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Episode 46 · 8 months ago

Beauty's Bits S2:E3 - Lizzie Lenco


Beauty's Bit's S2:E3 - Lizzy Lenco

Check out the amazing comedian all the way from the UK - Lizzy Lenco!!!

It was such a great joy to interview Lizzy!

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Coming to you almost live from lakeside. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the beauty of the beast podcast. I'm beauty and this is a little bit that we like to call beauties bits. That's with a be nut, with a tea. If you want to see these teas, you gotta join my only fans, or maybe go to t public and grab a teacher. I don't know, it depends on what kind of teas that you like. So, anyway, I have an amazing guest here tonight. Yes, coming all the way from across the sea. Yes, let's welcome the Amazing Dark Commut Dark Com oh, dark comedian. I love dark comedians. Yes, yeah, all right, let's welcome to the stage. Here we go, Lizzielenko. Yes, Hellozzi, welcome to the beauty of the beast podcast. We're hey, this is amazing. Yes, welcome, welcome, welcome. I am so into outfit. Thank you, and I know I matched the match. The backdrop here's kind of like what we were talking before. Does the carpet match the drapes? If my carpet match the drapes or my drapes match the carpet, I would be bald. I don't know. It's like I'm one, just I'm just, yeah, I'm just bald down there. I don't know. Always felt that you get to a certain age and there's something a little bit dodgy about all been off down there. Hmm, I just do that because it's yes, like sometimes, like I'm afraid if I go to coverage, like I'll never find anything again. Like I love the key goal, so I'm afraid, like I'm going to Keegull it shut and then it's like there's going to be nothing there. I'll look like Barbie or something. So when you have a Cesarean, they go, oh, yeah, the sky's going to be in your bikini line, and that's like, yeah, that's so very well and good. If my bikini lines gonna grow that high. I know right. Like what, where are you getting these guidelines? We're what what Bakati of you ever seen that looks like that? I know right. It's like it's like maybe if it's like Randy Panties, like a granny panties, to keep thinking. Just give me a tar bottle. Know it's here, right, let's just cover it all. Let's just go. So it's like, oh my gosh, I've checked out your comedy online. It's amazing. I'm surprised that we haven't cross paths like online. I don't know if you do a lot of online shows or just live shows monthly? Yeah, mostly I do live shows and I'm really I'm just getting back into comedy after having a bit of a break. I'd quite a serious car accident, so I've been in sort of recovery since for that. So I'm just kind of getting back on on track. Yes, that's good. That's good. It's like I said, it's great to have you here. This is amazing. I know that we have a couple mutual friends online, like Colin Edges and a couple other people. I was like it's awesome. It's like I can't wait till one day get over there and be on some shows, because it's like I just I love it. And then we did like...

...another show. It was like pretty much like dirty, filthy Comedians, and someone asked Colin. They're like do you know anybody shoot? They're like, Yep, I've got one. I've got one in America. She's coming in, she's gonna blow it up. Yeah, I actually I found a workshop last night on on swearing and comedy. The idea that if you are going to swear, just lean into that swear. And I and I do. I swear a lot, but I try now to use it carefully in my act because I do know that there are a few people quite put off by the use of certain words. Yes, we have that in America till we say, you know, if you're gonna eat, I guess go balls to the wall, like just do it. But it's like you don't want to do that all the time because then it's like, you know, it's like here, here's the word fuck. You know, run with it. It's like then it just becomes boring. It doesn't mean it. It's like Whoa like what? It's a good Anglo Saxon Wood. And I often say to people, you know, if you think about it the world, that upsets most people. Hope you don't mind me saying it. I use it a lot, but count that that upsets a lot of people. But it's actually Latin it's a it's a very historic words from and not. And so I say to people I'm not swearing, I'm just a word archeologist. Yes, it is weird. Like Americans, they hear the word cut and they're like, Oh my God, you said cut and I'm like what the hell, like I say I've I did, I think, about six years of the show called the vagina monologs. So if there was a point where I didn't say cut, wasn't really worth doing. It was. Well, I'm proud to say that in my stand up, but I have one section where I use, I think about ten different words the vagina, which I'm quite proud of because it's like building up to that, to that word. Everyone knows it's coming because if they've seen someone by the time I've done fandango and Virgina, you know, they know she's the big ones are coming, and that's that's not about my vagina. It's not a big one, but yeah, that's it. You're preparing people, I think, for that big swear. Yes, it's like they're waiting for it's like yes, so can we hear a just a couple of those words? Like I don't want to give it all way, I don't want to give your whole set away, but what are some of your words for vagina leading up the CIT? Well, I don't know what you want me to join me to do that little bit that that leads up to it, because we talked a little bit earlier about some of my stand up. I don't quite know how your podcast work, but I can do the little bit of Oh yes, yes, because I was thinking, you know, the bit I talked about earlier before we were according that leads into that. So if you want me to just do that bit of stand up for you, Oh yes, Nack yourself out? Yes, yeah, not not literally, because you're recovering from a car accident. Yeah, but gets significant hedge injury. So I don't want to do that again. And so yeah, if that's what right me, I can just do that little bit again and then lead into that if that's suitable. Oh yes, yes, please do cool. So, as you know, I'm visually impaired and I use a white stick to get about with and when people see the white stick there, APP react it there, sometimes in unusual ways. Most people just get out the way, which is what I want. All those shall loudly so I know they they're and a woman in Manchester fell over it. So I offer domestic and then there was a drunk guy in lads...

