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Episode 12 · 2 years ago

Episode 12 - 20 Questions


Episode 12 - 20 Questions

Welcome to the 12th episode of Beauty and the Beast 20 Questions - learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we ask each other 10 questions each!

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Coming to you almost live from lakeside. I'm beauty and I'm the beast. Hello and welcome to another episode of beauty and the beast, and today we are at episode number twelve, and today we are playing twenty questions. That's right. I'll be asking beast ten questions and he'll be asking me ten questions, and it looks like I'm up first, so let's hear what you got, beast. Hello Beauty, even though the miles may separate us, I've come up with some questions for you and our listeners so they can get a little more information on beauty, because we can't know too much about you, lady, and I'm hoping some of these questions make you laugh, because that's a big part of why this show was such a success, and that's hard for me to tell what's funny if nobody's responding or laughing, so we're just going to plow through it. The first question I have for you is, do you think that you'll look back at all this with Fond Nostalgia one day? These lockdown days are going to be some kind of happy memory? That is a good question. What I look back with fun nostalgia on these lockdown days. Hmm, I want to answer yes and no. Yes to being being able to spend more time with my fiance and my mother. It's been great. That part is definitely been great. Some fond memories. I don't really recall these as fun, but they've definitely worked their way into my comedy routine. Like one week I was pulling up my pants and I sprained my ankle, like, I mean, who does that anyway? And then I lost my glasses and of course, frantically I'm like, Oh my God, we're my glasses there, right here, the R here, the right here, and my fiance is like you have a pair on your face. Is that the pair you're looking for? It's like yeah, and then, to top it all off, this is during one week's time, I got my arm caught in the trash hand laid, I mean like really, like, really, like. Okay, first I became, you know, a house cat, and now I've become a raccoon. So I mean, I don't know those are fond memories, but they definitely made me laugh. What's the first thing you plan to do when you're free to move around again and we can gather in numbers? I know I'm looking forward to some social undistancing and also drinking a few beers. Was the first thing you plan to do? Oh, I think you know the answer to this one. The first thing that I plan on doing is getting back into Improv. I Miss People. I missed everybody at Unice Theater Troupe, you know, especially Maddie. It's been hard just keeping in touch because it's kind of sad that we never had to have our one last Improv session at Dante Hall before they closed it down. We totally completely missed out on that. So it's like that's one thing. It's like I just want to give her like a huge hug and, of course, like following Improv is getting back into stand up comedy. No matter how you try or how many zoom things that you do online, it's...

...definitely not the same without the crowd there, without getting energy. Even doing the podcast sometimes it's really hard to pull energy in and just focus and do that. But definitely want to get back into doing Improv and comedy. So if you had to give up something to guarantee that you would be in good health for their rest of your life, not even a headache, never even an as ache or pain. Would you give up cosplay, creating art, or would you give up those video games? H could you give up your animal crossing or whatever the hell that thing is? Could you give that up your final fantasy, or would you be able to give up those cosplay making those whacky porgs? I don't know. I have my hunches and maybe I'll write them down and see them in a mayonnaise jar and put them on my porch until you answer something I would give up for good health. Wow, that one's a hard one. And now you mentioned, you know, cosplay or creating hard or video games. It's like, I don't think I could give any of those up. Oh Wow, yeah, this is definitely a thinker. Maybe, of course, if I stopped eating junk food, I'll be healthy, but if I had to give up something, or it's gonna be like twenty minutes of me thinking of an answer for this, I think I would give up. I tend to spend a lot of money on really like, well, not stupid stuff, but things that I probably don't need. So if I would back off and chopping, like just keeping to the essential, which we have been doing, you know, for groceries and everything like that, I think, you know, just if, like, if I need a shirt, like, say all my shirts got holy tomorrow and I needed to go out and buy a new one, I would. But I think shopping and just, you know, getting off of that kick, because I love the shop. It makes me happy and I'm looking straight across from here and I have a shelf just full of like canvases and aren't paper and stuff like that, and I'm like, I can open my own craft door today. So I think that alone I would give up shopping. So and you know, since there aren't any rent fares, rent fairs with an extra e for etcetera, etc. You've got to be going through some kind of withdrawal at this point, since there isn't any place to even do stand up or perform on stage. What's the beauty to do? So what is the one that you miss the most? Do you miss going to events and cosplay, doing stand up, being on stage? Any one of those really ring a bell? I know that you must be suffering unable to connect with the masses. The one thing that I miss about not doing rent fair this year, even though I didn't get casted, but I still support everybody that did. I just miss being together. I missed doing Improv and I missed just seeing the smiles and the laughter and, you know, me doing something off the top of my head without him thinking about it and getting people laugh or wonder like, okay, what the Hell is wrong with her? You know, I miss that. I completely miss that. That's wow. Um, that's definitely one. One of the things that I miss is seeing, you know, the smiles and the laughter and actually hugging people. You know, it's like, forget about the rentfare, I just want to start hugging people. But yeah, I do. I just missed the people. Like ever, everyone was like so amazingly. The directors are great and I just miss being around people. And speaking of not connecting with the masses or connecting...

