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Episode 23 · 2 years ago

Episode 23 - DEATH


Episode 23 - DEATH

Welcome to the 23rd episode of Beauty and the Beast - DEATH and learn more about Beauty and the Beast as we discuss death in a comical way.

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Coming to you almost live from lakeside. I'm beauty and I'm the beast and welcome back to another episode. Today is episode number twenty. Three, two, three, two and three. The way. Try to add here, because we can't do that shit. So, anyway, it's two equal five, seven, when I fucking say it does. Yet does. That's right down a youtube pass for because the new school of thought is equals five. Yeah, we don't do that shit here. We don't. Sorry if you can't add a regular numbers without having a weird ass beast and then going to Mars the multiply. Yeah, no, no, but what if the nation did some day say hey, you know what, touplost toll does equal five, and if you don't believe that, then we're going to hunt you down as old school for thought. Exactly you adjustin? I'm adjusting, damn it. I got a fool with the KNOBS. Yeah, well, we talked about that last week. We did a lot of influt from people and one said he would never listen to our show again as I don't it took. Why don't you fucking tell me that shows ago. I know right in all right, losing listeners, that's my kind of show. I believe you talk about stupid shit like that and like, well, which show did you listen to? Riar? That wasn't shit. I know exactly. It's like, this is our podcast. It's like we were talking about stupid shit until the cows come home. Pretty Smart People, you know, and the smart you are, the more after you are to talk about stupid shit because the Oh, I already did this bit. Yeah, we are. We're going to skip that phone. Well, skip that bar. Let's go rewind the tape and play a previous episode. I think I talked about although I don't think our listeners are listening to us when we say you know best if the volume is turned down, when Ye Think, oh, yes, exactly, see, then you would get our show. And then he pocus in space and fucking aliens come and destroy the planet Nice, which is our subject today. What is our subject today? Today's subject is Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, death, Dad, dad, and then it's back. There's a Furbi sitting over here now for three fucking weeks and that's dead as a door nail as of the battery, and in a decade probably. Or does it? I don't think it ever came with one. It just started talking on its own. There you got satanic furbies. That's why they took them off the shelf. That's why six sixty six is tattooed on his ass. And it's best when they were like lose power, three am and tall. Yeah, and all the guys walk into those all haunted house, they come across an old toy and it still has a little life left and it scares the shit out of them. It's awesome, my kind of to a dog when they just flee, it's like, dude, it's a dead battery and an old toy. Idiot. Although if one of them spoke clear and it was like yeah, get the hell out there, to get the hell that can't be good. That gave me Mike Tyson hugging that Annabelle dollar. She looks scared. WHOA, yeah, you crush your little fucking wooden head. Of course that's not the real Annabelle doll. I guess the Real Annabelle Doll is locked up in Connecticut at the Warren's House, and that would actually looks like when the old raggedy Ann Dolls God. So they pretty much made a new doll for the you know, for the whole series and everything. So, Yep, yeah, well, those dolls kill a lot of people. They're responsible for a lot of deaths in America, haunted toys and demonically...

...possessed dolls. Right, he's got to be snage of it. And one of the reasons we're talking about death is because we're surrounded by with the pandemic that is continuing and we don't know what to make of it. Is it real? Is it fake? Of course it's real, but when will it go away? Is My question. The day is coming. He is here. Why can't wet all stupid people faster? They say that was designed, like it wasn't designed well enough. The stupid people are still alive. Yeah, I thought most of those people would have injected the bleach and then that would have gotten rid of them. Is that? Yeah, right, exactly. A little bit in a time. You know, and I was thinking it, all these protesters and everything like that. Nobody's wearing a mask. No one's wearing a mask. So do they get weeded out? Well, they're more easily identified. That's at least that part of it. So they get weeded out in the after in the aftermath to hear about that woman. That one woman got busted. She said a car on fire and they traced her through her custom design etsy t shirt. Nice, Nice mass plus the good review. Another had another looter. I actually had her car out in front of one of the stores and they got her license plate because she's gone back and forth loading up, you know, massive hangers and boxes of stuff into her car. It's like, dude, don't part at the crime scene. Yeah, what, though? When that when I'll send down the aliens come and kill half the population. They're going to keep the stupid people, unfortunately, although I figured, you know, that's why aliens haven't come and visited planet earth, because there are too ma stupid people. They're waiting for some one person at least, to hit this certain number in the Iq test and they then the invasion begins. Like dinging me where. They were recruiting you through a video game. Hit a certain score in the portal opened. Yeah, that's like. So the one thing about the one thing about death is it's inevitable, but taxes are not. So they say everything death and taxes. That bullshit. Bullshit, folks. Now I'm quite frankly, to part. I don't know about being buried like in New Jersey? Will they still charges property taxes for that? RAIN RUN OFF TAXES? Yeah, and then I'm going to charge a visitor tax for everybody comes to your grave. Now, I know, like a if in earthworm tax down there are down on us, right, all the worms and stuff, you know, and they probably have your hair still growing tax and your fingernails and toenails are still growing tasks because we're like webcams and they can so they can monitor that. Dead Cams, Dead Cams, there you go. Well, the water run off thing, they just estimate that, you know, by the size of your coffin and your plot. Yeah, I would like to have a mausoleum. Would a pinball machine and a wet bar and maybe a jukebox. Oh, hell yeah, coming party of over my ass. That's right. Hell Yeah, Arne would be there with my ashes. You could dump the mountain, use it as a cocktail lucker and we gray have a dead teeny. And Yeah, Musclatini. Oh, there you go. Would you make that? I it's all clear. You got. Well, I guess you could have a generator, you know, one of the eppy human powers, if you did want to come and play pinball. Somebody else had to sit on the damn bicycle and then peddle it for a while. Just what solar panels in we'll just astoleum. This is are expensive as hell. Yeah, yeah, you can't win, either you're under or above and it's still costing money. And that perpetual cares joke, ha ha. I've been there. They him take care of Shit at that separy no, baby away, never coming to get visited, so they don't fucking care. In the Getto the other day that guys were doing a spoof and they pretended like the check in clear, so they threw the body out of the car. Jeez. What didn't realize it was that it all started to take place right in front of an actual funeral home. So the funeral director came outside. You get the fuck out of here, man who think good for business, like, Oh shit, we're really out of money. Hit the Roan Right. Funeral Directors, man, oh my gosh, that is one business to get into. I remember going to my career night at high school and that funeral director drove a Rolls Royce and had a gold pinky ring and were threezero dollars. Suit talk very softly, and he told me that empathy was a funeral director's greatest asset.

