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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 64 · 6 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E7 - Cupid That Flying Fat-Ass Baby (Love Version)


Beauty's Bits S3:E7 - Cupid That Flying Fat-Ass Baby (Love Version) Follow Beauty and the Beast: Facebook: Beauty and the Beast Show E-mail: Listen to us on: Spotify iTunes iHeart Radio Amazon Sounder FM

M H M, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, and well, welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the be show. This is a little segment we like to call beauty spits. That's with the bee, not with the tea. If you want to see these...

...seas, you gotta check out our only fans. Also, you can purchase this sea on te public. Check out beauty and the B show dot com. Hell Yeah, we are having fun here. We are going to go on with a song called Cupid, that fine fatass baby. This is the love version. We do have a hate version, of which will be the next episode, so tune in for that one. Here we go, keeping the flying fatness. Baby goes flying down to down. He makes me in both fall in love. This playing as a gentle Prin of his room. Well, make you more love, boy. I love them flying fans,..., happy melanchine's Day. Tune in the next episode for the hate version, which you're going to love even more. Yes, AH, I'm beauty, I am over and out let, just have on the web. WWW, dot idiots at the show dot com. m.

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