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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 25 · 1 year ago

Episode 25 - Best of Out Bits (B.O.O.B) Part 2: Hindsight's and Mammeries


Episode 25 - Best of Out Bits (B.O.O.B) Part 2: Hindsight's and Mammeries 

Welcome to the 25th episode of Beauty and the Beast - Best of Out Bits (B.O.O.B) Part 2: Hindsight's and Mammeries Come with us down memory er mammerie lane as we look back on the 24 past episodes and try to remember what we said. 

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Coming tolieleexsime, I'm Eatingand,I'm Lis and welcome to this week's episode a very special episode. As weMA D, we have made it to twenty five episodes wow. What's O special about. Ihave no idea yeah. I I figured you know like thetwenty fith anniversary, but twonty fifth codcast anniversary, O The lame things young lovers have todo right. Twenty fifabegether, I bought you, flowers and Rols Rose Ho don leaveme. I know it's like and you. The listeners have suffered through twentyfive amazing episodes, maybe not now, if you're, just don now yeah th. Ifthis is your first one, it's like we're here to pop your cherry. This is yourfirst one. I don't believe it first TI ASE er yourfirst time listening to beauty in the beach. This is your first timelistening to beauting the beast, raise your hand, Odid Youdo you're, not a BaudanBlessyeah, no they're like beauty and BC. I've heard of it yeah. Let's nottalk about it! That wasn't: Let's not go there. Friends, don't talkabout it unless we say something stupid about them on it. Basically UH. You know we just sort oftoiling ou scurity, but here we are again and our subject is twenty fivenolars. Actually it's move part yestthis poit. Exactly I know it's early Irecdthis is theearly in thehistory of this twenty Cinsopo gas that we have ever gotten together. It is tenthirty in the morning usually getting up this time. I knowI'm like with the comedian's coat like. We don't go to sleep until, likesunrise, I'm like what the hell is, this wt. Unfortunately, we can't usethat as an excuse, fror not being funny, because you know it's it's just anothertime for us. We maybe we'll be a little AG ear since we're not awake and all ofour filters aren't in place yet have we ever been filtered? No, no ter, but I guess I don't. No. I itjumps there usually like halfway through we'll let the F bomb go andwelllet this go bein. We did. I we did great the first half okay, now it's allFlyng F and this and that ianybody who will go back and listen toall twenty five shows after this one's up and count a number of times. We saidyou know we're going to give you a very special prize. You know what was funnythe other week. I was doing a comedy show online and most of the peoplehappen to be from Canada and one of the things they say a lot is you know I watched I was like wow. First of all, listen I want to give yousome advice, which is it something that one mentioned to this guy after thiscomedy regime? If I give you the subject of a and your whole routine isabout b, the first thing Iw'm going to sav to you was, I thought you wereGoingto, do a reugine about a what you say is an excuse to domaterial about Pe. I know that, there's with the workshop, that's a comedyworkshop, that's for trying out things, but they also give you a subject whichyou should try to focus on. Some of us are lay three out of four get thatthat's the Hor you now it's it's all right. It's like a lot of people arestill learning working out things and then also we get like in additionalfive minutes to do whatever we want so yeah leave B. for that part leave befor that art, Itacles Leraa, ther, a Wer, your subject, Ebut! If you canwork your subject into one of your jokes, like I have been doing like I've,always found like Oh crap. You know what this really relates to this andthen that went to that and then it's like Bam. Here's a whole joke. Wherehere you know,...

I would say, if you're, given a subjectand you're going to do a comedy bit about it. The first thing you should dois you should go see what every other comedians a said to date about that anyjoke, any pun! The Internet is great for thes, then you can take all thatshit and Polish it up and put your spin on it. So you don't have to rethink thewheel. Here's some funny shit already. How do I either make it Funnier 'causecome on you and I both know. Every comedian sits there. Dern, open, MieNight, watches everyone and thinks you shouldhave said this or I would havesaid this. Doesn't that happen all the time pretty much pretty hih pretty much,but that's. Okay, like I said, a lot of a lot of the shows that I've been onhave been extremely helpful with things like that, I haven't my first open likenight, actually is coming up this Sunday, where it's a no line to crosscomedy. So I'm looking forward to you know just I said you know Hereeo, but that one was supposed to be there.So it's like I'm looking really forward to Um. Like doing my. You know six sevenminute bit whatever it is without the critique of other people. I guess I'mnot sure how that works. I guess I'm just going to do my Sbo and that's it.So it's like yeah. He said anyway, because it's one thingto be hanging around with your dont, coy friends s another actually havelike have you ever seen. There is a. There was a show where werehigh level Comedians do that to buding Comedians Ay. They allow you totalk for like a minute and then they totally Cretique you and th. You findthe two kinds of comedians you find guys you're like hey. I love to supporthere. You know here's the good stuff about it h and then you got the other guys whojust want shit all over the gun for Oh yeah, I minuteyes yeah, you know, andthen he becomes the Brun of all their jokes and H. I don't need either of it.Really. Let's face me. I D. I do need that little bit ofHelph, I'm glad that I've been doing the comedy workshop the past couple ofweeks and then I've got a few other things lined up and I'm gladi'm glad it's actually been helpful and actuallya lot of the critique is that they they like the flow of what I have going on.So I'm like this is good. This is good like they laugh. There were certainpoints and there's you know a couple of things that I could elaborate a littlefurther, which is great. I didn't see you I couldn't get through the first guy toget to your bed. I'v been there irecommend after you dothese things go: Get Hore, fucking, five minutes a video Ma ad, a clip onthe pod on the on the website suffer through any oohe Shi, Toseei'mworking, this R sh, I'm working on it or I'lllike put in my time frame of when I was on Gesesy. Please check this out Blah BlahBlah. I aminut exactly there. We go great suggestion. I sa a lot of them have been like veryhelpful, and I was surprised yesterday I had. I wasn't feeling too goodearlier in the day, and I was thinking about canceling it, and then I was likeh. You know what Screwa I'll just do it and I had like so much fun and it'sbeen great. It's like working with people. We had people from Canada.Yesterday we had people from the. U S, we had one person from the UK. It was.It was an awesome mix of comedians and we were all different too, which wasgreat and the Guy Hosting it whatevr the bits that we were doing andeverything he's never heard them before. Like he's never heard like anybody doanything that we've done before so it's like that was great. So it's like I'm enjoying it e your Gini, good, cheef t. The thingyou can do is you can really set to town so say: Schmucklluk, comedian, WANto be agos. Does his bit well, the first crirtique out of your mouseshould be the most skathing munking horrible thing you could possiblyimagine to say, set the tone you'll either get kicked out of the forumright at that bowment or the rest of every citaque after that is just goingto be brutal and don't go first. You know go last so that everyone can storeit all up their critiqueof. You and thenust really get some shits lyinghere. 'cause, that's the other part of it is yeah. Everyone wants to be sensitivewith the fact that these are all fludgling people trying to get tips,but at the same time you could just shut 'em down, be done with it I' sorry,you, sir, I I don't think that you have actually any comedin shops. What wasthat a joke?...