Yeah, baby, and they all talk like that, to talk, they talk so offt I mean I guess a lot of the funeral homes like they have the embalmbing there as well. Oh, yeah, and like you stay there, and I guess if you inhale enough of it, like it just put you to put you in that calm state. You know what it is? Maybe there's nothing fluid. Yeah, you know, cheaper than crack. And I was the sad axis to it. Made it two bodies. That could be it too, I mean whacked. You know, I maybe they're down there and chopping up some of the actions and snorting them. Yeah, I just snore to some grandma. Yeah, tell GRANDPA mothballs Yummy. Yeah, smell the pedigree. And what if there was like what if you could get off on dead bodies? Only Shit? Oh my gosh. Well, I mean there's some, there's necrophilias. So, I mean why not? That's kind to be a small percentage, though, of people into that, as opposed to people who want to get whacked out on drugs. And Yeah, that's true. Pot and I know I want to fuck a corpse over. Will you go do that? We we're e gonna go over smoker hanging out. We got the rotisserie up. Body corpses some Calli go fired up. Maybe I can understand, like if a woman was like a NECROPHILIAC, because she definitely needs something stiff, but I think no, cold assis most of the time anyway. You know, if you're really into that, you might as well just get a girl, put her in an iced bathroom an hour and she's alive, and then sell her kidneys and other parts on the black market. Wait, can I see black market? Is it just the market now? Is it just? Is it? HMM, it's interesting. Yeah, that's brings up some question. The alternative market's right, the holly parts. This is dark web shit, and you're not into that. I don't know how the hell we go from dildos to death, but what the Hell, you know? But the de Jesus Christ, that's easy one. Under D Yes d deaf by dildo. There you got. There you go. There's a subject that might appeal to beauty. I'm I'm pretty sure that's happened before, like that good old shock, you know, just gets your right up in there and paralyzed as the hell out of you and wow, you know what you are done? Damn. Really, dildos actually electrocuted their users. He probably probably proberty. Did they did? Wasn't that like some kind of therapy? Like dildos and stuff like that came out as therapy for women, something like that. I can't remember what it was, but yeah, like before that, like they were like made out of wood. woulden. Holy Crap. Could you imagine getting a splinter on one of those suckers? Yeah, Holy Crap, past the elmers glue, you know, like this. I think it was actually a guy in my my family, who died death by Dildo because he was bludgeoned with one. was actually inserted. Bam. They had the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah, that that you can do, that being the wrong place of the rock time. That's right, death by Dildo, by Dildo. Not Today, I'm in the wrong place. That'd be great. A bitchuary. Well, yes, Little Johnny Smith, yeah, died from a dildo accident. He was caught cheating. He got sad to death several times. That will the Dildo his eyes out first. Well, I think there's been match I've got to be one sharp ass Dildo to actually, you know, penetrate skin. So I dial was like wing rock style first and then, as a result of his injuries, later died. Right now beauty is pretending to shove a dildo through someone's chest. I think I'd be a little bit more forceful than that, you know. But as I actually thinking of this, one really weird movie, like I'm no longer allowed to pick out the movies that we watch, because the last one I picked out was there there was this dude in a bunny sue. It was called Easter Bunny, kill, kill or something like that, or kill, kill bunny, like one of those things, and it literally the guy was killing and like had like this big Dildo that came up through his you know, costume or whatever, and he was beating...

...people to death with the dildo. It's like what any was Savin? Okay, he was a Savin Um. He was beating him. Yeah, I know, I know my death by Dildo and I'll make fashion beat down be yeah, off beat. Something meats and, let's face and they got all the other those dildos were designed for therapy. Like yeah, two girls done at the same time while the doctors watched. Was Therapy for them. That's right. Like I said, could you imagine like the wooden ones like at first, and then they had, you know, the ones that plugged into the wall. I mean that's we're probably people got electrocuted, yes, electro shock, they're and peace shouldn't have been sleeping in the metal bed. I know, right, but I think so. The part of the reason I wanted to talk about this subject was because I experienced it just last week, where I had these stroke like symptoms, which is okay. You know, it was like the biggest head rush ever had my own fucking life, but at the same time I was driving like seventy miles an hour in a parkway and certainly could have taken somebody else out. Now the things I noticed was I was driving my sports car, not my Cadillac, and there's no way I'm domain a will that sports car had, not my Cadillac. And second of all, when death fine, it was really I thought I was going to die. I screamed out this is it and there's no way I'm going down screaming out some Kenny loggin's fucking song. Okay, I'm coming for you, Elizabeth, I'M gonna I turned into friend stamper out and about you, but turned in the Fred Stamford. Why could she grabs it towards that? She was weaned on that. Exactly right. Like im come before you, lizab yeah, I will. I was watching some friend lately because there was basically a new special. They were released, and he did say some funny ass shit, that's for sure. But in the in San Fernacn that was like death by clutter, you know, like the original hoarders. Yeah, we're man like, oh my Gosh, oh, I just found a new television show like with hoarders and things like that. I think it's called like this hot mess and it's legit organizing for hoarders. I was like what it sounds like. Well, there goes my whole afternoon. I'm intrigued. Now. Some words have died being crushed by their hoard yeah, and that's when he'll over. Lad. That is one hell of a way to go. Yeah, I mean, do you want to be crushed by newspapers from like one thousand nineteen ten, or mixers from one thousand nine thirty and some woman sitting in my fucking face and not Karen, that would be did waited at that was what was that safe word again? What mine? That? Yeah, why not? Way Worse ways to go, I know, right, but wow, it's like snap my neck and call me pretty that, man, I'm there for that one. But me down. But man, baring like going through your little fucking horder trail and your fucket trailer the middle of nowhere, and you know you Jerry Lee Lewis Album you had since nineteenndre fucking fifty two, pausing, a big stack and death by Vinyl Record, Oh my God. And then they're picking around your corpse looking for the good shit. The know, right. Got Any Andy Warhol covers in there? Uncle Harry's dead, Jose respect? Fuck that. This is one of them gun COLLECTI here. We gotta get them out of here, we gotta get in here. Yeah, got clean them up, we gotta get them out. Let's go. You know you're in the comics at all? I don't know. Yes, the true story of the Mile High Collection. Of you ever heard about the mile high den for collection, one of the biggest fines and history. Comic Books helped actually define the prices of comics, and what it was was a guy who basically was in the industry, in the fledgling part of it, and he just love comic books and he was an adult and he collected them emphatically, and his family hated the fact that such a successful man was wasting all his money on comic books and not on them. So when as soon as he went in a hospital, they started fucking selling his collection by the truck load. That's right, he wasn't even dead yet. DOUCHEBAG. Yeah, that's why I say reach a comics folks, play your records, play with your toys. Yes, some day you'll be dead and...

