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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 65 · 4 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E8 - Cupid That Flying Fat-Ass Baby (Hate Version)


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M H M, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the beauty and the beast show. I'm Christine Nolton on beauty and this is a little segment. We like to call it beauty's bits. That's with the being, not with the t. If you want... see these teas, you gotta check out our only fans her. Head on over to our tea public buy some t shirt bitches. Alright, so last episode was Cupid the Flying Fattest Baby, the love version. Now we have cupid the flying fattest baby, the hate version, which actually ended me, actually ended landed me as number one on the charts here locally. My friend Melissa couldn't get enough of it. She just kept playing it over and over again, and you're gonna see why. So here we go with Cupid the flying fattest baby, the hate version. Cupid the flying fattest baby screwed me over once again. He took again his pointy ro show me the yest love never reached me and fat to Gild me s Lo. That Arrow was... full of love, but poison instead. So watch out for the fine fat as baby, don't. You could wind up Dad Happy Valentine's Day and you have been watching another episode of the beauty and the B show. Beauty's bits. Tune in next week is I have no idea what's going to happen. We go to season four? Yes, bitches, over and out. Yeah, you just have on the weather dowd W got idiots and B show dot com.

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