...with the masses, are there any television shows you recommend to Binge Watch during the current crisis? Not that I'm gonna, but maybe you could recommend something for people to disconnect with? That's definitely a loaded question and I think you probably know the answer to that one. The television show that I would definitely recommend, if you haven't seen it, would be American horror story. They have every single season and episode is out today and yeah, just start with season one, which is Murder House. It's it's fantastic. Like I was actually like way behind on the American horror story curb, like I think I started in at Freak show, which was quite a few seasons down the road from the first season, which was called Murder House. I'm going to repeat that a thousand times, but it's it's amazing. It's definitely amazing if you like horror or you just like mystery in general, or it's got so it's got comedy. I feel like it's a mixture of like everything. I don't think it's like two serious it is I guess it's more on the horror side, scary side, I would say. I would say completely hard. But yes, definitely check out American horror story. My favorite season is season two, asylum. I just I can't get over that. I just I fell in love with that, which was funny because that used to be like my least favorite season. I'm like, so, okay, what turned that around for me? I have no idea, but I just I fell in love with it like over the past few months. I I feel like turning it on now. It's definitely one of my favorite seasons. Now, if you do like the Raiders of American horror story, check out the politician on Netflix. That's about eight episodes. It's only one season in and I can't wait for more episodes. I'm totally not into politics or that kind of thing, but that show was just amazing. So yeah, check it out on Netflix and I definitely recommend it. My next question is, has anyone tried to scam you lately? Is there anyone you've tried to scam? I know I'd got my first emails about the stimulus packages and how my check had not been able to clear my wells Fargo Account, and I got to look into that because I don't have a wells fargo account. So and anybody trying to Scamu lately? As anyone tried to scam me lately? I have to say no. It's like the phones have been quiet around here like I'm so used to, you know, like seeing a number pop up and I'm like Oh no, not again, and now it's like nothing. I mean somebody said something funny like Oh, I guess they lost their job too, but it's like, wait a minute. They were like telemarketers that work from home, which is like iron and great. So it's like all this stuff stopped. I think maybe I have gotten maybe one about solar panels, but that was like just one. But not really a scammer anything like that, not like your extending car warranty. That's actually stopped, which I am like thrilled. But if you want to scam me, it's like you can definitely call me up and try to scam me, because I'm quite bored without those phone calls. That's where half of my comedy came from. What would be something you want to tell people about yourself, but they probably shouldn't know? Okay, this is definitely a new one. What is something I want to tell people about myself that they probably shouldn't know? Well, I'm addicted to the game animal crossing, New Horizons on Nintendo switch and lately, like if I go on what's which McCall Instagram and you just type in animal crossing and you can see like all these people like amazing islands and their houses and even their Nintendo switches,...

