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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 48 · 7 months ago

Beauty's Bits S2E4 - Carrots Are Not Butt Plugs


Beauty's Bits S2E4 - Carrots Are Not Butt Plugs

This episode, Beauty has a Kat Box Comedy takeover and tells one of her many jokes about butt plugs. 

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Coming to you almost live from lakeside. Hello everyone, welcome back to the beauty and the beast show. This is a little segment that we like to call beauty spits. That's right, that's with the Bee Nott with a tee.

If you want to see thesis, you gotta Join my only fans. That's right. Oh, speaking about teas, I'm working my cat box comedy t shirt. That's right, it's a cat box comedy takeover. Today I'm beauty spits, and so we're figuring what the hell, why not have a little bit of comedy? Why as well make these little bits bits more bits and bits and bits. Right, am I right? All right, so some of you might be wondering what the Hell is cat box comedy. You might not give a damn. It's okay, it's cool, okay, cop that Ky cop box. Cat Box comedy is a little channel that I've made on twitch and it is booming right now. It's amazing. If you want join the channel, it's just catbox comedy. I stream there every Monday's, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Monday we play pinball or any games with balls in it, because we like to talk about balls. Okay, maybe not for an entire hour, but we do talk about balls on there a lot. Wednesday,...

...just like today, like every time that we drop a beauty's biss or beauty in the beast show. It's like. I also do some Solo Improv. It's amazing. We have a wheel of CATNET and all the suggestions go on there. So it's completely totally random, just as Improv should be. And on Saturday's, Saturday mornings, guess what we watch? We watch cartoons, that's right, the old school cartoons like Betty boop and Fredi cats. Sometimes we live and put on the flintstones or, if in, the Pink Panther. So if there's anything that you want us to watch and riff off, let's do it. It's also rated are so today I'm going to do a little bit of comedy and if you are listening on itunes or Amazon, I Heeartradio, Sounder FM, any of those channels are podcast is being broadcast to, you're going to want to jump on over to our youtube channel. Come on, I've got a photo that I'm going to be putting on here. It's going to be crazy, it's going to be great. You're going to want to see it. I'll described it as best as I again,...

...but you're gonna want to see it. So in today's segment it's called carrots are not but plugs, or, as my friend Danny bazagas would say, not with that attitude, or maybe with these cattiers, not with that cattitude. Hey, maybe I can do that. I don't know, I'll think about it anyway. So, okay, like the pandemic was really, really hard. All right, things are starting to open up. People are getting their shit back together, if you call it that. I don't know what the Hell we're calling in. But I wanted to move closer to my girlfriend. We are in two differently completely different states. We have been seeing each other. It's like the drive is just insane. Guess prices are going up, airlines are not moving. So it's like, okay, we gotta get our we got to get this together. So started looking online right and I found this amazing place. Well, actually, I didn't find a place, I found a town which I think is very, very interesting. So wherever...

...this is, I want to move to someplace where they would paint carrots are not butt plugs on the side of a freaking building. That does exist look at it. Yes, all right, because I'm like this is a happening town, right. It's like those are definitely my kind of people, right. But you know, it's like what the hell? You know? Someone's got a paint. Parents are not but plugs and I wouldn't know the damn story. Great it, see, it's the only oh gosh, and people, people don't realize what they should and should not be showing up their ass. Like, okay, okay, I could see carrots. I could actually see, you know, the leaves, the yeah, you know what I'm talking about, the green hanging off the bag. I mean that's cool fiber. Walk down the street and saw someone with the green hanging out, I'd be like, well, that's a kinky bitch. I gotta get to know them. You know, bitches can be guys, girls, whatever. If your bitch or bitch, is awesome. But it's like, I know they...

...say carrots, okay, carrots, you need to get some more vegetables in you, but I don't think that's what they had in mind when they said that. Yes, carrots are rich in vitamin A, not vitamin ANAL. Yet our assholes are like vacuums. All right, you might be thinking they're one way, but they're not anything without a handle. Like, for instance, carrots should not go into the poop shooting because there's no handle to grab the sucker to come back down, you know, but that's right. Yes, the one place on earth that the fires gravity is your ass. Whole surprised, blade and simple alsos. Like now, whenever I buy carrots, I definitely have to smell them first to make sure that they have it, you know, gone to the big brown eye. But if you notice, like on that building too, there's a number nineteen. Okay, I have... wonder, is that nineteen carriage shoved up the ASS, like, like is this like a whole town thing? Like is everyone in on it with just bundling up these carrots? Like all right, who's next? You know, like what's going on? It's kind of like getting it's kind of like getting vaccinated, but getting carried of your ass. All right, and that's all we have time for today for beauties bits. My Name Has Been Christine Norton. This has been amazing. I am over and out. Len WWW SHOWCOM.

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