...who shouts where's you a dog? So I pretended I'd lost it. Is He not there? Let's have her, let's have her. But the one thing that has now happened is I get a lot more attention from, how can I put this, the more esthetically challenged gentleman, and there was a guy on a trainer's name was Tony from kettering. He wanted me to smile more because I'd look prettier. So this is what I did. That's how I do it. And he also said to me, so you're a standup comedian. Do you tell real jokes or just chatter about cake and Vaginas? Well, I said I used to be a petitiate and he genuinely said you can't say that now, rexit, and I was just I was transported to a Dystopian Future of half moon curly bread instead of classons, no more pennin. He's just a heart squashed back. But then he said to I said to him, you know what, it's a very good idea about cake and Vaginas. So I did this set and I wrote this set based on Tony and it starts with one night, shortly before going on holiday rail, against the cost of a bikini wax and after a bottle of Merlow, I decided to do it myself. So a few of Okas as a painkiller and googling landing strips are tackled my own lady garden. Now, if you don't know what a landing strip is, it's a small bit just there with lights. Are Traffic control guiding in lost pilots. So there's the clitterers. The guy once said to me, does the carpet match the curtains? Like, since when did a guy ever care about self furnishings? And in fact, the last time I went shopping with a bloke there were grim repercussions. But no man in the history of the universe has ever said if that caller does not match the golf then this relationships over. Because if there's one thing that can't divide is a woman who lacks call a coordination. Well, just in case you're interested, yes, black got a buff got fellow. So back to the drunk waxing. I wilke up the next morning with the Wax Strip still stuck to me and a tiny little square like this. I have that fashist wool my but Jinglees gone right way, and apparently that is offensive, because while you can call you, yeah, you can call Hitler a count and you can call you corn Hitler. If you start talking about specific Vaginas, that's where it gets sticky. So I'm going back to Harry, Harry Bar all, although I do think that's being a suit. It is a left...

...wing pursuit. So I've got the Lenny Labby I and I'm working up to the Bull Fidel Fanny, and as I get older and Greyer it will be a marvelous marks Ninge. And genuinely, I used to live in a place called Minge, improper to getting and I kept a scrap book of headlines Pertaining to said location. Mine police say enough is enough. You cannot enter minge in the rainy season. Mane to get to nearlanding strip. Anyway, enough of my inge. Normally then I go into some drugs about cake. I think you've probably enough. That was also, oh my gosh, I'm dying. I'm like yes, for all of you that are listening or from watching this back on Youtube, yes, fanny over there means Vagina, so keep up. I mean all you have. If you have mine in your ass, I think you need to get a shaved. I don't know. Well, what I love? What I love is I love swearing around Americans, but because often you're all words a different FROLAS. So you say funny as. It's actually okay. It's quite rude to say funny over here. And I think one of the things that really makes me laugh it's a funny pack. You know that she'll boom bag as like what does the funny factor? You know, I know it's like. I know I always pack my family before I go away here. Know, bunch funny, which is funny too, because over here in America with that fanny pack, either people do wear it on their fanny or they wear on their fanny, their frontal fanny. You know they're gonna the giant. I'm like, what are you doing in there? You know, what do you go down in there? Like it's like room for your car key's or something like. I don't know if you're trying to find your clip or your car keys. I don't know. Yeah, well, it's something someone's told me that there are two very important things you need to permission for to go into a woman's handbag. It's like going into her vagina. If you've got the boast in the same place, it could get very, very confusing. Exactly like what's going on down there waiting. That's what's your wrong. Well, I didn't realize. I got that's right. But what they need to invent is um the front word fanny pack that vibrates. No woman would ever take that thing off. Oh my Gosh, can you imagine? Like that would be, like Blass, I'm going to make it. I'm going to invent it. They're young. You've already here on beauty of the beast. First we have trademarket it bots and Lizzieland girl right there. Now, I were fanny pack like back in the ED S. okay, that that's a long, long time ago, but if there was a vibrating one, I'd totally be down for it. Yeah, I think that's that's great and actually quite like the idea of the Lenko being a vibrating, funny fat there. Yes, it's like pleasure for your fanny. Yeah, but you know it's funny with Americans that you swear. You swear funny, and I I you said it earlier. I mean I didn't use the word fat, which is one of my favorite words, and when I was at university we used to have this thing on the board which was the things that people have said during the week that really made us laugh,...

