeneral, I, like the ones on divas when they're wrestling. I love the UNDERBOOBstyle. That's right see that undercleavage theyre and it goes with the Yoga Pants reallygood. Ladies, so if you're out there in and stay at home and you're doing somekind of tick talk, videos, please send me a link if you're doing the under cleavage andYoga Pants thing now: okay, okay, so I guess we can wrap this up here. You know with question number ten andquestion number ten is: Do you have any guilty pleasures and yes, of course, again number tenand I think everybody wants to know this. Do you have any guilty pleasures, the biography of the beast continued?Well, I I mean I well my biggest Gildty pleasure is thatlate at night, after everybody's asleep, I turn on the television set and I seekout old reruns of the friends televisionshow featuring Jennifer Anniston. You know any show that's about her is aboutme, especially if it's about midnight, that's right. That's when I'm flicking through thechannels looking for her. Sometimes I only make it through thetitles if she's not actually featured in the episode, because you know therest of the casts ar fined by me, but Jennifer Aniston on Franis my guiltypleasure. Now, then, as we stay at home and keep working athome, I hope everybody out there has an opportunity to create their own podcastor make a ticktock, video or heck go on facebook live. Why Not Pretty Soon Nadl all fade into thebackground again, as we're allowed to congregate in significant numbers. Doyou think that'll happen in May or June? Is Summer canceled? I don't know. I do know that the ice cream store nextdoor to the ARBEAN B. Im. Currently, ind until I ditch this little town isselling ice cream sold ice cream last weekend and did a pretty good job of it, withthe social distancing and then and the little lines on the floor andthe people staying apart and the arrows pointing this way and the eggs is overhere. So folks, if you need that ice creamnuts oft serve, you need some on out a...

...whatar. I S and you maybe take homesome water ice and some soft serve and make your own Gilato at home. Some mango water eyes andVanilla soft serve. That's one of my favorites.I also like double chocolate like you, cul chocolate, water, ice and chocolatesoft serve, that's a chocolate lovers dream and you can triple chocolate andby asking them to poor chocolate syrup on the top of it and that's what summermeans to me. That's right! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! It's the THREECcombination, very good for for what ails you so sending it back to beauty. I don'tknow, what's happening kind of losing control one day without my laptop andit felt like the world was going to end. Yes, I still had my phone but being without tach kind of sucked. You can't work from home if you'rehaving trouble with your Tagso treat your technice wipe your check off. Keep your checkhappy. I recommend it and may all your Internet connectionsbe strong, be excellent, not just very good, not poor! That's right! Now we're all, dependingon the freaking exfinity comcast, whatever your Internet provider, morethan ever more than ever, your Internet connection is important. It's vital tocommunicate with the world around you and not just your selphies with yourtoilet paper. That's right, important stuff too! So hanging there. Everybody! It's beena pleasure talking to you again on this fabulous semibiographical episode ofbeauty and the BEAC show ten questions thanks for listening. This is the beast. Well, it looks like we're out of timehere but remember, send us some hate mail. Send? U Some light. Maut send ussomething to read. He got a comic. He got some artwork that you want to bepromoted. Elet US know we will pretty much promote anything so send it ourway. Digital is fine. Just keep it coming in. That's beauty in the B,Sixty nine and GMAILCOM, and we will see you next week, I'm eating and I'mthe beast.

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