...your relatives will be fucking selling it. Yes, we'll be either selling it or fighting over it. And, yeah, the money going to fucking vacation, to Disney world and able to taken you in a first place. Yes, and then all on top of that. So you end up living, you get out the hospital, you're like, dude, where's my stellars? This shit, where to go? where? Imagine the animos that that creates after the fact. Come on, it's like, where's my priceless collection of cow books? Well, we got ten bucks for it from some guy. Go Up. Oh you know what else? The Guy Really he says that he was unable to take the whole collection and in fact, when he went back finally with a truck, he found massive amounts of it just in the trash, including original drawings. That's how vindictive those bitches were. Wow, world, dude, who all I wanted to do is Collick, comic books man. That that that's a WHO. That who. that. I got digest that for a minute. Wow, that's exactly was my intention. Ha Ha, he got me. There he got I'm come for you, Elizabeth, I'm coming for you, and that's the other I'm gool thought is it's no one's ever left me anything. Have you ever gotten some huge inheritance from someone just out of the blue, like you see in the movies? Nope, I'm probably going to end up with a trailer full crap. But yeah, no, know nothing yet. Nothing to ask me when he dies what I want, I said. Whoo, yeah, what you got, brother? How about your pets? I'll take your pets so you don't have to worry. If you want to have pets right up to the day you're checking out, I will adopt your your death pets. I might change your fucking names out of creepy fucking Shit, more a bund and you know, definitely going to call one of the Dogs Satan. Ever had a Satan dog? Like here, Satan, right here, boy, here's Satan. Here, seems Satan. Yeah, he's got his fangs of my ass. If you had to aftergo they if you had two dogs, I would need one God and one seat just for the elder times. That's really hell's hell out it like? Have you seen like that, boys at the right age, when it's transitioning from Halloween and Christmas and they're battling in the night? Yes, right, like elves against transformers, right between your thighs. At last. I'm gonna a week before remember. Now I can't either. I'm actually learning how play the transformers theme on my new UKULELE. So, yeah, that's where I'm at. That's where he's. The old one he had out down by now. I like the new one. You haven't seen the new one yet. It's actually fiber glass. It's really bitching. It's like we want to be come on, you're not going to make you know you're not gonna be able to kill someone. Remember that. Hell, yeah, he'll cab on. I'll come smashing with a guitar. Yeah, would be dead. You would be you. And I watched him kid like I'm gonna Smash My head with my guitar. Yeah, it's like those deaths in the a team when it when the truck rolls over twenty times, person to flay. Hey, the guy got out, no problem, he's a lot. Well, that's not death. Crash in the mountain. Hey, they got out, say they got out. says. They come walking around the corner, you know, not being yep, yeah, that's right. Like what? That's not realistic? Come on, I guess it's. We're all those CSI shows come in now. Everybody that didn't die like in the S S and part of the s are all dying now on TV show. So they have all these you know, CSI and unsolved mysteries and all that kind of stuff. And a problem is in the TV shows, even after you are dead, they can still use your sorry ass fucking digital face on anyway they see fair. They did to Lawrence Olivier, chilling hamburger for Burger King. It's this digital goes the poor guy, making him worth wherever a net a fucking Burger King Burger. I know Alec Ginness. Can I have some Frolis with that? That's right, he's still alive. It is at all late, enhanced coming at you, HD Terminator Twenty Seven. I'm still alive. It's two thousand and ninety two and he's still fucking alive. Side away his soul and perpetuity with universal broadcasting. Right, wait, I thought Disney owned everything. Now everything? That's right. Yes, whether you're dead or alive, you...