...and I got a couple of times got up on the board. One was this might not mean anything to you, but then we had a nuclear power plant called sell a field, and sell of fields had a visitor service as sensiblieve or not, like. They would take people and took and I went through over job interview. When I came back I said because I couldn't believe how much they would been paid us, then making a vomit filed expression for earning a great deal. I got. That was one of the one, but one of my most famous ones was telling a guy because he kept using the sea word, and I said to if you say contagain, I'll twack you, because if you don't know that the word Twat, it means yes, Ladies Vagina, but it also can mean to push someone. It also means somebody is a bit of a Dickhead. So you can actually, you know, use it in all those different ways. But yeah, I remember you said called again, I'll twat you. It's like we you're gonna give me a Twat for a cut, like what's going on? Like and why is the wit? What is it? When you say TWAP. That's like you need to be much more guttural. It's definitely got an a in it, a Twat Twa. Here we go, I'm learning something new today. Yes, say it, rites it Proun. That's in there. Yes, yes, see you the new every day. Sorry about that. Now I feel like I too, I've taught someone to say twat properly. That's that's my day's work. WHOO, whoo. Will honestly, I'm a highly educated woman. You know my day swear good, notice me either, like it's weird, like I'll do like completely dirty, filthy comedy, like I could talk about, you know, my vagina and female ejaculation like forever and ever. I like to call it sploshy, but I like that word sploosh Hey. So it's like I can talk about that all day. But it's like our rarely curse when I do comedy. But give me playing pinball or video game and I'm like you motherfucking cat sucking Wa son of a bitch, like literally, that was my stream last night on twitch. It was great. That's twitch, not Twat, and the twitch, although they had a watch, then it would be like a video gaming thing for to I don't know for Twat sorts what I'm all hung up all that word. Okay, I'm good to calm down. It's like when you learn like a new word, you just gotta throw it out there. You're saying to everybody you come now, tap, yes, yes, I know. It's like people here in America. They're like what, like, Dude, what is your problem? Right, and then we're over. You go to another country. I was like, yeah, I am in the wrong country. I'm yeah, I am. I think some countries, Oh that's right, squearing. I mean I'm I think English people are pretty good at swearing. I know Scottish and Irish people just see to be very natural at swearing. But my the nation who have my favorite swears are Romanians. That because they do combination swears like no other nationality. You know, they don't just do the usual like Jenets Alia or defecation, but they also add in relatives and it's like, oh my goodness, like it's not just fuck you, but fuck you and all...