...because people go all out on this stuff. I mean it's like they decorate their entire you know, Nintendo switch, whether it's with skins or covers, and they have like all these characters and things and trading cards and like, I mean it's insane. It's like my new form of porn. Like can you believe that animal crossing porn? It's come to this. It's like wow, like what you know, lea, the other month I was, you know, masturbating to nuns and American horror story and now it's, you know, animal crossing porn, like that's definitely the newest thing and they'll definitely get kick out of it when you hear this episode. But yeah, it's like it's amazing. I'm like, oh my gosh, and I'm like so jealous. I'm like half these people have like these amazing houses. They look like real houses. Mine just looks like a junk yard, just filled with gifts that I've gotten from other people, are things that I've built, but other people's like everything's like also all nice and clean. There's like flowers, little white picket fences, you know. So I guess I've resorted to animal crossing porn, because that's definitely a thing now. So, in light of the current situation, have you had any trouble finding toilet paper or have you had to throw down with anyone over the last roll. We've been very fortunate here. Actually no toilet paper shortage. We're good on tissues and paper cowels. I mean we do have to forge for some this week but Um, the previous weeks we have been very lucky. Where we usually shop over at the ask me for most of our stuff. They've been completely wiped out, like absolutely nothing there. I mean tissues maybe, if that, maybe paper towels. But we've been really lucky with the CBS around the corner from here with the getting toilet paper and everything. And being that we live in the three floor condo and we have three bathrooms, I say those pretty darn good. That this is the first week that we actually have to go out and get more. So No, it's like we're good. Is Like we haven't had to kill anybody. You know, we're not ripping up old tshirts or he's a newspaper magazines yet. But yeah, so far, so good. I know you got lucky the other day at big lots and I think that's if there's nothing at the acme, I think that's probably where we'll head. Is Big loss, because we could probably get a bigger bolt pack. So thank you for that tip. By the way. I said tip, just the tip. Have you managed to develop any new superpowers during the plague of two thousand and twenty? I've grown more patient and in this day and age that could be considered a superpower. My empathy powers have increased, but that's nothing new. How about you? Have I developed any new superpowers during the plague? I think I've gotten the easier. I mean, maybe I can become Lazy House Cat Lady or something. No, I don't think that's a super power. I mean, I guess. I mean I'm wearing clean clothes, laundry is done, the beds meet. I guess I wouldn't be lazy like. If that was a super power, that would be great. You know it Captain Koma. You know, I was a probably my ability to say like, not like stupid, stupid stuff, but just like ironic things, and I used to call myself, you know, Captain Christ, not that one. Wow. You know, I think I lost my memory during this whole plague thing. It was captain fucking obvious, that's what it was. I think I've improved on that. However, my memory is like completely shot because I don't know what day of the week it is. I'm living like a house cat. I'm talking to myself right now, even though this is this is a you know, partnership thing is when we record it's in...

...two separate things and I'm all over the place. So I think, yeah, I think it would definitely have to go with captain fucking obvious on that one. That one's still sharp as a tick. The last question I have for you was what is the one question you wish I had asked you? It has to be something, something you wanted to say or tell the world, and feel free to ask that question on my behalf. Thanks, beauty. The question that I wish that you had asked me that you didn't would be my favorite question in the world. Is How much would would a woodchuck chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck, could chuck? Would and I think the answer would be seven. I don't know why seven, but I think if a woodchuck could chuck, would he would probably chuck seven. It seems like a good lucky number right there. I mean he could go up as high as maybe thirteen, but I'm going to stick with the seven. No, no, maybe that's lucky and woodchuck years or something like that. Maybe that's how long they live. I mean maybe I'm, you know, spatting out some facts here that I didn't know that were facts. That are facts, but or probably not facts, because this whole question makes no sense. So that's why I I I love to ask that to people, even like when they're doing podcast or something like that, or, you know, they're doing a video and they'll be like, anybody have any questions? And that's the one question that I always put up there. I don't know