What's you know what a set up isdonwhat premises. I think too, what's happening is a lotof people that wanted to try sayind up comedy that never had the balls to do.It are now jumping online and here's where here's, where I like thedevorangae myself, those Comedians, because it's like you, I don't thinkyou can call yourself a comedian until you've done it live in front of people.IAS like it's hard to do, yeah exactly like you have to do that, like I've hadshows where I've told jokes and there's like crickets in the crowd. You knowit's like you have to have that, like it's, not there's not always going tobe these nice comedians there to help you along, like after the show its like.Oh you know you really suck you know and th. That's it in fact, Ove back andyou'R and you're going exactly. They don't care ttwo weekslater. Well, shealways tells the story of his first big night. They said his name wrong and he killed.He just was awesome, he said, but that was not the case for the next sixnights. You know that was just something magingand that's whatwill happen to you too. You can't believe me. You cannot getthat synergy that magic that happens on stage on the zoo meeting. I've ittendedenough of them now it just doesn't. It has the same feels at all plus. Ah Toomany people are seem to get a little too wasted before they get. I haven't had that yetdoing the sober and with actually silver people has been completelydifferent. 'cause t they're listening and everything and, like I said throughthe quaranti and stuff like I've, doubted myself as a comedian like Umone person that I had idolized that I've done actual wive shows with youknow, Alway said it's like you're too dirty and too dirty you'r tune dirtylike all these things, and then it's like you know what it's like I go. Dothese other shows and people are like hysterical. They freak and love it,like a few other places that I had been invoited to do open, Mie nights likereal ones, not azoome ones, but Um. They wanted me there specifically,because I did dirty comedy, so I'm like okay, this is great and then you knowthrough the quarantints like I dus start to develop new material andeverything I'm like well. What if this isn't funny is you know you knowjacking off and uncircumsised penits. You know like what, if it's not that funny, butit's like I found out um through writing and everything and through someof the workshops and everything it's like. I I'm like right on target withthings. I'm surprised more comedians haven't used that puped phase and photoshoper whatever tostart just doing cartoons of themselves doing their comedy. I'm surprised that we haven't, therehasn't been. I know, there's been just a a big downturning, you two viewershipfrom people who were doing stupid, bucking unboxing videos, ot the Walmart,to find the bargains one guy carpet. Bagger his whole thingis going to amusement parks and h. You know seeking out unusual touristattractions of which there's no market for that anymore. I guess, thank God,he's got months of Backlog Tame, so he ca Rellyi. My buddies just went out to do someminigolf they're ma they're passing as Minigolf, so they got on a plane, and Idon't know folks. Apparently, if you still get out a plane and end up inanother state from our state, you got ta stay there for two weeks and it'slike becoming mandatory. Now, of course, they just let you kindo flying underthe radar and New Your Shit and self quarantine. Now I know if you land inNew York from certain states, you got to fill out paperwork right there inthe airport. Before you leave Yep yeah, I know it's like wow, it's amazing likeen I I went up to Pennsylvania. When I came back or Ein Delaware, I would haveto sell moreinty 'cause. Those are two states that they say like from. If youcome from New Jersey and go to those dates, you should cornt self quarinteinfor two weeks after, but I'm looking at some people and some people that havebeen traveling and stuff like that, and it's not business related and they're,not self quaranteen they at all and the car on the way over ourselfQurn. Exactly it's like, and I was by myself okaykn exactly there, youGetheyo man, you don't have to wi your Maskin, the car man, I'm just like youknow what to make sat mother, funker feel better. Yeah Arwhat is wrong withyou. Leave Them Alo at least that person is worrying a mask. You know Imean he's probably the same guy that sits in bed with a codomon en that he'snot getting laid. But you know that's just my tak on it like why we'remasking l car... could be. I mean safety measures,you know you never know what the airs providing these days. You KNO R. You know that would mean the guyswalking around with the heart on all the time I' just kind of full right t'slike, who does that whoall day, voners condoms, here's where we areSCIS mixed up with his aspir an he had a headache and he's got a hart ot forfour hours. Oh myosh. Is this made me think of thestory from last night, hoping it was actually during the comedy thingthis new comedian got up. Actually he was just the guest watching the show orwhatever and the guy that was hosting t winston. He was like you know whatyou're going to tell a joke at the end of this. You know and he's like. Okay,I got one and he sang this joke like how about how we had heart burn likesince he was a teenager and stuff like that. It wasn't Ntil. He was like inhis twenties. He went to his mom and dad who both happened to be M. I guessin the physicians world or whatever. I guess. Maybe Dr Nurs and e Doctor R,two DOCR whatever so he went to them. He went to his mother for Hartburnpills and and they're the kind of family that keeps like a mixture ofpills in one bottle Ali. They get all their pills and they just stick 'em inone bottle, so she gave hem the pill, a bottled pills and he had taken 'em homewith him and it said to Dantex on the Um on the side. So I was like okay,that's for Hartmurd, so he got hurt burn the other day and he took hisAntax, but he realized also that there are these tiny little blue pills, indthe bottle as well. He Lear he's like I've, learned so muchabout my father that day, so he he went. He went to take a pilfor heartbird and ended up with a boner Yehrino. Now you have to go to the doctor forheartburn and you have a boner sa o dthat was aw, O Cro Shitbut Tshs to geta hard onishebusy fucking. Everything worry about. I said that was prety. I said those true stories are like thebest for for comedy OFOR, the Guy to get I hard onn. Think I a pill O canlike have a couple. You know four or five morgasms too, why notually takes a little while, but if you can have five over thecourse of the four hours there instead of over, I of course the twenty fourhours which maybe in my Capenow, what have we devout wh? What are we supposedto be talking about all all the shows? I know all these shows you had to havecome with a list of all the subjects weyes. I have okay, our very firstepisode, number one number one new year's Resolutionesolun have they allon the hell right now: II'd blame it on the Co, an he fected,my white, big puck and pies every day, okay'cause she's o frustrated Baker athome. Right now- and I kid you know yesterday- she made doughnuts okay, nowwh Jus hucking makes doughnuts in their kitchen O thatand. There werecreamfield donuts h and there were blueberry filled donuts with sprinklesand wh, I'm not going to eat these. I know Rign, I'm Superman hiit was a flash that burn it all offin a hard breed. I know it's like I'm right there with you. It's like theweek. Gan has definitely gone off. It's like you've heard of the FreshmanFifteen, get ready for the Qoranteen. THIRTY HE'S THIRTYYEOMMER! If you hadsingle Chins, make 'em double. If you had double Chins make Hem Quadrableo,yet something else o we late in two weeks worth of food atonly lasted two and a half days. What the fucking Wurd think I know right.The won food we'll never make it past three months. If they keep us all inyou, kN W, we gotto hord this stuff, we're like squirrels like I'Mlucky,that I didn't make any resolution, soaany bucking resolutions to breakreally don't do that. My resolution didn't get broken. It just got shutdown like ill do more theater. I was goingto do a lot more theater and everything, and now that's like til. We down n theCRAPO down the CRAPPER, but there's not even events in Philly TilFebruary next year. Exactly it's like absolutely nothing! Apten in a memmersVarad, which is the biggest co yeah up in Fars W, basically that shut down a bigst comedyshow a year pretty much. So it's like I've been enjoying I've gotten to workwith a lot of comedians from all over...

...the place. I'm hoping to pop on Japan'sgot an open mite night, which is actually an open white mourning for us.So I'm hoping to jump on them and see you know if I can kick it in Japan, Idon't know you know. Maybe I might be the funniest damn person who the hellis. I want to try butfucking a Japanese guy. They I ano basis. In reality. You know you washed him away on hisblugh Yepretty Much Freddy Hek, O er. You know one's flution, they can surfout. You know one one resolution I have en keeping upwith is: I have been continually eating, pickles Yeahye, that I was going to tryevery pickle on the pimple bar and Jeez. I'm way way past halfway. AnoTime. Do I have less than three jaws and pickles in the house very nice, very apicsismy iscreen sameit? Is it is you've Heardo, Herfos and oggy on thereor your wife? No a japickles a made me happy coming off variety, very nice. I doawesome. So those are you know our new year's resolutions h they're still going most of them yeah ye H, but moving right alongnumber, two debauchery bojer. Oh my God, that's one of our highest, listen toepisodes! Well, I'M GOINTA tell Yoa! I haven't been much on the debauchering,but the senx has been great intolachery sex because we live in anew Ha neighborhood wit. Apparently the sound really travels sowhat, the they wano me Callin, theCODS 'cause Ey. Think I murdering my way when actually I'm givin her third,oh rig kindly the time my neighbor hadcalled the cops on us Um 'cause. I had a pink Pong, paddle broken over my assand actually it S. yea sounded like a gunshot y. You know you're doing itright. It was atmiss IAI twenty two than washn't like that was like the best day as herback in frhand. I would a say that was a forehandforehand, yeah Y. I can't see it too much with the Backan I mean you can getsome good on the backand, but yeah H, reminiscing about the bochery. HowI've missed it? Well, you know you can go still. I willtell you here is still the bunchery to be found in Atlantic city. My Friends!Oh yes, in fact, it's a B, more tovatch 'cause, it's a little b more streetbased home, grown kind of Shit, gone o right now, because there ain't o tousRoun, so the locals have basically said Fuckit we're taking our town back andbringing entire families up to the boardwalk at night. Now everyone had a blunt, the other nightman h. There was not a comfensite Itslik hell to the yeah. What I'm talking about jobs in thealleys again e drove by and saw it the other night yep Y A, and I believe, oneof the places on the White Horse playk out of the live new shows they are backup and open for business. I I was like Whoa W. I was I happy fourth of July tome that one place we don't Profer you exto that, we haven't been able to unload it. You said unluunlod yeah, pretty much old, those places in HD and along thepipe there just basically they they sit there and write everyone's license.Playo t'like, we know who you are. We knowwhat you're doing we're like a dirty Santa Claus like a dirty plarly that place Ha's got some crazystories to tell but uh, let's face it most of the people going into the netyshows are guys looking for other guys. The new show is just a subterfuse. It was a fuge fuge yeah I mean they've gotta. Do It somehow Imean: Did they block off, like all the glory holes, like our glory, have gloryholes been shut down during the quarantine, appar there's, probablywebsites? You can go a D check that out probabllik Te upratings and all thatstupid Sha. I Gori one to five five being inches wow. That would be great. That would beawesome. So if averybody gets the business idea, just remember. You'veheard it first here on the beauty of...

