Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Episode 57 · 6 months ago

Beauty's Bits S3:E1 - My Favorite Kinks


Beauty's Bits S3:E1 - My Favorite Kinks

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M HM H M M, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the B show. This is a little thing that we like to call beauty's bits. I think I've lost my tits. Hold on beauties bits. I've lost my tits.

Now, beauties bits. That's with a bean out with the tee. If you want to see these teeth, you've gotta hop on over to my only fans. It's welcome to season three. Can you believe that? Yes, season three. All right, this is like the all musical one, so we're gonna get go. I did make this other little song right before we start with my favorite kinks, because that was one of the first songs that I parodied off of. But I want to start with it's called splooshing time. It's kind of with the theme of Adventure Time. So you'll get it right. Come on and grab your friends where the smooshing never ends. With Christine Knowlton as a sposh. The fun well never and it's splooshing time. All right. That's a little little thing right there. Yeah, all right, now let's get over my favorite kinks, because why the hell not? Right handcuffs on bed posts and paddles on asses, doldos inside me and...

...professors and classes tying me up with all sorts of strings. These are a few of my favorite cakes. I really offer it, of course. It's Synthaiis with ribbons and laces, kissing and biting and sitting on faces, lovers around me for intermid things. These are a few of my favorite cakes. Girls with white dresses, I'm managining, Pearl Necklaces, licking and teasing, all lots of wetness, scratching my backside with diamond rings. These are a few of my favorite cakes. Yeah, maybe when this fluche flows from my g spot when I'm feeling bad. Oh Yeah, and quite an Addie,...

I simply remember my favorite kings and then I don't feel so man. That's right, you heard have you heard it here, folks? That's my favorite kinks. Thank you for tuning in for another episode. Up, you guess it. Beauty's bits. Whooa have on the lebit DOP W W DOT GADDI and B show dot com eight.

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