...are working. You see us a by like smash mouth make a resurgence because Disney said you're not done yet. Like, get out, they're putting on a concert. Yep, Oh God, we haven't performed in a decade. We're still under contract. Shit, it's like we're bringing you back. You were braining. It's called contractual obligations. Ah, read the fine, fine, must make this fine, fine, fine, fine, fine brain for sanity clause. Yes, exactly, sanity class not since breakfast got goes back to like one thousand nine thirty, I guess. At this point is that would have marks brothers made those movies. I'm surprised they haven't digitals, digitalize them and everything. Right now, I'm supposed I haven't cleaned up, but chicoes accent. That racist to talk like that like you and that Dalliab's no sanity clause the balls. I gonna clean that shit up right. Just got rid of the golden girls and wearing mud packs. Oh my gosh, wow. And once again, folks, if you would just let this old shit go away with go die off on its own. But no, you know, they, they, they'll. You know, these people are very shrewd, these media people. You know, let's ban that rate, that episode where they were in mud packs. That's black place. You know, it's free fucking press. WE'RE gonna get out of this. is a golden girl DVD's are flying off the SHOLF. Oh my God. And if you act now, you can get it all grass. Only one left, the only get a poster of them, and they're fucking mud packs. I know, right, leave it alone and remember when. Remember when this wasn't racist. Not It. Not that. It is that to me. This is this was what would signify of that golden girls scene was racist. Okay, are you ready? Yes, they would put on the mud packs and then they start talking like they're in a fucking Amos and Andy Radio show. Wow, yes, exactly. That would be it that. I remember hearing anybody say that? No, exactly, that. It isn't, Banjos. Oh Man, I didn't hear the love the show. Remember seeing any of that? Yes, now, now, you not that. But no, yeah, when it makes sense exactly exactly, like exactly, leave it alone. Leave at this stupid shit. We're really it's just an effort to not really have to do anything about the real shit. Exactly. It's pretty much, you know, death the entertainment. We've killed this week. Our foot's gone away. We took away the confederate flag, off the DUKES. I have and car, and now we've eliminated the golden girls and mud pass smooth fucking rock plupso look through the roof. All right. But if it's like legit, like the market is for all this stuff, that's doing the stuff to sell more stuff. fucking stupid shit show. Gotta be a real show, exactly like goddles we own in here. Let's, you know, truckful. Is this all right? Next week? That's right, got right, a little rascal motherfuckers. Man, that show is classic. I love that. But the thing is everything seems to be having out on your point of view, like I watch yes when I was young and I never realized that they were anything other than a game. They kids having fun rather exactly. I see some stuff case dimy. Sometimes it kind of cross, but generally speaking, it seemed like they were all on equal term. Yeah, they all were. They all had their quirkiness today, each and every one of them, and no one subjugates that episence. Timon, pick that up. Yeah, I know right. Nobody did. Like they were just kids having supposed to the ball. He's cleaning the stall, like. No, no, they all had household chores. None of them was any better than the other one. They were exactly a bunch of kids having fun. But of course that's it. No, now we're just that's just because we're looking at it with fun. Nostalgia's obviously racist. Is Fuck welcome to the beauty and the beast, racist Shit dinoshouses. It Ain't be dying in like any of your favorite shows. No, because I know people game of thrones like they would. They would be so into it that somebody would die. Oh, also walking dead. You know, don't kill off this character her. I won't watch anymore. I know right, like, get over here. Okay, get over it, man, over it. Real people are dropping dead all around... You haven't seen your grandmother fucking ten years. But Hey, hey, why go glands walking? Then I'm never fucking watching and I'm watching a letter campaign, I know right, and they're like wwgd he know what would then? Do? What like really like, really looks game of Throng, exactly fucking like wars going on in families just over that. It's like, Dude. I think that's why one day, one Christmas, my father gave us all television sets. So at any given time there were four television sets all tuned to the same fucking program four different rooms, boor different people watching. Now my dad never thought, hey, maybe I got one big ASS fucking TV for us all to watch together. Na, I was fine with him. Hey, go go off and you watch TV the fuck out of here. Thanks, Dad. That's how it goes. And it starts exactly like you're watching the same show next to your brother and then next thing you know you haven't talked to him for twenty fucking here now everybody sits on their cell phone right next to each other watching the same thing. You have like a seventy inch TV downstairs and nothing cell phone. That's got to be a real all. It's like, all right, there they I'll realize you're smart. TV is that? He like hit button and it just goes right to the TV in I still like the holding a battery lit that class to your head. Yeah, all day, I know. It's like. I just also see few. You know, our evolution. We're gonna have these little tiny thumbs so we can text that, or longer fingers. Damn for the looking at the fucking phone all day long. It's like me, I'm walking with it like straight out. I'm like, yeah, if I'M gonna die, I'm gonna do it good. You know, died on the phone. That's that's yes, poumon. Yeah, I know, right this way. Oh, look, you fucking Bob this. It's not bad enough. You killed yourself by accident. You did it. What fucking kids to an adult are? You walked in the traffic on a whisper. Was gonna fuck. What the fuck? Oh, look, we could you. Let's go, let's go get let's go get you right, look at the chars are, dude, that's a major highway. I don't give a fuck. It's a fucking jars are. I thought you gonna catch out. It should be as flat as ours. Black drive. His phone just caught a fucking chars are he's at the call nine hundred and one one. What transferred over, transferring what? He's dead. He's dead. It's alays. He's Dad. But if we had he's a nice charge on. It's a shiny wow, get it. We had to get OKT catch them all. It's caught one. Welcome to this century. Yeah, about Irdy by the end of the show with the Pokemono, but that's what it all comes down as. Iron the best, you know. Yes, and it's also cool the people who die because they try. They tried to prevent something from happening, and it's something I was fucking happen to right, but all this time doing one thing and then, but like the people that exercise and he kill all the time, they walk out of the building and get smashed by a piano. Yes, my uncle died of smoking Cuz he got hit by bus trying to let a cigarette. Yeah, to when it's your when it's your time, it's your time. When your time? That's his time. Yep, that was his time. Time. Is it adventure time? Oh, definitely. People Literature. I've ever cheated death and at the same time, how long do you want to live anyway? Okay, because, let's face as, you get so point where, what do you fucking do another than sitting in a chair? Whatkay, what are you doing? Sitting on a chair watching olden girls and fucking mud pack going this is rises. I'm a hunderd and ten. Get over it. I haven't gotten laid four fucking five decades, you know, but I watch every fucking golden girls. Hell yeahs island. At one episode is just by the opening bars of the theme music. They're oh, this is the one where gilloking in now builds the well. That's the one where he bangs Ginger and Mary Anne in a three way. Then they murdered the professor and barries body on the other side of the island. Let's just grin of the skipper secretly banging Mrs How wow, Mr how watches because he...