...the beshow, so give us some credit e,or at least give be some credit for that one. You know it's like LorihosDot coml. I think that someone should invest in our drive through psychiotricnownall, the banks that are shut down. You just wipe your card. You can talkto a counselor for twenty minutes. You Know Oh ing, my first, you know and then alittle certificate gets printed out of the machine. On the back of yourreceipt, I says you cure onon, tin, remote, viewing for funerals, R, a yeaharenation, nlewilowrsay, alittle prayer and you're on your way. WHERESHOU BE I I don't know thatdebaxhery is GOINGTO. Come back. Full swing do know that between you and me,I've been to a few private clubs since the shut down and Theyain't worriedabout tucking mats and distancing or any BOCKESIA as soon as they're, behindthe marble focking wall and the pearly gate. H, all bats are off, so the richpeople are are tebatching, so they don't give us Shitandand Unlon, that'swhere I'm at right now, so it Wereto episode. Number threetrouble trouble involving in trouble now I've notgotten in a lot of trouble with Thehr department, because we werefrom home now se you've lost your trouble can only harass myself now sexually wcange. Again, I could see your a homsexual harassment,Kase wile. You know like with e Hogyeah, with this big old file cabin in Ofi. Also, I talkd to myself can't rememberwhat trouble we talked about. I can't remember either I mean we were all introuble. I mean we did talk about like when we were kids like if w you knowstole things and things like that. You know other the people that we've knowthat have y stolen stuff and gotten busteded and all that kind of fun stuffthose people I worked in Adeli in Philly whill. I was in college andthese people asked h. They were near the neighborhoond ad asked if I wouldtmeet them one Saturday afternoon to help them unload of truck and wt somestuff, like sure no problem so show o Saturday afternoon around three, weunload the truck lock up the house no problem next day. They see me Sunday afternoon,they said to me, you know what happened last night I was like. I don't knowwhat Your House got broken into and all your stuff got solen. They said yes, Ohi was, I didn't know that, and thatwas that was it Wel ethinohelp them anymore, Wi, just astabin, the dark, ther Andh H. I hit it nown the Mal. I can't hit the fuckinglottery, but I can guess that Youre ous smoking into Oshi right. I sounds like trouble right there. Yoa haven't really gotten into too muchtrouble. I mean nothing to to get into and en staying home and there wastrouble there hain the other day, but it was a neighbor and basically h you. He owns two pit pulls andthey're sketchy dogs. One was abused, Yo o there was a stray on the street inPhilly. So who knows what she went through and you know they have theirproblems an they they fight with each other a lot. But what happened was h.This guy's girlfriend visited and she brought her two pitpulls over and they just drove off on heirmotorcycleand up these four dogs together and about six o'clock in theevening after the dogs have been alone all day and firework's going off, thenbullshit they attacked each other and one they were killing each oh geeze. I didn't know what to do as just likeright on the other side of the sinds in my backyard, so we grabbe the hose andI was hosing hem down, but it lasted a good half hour. Thepolice arrived. There was nothing, they could really do D, they arrived ecause,they heard US shouting so loud. They Tou that wow. They came to d ther ere like there'snothing. We can do prive a property and the dogs are behind the fence. If youwant to go in there and try and break it up and we we'll come in and rescueyou, you know, we tell you at one point Idid think I was going in there to get.

