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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 61 · 6 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E4 - Summer Weed


Beauty's Bits S3:E4 - Summer Weed 

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M H coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello, everyone, welcome back to the beauty of the B show. This is a little segment we like to call beauty spits. That's with the bee nut with the teeth. If you want to see these teas, you gotta check out my only fans. Yep, that's right. Hell, yeah, or you gotta go...

...over to public and buy some damn shirts. So go buy some damn shirts. Damn it. All right, is summertime and fuck it, wet is here. Wet is legal here in Jersey. How much weat? Have I had? You'll never know, ha ha. So, anyway, I'd like to play you a song here called summer weed. Yes, that's right, idea, a parody of a grease song that everybody's like, Oh, fuck me, so we're just gonna go ahead and do it. Summer Ween, call me so high. Summer Weed had me some Hie. I met a stream called crazy for me, met a pong, cute as can be. Sum Movie, Smoking Away to Oh that first summervien. Sell me more, sell me more. Did you smoke in a car? Sell me more to...

...sell me more. Keep it fresh in a chart. I ate edibles and took a long now I was baked. Had A can, mother, we'd save my life. My New Love was round my showing off, smoking around, because it's legal here in Jersey. People. Hell, yeah, some of weed, something's Beign but oh that fresh summer. We sell me more, sell me more. Was It love at first sight? Sell me more, sell me more, because I'm I as a kind. He took my joint bowling in the young kid, which I totally hallucinated. Also, ball returned. Is Totally fucking funny. We win drolling during lemon in placed with...

...meat. Yeah, we made out under the dog. That's right, because I'm a kinky bitch. We stay up to ten o'clock in the morning because we're a dull smoking. We'd been watching cartoons. Hello, summer fly don't mean nothing, but oh that first summer Vien. Sell me more, sell me more. I just bought a new bag. Sell me more, sell me more, because I'm gonna need a dry yeah, baby, the joint incrindly right, my hair. He God friendly. Getting high will I'm playing bullshit. We was crane cost the book eighteen. It was good, you...

...know what I mean? Yeah, summer, heat, Sun and me Weet, but oh that first summer weed. Sell me more, sell me more, much done in US span. Oh, sell me more, sell me more, because met is my friend. Yeah, it turned colder. That's where it is. Relapse is a bit Oh wait, the aces on. We're good. We're good. Game on, game on, game on. So I told we'd wait. Sell me friends, and then we made our true love. I wonder what's trained. I'm smoking. MMM, mom my...

...dreams here with no sees my, Oh that's not hum M we I'm gonna go smoke a fatty right now. Thank you all for tuning in. I've been Christine Noldon and you have been listening to beauty's bits. Yeah, you just have. On the web, Dody W W got IDI in the B show dot com. Eight.

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