Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Episode 58 · 6 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E2 - Splooshing Zone


Beauty's Bits S3:E2 - Splooshing Zone

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M Hm HM, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the B show. This is what we like to call rull segment, called beauty's bits. That's where the be nut with its. If you want to see these teams, you...

...gotta check out my only fans. All right, this is a season of music. So Um yes, we are back at it with another parody that we wrote quite a long time ago. Don't worry, I do have original music in here somewhere, like keep at the flying fats baby will. We will be playing that, even though it's not, you know, Valentine's date. But where gonna take a little trip to the sploshing zone, also known as danger zone. I love the show archer. I love the song splush. We gotta have it in there. We just gotta do it right. So here we go, splushing zone. Reverend upper engine, listen to our hell and roar, fingers under g spot begging you to touch and deep inside. That is right. Hi, we do the sploshing zone, right into the zone, heading in her pussy's for another thanks to night. She got...

...a plane with her clip, shoving into overdrive high way to the splutions. I'll take you right into the slutions. On they never say hello to you until I get my two fingers all up and you you never know what you can do until you get up hers hi as you can go. Oh yeah, go deep breath. That's right, we like it deep out along the edge is always where it burned to be dude, seriously, if your burning, go see a doctor immediately. The further on the edge, the how did the intensity? High, way to the SPLUTIONS, Gonta, you right...

...into the sploshing Zon. Hi, way to sishing zone. I'll take you right into the sploshing zone. And that was it. That was sploshing zone. That was me, Christine Nolton. This has been another episode of beauty's bits. Come back for the next episode. Yes, MH, have on the web. WW have idions at the show dot com. m.

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