why, it's just so much fun to say. So that would be the question that I wish you had asked me, which I just answered. So there you go. Those were some pretty amazing questions and now here we go. Are you ready, beast, for your ten questions? Question Number One, if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? So I've I could only eat one food for the rest of my life. What would it be? Now this is sounds like one of those things when the genie asked you if you want to wish, you have to get a couple of parameter set here. If you say one kind of food, can I say Chinese food and order anything I want off the menu or say Italian food and have anything I want down at Uncle Gino's as long as it's Italian. Or is it one kind of food? Like there's no way I would say I want to eat cup of noodles for the rest of my life. I know that I would die in early death just from the salt. And Hey, Cup and its people, leave me alone. There's a crisis out there. I don't need you suing me over the fact there's a lot of salt in your products. Hello. But if there was one kind of food, I guess I would go back to my happy, carefree bachelor days and one of my favorite things to eat. And if it's the only thing you eat, you're going to get fat pretty quick. But I really like to have macaroni with Brown butter and catchup on it. That's right, folks, that gourmet dish from way back when, macaroni with brown butter and catch up, and I could eat that every day. I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One reason is because you can eat it out of the same pot you make it in. That's always a plus. That's a twofer right there, and I don't know, it just reminds me and when I didn't have a thing to worry about, and even though all I could for to eat was some macaroni with brown butter and catchup on it, I was still pretty happy. Question number two. What makes you laugh the most? What's the thing that makes me laugh the most? I guess... thing that really makes me laugh the most after all these years, and even though I know every punch line and every other word, it seems like, as it's Monty Python's flying circus. I owe so much, in my twisted point of view, from those guys. saw them at a very early age and it's pretty funny. I remember telling my young friends about it and at the time we were watching it on PBS and my little black and white set. For years I thought the show was actually in black and white because that's all I had, was black and white set. I thought every show was a black and white but monty Python's flying circus, what can I say? I've certainly learned all my best English accents from that show and I were do remember, after telling my friends, my one friend got in trouble because the show didn't come on till about nine o'clock at night. I think it was nine o'clock or thirty on a Sunday night. So that's kind of late. If you were a responsible student and your parents give a crap about you, they want to have you in bed with the TV off by nine o'clock. I know it's crazy concept, but anyway, staying up at nine o'clock to watch money python, for some kids that was out of the question. So my buddy Dave there was so you got caught by his dad with the TV on after nine o'clock on a Sunday night because he was laughing so hard watching monty python because I told him to check it out. I told everybody to check it out, and didn't cost anything since it was on PBS. So he's checking it out and laugh and so how loud that he woke his dad and his dad came out. It's like what are you doing? And he's watching this show that his friend Mark Hills told him about. That goes what the hell and he sits down. He starts watching this show and it's the funniest show and he laughs and he laughs and they bond over the show and they continue to watch it for years afterwards, right up to the point where his dad is in the home on his death bed and they're catching up on monty python and laughing. So monty Python's flying circus. It's something that really makes me laugh. Question number three, what is your favorite thing about your career? What's the favorite thing about my career? Well, the favorite thing about my careers I work for an agency and we help people with disabilities to actually get a break, and it's tough enough for people who need to get a break, so I don't on top of that a layer being disabled, and believe me, that's the most rewarding is, you know, helping people. Helping people, what a concept. I guess any job I'd have the best ones where when I was helping people and not just selling them something, because I've certainly had enough jobs where my soul purpose was to sell something to somebody that they didn't need or want recording afford. So helping people, it's nice. It's nice. The last, the last long term job I had, I left because I just didn't get along with the owner of the company and it was in the pet grooming business. And, believe me, if pet rumors went away tomorrow, all that would happen would be there to love lot of dirty shaggy dogs out there. But if the agency I work...

