Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Episode 59 · 6 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E3 - When I Sploosh


Beauty's Bits S3:E3 - When I Sploosh

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M Hm HM, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, Hey, welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the beast show. I'm beauty also. That's with the bean nut, with the tea. If you want to see the season Guy, go on my only fans.

I think that's two or three years in the making. I think it's there. Just go check it out. Anyway. This is a season three that we have a little music here. We're doing all music this this season. It's gonna be quickie. That's why they're called beauty's bits. If they were longer, they would just be called beauties. I'll know where the hell always end with that one, anyway. So this is another song that I wrote. It's a parody song. Of course, I do have some originals. They will be coming up shortly, and this one's called when I spluge Um a K, when I'm gone, by Anna Kendrick, the Cup Song. Cups, Cups, boobs tit's okay, all right, here we go. I got my ticket for the long way round. You know what I mean by long right, two bottles of whiskey for the way. But the hell happened on my whiskey? God Damn it. And you, oh like y'all...

...sweet company, or my two fingers in this case, and I'm leaving tomorrow. What did you say? When I sploosh, when I slew? Who? You gonna love me? When I swoosh, you're gonna pull me by my hair, you're gonna make me every Pharl, you know, love me. When I smoosh, I got my ticket for the long warround. You know I'm talking about Cock right, the one with the prettiest aviews. I enjoy sex in public. Hell yeah, it's kind whips, this Scott Jeans. It's got battles to play with and I'm glad to be kicking here with you. When I sploosh, when I spleuve Hoosh, you're gonna love me. When I swoosh, you're gonna pull me by my hair, you're gonna...

...spank me everywhere. You love me when I swoush, when I sploush, when I swoosh, you gonna love me. When I swooch, you're gonna pull me by my hair, you're gonna spank me everywhere. You're gonna love me when I smooch. And that was what I swoosh. Thank you, guys, for tuning in tune into another episode of beauty's bits. Yeah, okay, I can have on the web dow W DOT GIDEONS and B show dot com.

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