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S1:E2 Beauty's Bits with Carey Cool Tripp


Beauty's Bits S1:E2 - Carey Cool Tripp

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Hello everyone, he welcome back to the beauty and the beast show. This is a segment called beauty's bits. That's what the be not with the tea. If you want to see the tea, you have to check out my only fans. And today we're here with an amusing comedian who performs in the bathrooms all over the Internet, a really cool guy. We have Mr Carrie, cool shrimp. It's up, guys, we out here. Man Buck Twenty, twenty thing, thank God for two thousand and twenty one minutes. This a this, this a new start for us. Man, last year was wild for me. So I got kicked out of my grandparents house on things giving day. You know, you know how you know how bad of a sit bad you got to be to get kicked out on the national holiday. Do Your you're fat up for your family. Don't give a damn about you or your will be. But you know, I should, I should have seen it. Come and see my grant used to suppoil me with food and clothes. She's doing this. I was grown she doing this, but I can tell by the way she was cooking for me and my grandpa how shit change. Now why he was getting hamburgers, but why was I getting hamburger? Help Best? That'sh it is not even real out that box. He Getting Spaghetti, I'm getting spaghettios. That's so boyish shit. I am not twelve. I can't digest that anymore. Then it's a really kicked it. She brought out the ham on things given before I had to go. Shep out out the HAM and she said here go your play. She brought up folk pieces of spam. I said, hell no, that's not even real poork. I'm not eating it. I wanted to go and do a show. I got kicked out and had to go do a show. They said, Oh, just stay out there when you add. I said, hell you, I'm about to get drunk. You know I'm not get drunk and try to foot. I got to come back to the CRIB. I comes back the next day. My whole room cleaned out. Shit look like a Hilton Hotel Room. I ain't never seen my room that clean. I don't even know how my grand it was able to clean the shower out. My shower was so dirty my tattooed, my shadow was tattooed in there. I couldn't believe she's straped me out of there. They went all out the way. They took all my clothes and folded them and put them in boxes. I didn't know they care so much. You know, you know how bad they want you to go when they put your shit in boxes. Now I have to have to start leasing couches. First Couch I stay. There was this girl I barely know off at tender. Oh my God, I want in their first thing. Her whole ampartment was covered in dog here. I couldn't believe she was coming in this shit too. I'm like, bitches, you is you not itching? Her windows are so dirty you you can't even look out the windows. The dust was so thick it look like a big comforter. That's how bad it looks. It didn't. This shit was kinking. I said this is your window, sick. I think that's its best is. I think. I don't think we should be inhaling this in here. I hated sleeper on a couch. Her couse was so they're dirty. I don't even think the blood of Jesus to clean that couch. I't even like her dog. She had the biggest illegal dolls ever seen in my life. I think he was Hyena, part beaver. That's what the fuck it was. Every time I woke up in the morning he stills over like this ear just looking at me all crazy and shit, I thought. I prayed. I said God, please, let me get eating on this dirty couch. I hadn't had sex with central bullet yet. I cannot die like this. I cannot die like this. I have forgot me sick. I remember made me some coffee and I put some cream in it and I said let's I think your creamer is bad. She said what creamer? I said this bottle right here. She said, no, that's my shampoo and conditioner. Excuse me, first of all, why are you buying two? And one product is anyway. No one product should clean multiple things. And he why is this shit in your frigerator? You Damn Tomato. Put that Shit in the bathroom. Let the rest of his normal people shit. I was pointed the whole time there. She got me drunk one night. She caught... slipping. She got me drunk. I said, Hey, your free, look I'm about to get this ass. I don't know what I'm getting, some more real ass other than online. So I said Hey, yeah, I went in the room she started taking her clothes off. I couldn't do it. She was built like Lyndon B Johnson. I said, Hell No, I'm not fucking it will be J I might be homeless. What I had my dignity. Thank you, guys. Ma's my sis today. Man, that was awesome. That was that was fantastic, man, and said glad that you came on the show today. You are always like on the move. You are like everywhere. Like you, if you have a step counter, it probably has like twelve billion steps on it. The line, like I'm at the climb out to walk here later on, going to the liquor store. I know, right, you just walk all those calories right off. It doesn't even affect you because you're always moving. Like I just see your camera. I'm like, okay, I'm gonna get motion sickness, but I enjoy your comedy so much it. Oh my God, that girl's house, like I would have been like, Oh, hell no, I'm gonna go get a cardboard box and sleep down the street. Was it was like I couldn't leave. She was living in there like this. Oh that's so nancy. Oh Gross. I'm like no, I mean I have two cats and you would