...for one the way tomorrow there'd be a lot of sad people, a lot of people in crisis, a lot of people desperate to get help for basic needs. So it's not very funny, but it is what it is and that's the best thing about my career. Question number four, which decade do you think had the best sense of style? which decade do I think had the best sense of style? And you mean in the world or in the country? You got to look at the nine S. everyone seemed to be impeccably dressed. And aren't deco was all the rage, long black cars that had sixteen cylinders. Crazy stuff was going on there. The roaring s of course, that's what we all expected this year to be kick off to a hundred year anniversary of the roaring twenties, and something's roaring, but it's a plague ror and through. The other day down here at the short was the wind rowing through. Oh my gosh, seventy mile an hour winds, crazy collection of stuff. I drove by my buddies house and after going out and doing some essential, essential chores, I will drove by my buddy's house I was amazed and how much decorating he had done for Easter. I didn't think he's celebrated Easter and yet his yard was decorated, stuff was hanging in the tree, garland and there were eggs scattered around and I called him up later and I said, wow, it a great job he did on on decorating his yard for Eastern he's like, I don't know what you're talking about. I said the yard, there's an inflatable rabbit and the Garland and I just didn't know that you decorated for us to go that don't decorated for Easter. So apparently all his newly acquired Easter decorations had simply blown there from other neighbor's yards because of the seventy mile an hour tornado winds. We did see some crazy stuff. We saw buildings getting the roofs ripped off. We had a gas station collapse, but nothing like they did in the south, none of that kind of devastation. And then I kind of flooding. So we're thankful for that because if it's not one thing, it's another. You know, recently my mom had a stroke and she went in the hospital and I'm like Oh mom, you know of all the times the going to hospital. You go in the hospital when there's a plague and she's like, you know what, I feel safe. She's loving it. She's on Rehab, she likes the food they make, they make her bed every day. She's loving it. She's getting away from it all. It's like a little vacation and if you're going to get sick, we're better to get sick than the hospital, even though the hospital is one of the leading causes of death in my family. That is correct. Always somebody checking out after they check in. So a lot of times, you know, I get I'm in hospital. To like I just makes me too nervous. Like don't you want to get better? I'm like yeah, I want to get better, I just don't want to die. So there is that. I'm trying to think of. The last time I was there, the last time I went to seek got out help, was the flu. I had the eagles when the Super Bowl flew, that's right, and I didn't go to the hospital. I went to the urgent care and they swabbed me and told me I had the type to and go home and get some rest and know, by the way, here's some z packs. Have a nice day. I definitely have to agree with... there. The twenties. Definitely, we're the best, the classiest, the most elegant, and all those cars, they were definitely the definitely something that would make me go sploosh. And there we go. Question Number Five. What is something that you like to do? If that, other people would probably consider weird if they knew one of my favorite things to do. That other people would consider weird and actually I do it. So I have gotten some feedback on this already. Said, I whistle without actually whistling. I just sort of blow the notes. Yeah, somebody's going to edit that together later when I'm saying I just gonna blow, but sort of goes like there's a little whistling going on there, I must admit. But basically, people a lot of times hear that and they're like, are you okay? Sounds like you're hyperventilating, and I'm like, knock, actually, that's a I realize what it's from. Learn it from my dad, so thanks dad. He also does this, and the reason why we do this is to not get yelled at for whistling in the House because my grandmother, his mother, hated it really funny. I remember that once upon a time at the kids were doing this school play for the holidays and one of the kids as parents were complaining that he was driving them crazy because he was walking around a house whistling all the time. And turned out he was. Turned out he was such a good whistler because he had this big gap in his teeth now because one of his front teeth had followed out, and he was a whistling king. He was whistling I Anton Day and he was driving them crazy. So we decided for the holiday show that he was going to whistle. That was going to be his act, and we gave him a very complicated sort of Sonata and wrote it, you know, wrote it down on paper the best we could for him to pretend he could read it, even though he's sort of whistling along with a record, and it was great. He just whistled and whistled and after that he was all whistled out. After all the practicing and the pressure of having to whistle on q and on key, he was broken of his whistling habit. So I don't actually whistle. I just sort of purse my lips and make weird little blowing sounds that people think I'm hyperventilating, but that's the one thing I do that other people definitely consider to be weird. Question Number six, what is your favorite color and can you associate it with a cartoon character? My favorite color is definitely purple and associating that color with a cartoon character, and I guess I can think of a couple things. I know Batman's cow and the TV show he was purple and great ape was definitely purple. Was He great great ape, and just remember a giant per blape and race cars. HMM, I'm not sure. For me I really love all the sky blue colors. Like if I had to associate it with a cartoon character, I would definitely do fin of adventure time and I just I love that color. I also love this show. I believe it's on Netflix or whole it's on one of those two. I'm definitely going to start re watching it from the beginning. Did you know that in their seasons there was like one season where they had like fifty two episodes? I could be wrong, it could be two seasons. I had fifty two episodes, but that is damn amazing. But I do love the blues.