I know, get killed. I know it only goyardb. These dogs that were visiting ain't been through so much and H. N, Isee Hem, oh, they were both in pretty bad shapes, I'm not sure if they hadthat answer to the bet, but the poor old dog. I saw him yesterday, its UHhes one ear. He got pretty mangled up, but I think he's the one who put theherd on the other dog I just I just don't know that was crazy,crazy and then, when e came home, the dogs all calm right down so hap down,and it was just like business as usual when one was limping 'cause, his legwas all chewed on and the other one was shaking his head. 'cause his ear was aftorn O, oh YEAORBA's, nothing! I could do no. You tried, though I tried youtried to get him out of Troy. You try. I was afraid I was going to Bein one ofthem. Ntilyeah you're like Oh damn, oh damn, then you went ot an l, dont shootthe dog were Goina, shoot Ti Don. I you know sometimes to see as e Shes te whipout their piece ar blasting dogs. It's like no, where are you from dog shooting country out, O ou do littedown. I was in. Ah that was that's different. They had to go in because ofsome domestic problem and get to that problem and the dogs gave a hassle, butbasically, if your dogs are tearing each other apart, the cops aren't goingto do anything o about it. Yeah Prety, Ting Ha. The thing that resolved at allwas the dog finally ran out steepbecause they. Finally, just likelet o each other back into their corners, they tried to go out. It againlasted maybe eight seconds, se just we're going out, so they resolve theirdifferences, pretty much pretty hard pretty much.It's like wow yeah. I hate when animals gettingto flights with each other, andOh, that's just horrible yeah d. When you can't really do anything 'cause,you don't want to get bitten up, be there and it's like, but you don't wantthem to die. You're like Oh, my Godyeah, that's that's horrible! That's some trouble right there. Thatwas trouble that was trouble that was dro b cause Ti. Go. I've got trouble it.My cat m lucky actually both lucky and Arger. I have a little miniature golfthing set up downstairs on the Tlt and it was the first day that locky decidedto go onl God Zilla on it, and not only that but hewas sittingthere. Then he was playing with the keys above it and I'm like really. I'mlike you are in trouble bin full of toys.Five, now five touch my tors and I know he gets right up there and is like Iyelled at Hem like five times today, I'm like it's ow. We started podgastingat like ten thirty in the morning, so imagine from like eight o'clock to likenine thirty or ten. It's like s like you are in trouble, Miter you!So it's like keeping him off and then keeping his sister off. It's like! Ah,it's insane this little cut now ma he's only. I guess, ten, eleven months old,such a kitten so and H, we don't have fenses up around the yard, just piecesof big piece of fences, but he wants to go out so bad. So I make him shake myhand Han a contract. Now butty you'renotrunning away. Actually now he reaches UA s I hegoes outside and does histhing he's so obsessed with the bushes and just so I II basically took all ofthe rotting and clippings and stuff and just built hem this little cat creach.So I runs out the door to his little cave. There you go. I know wat cos likethat's so cute, yeah Al Right on the episode number four Valentine's Day. It was great. I can't remember what the Hell I did,but it was great. My e Shaves are pusy in the shape of Ma Heart, yeah H en Ieat it for an hour or so theeah make me a cake and e you're heating up her house Ifyo Erstain an Arabian B, because we've been evicted from our home of seven years and h. So it was kind of weird sinceyou couldn't really go out AD. Do a lot things ere, just starting to Ben Yeah. The cobead was here, it was over inItaly. Doing hits thing an it was over in China. I I just don't Valentine's tate to me.It's just basically like every other day. 'CAUSE, that's how you shouldalways just treat the people. You don't need a day to approve you, love 'em. Ifyou acfact have to do that. That day,... fe your funk, Yah exactly Sol. Yes, just love who youcan Ande love. You Wane Yeah! So, yes, it's like Valentine's Day, umyeah, it's like Cupid, was pretty damn good. I'm glad that I've been with Mikefor these past ten years and yeah. We we just enjoy each other so much and we always have a great time. We bothspecial it's a good day, but I don't even think Christmas is hat dnspecially anymore, so, whatever I don't even care about people'sbirthdays, 'cause half of them there's a lot of people, the Ga one youand talk to them bout their bt, but they don't want you to talking abouttheir birthday at the same time, an TNAT as my moher. I don't wantn makea fuss about it, but if nobody makes a fuss about it, I'm going to be reallydepressed and h. So this isexactly, it's like I want you to acknowledge it.I want all my friends to say: heavry birthday, then I don't want anythingdone, but then I do and then, if, if nothing happens than I'm sad and it'slike a giant loop, so it's like do something or don't just have some Fon.I remember there's three hundred and sixty four other days out of the yearthat or your UN birthday Yeh just do it. What who cares an what day of the week?Won't you go, get the thing you want and get it 'cause you wantet or need itand you get it right. TDOWN there. You don't have to wait for your birthday orChristmas or anyother Pecial Day. That was one of the things that was specialabout these holidays. Once upon a time fifyyears ago that was t e day, you gotsomething special that was the day Christmas. You waited all year, 'cause,you got this little Catalogu and you picked out a few things in Santabrodoand it was amazing and he every God damed day for most kids. Now thereisn't a day that it's not Christmas, andthey can't get what they want andget it right. then. So I think we've ruined Allt, I think so. Tootlass Imean it's great. You know having packages you know delivered to yourdoor, like God bless Amazon for half the stuff, that's probably in here butyeah. It's like. I remember back in the day. It's like yeah, it's like yourbirthday with special or Christmas was spectaor. You know e Got Little Candyon Easter Little Candy on Valentine's Day, some fireworks or sparklers on thefourth of July. That was itwwthrear it'SSO strange too, that that h holidays, that celebrate veterans trigger their PTSD with huge fireworks,is what hes died about. Geana Yo just sit there minor business next thin. Youknow, there's mortars going off in the yard behind you, that's basically whatit was an our house. This wasn't a shit you by to seven eleven folks, littleSparkley, packets and stuff. This is great fucking fireworks that were professional grade. They were justgoing off in something's back yard. Fortunately, there was a big accidentin Yoar our house. Someone basically blew half their head off with a order,while their parents watch no West eahothe good old, ies, yeah Os and I'm worring. We buy those Um. We buy those big cluster fluck thingsthat you can get and they're pretty impressive. They do blow smarks uptwenty feet an year and stuff had it's all ground, displayd stuff too try toavoid shooting O hashes into your neighbors yard. Ten blocks away andsitting there Garaon fire. So we have these all set up, and one thing my sons-and I have always done- is run through t yep yeah, all at the same time. Andn you just runthrough it. An iyes Liperatin is fo Sameit freaks out there, Realy O. I know ten disenbodied voice wastalking and it was it was pretty. Computerthat was my tax message earlieryou got to hear, be ringtone your Larm S. I was in a day somewhere until heforgot exactly winder, so IV, never rmind myself, of reminders. 'CAUSE!That's where my d, AI, hear you already Dothati a again likeohow need that sorto fuger minor did that two remindors...

...ago. I still want to go back to t talka little bit about fireworks when I was a kid like back before they were, Iguess legal here in Jersey, we would drive to Virginia and we would gocamping every year or the border and H wewould come back with like a shitton of firework and we would set them off at any time of the year. Didn'thave to be the fourth of July now. Meanwhile, one time this was back whenI lived in wortfield and we had the ones that you know shot ino The sky andall this stuff. Well, we had a smoke cloud, so big it traveled, downshoreRoad Oll, the firemen showed u and everything, but the cool part washerele. Next Tam we're going to do that. Just alert USO that we know, but thisis really cool because they're like just standing there like they'rewatching it they're like. Oh, this is cool. This is the cool house actually yeah. It was awesome like quartersticks in dynamite that youwould light and run like how 'cause ofwo Te Freeter y yeah. We blow up toys with those thingsyou wouldn't find any pieces of intact. You'd have to Hipe on a wall case ofpiece of a toy of lies in your head. I W you are with a baby dollar stuck inyour eye ball. I remember this one time we wereshooting for ZOMBITV and I made this like awesome gun like out of like thefom things that you use in the pool and everything like I had chopped one down.I made like this like huge machine, well machine. Looking God and mycousin's like. Why? Don't we stick? You know emahe's in the end and Yo couldget a close up of you know. You know looke. It was really shootat Rigno. Welegidid that, and there is footage somewhere that we haveias standing there with the Camera B'cause. I wanted to get nice andclothes, and then I realized weput them in the wrong fucking way Shet. So I lik go to the camera. Itgoes rolling and we're just like pissing Ourselv,like Oh, my God and they all went off at the same time and we looked at it,but it didn't blow the gun up at all. I was like holy crap. These noodles arefucking strong, that's fun! I'm like Wow Shan went out to noodle and I was think that was crazy and wit watthe hell I was like that was awesome, so you blown up stof wn. I know right. WEL It'd be Safer Yell, Oh my God, yeah l, no, I'm intentionally Ra in have like the bumpers like on bothsie.You know, so you couldn't go into oncoming traffic. That would be awesome.An always wanted to be able to have a little device on this dash where, ifyou're sitting on a red line, Yourndon't Wan to just icharges you adollar late changes go kes me I righ, that's redlights andno one else is coming for my or have you ever sad, the red light and it'sfinally your chance to go and there's this forene mother blucker off in theDisa, Oh yeah hundred miles an hour. Ans Flies Rin through Weain all this time for you to come, Oh my Goshe, Sai O. I waited all day torun into you that could be their job. Speaking ofjobs. Jobs was episode, number five number five yeah. We have to getthrough this this year. God we w're all off in different directions. The add ison full ee this morning, but ye the jobs we have to make a part to, ortwenty per anniversarylet's give that one jobs you hok that number six pets.I think we've already talked about. You know what else we were, that was ourkindest gentlest. It was edidn't talk about. We didn't want to say anythingbad about people's pets. Despite their obsessive, tendencs, fbabies Etcerawe I ason guilty. We loveour Ferbei'm, a therapy, human, exactly R. I talked to deer. I don't know whatthe hell that's all about, but I know Alison and I were coming from theflying w doing comedy out there and that's Byan airport like there's natureand crap there that we're not used to so we're we're driving back. It's likeit's pitch. Dark, no lice know nothing. This deer started to come. He was likealmost right next to the car I rolled down the window and I just looked atHem and said: Go and he just turned...