barely not notice that, because that's how well we clean up around here. I'm like no, no, no, dust. No, nope, not happening, not as Festis. No, now we're good. I think I probably has let paint when I was a kid, but that was about it. You know. Yeah, like okay, still like all kids. It's so how many open mics have you hit? Like you must have hit like a million of thel. I see you everywhere. Well, UM, yeah, Cuz, well, when I'm not moving around, I tat to do at least three the day. Wow, wow, you know, the most out thought was like six, which is like let. Two Fridays ago I did like six Zoom Nice. Nice. That's like reallything, and I can do I mean, you know, Dallas is open it. I could do Dallas though, too, but it's just like, man, I could just say you trying to get rides and stuff. I can just stay star up online. M exactly. They come hang out with a whole bunch of yeah, yeah, it's like I'm good, I've got zoom right here. I don't even have to buy drinks or any I'm gonna liquor store and buy my liquor because it's hell of a lot cheaper than it is at the bars. He really is. Yeah, I can. I get the then with stuff open back up for you guys. I can kind of this it out and do shows that you know and hmm, it's like a better network. Oh yeah, it's like online shows. They're not going anywhere. And what's great is hooking up with people all over the states. So it's like, Oh, you got to show their Oh that's amazing. Oh you want to book me for Yeah, let's do this, I'll go, I'll go travel. Once everything's clear, let's, you know, blow it up. That's so see. That's the advantage, especially doing the zoo rooms. That's actual clubs in these states. So you know when it opened backup, they can be old. We remember this guy, remember her from, you know, the aline stuff. Oh yeah, yeah, exactly. Everybody is. I know some some comedians are like, I'm not jumping on zoom. I'm not doing that now. I'll just wait until everything opens up again. I was like, Lord knows when that's going to be. It's like I'm in Jersey, like there's like nothing right now. They're Yo, and that's why I'm saying like the cuss out here they don't, they don't get it exactly. It's like wow, because, yeah, it's some I mean because it's like I think it makes you I think it makes our skills a little bit better because it's facetiming. Is just a lot we have to do and there's like a conversation, like we can lose to take one bit in do it for like several zooms in a row and didn't because I normally do one being. To do is same thing but different ways or different tags. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, definitely, definitely. It's a good yeah, yeah, I love, you know, taking the old bits, mixing them with some new bits and yeah, exactly when you hit you know, six, seven open mikes and night or whatever, you know, you're in front of a whole new crowd. So it's great. You know, it's..., Hey, this person has not heard this before. So it's like we're just going to roll with it because it seems like it's working. Like just do it, you know right. I mean, I've been some of the bigger comedians. It's like they they've been doing the regular stand up bits like forever now and everybody still gets a kick out of them. So if people are like it. I'm like, if it's not broken, don't fix it, you know. Right, I like that exactly. So how's two, twenty one treat and yeah, so far as it's pretty good right now, because I'm in plays the grow. I'm a boy house, but I kind of want to like, you know, I don't know if I want to do try to live here, but I can need somewhere new, from different, you know. Yeah, yeah, so I'm trying to figure that out right now exactly. It's like why staying one place for too long? You know, it's a very nice place, by the way. I've been enjoying walking through the halls. And is this the second bathroom that word? Well, no, actually, we're this is so weird. I'm watching towels. I'm going to garage right now. Oh, okay, okay, the way the camera was sitting, I'm like, I couldn't tell if that was a shot. Now that's just the regular thing. Yeah, even I like the good pop. You look at the popclum ceiling out here. Yes, yes, well, that old freeze backs some memories, right. See, there's why I know about on this, because I watched like dych on. Oh my Gosh, yes, I love the DIY ones. I love it. I love you know, was like soul's like I'm working on a new bit about that to put in my love life, because I'm I watch the so called fix her upper and I feel like that's what I am. I'm literally human. That's why I think I'm a good kiss even though I'm like, you know, cows happing this shit, but like I'm a fix her up for I'm I think I'm a damn good investment. Well, you're sure? Sure's how funny. You definitely entertain me. You definitely entertain me. You entertain the crowds. Every time that we're on a show, I was like, Oh my God, it's like Oh cool, carries here, carries here. It's like this is gonna be an amazing show, you know. I mean, I do get a little motion sickness, but it's all right, it's all good. I like to hear what you have to say. I love it. Yeah, I'm addicted to like the DIY like I watched like that tiny house stuff, like I caught like to house porn. I'm like, Oh my God, they have all that into a little box. I'm like right, to go there. I want to give I want to. I can only imagine like like like making live in there. It's so it's so tight in there. That's sometimes