...your day ancestors. Yes, yeah, and I think Italians are pretty good at swearing, but more you feel like when an Italian swears at you, you've been cursed for all time. Right, it is. It's like it's like a death rattle, like yeah, actually, when you show the grim reaper pillow, I was like, Oh my God, it would be so cool to have a grim reaper vagina, like I just like there's a perfect message. No, it matches the pillow, though, and if I were, if I ever had syphilist, I swear I put my Bush into a grim Roy for just for the hell of it. I actually now decided I'm going to have a side tattooed just to book a Bikini Line. That's it. I'm gonna go and just have a size. Yes, it's that's perfect. Oh my gosh, this is this is so much fun. I am so glad I finally got to meet you and everything and I woo another. This is great and I always wonder what your neibus think about this. So in especially, this is this is a civilized Ada. You've done this, but I've done a couple of kind of zoom gigs. I haven't done many, but I've Dune which have ended up in two o'clock in the morning and you know, I'm shouting Vagina Couln't Twat that's you're talking the morning. My neighbor's books. Think, oh, it's like what vagina jinals discharge, vibrating fanny pack? No, vibratingly write. When is it on sale? Right, coming to a store near you? Coming all remind me like the stupidest things, like like for a long time. I still like the show absolutely fabulous one time of the phone. Jeffer Saunders called it a vibrator and pasty shoved it up from Vagina, so every time you'd get a call, it just vibrating her vagant and I'm like yes, I was like, I want one of those. Yeah, but the thing is, you know when you're read in the middle of a conversation and somebody says something like that, and they were talking about why don't people use mobile phones as Barbara vibrators, and I said because it can't get a signal once it's up there. And you know that moment where everyone goes quiet because they think, as Lizzie actually tried this, I think they're imagining that I'd be like ringing myself for my home phone to go. It's it's like if we get back in time, it's only free on nights and weekends. Okay, that's why. Yeah, I know this for all the reasons. It's not personal experimentation. I used to work in prison and I've been told this, because that's how mobile phones get smuggled in. Not In vagina's well, maybe in women's prison, but if you want to take something into a prison, it usually is up your bomb. And Yeah, I asked this question. If they're don't it doesn't work, it can't get a signal. I could just imagine that, you know, walking around it like all of a sudden it goes off its like, like who like shaking it like that in the days of the old Nokia. So they've been like didn't do rights, like who, imagine that just going up your spine, like like yes, it's like Oh so, yeah,... far I don't know that they've managed to work out how to do remote controlled to control vagina. And now I know we do have remote control vibrators here. Yeah, it's crazy. Yep, yeah, it's like be walking around like yeah, like how you you know, like when we were kids and we had remote control cars that you're sometimes your control would control another car as obviously on the same wavelength or some playing like can imagine that if you got you you were able to operate someone else's remote controlled vibrator, like that's a game you could play your neighbors. Oh, yes, it's like like one for all ages, ages eighteen and up. Just come on over to the landing strip and we'll get your set up there in the middle of a zoom meeting for work and you neighbor things. I got. Yeah, yes, I'd like to order a dozen coffies and orgasm. Yeah, I'd be like ordering. Does that coming out? Yes, because I oh, yeah, right there, right there, UM, extra cream, extra, we always get round the cake. Always get around the cake. It's like I can guarantee. I this my favorite topic. I love cake, I love anything. I'm like, I do it all. You know. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night. We have these things called little debbie Swiss rolls, and what it is? It's it's cake rolled up in cream and covering chocolate. And you know sometimes, like I said, I'm like, I mean Astrabad all the time too, so sometimes I get things mixed up. So it ended up work shouldn't Bowlong, but that's okay. I just rolled with it and I ended up with two kinds of cream. I actually have I have a really strict rule about I don't make food and sex. I I've always, for a long time, I've had this role and basically is because I like food so much that I have to separate out my pleasures. So and people say, you know, that kind of put chocolate sauce on you and know, let me eat my chocolate. So thank you very much. I don't be wasting the good stuff, you know. So, yeah, I that's one one definite thing. that. So, yeah, move phones, fine, chocolate roll. No, exactly, like one. Yeah, like it was food. No, no, no, and I do like people say, you know, what are your like hard limits? No to food and sex, because you know, I'm a little bit I see day as well, and I'm bit of troupt the idea of me getting peanut butter in my bed. Oh my God, no, thank you very much. Exactly what I know. I know also, like you know, when people come around and you're like yeah, that, that is not that's chocolate on there. No, I'm GONTA explain that. No, specially when, like me, you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. Oh, yes, with the way sheets, it's like, because that's what you need. That's explaining that. That was last night's activities. It is I'm fairly open minded when it comes to Kinks, but I you know,...