...around and went it's like back into thewoods back she's like brilliant you're. Dearwhisperer, I was like great that's what I the one thing I got going for me. IsI'm a deer, whisperer Er ticklar. Try that Youoh, I love Um run away. I was my breath S. likehallyhearb is aly. mucking dear I'll, make you my pet t, he'r trying to kill Mrney.I was like you topking anything F. There was a Guorrilla walking down thestreet, your you'd take it in his ipat. Like a gorilla is walking down thestreet. Oh Yeah, hell YEA Wer, you IERI Wonwan, I won't Wanti, don't think wetalked about drn pats was people who take their dogs and and have the GRUMORcarve their hair into a different shape, and then they diet. And then the doglooks like some other animal. Oh Yeah Yeh, something like that. An a dog thatlives like a horse. I go to a lot of pekgrooming industry. Trade showsbecause I sell Pagroominga, ltraz R reason: they're crazyis 'cause thewhole industry was foundd by old, hippies OL horse. Be Nice S Hey. Would you getmin or GIN like sure man? I cut. Do Dog Han an industry every year right, therpeople make their dogs ovtrages, they carve curtoon characters into the side.Just if you ever get a chance. Google, creative grooming and you'll seehundreds of dogs ta it'll blow your mind. You're H, going to love it and gowow, that's the coolest Oni can lev. I ever saw or you're going to say. Oh myGod, I can't believe they would do that to a dog. Those are the two schools EA. I supposeI was like. Who is up Efuck, let's fase it. If Dog groomy went awaytomorrow, the world wouldn't suffer, th dogs really wouldn't either andeveryony would just have a hairy dirty dog that is, trap used to have for hundredsafd years prior to the petgroomyg industry. Oh my creative groiming, I'mlike right there right now and ther they did this one dog. It looks likethere's a freaking mermaid y. A this is amazing. Like Yaplease, mind, VEWL BELIF. You need something awesome to look at definitely type in creative grooming,like you will not be this apoint, oh my God, there's a Minion! Well, there goes my add for the rest ofthe day, people that do this in the industry and Theyre. You know they're frustrated artists, many of them my gos,it's incredible there in cooker skills, th, there's a little beast. There's a little viuse owwe have to doa whole show on that. Now we have to do alswell o necessarily do Isto cast. Iknow I they di they do it's lite! Oh my gosh, totallycrazy! All Right! Moving long, Um episode, Onumber seven n Costco Coseway, which is totally out of the funk right now. You know some costplayers are so busyworking. Oh yeah, Cluingourvoie, olters, Jason He's currently hitched up withsome people who are making fans o so he's doing that and there's still,there is still people that are publishing a lot of great tips,making videos on how to improve your makeup. So I know it's still out there.I just not Dong it yeah, it's Um yeah, it's definitely still out there. I'mnot sure. If I want to do anything, Persay Lik do tutorials or you know,talk about it or whatever Itas, just kind of a bummer like talking to a fewpeople that I know that love going to the cons and now they have all thesevirtual cons. But it's not the same. I mean like paying for an autograph photoand Yotone get to meet the person and you know get a photowolp with them.It's like no, it's not the same e everything thatI've known pretty much in the cousplay community everything's been canceledfrom what I know from like New Jersey, Philly Um New York. I guess, iscancelling. We are Comican, it's because they're still trying to limitthe number of people who can get together in one place. That'sdefinitely the governor's. You can't have a really good convention.If you can only have a hundred people there exactly cause a hundred people othe vendors X. Pretty much. I I don't know how that's going to work. I mean,I know James From Ocean City Camikan...

...and Maryland is holding strong andthusnot until December or so you know who knows, maybe by December thingswill, beworked out by knowing the Convention Center. There thi think gets jampact. Imean in fact, if I don't go around and see all the vendors in the morning oreven before they open I'm not going to get a chance to see them 'cause, it'slike by the time you know it's like the doors are open, it's packed in thereand then it's like one or two PM comes. It's like I've got a panel and thenright after that, the cost play con contest, which has like three hundredpeople in it. So it's like. That's, like I don't know really too much more details about that,but I do know that they're still pushing for that one to be on likeGothrog nde people. They need a socially distance and wiask and H andth. So we need fourteen football fields. Wellthe masking coslay are not hard.You know people been doing me asking costlaylike forever. So that's not toobad. In fact, my captain Carter that I will be wearing um pretty much. I madea mass to go with that so yep, I'm like I'm ready, I'm down for it Wen. If you get fuckingpoints taking off 'cause your coing mask is and all Tai I'm not I'm not int e contest, I'm I'm one of the judges. Well, I would not. I will not. I wouldnot take it off. I wouldn't take points off for doing you know your thing likethat you have to have a mask on for it. It's like. I would not take points awayfrom that NAM. I A PROBA coslthe cost players will probably have matching ummatching mass addic lanovelenien yeah. We tryd to set the record for Star Wars,characters and it's incredible the the guidelines that they required for thepeople who participated in to set a world record for most Star Wars. Peoplegathered, I think only the fibwil first will ever be aein approach. The record'cause, those guys are hard core oersus are right, ther socker matching andthey got all their numbers right. They've they've got by ten glossies ofthe blast pattern on back of their ts, the star Troopero, that's authentic, that's noo! I'm going to get intoweathering stuff, yes dragging close through the mud pouring tea on 'em. This is called weathering andapparently there's a big pig market for it. I know I love tea, bagging stuff. As afemale, I get Tho teabagg stuff, yes, t o Patina exactly in the bathroom for ten years. Youdon't have time for that s like just t bag and get it over withjust emay anyway, right along episode, Number Eight, the Internet. Well, it'sstill here yeah. I think a lot of us would be lost without it. You know I doI do realize we were so close to shutting down social media H. We wereseeing the evils of it. We were holding Zuckerberg P for examination.We were just about to pull the plug and and better our entire society when thePandamag cave and forced everyone back online to every fucking thing in theyrelike ire, those folks to Hav it and out of our life forever. I know I think Ithink Zucker Berg had something to do with that. Elike yeah, exactly it'slike. Oh Look, look they're not going to leave us. They came back everyone IlHelv me Ong, geing, back like Bos of people. Here we are, we need you. Weneed the Internet, we need these grouvs. We need online. This we need. You know.Oh my God. They went they peo like. If, if you post six politically decitdevicive meams in a row, then you got Ta Post Six fucking dog pictures. You have to avfset that Youhae alot ofyour whole life. It's about waking people up. Some people don't give afulk now, no, actually you make some of their lives more miserable. When you dothat. That is true that not know all themachinations of what the fuck is happening and Yan. First of all, Ithink if we just all agreed that life was full of double standards, half themeams would go away right away, probably probably but means Er. What make the world goround? He now that everything was as black and white as you're fucking meYep, pretty much R, pretty much it's like. So there we go with the Internet.Moving right along wee made it e episode, nine, which is boom best ofour bid Ya. We eeded some Bi. We neededsomething this as during the quarantine.