...had a video camera. It's suitcase like a speck. Then it was super eight, and so probably Super Eight on the Sun. You get fun, get off the island. They all pioneer the porn industry. Hell yeah, house, he's the one of you banging Marya and oh good, Anya. Mr Oh, look at the one. That ginger. The carpet does match the dreams lighting, Mr how never seen sun was perfect that day. Good thing the professor made us a Sundial. It's a drunken sailor when, yeah, hard on and he falls over on his back and everybody uses them as a sun dial. Hmm Right, well, yeah, talk about the other day. Tells and poker. Have a sex tell. I don't have a death tell yet, but I see, I see something that I get showed out. My smell like I can't control it, no matter who's that, who's in the room or who I'm sitting next to. Include my lovely Brit of course, being married for fucking thirty one years, she knows this tell inside out. Such the what the Fuck is wrong with you? Like, Oh my God, stockings on the back of a horse, don't you when Shiv it out was mine. I know you're into that Shit. Hell, yeah, trouble fucking control the guy think I was. Yeah, you know who has born with Fox, with sex eyes, poor and eyes like every poor eyes and everything I see turns to poor. It's great, let's take those glasses off, bitch. How is what it's a little funky there. I'm gonna come, I'm gonna play animal, you know, crossing. Come to your island and we gotta get Kinky. Yeah, I got no fucking animal crossing island. Close down on that one night. We were talking about this earlier, like well, I feel bad for all the meweeze out there, we me's. He spent all this time making them. Now they're just in some cyber hell hoping you'll come back and play with your weed please. There's Tenzero of us in your fucking console. We trap you there. We Shad you know, it's more fun that way. Just like everybody that's associated all my island right now. They try to leave and I'm like, well, please, don't go, and then once they said, Oh, you really want me here, oh that's great, I'll stay, and I'm like ha ha, the plan is working. You're never getting off my eyeland. He's on your island. I haven't figured it out yet. I'm sure that you can. I'm sure that I want to pin one up. I want to wallows. Had to kill people on my island and Animal Cross yes, yeah, some hacker skills. This is not a twisting the fruit. EAT IT, eat it, don't you sit on the toilet. If she said on that's Wilet, it will come out of you. Do not sit on toilet. If you eat and fruit, you gotta take all the toils away so that are all running around full of fucking fruit. Oh my God, stuck in their cold. That's you hate when the happens that. Oh, that sounds pretty canky. Pineapple in the cold, wooden as a handle on it right here. Much I learned last week. I want to die from a fucking pineapple up your ass because it's never handle on it. Yeah, no, don't do that. It don't. You didn't die from the pineapple. He died a fucking embarrassment. It's like, and I think the leaves that's brought out from the pineapple. I think they make a good handle. I mean they can. Well, they must tickle, though, like sure, I'm sorry, I think does not include extracting pineapples from your ass. You're gonna have to live with it. Yet, and passing a pineapple like passing a baby. Yeah, he's another guy down the blog wather fucking he's got the rest of the Margharita. Just gonna rum. Got The pineapple. Hey, anybody have to kind of cooking up on your ass. Oh yeah, we make some good stuff, making pin Colo. Who Ask? Cool, honest ass, you're just gonna say. I ask. Hell breakfast, but beauty. My favorite catchphrases the hell yeah, yeah, I was surprised... hear that the people we were you know, the show, the people who were kind enough to allow you to mention their name and drop their links, aren't currently suing us. Know, they like. I mean if there's people like with Kinky stuff and in the adult toy business and you want to shout out, you know, some free stuff, you know, like free advertising. There we go. I lost my train of thought, which is common, but you want to throw them out there, it's like Bam, they're like happy, though. I like her. If we gotta Mench wiling touch the surface of all the sexual things we can be talking about and the blowbyblow accounts with the spread them out through quarantine, we've just reads got new stories do. That's a good not just dredging up all memories. Like you masturbate in the hospital last week. I think get a bit of a Bonner and during the ultrasound today, though. But Oh nice, hottie. You know, first thing in the morning, some girl in a dark room is spreading Lubri kints on you. Hey, move. Yeah, happy today, because I was after the one nurse was telling me to stay six feet back at all times. I pick up like out of the hell? Is that going to work? And we feel really good about myself. Six foot cock extension. You know, I told you I have porn eyes for thinking. Shares across the H off easy to get around, like by sex death. Think a lot of guys probably do have sex. That they do. They probably have a heart attacks stroke. Oh Yeah, I would love to go out that way. See, you'll do yep, me, heart attack right, perfectly. Die was one of those Seattle Sinya and fucking funeral rectors. Like how do you get rid of this hard on? Like we're gonna have to saw it off, never going now. That is song it off, or they just duck. Take it back on your stomach, little bold in your pants. There's tucking in. That's yeah, yeah, I saw that fucking thing off. You got here. You we park our bike. When they bury here, you don't even need a cough and you just take them by the handle. I gotta handle. GRANDPA'S gonna come up harass. I heard of you can only do that stuff with things that have a handles. That is one hill of a way to go. Yes, yeah, with a mooner, with a boner, went with a boner. Hell, yeah, all the guys are yeah, you go, GRANDPA. Oh, how embarrassing. Oh my God, I can't believe he's relieved to us. Yeah, see, she's like before she was married into the family. So that you know. I yeah, little bit after grandma hit bet a pause us. Yep, man started banging all the sibs. Hell, yeah, like, how came we left? The aunt, Sadie, is entire state. Might know. I'm so she wouldn't tell everyone he was banging her. Imagine having to be the woman to make that call. After man has a heart attack, though, like, Oh shit, like, Um, married to John Jase Smith, forty. Did his wallet this conquer? That's that's my grandfather. How dare you? I have just killed your old man? Yeah, yeah, this face and he wouldn't eat it. The safe word? No, he didn't have a safe word, but definitely has a sticky. Yeah, that's got to be like the most awkward calling to explain that to the family. Well, you see, a lot of awkward calls people have to make after somebody dies, like especially, like in their bed. They're doing it. It's like, dude, I have an art attack when you're jerking off in the booth at the porno shot. Oh God, that has to be the worst. Yes, excuse me, I'm getting glory. What the fuck? Yeah, yea, our attack, the Amal nitrate thing. He's stuck in the glory halts on the extracted because his Dick's heart still imagine work in there. We got another stiffy dead with a stiffy he the crow bars gotta get we go. Okay, Goddamn it. Now we need to make a new glory ole. God, damn the porn shop. They got that Shit. I'll clean up tim and they have like they have like panels...

...of glory holes up against the wall, so they just bring it another one. Ever thought that how you might die, though? No, not really. Have you ever fantasized it about, you know, Firey Roller Coaster crash? First I have to be on a roller coaster and then I would be better than really seen my death or anything like that. Like I haven't like pictured it, like I just figured I probably got like with a heart attack or something. Okay, I mean, I don't have anything wrong with me yet. Driving a car, driving car, Oh gosh, that would be my lock, that would be my life. Fire and RSAC, I'm fire, roll coast, bearing the fiery merry around death. Oh, death by around, I'll come. He didn't get out of fucking America around. Thing's only gone two miles an hour and you're up to having gone. Well, I just look like I just didn't get off in time. That fucking Mary around burn. I got my my sneaker caught in a hoof horse. It goes up and down. Yes, yeah, you idiot. That would be one hell of a way to go to that next day. There's a brand new fucking merry around already up. Yep, yeah, black exactly, like in memory of it. List like nine hundred people. It's like the wall for like nine eleven or something like. What the what? What's going on at this park? What's going on across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge? Yes, Oh, if you stop in the middle there's a there's a little rest stop, their tourist thing, and there's a plaque on the wall there of all the guys who died building the bridge. They weren't collecting tolls and Nope, path fell on the water and drought, so you could drive across a file Cam Ridge Save yourself thirty minutes. Oh, wow, they they are. They are the toll. They are their tolls of their lives are decade the toll. That's a scary motherfucking bridge to drive across to in the nor Easter. Hello, God, I'm driving. You're driving basically on a line through the middle of water and wow, waves are crashing up over the side of the bridge and you're like, yeah, this is normal, this is normal, and normal will get over all. Yeah, over, we'll get over. Look, get over it. It was eighteen wheler up your ass. You like, Oh, and I from the bridge and I from the eighteen mealer from hot lamb in my break. MMM, yeah, are caddy back? Nobody fucks with the CADDY, even the Hummers, like you, go first, first, dry. Right, the fuck do your armor? Dude? Believe me, it has a crumple zone in my car does not. That's why it's like I missed my Lincoln town car. Yeah, that thing was a least exactly. It's like I was steel beams running down the side. Crappy yeah, except for whatever. First first accident, I got t bone and then finally they get that all fixed in everything and then, don't you know, like like not even three months later, I'm just driving down gone to the craft store, you know, my Nice Lincoln town car, everything was great on it. Bam Brewer and died. Totaled the car. Wow, tell the car and when? When she hit? When the person hit me? I just tapped the car in front of me. I did no damage to them, but it had to be a big enough impact because my front license plate ended up in the middle of the road. I just say the officer, I'm like, officer, can I get my license plate in the middle of the road? Sure which one is yours? God, Damn, God, Damn it sixty seven. Yeah, one. Now I rear ones and it did nothing. You are lucky. No, no, that car was built like that. Cadillac is built to take a back impact. It actually has little plastic inserts that look like part of the Fin, HMM, and the whole bumper, massive steel bumper, is on hydraulic pistons. Oh, we'll go in so that all you have to do is replace those two from plastic banks. Wow, while other cars are crump frunching. They just dicinigrate on the back of it. I'll tell you what I was driving. I had a I had a sixty eight fleet with Brown. Biggest car ever had. was like twenty four fucking feet long. Had footrested fold out of the back seat so that stretched legs out. It was great, one step below a limo and guy love that car. That car, big black car. We drove it in Halloween parades and one of my finest memories is coming on from the hospital with my son and when he was first born and having a picnic in the back of his car. And it's something big...