tight as good, you know, and that's what she said. I had to those easy, I know that was I threw your one there. I threw you, booner, we're getting a bone. I like that one. I'm really want to move. Honestly, as once I love Dallas, I kind of want to get out of Dallas man bad. I don't know why. I'm just doing something different. Yeah, it's good. It's good to move and be in different places. I was like, I wish I had that. I wish I could do that right now. I mean that's why I think I want like a tiny house or, you know, something on real so that I can go wherever, wherever I want to, and like just have all my stuff with me. I mean, I wish I knew sometimes I wish I knew people that just kind of like hey, campers or you know, things like that, where they just taking on a roll with him. I that's I wake up hoping for that like every day. Yes, yes, so that would be just be amazing. I mean, being a comedian, I mean you do have to go like where the money is, and I know a lot of places like around here, really aren't heying, but I mean it's like, once you build up everything, like having this online presence really really helps because it shows that we're still active, even though we're not, you know, at live shows or whatever, but we're still being active and we're still doing comedy and you know, it's like there's got to be something out there that I'll, you know, pick something up one of these days, and I...

...think it would be great just to have, you know, camper or something like that, just that you know, just go for it like Oh, okay, it's like I've got a show with this state, that state, we're going out to the west coast, we're back on the east coast. You know, I would love it. That would be great. Yea Hmm. and Best of all, it's like you would have all your own stuff, so you don't have to worry about, you know, unpacking it. You won't have to worry about paying rent anywhere, because once you own it, you own it. You know it's yours. HMM. See, I want to Al Mustle his calls. Um, I think I get them use actually pretty cheap. I'm going to say it depends, like if you want to like fix up stuff, I would say probably the decent ones would be like Fivezero and then it would go up. It depends on on how big or small that you're looking at. I think the most the most challenging part would be my fiance is like sixty three, so it's like the shower would be like the hardest thing, you know. I don't want to get in there and have to ducks. That's that's pretty tall. HMM, I'm literally five three. Oh Wow, I'm down at five to. Yeah, we like the Sayn basically yeah. Ye, see, like we would be perfect for something like we wouldn't have to worry about that. It's like I ready, we got shower, we're good, we're good. That's all we need. And would be to that little muffins in there like those little any month. It's like that would be great. Like I said, I could see, you know, hosting podcast and doing comedy shows just from right where, just in the little spot. I mean it would be like totally different. Like I don't live like in a mansion or anything like that, but could you imagine the people that actually go from like three thousand square feet down to like three hundred square feet. That's like whoa right, like I'm saying, like the zoo. I think this is honestly, I think this is going to be the new wave because, honestly, I don't know when everything for everybody else is going to really open back up. So it's kind of like, I don't shock that. Like the comedians already on, like Kevin Harden, them Whitney Commons. What are they doing? What? How come they're not? Don't Zoom, you know what I mean? Like they have to jump on board. Soom, yeah, they have to. It's like, come on, anything. Instagram it like, I know one of the actors that I follow, Sarah Paulson, like she's always on instagram. Actually, I instagram bombed one of her shows. I was like, I wonder if she would put me on and I was like, Oh crap. I'm like that's awesome. I'm like Oh hey, Sarah, what's up? You know what's going on? You know, it's like I'm just sitting here chilling, you know, I'm playing like Simon and everything, and I'm like I got knows, I got a neflix special right, yes, yes, she's in quite a few things. She was just in the new show called Ratchett by the same people that made American horror story. Oh, Cy yes, he's really working for that's what I'm saying. Like she's I do all these. I do the Hollywood mic on own zoom to Instagram, and I feel like that's a good way to put out comedy out too, because every everybody's is live, you know so. So that should go all throughout instagram. Exactly. It's like it's it's great. It's like wow, it's like all this technology, all it, you know, all the palm of her hands. Wow, it's like you don't even need a computer. It's like just pick up a phone and do it. You know right, I can do I've done zoom so far, like in Uber ride before. I've done them in the most on Kenny's places. Let's gonna say. What was your weirdest place? I mean, besides the bathrooms grocery store, probably the cursers walking down the hour and mind people around. So I'm just walking Polis strange just yelling out this random shit. It probably like what is he doing? So that's one hell of a phone conversation. You know, the Uber one was wild to I remember had this girl and I didn't tell her what I was doing it. Then, when I could, when I got out, hues like...