...yes, the food, yeah, I don't get a no, no, it's messy, it's sticky, it's yeah, most likely not coming out okay, and it was like you had an accident in your bed ill. And also, I just I want to quietly eat my cake, you know, and burn off the calories later. Yes, exactly, exactly. I do have a beef about that, though. Whoever said, you know, having orgasms don't having sex burns calories. I'M gonna call bullshit it on that, because if it did, I would weigh like two pounds, like I do it so often do it. Like I said, I'm squirter, so I'm perfectly hydrated and I get rid of all my water that way, but I'm still chunky monkey. I'm such. I think a lot of it is that they've lied to us about seeing moon, because I have tried, you know, I do calory counters. You try and find out the calorie content of seamen like and I say this to people that don't swallow that. I'm pretty sure that is the reason that we've put on white. I'm absolutely certain of it, so you know, and guys are getting skinny because they burn it up, those colories. They're getting rid of it. I'm just taking on those calories and I've got to be honest with you, I prefer the taste of cake. Me Too, if there's a way to make seemon taste like kate. Oh wait, now that's a bad idea. So yeah, in my in my fumble opinion, I'm definitely a spit girl now, because it's like, I do not want those extra calories, thank you very much. Exactly. It's like they're there. It's like no, you know, some people say it like that was full pro teen er whatever, but if you think of it, you know it's like a sticky thing. It's kind of like swallow and gum. It just esventually gets stuck to your ribs, you know, that's and it just stays there. It but it's very hard to find nutritional information on it, and mean it doesn't have the light labels, it doesn't have any of that. Google it. It's very hard to find any kind of nutritional information on it. So I'm just giving it a swerve. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I go on stage in a pair of PBC trousers. So I have to have to make sure there's not too much of me going in there. All right, you know, you don't want to look like a tube of toothpaste trying to get the toothpaste back in, although I do make a joke about how useful it is having white, clean clothes. Oh yeah, that's true. That anything on me? I know what I used to do, comedy at a Strip club. Yes, I used to do that. I love going in there. I love walking up to the main stage because they had a black light overhead, so I would always check myself to see if there was anyone on me before I hit the microphone. It's like I'm just checking your semn. It's good, it's good. Yeah, well, I I work with the navy for a while, so I had had to quite regularly check the seamen just in case. So it's still left wood in my room. Seem in such a great time. Those are the day. Those really now I do have a very important question to ask you. Yeah, very, very important, totally serious. Hold on, all right, okay, okay, I'm trying to get mine is not working. Hold on, I'm ready. Okay. Have you opened your bows today? You can't do a joke like that in then life use...

...your joke and bite you in the ass. This is great. I have, I have. It was towards the set of fibes this morning. I think a little bit too much fruit yesterday. But you know, I was in. I was in a GIG and I wedded and the woman there was a woman in the old as. She saw me and she said, I've seen you before. Don't ask me about my bowls bas honestly, it's one of my favorite bits when I get to do that. That is also I mean it seems like it seems like a great opener. Get to know your crawlitys like, have you opened your bows? That us in the preakose you seem. Thing is, and I you know I say this in my handle. It's a question that tells you a lot about people. And you know if your mate tells you there on a one, you know they're constcated. You know they're going to be grumpy because you know they are, and you can take them out for a curry. It's like to help your friends and you know if someone tells you that they're having like there are seven, you know not going in my car right we're gonna pick you have some adult they bruser I, although the last time I drove I think most people would have ship themselves because I haven't driven since my guy crash and you use a stick. I don't know how that works driving. You know I I have got this very dark sense of humor about it. So there's there's a very, very good comedian on the UK circuit and and he's visually impaired and in a group earlier he posted saying he was looking for a driver, and so I couldn't help but go. I volunteer and anyone who knows me we're like yeah, not herd track record of driving. The crash was not my fault. I should I feel that I need to add that I was sit by a drunk driver. It was not my fault because I make so many jokes about parking my car upside down on the UNDRED and thirty four. Ever, sort people think that I did it and I now and then have to remind no, a drunk driver, no one me. I did do it. Gooden was a sun. I know it's how do we? How do we deal with that? I am I actually wrote a thrash metal song called don't drink and drive, you fucking bastard, because it helps break the ice. Now, it's a weird thing, isn't it? Lily, because I've got, I have developed incredibly dark sense of humor and it's because people have said to me, you know, and what happened to you, and they you know I'm saying here. I walk with quite a pronounced limp because of my injuries. But yeah, I've had to kind of to get over something like that. You just have to have a sense of humor about it. HMM. So exactly I I wrote? I don't know if I wrote a song for some Patrick's Day. I don't know if it's appropriate job me to try. Can you edit it out if you feel it's not in a if it's an appropriate do it. Do It, do it, do it, do it. So this is in Resp bonts to people saying to me, what what...