I love the bluetones completely. Question number seven, and this one's one of my favorites, and I actually ask this the pretty much everybody. How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck, could Chuck Wood? But no, here's a clever question. BEAUT's trying to trip me up. How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck? Would? Well, you and I both know would. Chucks do not Chuck Wood. That's beavers. I think wood chucks chuck dirt. They might dig under it a woodpile, but I think they're groundhogs, which is also what Pusa, Tawny Phil Is. So this little buggers should be chucking wood instead of predicting what the weather is going to be because of not doing a pretty good enough job out of it. And yet I guess if you see a popular car insurance commercial that's on TV, those wood chucks are going going for it. But did a little google search, you know, check your science, and you'll find out that wood chucks do not even chuck. Would so that's a trick question. It's like see, she sells seashells by the seashore. How much does she charge? All right, beauty back at you with the tongue twisters. I think that's enough of that question number seven. Moving right along number eight, inquiring minds want to know would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you need to sneeze? Well, during the COVID nineteen, it be okay to feel like you're going to sneeze as long as you weren't going to sneeze, because I think if you were Hickey uping all the time, eventually you wouldn't be able to eat, you'd become malnourished and you would you would waste away because hiccuping too much it just can't be too good for you. So, you know what, I'm going to pull a bullber here and I am going to check the effects of long term hiccups, because I gotta know. I just think hiccupping forever and ever Amen would be bad. All right, long term hiccup being is damaging or irritating of the the what is that? The vaguest nerve and the frenick nerve, which affected diaphragm muscles. And let's see, are their long term effects. It's just like long term effects, like they are things that cause the chronic kickups. So you know, basically, ha having the chronic kickups could meet these things. It doesn't sound like you want to have any of them. All right, so we're going to go for the tickle and then nose. That feels like I'm going to sneeze, but I don't sneeze because some of the illnesses for which continuing here gus maybe a symptom, include pluricy of the diaphragm, pneumonia, your remia, alcoholism, disorders of the stomach, Orisoph I, guess, and Bowel Diseases. So I would say feel like I'm going to sneeze over over hiccups any old day. All Right, thanks for asking question number nine. What's your favorite kind of boom and why do you prefer the left boom? The right boom? Are Both? I mean, I personally choose in between because it's nice and warm. They're oh wait, this is beast question and I also had to throw in boom. Moving right along. Well, I'm surprised it took till question number nine for... to ask a question about boobs. And if you haven't listened to our boob show, best of our bits, which is magic number ten, I think, because my short term memory is so awful. But what's my favorite kind of Boob? Well, hell, let me tell you this about that. This could be none one of those trick questions where the book means a fool, but I think in this instance she means a woman's breasts and, depending on who's listening, my favorite ones right now are the ones I'm married to. That's right, left and right. I'm no fool or BOOB and as a result of that I'm happy. And otherwise I like them all in general. I like the ones on diva's when they're wrestling. I love the under boob style. That's right. See that under cleavage there, and it goes with the yoga pants really good, ladies. So if you're out there in in stay at home and you're doing some kind of ticktock videos, please send me a lank if you're doing the under cleavage and Yoga Pants thing. Okay, okay, so I guess we can wrap this up here, you know, with question number ten. And question number ten is, do you have any guilty pleasures? And yes, of course. Again number ten, and I think everybody wants to know this. Do you have any guilty pleasures? The biography of the beast continued? Well, I I mean I well, my biggest guilty pleasure is that late at night, after everybody's asleep, I turn on the television set and I seek out old reruns of the friends television show featuring Jennifer Aniston. Do you know, any show that's about her is about me, especially if it's about midnight. That's right, that's when I'm flicking through the channels looking for her. Sometimes I only make it through the titles if she's not actually featured in the episode, because, you know, the rest of the casts are fine by me, but Jennifer Aniston on friends, it's might guilty pleasure. Now then, as we stay at home and keep working at home, I hope everybody out there has an opportunity to create their own podcast or make a tick tock video or, heck, go on facebook live. Why not? Pretty soon they'll all fade into the background again as we're allowed to congregate in significant numbers. Do you think that will happen in May or June? Is Summer canceled? I don't know. I do know that the ice cream store next door to the air be and be I'm currently in until I ditch this little town, is selling ice cream. Sold ice cream last weekend and that did a pretty good job of it, with the social distancing and then and the little lines on the floor and the people staying apart and the arrows pointing this way and the exit over here. So, folks, if you need that ice cream, that soft serve,... need someone out a water eyes and you maybe take home some water ice and some soft serve and make your own gelato at home, some mango water eyes and Vanilla soft serve. That's one of my favorites. I also like double chocolate, like you could chocolate water ice and chocolate soft serve. That's a chocolate lovers dream, and you can triple chocolate it and by asking them to pour chocolate syrup on the top of it. And that's what summer means to me. That's right, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It's the three C combination. Very good for for what ails you. So sending it back to beauty, I don't know what's happening. Kind of losing control. One day without my laptop and it felt like the world was going to end. Yes, I still had my phone, but being without tach kind of sucked. You can't work from home if you're having trouble with your tag. So treat your Tech Nice, wipe your tech off, keep your tech happy. I recommend it. and May all your Internet connections be strong, be excellent, not just very good, not poor. That's right. Now we're all depending on the freaking exfinity, comcast, whatever your Internet provider, more than ever. More than ever, your Internet connection is important. It's vital to communicate with the world around you, and not just your selfies, with your toilet paper. That's right. In important stuff too. So hanging there, everybody. It's been a pleasure talking to you again on this fabulous semi biographical episode of beauty and the beast show. Ten questions. Thanks for listening. This is the beast. Well, looks like we're out of time here, but remember, send us some hate mail, send us some like now, send us something to read. He got a comment. He got some artwork that you want to be promoted. Let us know. We will pretty much promote anything, so send it our way. Digital is fine. Just keep it coming in. That's beauty in the beast. Sixty nine at GMAILCOM and we will see you next week. I'm beauty and I'm the beast. EWWAT SHOWCOM.

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