...a fucking lots. You could have picnics in it. But we were driving in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, through the corn fields in the fog and we basically went through a tea intersection, missed the stop sign. Lucky for us, no one's coming either way because it was a major highway, and the next thing you knew we were airborne. Well, flew off the edge of the road because the tea came to a cornfield. We flew through the air like in a movie, down like looking each other and in front of the car. It was probably a ten foot drop and we shot out in the darkness and then we see the top of the corn plants just boom, face first, grill first, into the ground and it comes as a set comes to US stop the bottom, the back end falls down the ground. We just look at each other. How you doing? I'm like I'm okay. How about you? I'm okay. So start the car up back on the road. Drove through. Well, we couldn't get back on a rope. Yeah, quarters of a mile before there was it was low enough to drive out of the corn feeling back on a highway and I got the car. Look at the car. No damage, except for the license plate was bent in half. Okay, otherwise I see no damage whatsoever. But we can drive up back to the intersection. There's like forty fucking cars looking for since people were Oh my God, we disappeared. We just drove as some way. I'm not talking it out. NOPE, embarrassing. We're live. We're all we're it. We're here with motherfucker that big like mine. You get driving to someone's house and just like hey, yeah, sorry and mean to crush your grandma at the dinner table unexpectedly. Death by CADDY. Definitely Daddy. I'll say that right on our tomb stent it death by Kaddy. I think that would be interesting, like if people like had those kind of deaths and it was put on their tombstones and be come to the cemetery a whole new feeling and story, you know, like how that one go? How that one go a little bit? We got some plague over here. Oh well, look at that. Oh my God, that would death bi can guys like I know that guy. I know that guy. There's a we were just at the cemetery Sunday because we're the only family around. So we take care of the plot and that's how I know this perpetual cares bullshit, because I was got to take care of fucking plots right. But the whole family's there's one giant, massive stone in the middle with the name and then everybody's graves around it, and but right next to it is a woman her head stones there, and the first time we came there was a quarter on it. Hmm, I thought I well, you know, maybe he dropped a court. Next time we come there's two quarters on it. So now every time we go we're out in quarters. Now there's got about for bucks worth to change on it out. Maybe wait until there's five bucks. I'm going to take a first quarterback. Maybe this is some strange savings plan for me. Guy. See, even for the plot next door, like with that quarter, we goes as like where's my chump change? I need to make a phoney water. Who took my arcade money? There? Four dies and seventy fives. Yeah, all right, it'll be haunted by that person. Here my money. Yeah, I know, like in Jewish cemetery's they put like rocks on their tombstones. I can't remember what that means, but it's something like spiritual and everything. So that's like, yeah, don't take the stones, don't take the stones on. Take my stone, you'll be possessed for life. Come and smash your head with it. Look Ironic, like took grandpas stone off his great and he came out of the grape and smash my head with it. Guy, now I gotta cover up the bump over there. You know, I'm on crack, just visualizing things.

Side business I always wanted to go into, which was handwoven yamacuse made from my back hair. You mean they don't have those yet? But Anyway, like a harvest, you gotta get that gone because you need your marketer to say hey, that's racist. We're gonna make a fortune or Harry back. Yamica, I'm so natural. Yep makes me sweat, though. Do you throw in the additional curls for the rabbis? The thought of that? She's you genius. I would go that far, but well, that was a genius thing to say, whether you are or not. Can you fucking pay a woman to compliment these days? Is Good idea. You know that I was a genius. Fuck that guy. That's harassment. Now I have to live up to a reputation that he foreseen. That's a fact. Fuck you, genius. Now I'm offended from your racist, yamacause genius remark. Wow, dare you say I'm smart. How dare you? I'm more than just smart. How dare you? Now the aliens will know where to come for me. Yeah, I have to hide that. I have a problem too, with my friends who are like one way and I accept me like this, and you're like, okay, fine, and then they want to change and you gotta go along for the ride. All of a sudden they're like, well, I'm working out and I mom. I'm very I'm like, okay, well, you never fucking cared about that before and I was supposed to not care about that before, but now that you care about that, am I supposed to still not care about it, or am I getting on the Caribat wagon and then when you fucking go back to your old ways that I don't care about it again? It's like fucking fuck you. Go Eat your Kale and see yourself about that building right there, the chase piana right there, and eat your Kale and get it by piano like normal people. And Death by piano. Who the hell's moving piano news these days anyway? You always here about like death by pianos by the side of the fucking round. Nobody wants a piano and I don't think him fit that my house. I know it's like. I think they only ever bought those up high enough, like when they're moving them in someplace because they know they're gonna break in, they're gonna kill someone. And it was a good dis yeah, more all across the country that some genius dad and mom said, yes, little Johnny's going to be a virtuoso, and he's like, I would rather be a crack addict mom and now the piano just sits there and there and he said he's trying to think of how he can hawk it to buy drugs. Just think are not very portable, so he has think about the window. You know, I was balcony. Johnny. When the fuck, why are you stealing mom and dad's piano going to get some crack money? I need some crack because I need to die a good way any side of the road, like Johnny didn't, Maj he's didn't make it down. He had a heart attack washing on piano to get crack. That's what happens. Want to classify? You'll see three piano must pick up. I probably could have a dozen or more fucking free pianos at this point. Not that I play the pianos. That's another thing. A piano collector and people have pianos in their homes that little johnny gave up on decades ago. And you know, Nash's covered with fucking pictures and shit and dust. Body uses it. It's like grandma's Crotch. It's like grand yeah, just like grandma's Crotch, covered with Dustin family food at the corners of her mind which which we kept in a box over here, which we got. Yes, there's always somebody, you're like, who died some tragic way and you know they were eaten by badgers after they accident actually rolled in of that a honey, and you make a joke about that. something. How this is out of the blue, like yeah, happened to me, that happen to my family. Fuck go right, you know, like it was tragically malled by badgers after falling about a honey. So fuck you. Comedy Sucks. Like this guy over here on...

