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Episode 62 · 4 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E5 - Santa's Balls


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M H M, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the beauty and the B show. This is a little segment that we like to call beauty's bits. That's with a bee, not with the tee. If you want to see these seas, you got...

...a head on. overtour only fans or t public, go buy a t shirt. Damn it. All right, so we're back with another song. And what the funk? It's Christmas in July. I'm like, am I wrong? Now we're having Christmas? Okay. So here's the song that I wrote called Santa's balls. Yeah, Santa's ball's got cone in the MISTLETON. It looks like he encountered bows and stocking strong so high. I hope Santa doesn't come right in his high. Merry Christmas and raised balls. Come back next week for another song. I've been Christine Nolton, and you have been watching beauties bits. Yeah, check us up on the web. WWW dot...

...gideon, the best show DOT com.

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