So we're like what the hell can we otrow- art wit. Oh Yeah, have some points for doing most of theShit Thoun a paodamic folks. I know it's like we've been creative. I Mea,oh, that that was that was a pain and he asked to edit, though, like havingto go back through all this bige yeah PLA on there wasn't any good bit. It was. We justwe just grabbed a wholebunch of crap in a actamiyt just a ler. There is a day to go. It's Lik screw ithere e rht! Now S Hik, we're doing you knowwe're doing boo. Part too. You know Whi were we're Talkinin on. Yes, we nowhave a full set of boo set: Go, Oh God, and then we fucked it up with numberten biography where we got to talk about ourselves for n entire episide.Yet that was the last thing I did that whole episode. I really completelystered the conversation away for myself the entire time, so you were out in Leftfield on thatone I by I'm here right here right now.That's all you need to know we're doing this pocas here we are twenty fiveepisodes later. What have you done lately? Let's drop that micrate there, but thennumber eleven sick. We were this is where wewere getting sick of the Pandadequir er closed yeah, like Oh, my God, you'rea healthy person and you're at the mercy of having to Dusha, because thepeople are people are sick. I can understand why people get in havethat attitude about it Um. But of course I was just recently very sick and stillm, so I don't know, I think the pandemic formaking me whatyou Col Bout Er. I know it's like the quarentine thirtyover here. You know I' bt that one thoug you can empty yourpoxl, ah to my pockets. Take off my shoes. Take up my belt. I now hereless leave that leg over there e don't count the legs Ery en old onlet me attack my head here hold my had your ree way when I'mjumping up and down I get up so that was our sick bit. Well, luckily, I was H sick before theentire quarter. I happened. I had enough respiratory infection SA with mymom. I had the flu, so there we go. We got ours Olt the way semi before ithappened so there we, then we moved on the episode number twelve, where weplayed twenty questions, which was a bitch to edit 'cause. I asked Outan youasked me to and then I jammed them all together. I can't remember half of thosequestions but they're also phiographical inature. I remember theywere. We should go back and listen to thatshow 'cause. Then we should find the more questions we ask based on theanencer there we go ther, there's something that might be another episodetwenty case. You know we have to go commando again, like we did with ourlast episodeportquestions part too. We won't do that like in Oh God, yeah, you n W T we still did our shit folks.Yes, we did yet otor shit out there. We Kak Bit aone and rooned and Gess fo.You know 'cause we're sick, we're sick. We have to talk bout, t e Micropo, thenmoving on. U To episus, I'm thirteen and fourteen, which was movies andmovies part tooyeswwere still watching. Yes, we're still watching movies. Haveyou gotten any new favorite ones or seen ones that you really like? I Tabout the movie that was rated R, one hundred no O ent under one hundred Shoueadvitted to this milty crap I got ta walk. I was bizarre H. I saw that, butno, I have not been devoting much time to the stupid box because I am outsideof a new backyard and UH. I have a very uncomfortable couch on top of it yeah Iwas King of Igrad Tho furniture a little. I do believe the T v's tooclose, that we have a very swe move in a very small house, we're right onlikewell this fucking tea peais way too big for that which is somethingAmericans never really say. I know yeah just in some rooms I can see. Ithey'll build a house around Te, fucking T V at this point so yeah mymoney just got a seventy five inch. One installed in his house and IACTUALLYhad to reinforce the wall and shit to get it up there, I'm still waiting togo there he's Lik. What do you want to see? What do Yo want to sound like? Oh,I guess empire strikes back that t what movieundred seventy five... he's down in Elbehi Doin, the samething you just got. A new house n can tell you what time of day it is basedby what's on television, O fancy and he used to draw he used to make ads forthe T v Guide, so he actually got to rite o his cable bill 'cause. It wasresearchd that I would love to have that jobright there. His a good old TA csgd still, I don'tthink so. I don't think so, there's something that comes in the paand forlike the local channels or whatever. But it's not the same. It's it's notthe same. Even the Onla and Oh, my God. I hate the online menus, I'm like O. Iwish we could go back to the days with TV guides. It would be so much easier.There's only a couple of things I watch is. I watch the CBS Philadelphia News on Saturdaymornings from seven til nine, because I've in love with Jane Carabeo thatwacker she's, so awesomeand uh. I try to catch that girl Lily on thosecommercials that was it team, mobile or sprint. It was something company in asI just love this girl she's like Niakistan or something she's awesome,and the funny thing about her is in the commercial she's beautiful, but herpictures of her as a supermile o more beautiful woy a I togt. You don'teven need a blue pill for that. To the two reasons I'm watching TV isecause of two women, I'm in Temerby everything Elseso. I know it's likemovies Um. We got a couple of free months of shutter dotcom, which is allhorror movies and pretty much. We went through everything that we wanted tosee and like a week and then I was going to cancel it and theywere like Oh,no, you could have a free month, it's like okay and then I was going tocancel it again and they're like here. You Hat hem another free month, so it'as like we were watching this one movie. It was called baby and what itwas. This grown man that the mother kept like as like pretty much like a baby like hewas like fully grown, still sleeping ANCRAB, still drinking out a bottlestill making baby sounds and everything like that it was like creepy as hell.I'm like. Oh hell, no like it was like the creepiest Goddamned thing we ever saw. It was like. If you ever have a chance to watch it,I would say: Don't watch it but watch it, because it's that messed up it's anolder movie. It's I was like wow. I was like these people were freaks back.Then, like wow, I finding these old movies on theseoltle harm moves on TB from the Seventies. Yes, e crank out for drivingN, there was always tittis an they were always terrible, but t oyoudidn't have to invest any motion into them. No, no! He weren't waiting forthe next part to come out. Oh my gosh, like V, is awesome for yeahmovies for crappy movies. There's a really one too crap. I think,there's like a a free horror one. I can't remember T it's on Roko yeah.It's like you, find pretty much if you're looking for newmovies or new crappy movies, just Yeh S, Goo o one thes Housethe, one crappymovie you like, and when it's over till you fifty other crappy movies, healnacrackand. The next thing you down the rabbit hole exactly it's. It's like a crap FIS,it's like time, hoosing what they're going to watch and ever actuallygetting to the point of watching. I know I said the Mike I was like dud. Weneed to set up a camera and do like Um drunken search like we we're justlooking for a movie. I don't know, and then you spend likelike ten hours just watching like justrandom trailers and hit, and thenwe never actually watch anything through th. We moved to a new county,so the library there an got a service and h free movies. So one of the one ofthe categories movies is longest movies and there are some foreign films thatare eight hours and six hours. So that's some pretty hardcorse shit. Idon't think I could sit still for eight hours, ND and watch the same movie.Maybe I ha I'm not I'm ain't going to waste my time to find fucking out and I'm Usha. I Ai Chan in Fucis. I'vedone that with Steven Kings, H, rosered. That movie is about six hours long andthey even have Um. They did a Prequel to that movie, which we own not a lotof people, know too much of it, and I think it's like the Ellen Redan bokeror something like that. It's it coincides with that like W, howactually rosered turned into rose red?...

It was just an awesome movie like thePrekol was good and he frequil was only like regular movie length so an hour,some admittits, it's like you're good to get ern, but it's like. I reallylike that and another series. I know that mom and I had we finally bought.There was like a whole thing with the flowers in the attic like there's fourmovies that they made and literally like once. You startwatching the first one, the ORIG, the flowers and the attic one islie you're,you whan. They keep watching to see what else happens. That's like a wholeday. I've been watching like. I think we saved that one time where it wassnowing, and you know just CRA like eer yea, so it was like we're about te loopback into that again like here we go. It's like. Why not whythe hell? Not You know, let's kill a day, let's kill it, but yeah my terastic park movie, butwithout any actors or story, just g IER, INE nors. I don't need anyfucking moral tail or Vry Higr just have the Signo lert or SARS Dinasar ye need more ditesaurs and, just God,Zia dit his gods hthat's. What we want ats he doesn'. If I don't e, I we don'tneed a whole story. We just need Hem Kiking, ARY Glior. I just want to seethe big monsters fighting like comeon o Ojust, be about the big munstersfighting, that's how they fucked up the transformers with all the dialog like who t e help.What like? No the transformers are supposedto be the main focus, not the people. Ow Many foks of the first movie wasMakin Box holy. Probably meanwhile, if people like my cousinJohn, are like Fok that we want the transformers they should Beda, theyshould Ge us another thing: Tes just have a transformers movie where they'relog around fighting and shit. They don't either exactly blow in up. As Idon't want to hr no worlds, I don't care who owns this or wowhatcompanytim anyway. Nothing. I think what did I thinyo ever teach meJacksquat, nothing, those tiless classics that taught us nothing made.Thre little racism in there we didn't know now years later, as adults we haveto defend thi stupid shape. I know like I can be E. I was raised on that. Well,it's in a Disney film and you're. Never going to see it again goes a slam inthe ball door on that I know like they might as well. Just remove everythingout there right now like hands up. It's all racious. He raisist for ITT's Gongta come down to this. Do you think that's racist will? Did Tha White GuyMake it? Well, then F, YEA! Yes, that's exactly what's happening rightnow. I rean overtire fucking. All these paintings gotta go s all these books, yells a Leson, RA,nothing! Everything is blank. Speaking about invited to speak, O meeting totalk about my experiences, an affricat American, Oh my God, wats Beon, aRunanon I knowi, like E, was looking at your splike oh wrong, more Hil, wron walike. I thinkhe got the wrong. Do I? No a cousin Miss Down in Baltimore, which was N was one. Was a San Indoor?is an indoor football player. I love pointing him as my cousin like wellhe's Black Lik weahes, my cousin from Baltimore. There you go lik to neve black cousin like give me afucking Bro. Can You I know you? Can It's like? Damn you K, Ow, you knowAbou starting things over and talking about blank Hanvis episode, NumberFifteen is art or star Inte joke I miss going to art, shows, I missbeing part of art, shows and lately im making art out of. Oh, my God, I'mBeentak. We have a problem in our community and that they're not pickingup your yard waste. So if you trim your bushes or you cut down Brais from thetrees, they're not coming around to get it, they just started up. So I've beenbaking sculptures and AK, because why Oll drives out's goingto make a nice fire as well? There ye go and these firepis people in heirbackyard. It's not for them to sit around D and leisurely, enjoy eachother's companies to burn all the Fuperar Y Cowshipin Tickin up hell, yeah nell everyone's burning, their yard way. Oh Yeah, you cant Meit's, like mycousin John for the purpose of it. He saves up o all the shrudding paper,inthe big bags and stuff like that, and then, when he has these fires he justput them on there. Oh Hell yeahh yeah.