...them their radio waves here, but talking about my GRANDPA. You got malled to death by badness. My Grandmother, electric kiderself and one of the first dildos. So I don't appreciate your electric Cushin Dildo jokes. Death by deal. No, suck, can't. You can't. Anyway, Hey, like real long bucket. We're going musical next time. You to tell me that. Jesus Christ God, we suck on our own together, together, Guy, that poor guy. You know, they nail that poor guy to across and now he's like, look, if you don't go out and sin, then I died for nothing. Right, right, go on. What do you want to be good all your life. That's like the old shimantest thing. Go to heaven, which is a great idea, but let's face it, everyone's idea that heaven is a little different, and most people going to get up there and not be fucking happy. I know they're not even happy on earth. How the hell are they going to be happy? and IT'S NOTHING TO DO Christ. Are everywhere else. Look the same, Jesus Christ, look at the same fucking stars. Come out at night. God Damn it Got Fountain Nectar Right, golden paved roads, not a damn virgin inside, not at name, you know, because those guys, that's that's wrap the bombs. I told them there's virgins waiting for them, a virgins up there hell, but you get out there and you can back them, but you have a Dick. That's yeah, exactly, you know, because yet he died with a boner, so you had sawed off. So that's what happens. Sought up boner. That's what they call him after that. Right with the hell. I could back all day. How Oh, what's my wrong? It's fucking house. Shut up. Ironic, DN, the dildow in your eye, made the ironic joke you just didn't did you did. You did it, and that's what this week's episode was all Aboutna go the Eiffel Tower and fall by accident. Hey, he's looking over there. There we goes. We're all bucket list. Yeah, I fell off the side. Jesus Christ, I wat. I love how. It's my accident, nobody. He just felt all the tape. It went up, though. There's tail. That's right, running right. Everything is on team, everything. You're going down there. Yeah, on death row, another angle. Here's the close up. Here she's smiling and laughing, and now she's a SPLAT. Here's the close up. there. We're gonna play it back in slow motion, now, backwards. She said she's alive. She said she's alive. You Imagine, go yeah, you bitch, and then black room. Bit Smack, I missed her wind everything. No, she never got around to change in her will. God, Damn it, murder her for nothing. Damn Damn. It's okay, lady. You're going to death row. Yeah, row that, yes, sit there for a rest. You like you die from boredom. Pretty much, it's like heaven, but work out. It's like heaven but better. It's like yeah, it's that's so good. The bands aren't so greedy either, you know. Don't drop the soap and and like when rock musicians dialing a will know he's playing in the band and rock and roll heaven like that fucking guy. There's no question about it. Els Is in rock and roll heaven. Bullshit. I call bullshit. Fuck, no, no, no, yeah, Whoo, what do you dies of an overdose on the toilet. Ain't going to heaven. Buzz. Yes, we bad track record. I will say I admired him certain respects. I remember watching a special. We're one of the guys from the Memphis mouth. He was like I remember it was one night. Was Me and Elvis and two other guys and three hundred women in the house, and I'm like, yeah, he shouldd have went out. Then he's happy. Get my chicks per guy, who whoo, you can't get lucky that night.

Get the fuck out of here, all right, and you're with Elvis. Everyone's get lady. That's God. Yeah, and then people will come and south like else. Don't you want to go back on tour again instead and get out of Hollywood? And like, what the fuck, are you kidding me? I'm in a palace and I got the inner women here. I want to go on the road. No, all those gags on the street corners of popular cities, which I was back on. My man, you went three under when it that's a way to die, and that's that should have been how he died. That should yeah, right in the toilet, but yeah, the couchi yeah, three hungry couchies. I was on my seventy five. Betch she. I grabbed myself a peanut butter sandwich. And how about down that should have had jelly. Elvis, you're thinking, I'm just thinking about death. I'm just thinking about death and all the great ways to go. Jest with them. That takes too long. Let's play some checkers. She's yeah, checkers, gang me. I am the king. Like you lost the checkers, you die. No, no, it's too out of three. He said it was too out of the fuck. Did I say was to you can get the hell up there, get the hell down there, get down there, get down dumn. You can go to hell, you can squirre all you want, but you can't have an orgasm. Go want to go to heaven. All your friends are down here. I know right. That's why I always say it's like, you know, whenever I'm thinking about something or I'm about to do something, I'm like, yeah, what the hell, all my friends are going to hell, the might as well join them. Yeah, families have my family's there. I know it. Yeah, exactly. They're down there. Then what if we believe in it as shit? You're one of the other fifty fucking thousand religions out there. Yeah, we always got to worry about going to heaven. Oh, brother, yeah, I'm gonna like from the Earth, like Piss people off the room the earth and just piss people off, you know, be a ghost in Roman again, like taking people's alternator caps and, you know, the last roll of toilet paper. I would. I would be a ghost where when you were washing the conditioner out of your hair, I'd be squirting more, more in. Yeah, yeah, fucking what's going on? He was slipping it and die. Welcome Bitch's beautiful hair. When he died, I'm so well conditioned condition yeah, and then he comes back in the house. It's like, welcome, bitches, let's do this. Have you ever seen a ghost? You have. Yes, we experience it at the PALISS sue store. Yes, s yeah, the little boy yes, in the summer's point store. Yes, yeah, I've never seen a ghost, but I've had dreams I was seeing ghosts and then I would wake up and see the ghost and then I'd wake up again. Oh Gosh, yes, one ghost had no face. He was a little that's creepy. Yeah, I know, right, was. What the Hell Are you? Woman? Saddle my face. I wonder if the cat got to grize you with. That's how you die here, like you're all in those groups and clicks and everything. Yeah, like me too. Okay, that's awesome. Men To meet my aunt. She did too. Right, welcome to the family. Suckers, over here, let's go. That's my pussy right over here, over, yes, and you the guy with the dilt, the Pine Hig for this, all right, making those as coladas. Who another guy? I'll come up. I don't we got someone. He got a fire truck in his asses. That can't should we categorize? And Yeah, I think just for the sake of some pacity, we're gonna have to have death by something up your ass. Just be the broad can. Actually, we can break it down. A pineapples and fire truck. Right now, I should just beat death by something up your ass. Hey, everybody, come on over, they've opened up the fucking guidelines. All right, with something up your ass too? Why, yes, I did. Actually, it was a wooden dildo and I got electrocuted with it. So that's a two fur. Oh my gosh, imagine the elect wouldn't electric dildo getting electrocuted...