...what was that? I I see just so stocked. That what I was saying. Yes, yes, it's like I have not done it anywhere else except for home. I mean maybe the living room was the weirdest spot. I don't know. You know, I'm like Vanilla when it comes to that. It's like you're the cool kid doing it and doing it everywhere. I want to do one. I want to do one in the shower because I used to do stour videos on instagram. I just sold my face and I just was like, what was I doing in this? I think I'm just saying random, just being crazy. We'll bring back up, bring it, I said. Of Bring it back because I called it my showers and Antigan. There you go. That would be great. It's like shower shenanigans with quite carry coulture. Yeah, I'm tripping on you. Yeah, I used to fake like I was dropping a dropping the camera down, but I was like Nah, you got to sign up for my only face. Oh Man, Nice. Second, all these girls is doing only fans. I hadn't seen that one. Dude, make I think was make one for the hell of it. Yeah, why not one? I think your shower bit will be really good. Oh yeah, and the's only fans like I'm gonna do like those dumb ass like s rb moves. It is to be exist. Will be dumb. Oh my God, will put like all of them, I said, on my bodies. Gonna be crazy. There you go. So, next time when you're doing comedy in the grocery store, get some olive oil. Right. I think that's what I could be an only fan comedian. Why not? Why not? Funny? Why not? COMEDIANS are jumping on everything nowadays. We're jumping on tick tock. We're well, we've been on Instagram, but else, if we jumped on we've jumped on twitch. You know, it's like twitch is no longer just for Gamers, man. Everybody's on there, making their own channels and things like that. It's like wow, you know, it's I don't know. I don't to know how to really do tweets and I don't have a tick tock either. Tick Tock is pretty easy. I think your little videos, like for the shower and everything, I think they would actually be perfect on tick tock. It's like I just jumped on it the other day and I actually got more views, hits and likes than I do on Instagram, facebook and twitter like combined. I was like wow, I was like this is where it is. See, that's what I need them. Man, I hate to sound so like potenst of whatever money, like a I need a breakthrough bad man. It is like, Oh mmm, because last it was such a bad way to end. It was so now it's like I need something to say, man, somebody can like, I don't know, Mans, just like, I don't know, you try someoy hmm the top to them. I know, I know, it's crazy. It's like giving when people get the vaccines. It's like it's still not going to go away over night and people you have to get like two shots to the vaccine. It's like wow, wow, oh, I lokey don't trust that vaccine. We love to have no idea within there. Nope, it could have covid in it. You know. It's like wow, but yeah, yeah, it's like food. You know, I just wish everything was, you know, back to normal, but you know, doing all these things on zoom and everything, it's been so great. It's like it up. It made more opportunities. All the COMEDIANS are like this is awesome. It's like I don't want to do anything else but zoom shows. You know, it's like you get to go world, you know, you get to meet people like you and I are past would probably have never ever crossed like in a million years. Damn, that's true. I know you look at that way. It's like damn, and all these awesome people that we've met and done shows for podcast, you know, regular shows where we have these awesome posters and everything. I was like this is this is great, this is what I've been looking for. That... so truem wow, that's a man, but do a lot of you guys. I do kind of want to meet up and see you guys in person, especially like perform most stage together, like that would be great. Yeah, that would be awesome. That would be awesome. I don't know how long you would be down in Texas, but I know you know few other people that are down in Texas and it would be an awesome like show. You know, it's like, Oh hey, here's some other people from Texas that we know from online. It's like get a group together, you know, it's