We have fun with that. Like I mean we don't burn any plasticsor anything like that, because M that smoke can kill you, but it's like justregular paper. It's like we're there we're there so t's, like that's WHA,that's one of the things that he loves to do. Fernart, yes, well, yeahyehshrouded burn Dann Straight Awesome, Damn Stree, but me M. I want to getmore into using my colored pencils. Kindo, like my friend Lo, has he'sstill going forward M with his graphic novels and everything he's done likeNopratu the origin, which was an amazing fricking book and he's got parttoo ithin coming out this year, an a couple of other like kids stories alongthe way. So it's like I'e just been keeping up and admiring his art andeverything- and you know that's that's about it. I haven't really createdanything new new lately. Just you know couple doodles couple of doodles. I have some ideasbut thi'm like when I do all this stuff, I'm like where the home am I going tostory like and I was making art through this whole forignteine. I was like Ohmy gosh. I would have like two years, probably full of stuff and likeabsolutely no art, shows to go to and try to sell it so like Thalk, drawingon the sidewalk ye put your best effort into it and then the rain will wash itaway. Yes, I mean I have been having fun with my ipad that I got rightbefore quarantine. I've got the Apple Pencil now and everything that thingdoes draw smooth. I mean I guess I've been doing art with M. my comic wellI'll, be nammed, so I mean I'm keeping keeping it in therea little bit. You know expanding here and there e Lt owns theres running outof stupid alpons. I know I'll think otstelf. Trust me. IfKlaus C closs the fly can have like a hundred episodes, I'm sure Albidam cando do it to abot a hundred and one go P ye. I can do it as Simon's cat yeah. I remember neverseeing him an n seeing him everywhere now I love that cat maranyway t'slikegetting back into. Oh, my Gosh oneof another highest. listen to episodes.Would you believe it was episode? Number Sixteen fetishes? Oh, I can'tbelieve it OI'm still keeping up with some fitishes. It's like I've. Actuallygotten some new Sihis we've been working out some stuff with so ias likethat, I'm happy with I'm actually having to be home. More to you know,work on these things. My ospeish is just being turned on my women wearingcod mot yahlike. He Baby Love Your Mas Yeah that yeah you osgemore TN conversations with wepen 'causes looking and he just locked ontoeach other's eyes and says Yeh Noo, looking at her mouth anymore, Sii've been talking to a lot of nursesye lately, so it might be a double feathished thing. It might just benurses, an e, I'm not sure yeah thow got me thinking of it. Nursie O baby, he and other than that. I havenot developed. Annynew finishes: 'CAUSE UH THERE US no time, I'm just stillhaving too much fun with the straygt sack I knowi a Bot for a while, I'm justonit's like well. I was trying the SCIHIST for another costplay. So that'swhere I went, but then it you know developed into the FEDATEAN. Here weare herbut like Gi said. That was one of our Mostlessen, the episode. Butspeaking of what we've been doing, almost this entire time episode numberseventeen rancs just ranting. I think we're good at that. Wel Li Master, ranters, TAT, Lik Master, beating, but renting,while doing I yeah it could be Ni'm coming on crying, I'm not enjoying it t'snot as good as the last time people that's. The problem is justturned a ran off at somepoint. It has to be turned off. You'vegranted you'vevented you're done not your turn anymore. Damn it Nan that shut up. Iknow I think everybody's been ranting on social media, Ano Glance, Lora onyour voice, Maranin n. Then you see my person like no the Col, so really hisflated up voice, valuel Av me Tut. You just have to accept e. that'sthe way. I am welcome the coup I ninety drutly,honest except about myself, speak brutally honestly about Ma. I'monly allowed to speak brutally honestly about everything. A everyone elcan alsohave a set of standards for myself, that's completely different than thesetofstaners I have for everyone else.

So how do you buck an win? You? Don'tyou just ranch about it? You just rent, I think emphisis numbereighteen nd, nineteen kind of go together with the future and robotsfuture and Robo Right. REMEMBER: Whe we're talking about like robot thepolice and everything like that like we should be. You know in space mobiles orwhatever Kno e Car Lak, the Jestins werelike bullshit, you knowigo fad forRosie. She never had a good time and she was a robot Sheaa and she wasreal bott in space yeah. So that's where we went thereisli thefuture in Robos. We're still not flying we're still not floting. Here we arethe one earth and t people are still afraid the robaas going to take theirjob and the robots, and are we still worried about this ai sky net thing andthe terminators and the robots are going to build themselves n? Is itstill all happening 'cause I wontt know what to fuck speed it up already goys.I know it's like just get there all RN L Ano. Can everyone go for it? Do ityou now doing it? No like they a not like that's going on right now, anyway,it's like just robuts. I see these videos up. You can knock 'em over witha hockey sick, so it looks like hockey. Sticks are going to be on the RAG. IfVer yoget your hockey stick H, you better stock up now, Killa robot with Hem will heus knock itover and it just laye. I know like a turtle on back Andhik. You can't get? U.You know he limins of them th the termator type of robus or development.I can walk up and downstairs and Shit Yeah Hea, pretty scary, but even therelike I'm taking that thing out. So it's like Mam man moving rigt along here episode ofnumber twenty things to do after the big qe. Well, I was looking forward that sameweek that that came out was Um. They were opening the til nine movie theater,I shut it down right away. Againshoit was like here you go. No, I oa out ofbusiness at this. Formeni have no idea like they're planning on opening againwhos a oldnoeard was the black cat, the owner of the black cat and was justsitting in his establishment eating his dinner and he lives upstairs, andsomebody with a paper just pulled up and was knocking on the door tellinghim he was in violation and N, not taking the cantecyclhe's an owner wholives there, yeah dinner there every night and they getam bunch of Shit and a bunch of fines. And this is what happens when you givepeople power, they become their own littlerobot head. They can't think of anything else, Lis, liny or th. Theycouldn't think of any other reason why the owner of the place might be sittingthere. Eating is dinner. I know it's like really. It's like a mind, your owndamn business, like I the hell out of here, that's what I would have been like.It's like. Oh, yes, troug, you screwe you but Ayway. It's like yeah things todo after the big Hue. I don't know what the Hell I'm looking forward tonowadays. 'cause now, I'm comfortable just Thayang, just staying in andcooking anywhere n was just I mean I'm still tempted H, maybe down the road to go. Do someminigolf like they have a great spot right in Northfield the cheeki place,thats n asleepyep yeah. It was like, of course you would do it. It's Lik, it'sright there. So it's like I'm looking for doing that. It hasn't been so busyshe exactly it's like. There hasn't been too many people there. I thinkthat would be a perfect place. Wermiget a Cuesoa, the Congo golf and Margie Wow,a aleast ang until midnight every night, oly only fucking thing to do yep andyou can walk there. That's another reason: the North Field, locationanywhere, you Gotto, even get in he car and drive. Now nobody was o evenfucking. Do that yeah exactly it's like Nasar, that driving's everated, somoney part is reading the The people actually leave yelp and square andreviews about minigolf places like you're, so fockat important. Youropinion of a mini golf course is somehow going to sway. Somebody elsefrom fucking go and I've never been disappointed on a miny golf course. Ihave never been disappointe the shhefheads everywhere, O Racist Solord,Yu, Kno Ejoy, you know can' The one another one was oh. This is funny. Another review saidthat the cashiers, because the family was Spanish, they spit on them. Oh likewell, you know. I know my son would never allow that to happen, especiallyas he goes out with a Spanish girl, so I wit gaddater that night. But when yougo and just do a little bit of research,...'ll find that there are some peoplewho, maybe eight months ago, went on to Google and just left a hundred sherevees. It was something to do. It wassomething I think personally that the Indianbusiness owners should get a lawyer, because the word DOT head is like infour hundred different reviews on Yel at this pot. Oh Lord Ye, I Belov, Iriht. That's not R, come on man just 'cause, it's a review of your of theone guy left, one hundred one star reviews. In a day: Oh my God, Eothe d,an agenda yeah, it's like someone, that's just attacking people come on,come on people, we're not like that. Stop doing that! SOLIK! Please stop doing that course.It's IT's a restaurant! It's whatever wh he's a fuck about your fuckingreview. When did we become a society where people thought that their opinionwas so facking important of the other? Ten thousand fucking reviews of the hotdog stand on Rute nignt and give me a break. I know like oi go like get over.I you're not en eating real meat so get over. We all know hotdog is just allthe mixed up parts that never mate it into anything else. You know wichpeople weren't so quick to publish their opinion. I know alike. IAID. You know all thoseRoung oers have e nothing: El episodeall right, Movin, Alonga, number,twenty one toys. I finally put my toys away: Tslike five toys away. That's my pool!That's yeah! This is it's my bulliard area, OMAYBE, HEIS OT! A challenge is that aCH, Oh yeah? Well, don't get that little stor with oevations me too. It is different than whenyou're on the smaller one. It's definitely different, but I lovedreminiscing about you, know: Er Childhood Toys and everything what wehave now and what we wish we had back then like that was just such a damnfone episode. Well, it wasn't as wo as the NEX one. Oh yes, Numr. Twenty Twotwe story part two, the not safe for working the ginge right that was morefun 'cause. I got to listen to o talk to Ti things up here. Oh my God, I got so much worse afterthat. I was doing comedy Shol and somehow ended up with the freeze catAtal Pug. So everybody's, like you, have to dolike a comedy, album or c comedy special, just called Cat Anal Plug. Iwas like that's where we ended up: It's like I mixed in cats and Andal plugsand if we just ran, which is an AP for a cat or e Pu mad out of a cat, I thinkan at o plug mate out of cat. It goes into a human ass like no, I don't know Lik cat AOL flogs, like I don't know,whatthe hell shaped or it purs something like that.Mao Mi Read O. Oh, no, definitely not a real cataera. No Ti know it's like. So what did you Stakin your ass now holy crapit ca UN I to get up there? Well, how the hellis else. Am I going to get the Gerbil out UNTI again pretty much d? They just get 'em upthere and to get the Damn Gerbil out. That's all.I got small to t inheoh myosarge Eoug for thecat to be shot Ito it with a neumatic Candi. You can it's it's amazingly theeneplug that they have. That will stretch your athlete why the Home Mifascinated with is the run WAYVEATO Theyso, yeah, they're rvery, learnedastudant scholarly in your act. You knew about speeds Strait ased to have a hand. Ithought I still cok all the time. Sto have a handle. I mean if you shove, youknow a sorry man. I go up there, ot going tothe Yar I' just Wenny, because our next episoteepisode number twenty three twenty three death. I hell you for MEE flugsto death, never want to be dead for how the helldid that happen. Exactly and Youo we to go into Shoprat Ther Gral D. again hehad a cat. UPTHERE hat was still there same way. Everyoneelse does cat was trying to call himself out and he died andtonkward yeahthat'sright. They get sucked up all in your...