...and the sum of the bitch goes on fire and cleanse your coal and it's like, Holy Shit, calm that. I was dead already, so I really noticed my will. Just take a Roman candlelight there, NECROPHILIAC assholes. Oh, drive a to bust through there and later fucking myself, a coal and fire. I need anything else? At that point I went to the super markets. Somebody said to go fuck myself, so I did, and Bam, here I am here perfect. Yeah, like the smell of burnt ass hair. Great around Heaven Smell like burnt ass there, which it probably smells like regular hair, but I don't know. No, I think you can get a grass hard out for here. Smell different than regular. I need Fivezeros and some big lighters. WHO's up for this challenge? Oh, I am. Can we slip the money that it's death by igniting my ass hair and then I unwittingly farted and my whole body just blew up. It was spontaneous combustion, but my family got twenty five hundred what was left over from the grant. I'm be slightly chart pick lighters, using US this big lighter. You wouldher and you're like, fucking smells funny, like burn as he and you're like, okay, see, oh Luid. Should I throw it away? No, Griss I gave it to me. There forever man, forever later, plated weird on the necklace. Save it. I'M gonna show it up my work and die from it. It's I go to heaven and be in that. Yes, we got. We got later in the ASS. Okay, you're red. Shake up your ass right, right, passage. No, you're not supposed to matturbate. You spill your seats on the ground. That's the loophole. That's no masturbating. But as sex is fine. Sex is perfectly fine. So in a Bible, well, Ye, doesn't say so. It's about this, but nothing about this. I'm actually it does say there is a loophole in the Bible. And if you've ever seen Garfhol hole and oh it's the loophole. You would totally know that. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, there's a loophole. I will show you a little fake thing and you should it's good. Know the Bible is self. Now the let's sbody shows the Bible APP Shup it up your ass. Okay, Huh, let's get the loop, but coming up, Goddamn, we got another one. It died for me, and I'll try Roma your snack room. Go with the fire truck, in the Batmobile, the Pine Apple. I'll be like I'd be like Jesus, like we're my boys right off here, my Kinky bitches. Let's go kinky bitches like. Well, Jesus, I don't think I want to do that. Come on, get crucified. It's awesome. Do it you will, bitch. Do you imagine? Sorry, Jesus, I got shut to shove up my ass. I got shit to do. I got she do. Dude, really, come on, you guys, leave me hanging, hanging. Don't leave me. Hey, we're going to hell for this. We're going out for what. Jesus is cool, Jesus crazy. He was hanging there, his dudes are his best buzzer about to walk away. It's like dudes, don't leave me. Ay, it's what happened tonight. He was a hippie. His best friend was a horror so what the hell? I'm sure he got canky with it. You know, you had a twin who knew nothing about sin. My favorite part was when he was a little kid and he started to like fucking with everybody, like because he had oh omnipotence and and magical powers and what can wouldn't fuck with other kids who had it, like Oh, that's a nice clay bird you made, billy, let me bring it to life, and billy's like God, you killing because it's actually is the freaky little fucking clay bird. He may my gosh, yeah, birdess, awesome. You're like, Hey, I heard your piss Jesus off the other day.

Well, yeah, I told me. Oh and he oh shit, Jesus just killed him. We should talk about Jesus like that. Hi, Jesus, he's like the little boy. He's like a twilight zone, right, he's like Damian from the omen. You will worship me, yes, we yes, we will worship me. I'm only eight years old, but I can make people come back to life. Oh my God, don't bring grab my back. I would do anything you say, as long as that bitch stays in the ground. All right, then, hand me that water I got, turn it into wine. Let's get the party started. He's only eight fucking years old. He's not water in the wine yet. He just want to say drank back, then drink eight. I'm talking about whatever he is. have something to drink it. So sure, is water into you, whatever, cool man, you have some more. You're talking to someone that knows zip about the Bible and has never been baptized. So, yeah, I'm I make up shit, as I know. Okay, so he was. He turned water into you, who like Jesus Clean Your Room? You like, fuck you, you're not my real dad. Be Gone. Yea Electric Him. Yeah, tere me back from a pillar Sau. You proms not to make me clean my room, Ohay, or my vegetables, Oh cricks, those are some fun time. Was Licking Joseph because he's a fucking pillar salt. It's a camel nick, it's a Jesus bringing them back to life and he doesn't have a shmuck anymore. fucking camel licked it off while he was still salt. A little bastard that could. Yeah, school, like I said, we were here riffing on, and he'd be like Hey, for not all, Yo, drink that beer and smoke that joint, because I know I would if I was still the fuck alive. Exactly. Yeah, why don't you make the guy immortal instead of killing him for our sins? Make him live forever? That be a that be happy, a way to to die for our since like you're never gonna die, like, Oh, oh, fucking worse. I think if he was eliborate now, he would off himselves. It wouldn't been like, you know what I'm done. No, go ahead, right. Have Y'all gone? Happens? He's come back, he's passed. Yeah, yes, got a lawyer and this has been one hell of an episode. have to end on there. I think we're just about out of time. Just about out of time. That's about out time. We don't mean we're gonna die, not today. Time is up. We hope you got a chance to listen to this shit storm yes, and tune in next week to another episode. I'm beauty and I'm the beast. EWWAT SHOWCOM.

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