like, Oh hey, he's coach West Coast. Let's do this, you know. Yeah, we can. We can do like a zoom, a zoom tour. Call at the zoom these tour we are like a group of US kind of like actually go to places and performed together on stage and we can be like men. We meant like months ago, you know, doing a lockdown and all that may be kind of cool. Yeah, definitely, I would definitely be down. We can call it the plague. We can call it the plague tour, the plague. To hear man, this is this has been one heck of a show. This is awesome. It's like I'm want to thank you for being here. Do you have any shows that you want to plug or what's coming up for you? I do have a show. So I have a so I hit live. I have a Valentime Day show and then I have a show in the fifteen that hear and forward. Awesome. Yeah, awesome. So he's like I'm kind of doing on the ground comedy, but you know, outside of that I just pretty much mostly do like the Improv stuff. I here too, so I was Improv I had no idea that you were like in the Improv thing. I love doing Improv, like I just got done doing a thing with I'm reckless comedy, which is in London. It's like I love, love doing things like that and any kind of improvate. Did a couple classes with DAD's garage out in Atlanta, Georgia. They have some awesome improv stuff. I'm not sure what's coming up for the new year, but hopefully we'll find out something soon. But yeah, and anything with Improv it's like I love to invite you to, you know, be a part of it. So it's kind of hard, though it's some of my first and party just threw me in a scene I had no idea what was going on. So I would just like trying to like, you know, just finesse in there. But it's just definitely good for the creatives. I like it. I'm HMM and now. Yep, yeah, it's great. Just that. You know, think on the spots like wow, wow, it's like yes, yeah, yes, and you can do it. Like I'm surprised, like I said, with all the COMEDIANS and stuff. We've all formed bonds together and it's just been great. You know, everybody's like, Oh, you can't do that on and yes, you can, yes, you know. Yes, you can. The Hell you can't. Yes, you can't. Yet you live, you see, you live in New Jersey, right. YEA, and in New Jersey near Atlantic city. You have to with Pauli be in them. The situation. Yeah, a CACUS, yeah, a little bit of lower like south, like towards the tip. Yeah, if New Jersey has it, has a reservoir tip, I'm in it. That's a man. That's amazing. I used to watch this, so I love Trash TV and that Jersey saw it. That shit was wild and there's some many easy people there. It's like I grew up with him as like that was ten years ago. It's like we was the same age. I know it's like now it's like what the hell just happened to ten years right? I think it's weird that they can see them sales of how they used to act like on video. was just kind of like, I wonder what that would like for me if I could see said I was doing like in the club ten years ago. HMM, because a lot of that shit don't even remember, you know, because you know, I was getting black out like crazy.

I don't think I went that far, but I was probably the person just standing in the corner. So mine was like very like lame vanilla time. That was it. You can name especially lady. He said Lame Vanilla town. Yep, Le La and vanilla time. Yep. That's some crazy stuff right there. You can call it vanilla time, perfect. That's funny. Or Yeah, yeah, I'm good at giving people like names for specials and stuff like this. I'm like a title King. I can do I still honestly get into writing jingles for companies. I like stuff like that song, right. So I'm good at riding in, the coming up a random things like that. I can help any person or company. Awesome. Did country, country, metal, rock. I mean I can write anything. That's awesome. That's awesome. So it has been fabulous having you here. Carry, thank you again for joining us here, beauty and the beast. This has been beauties bits. That's with a being, not a tea. If you want to see the Te's you got a good only fans. That's thank you, carry, I think it's so much. I'll see you some thank you, Cecie.

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