...cuts and Oul. Oh, the death show yeah Tyeah. I facedit like man. This is it I'm going with T E cat up myashes and it wasn't a stroke. Tig was goingto kill me. It was the fatal car crash. I was going to be in as a resultof Habibehind the wheel, but that's all been resolve. No well yeah. It'sWARTWAYHARTL. It's a working progress but you're still here and kicking yeahand no surgery yeah, and you don't have h to worry aboutcancer, yeah, okay, doc, I'm glad o oo the day off irright to there's a fifty. Fifty, let's shootthe coin here so right now I don't have cancer, but I might have cancer to o Lio in other exactlylike everybody elsewalking around here I could be fifty fiftn. You know like its. I hail t. Youknow what the Hell Actually Os Lik its smoking fir nations to that like who? Does that a anone ar sayingwell we're going to need to get these tests and, like Oh, you mean the onesthat I already had here's the paper? Oh those death, what we're going to needto get a ultar sound one! This thing yeah a likethese already had hers a fucking picture. Dear Lord Dear said, the results ofyour urine testing. We're fine, I'm like you never even tested. It has satthere at a shocker all the time I've been here. whopid you test, Rithecerment, the Frog coming here, Lo wit, Howi, know right. It Wa isn'tthere with Py with a jug, ther piss Tan, googly eyes on it. There you go. Dosome arts and crash IEXCETFR Ilso, twenty four, which waslast week and it was where in the world is beauty. I can't remember one week Igot one week Hego what we we go. One was Lafree. Last week, oh my gosh, the head was fitting, like I didn't know where,where to be at one moment in one day's time, an twenty four hour period, Iwent from extremely sad 'cause my cousin's dog passed away and then, at that very same moment, Um one show that I do voiceovers. For not only did I get an IM D v Credit forit and it's still going. It ended up on one of the channels on the Rokoo andthen once the season is up, it's actually going over to Amazon, prime.So at that very moment I was like up in like I was really really happy, but Iwas really really sad and it bought me to a level where I was like. I don'tknow how I feel right now like how do you get like such bad news and goodnews at the same time, and I waslike Shi was like I don't know where I'm atI'm, like I dog's funeral right now, but thet I'm celebrating later becauseof the whole M. Oh hey, this thing got, you know, picked up, you know byanother company and as it on on Roku, it's actually called Bombidos. That's the channel, that's the channelBumbitos and then, as soon as m, it's going to be a waterside wrestling iswhat I voice Mysstica Rabbit and then that one, I believe, e full season ofthat is out. That's going right over to Amazon, prime, so wi just goin to beOferseik that Shit. I was on prime I'll get you in. I know people I know ml. ISend Me To booleg there you go that I will see themandolorand, I'mlike no fucking way. Will I ever see it because I will never pay open they'relike know I pa W, like Nol Yeah, was that thevoiceinge that you can get?That has like everything. I can't remember what it's called: It's likesome kind of like stick thing: Ither plung in and it's got a rocer stick,but it doesn't have everything on it. I can't remember: There's like a Jo,broken thing, thet put in and itgets everything like something just likeliterally came out today, then tomorrow it would be like on there and youwouldn't have to download anything o itwas crazy wi here. If it was, if it's there or not Isay, you knowwhat I think you need in your life, a thousand more channels, so ath, that'sgood a and then you end up watching none of them really hell nogiveo. Some of your timeback here, we've got a little special plane which you, like all the time back,that you spent master Baiting, orchosin fucking, something to watch time, Yous ben deciding what the eatyou can have, one of Thestah ye right.

They wholly crap. I know likewe needmore channels and things like that. I'm like Holy Cra, I was like I can't evenkeep up with regular stuff and they trow in e Ran Iwas being gropdto somebody else back Wat. How about the time I was trying to be acomedian? Can I get all that time? A actually got honge botto wit the list you're ten years old. Again, I'm GOINGTO try harder not to be acomedian M tri. That's the funniest thing. You said allday: a government Sol yes back to jobs, noI'm just kidding. Never! This has been. You know whathell of an episode and what Hell Wis Twenty. Fifth, like I'm looking forwardto doing another twenty five: how about Yo BST OIF, you say so: I'm not comminting there, anyore Omcominto, a street jacket, maybe mean the most unconar with moking thing.I'd be like its cool. I don't eet. That thing like I'm just GOINGTO SI here: Patient Goa Problem Hell, yea yeah! So yes, ifyou evazing that or contribute or if there's any show that you would likethis to do a subject on or anything at all, please send an emailto beauty in the Bshow sixty nine at gmal dot com or put something in one of the comments on ourFaseboo page. So I think that just about wraps everything up, I'm beautyon Thebe Sho, dotcom.

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