...happened to you? And because it's such a grim story, what I thought I'd do is is right it as a song. HMM. So, on the first of December, one Thousan two thousand and nineteen, I set off on the a thirty four. I was driving along. I looked in my windscreen and bright headlights were all that I saw. A drunk struck my car. I still got the stars. My vehicle was turned right, two, four times around. I landed upside down, the last of my bulks bag and Polello. Fractured jaw, fractured school up, dignapathy. My forearm was just shattered bow I had five broken legs and fit P T S. Dana wish that I just state at how broken pubic Grami broken. Frost say cral Allah and the Seema and one big plow human numeru thor ax, and Howmajic shock and a face full of Volkswagen Polo. That's what's happened and I like to tell people that is genuinely my life, not pasualty. The musical you are. You got have casualty. It's like, yeah, we've got casualty, you've got year. Yes, we definitely haven't there here and we have to pay out the we definitely had to pay out the the airs here this I I cannot imagine what it would have cost, the amount of putting me back together after that in it's astonishing. I think I can't begin to tell people how brilliant I think the NHS is like to have to. I mean from the moment of the police came to the accident, to the ambulance to the the care I received putting me back together. We are so lucky in the UK to know that something like that happens to us, we are going to be saved and we're going to be looked after. I mean now I'm in the realm of needing private treatment, so physiotherapy and things like that, and that's all going to come from my compensation claim. That at least I hadn't got to worry about that at the time. Yes, yeah, so wheare that they put you back together, because you have be here today, like here in America, it probably would be like in the two Hundredzeros, like it's. It would be crazy. It would be like sky right, they don't care about you. I'd be like just let me die because I don't want to deal with the bill. Okay, like that. And also, there isn't enough that next in the world to pay that kind of Medical Bello. Is that so, you know, like an option to me exactly? I'm like, if I'm going to injure myself, it's going to be over there. Yeah, like come ever, will do some stupid crap. Let's try out those vibrating fanny packs. If you go like for you, it's okay, because we have the best here gun. I think I might need to invest in public liability insurance, though, before we invent this, especially for me. I'd be standing in a puddle somewhere and the pot of wouldn't even be mine yet. This coming out with the like buck wheat from the little raspals. You know, maybe then the carpet will match the drapes. I don't know, I don't have to find out. I'm crazy.

Really. I've got red highlights, which, well, I love it, but doesn't say anything really about whether or not that much as the maybe once a month now maybe famous quotes. I wasn't that. I used to wear a Red Camelia to tell her clients that she was having a period. So maybe this is my version of that. Yes, yes, it's like it's always hat way, so be warned. Yes, see, that's the trouble with Bumpo race. So it's awesome. It's like kiss. Yeah, all right, it is. It has been a pleasure here. Do you have any shows coming up or any link at links where people can find you, like I'll post everything below, of course, for the part is and everything not so much online at the moment. I I am doing a bit of Oat for Mike at the moment because and doing Brighton fringe this year, which is an hour long show called road closure, and it's actually me and a truck driver. So Lucy is a female truck driver and because I struggle to do more than maybe half an hour performing because of my injuries, we've put the show together and it is it's basically what it's like. You know, you you know when you have the traffic and you're sit in the traffic and there's been a car crash. You know. So from her point of view what it's like being in the traffic. From my point of view, I was the one that closed the road and that whole like looking at. There's all sorts. We talked about women's experience, how women help each other. It's a quite female affirming show. So at the moment one doing is a few, quite a few open mics testing out new bits. So I'm coming proping up, just doing a few of my new bits in preparation for Brighton. We're not sure whether will be in Edinburgh Festival this year because I need an orthopedic bed and getting accommodation in someone at Edinburgh would be very, very difficult for me, whereas in Brighton I actually have access to somewhere I can sleep some one of my biggest problems is stayed away from home because when I fractured my say, Coral Alla, that's you back. So it's a broken back. And See, I have a lot of challenges. But yeah, that's the next big thing I'm up to is Brighton fringe and of course I do run my own night in Derby, the comedy Writers Club. We put on once a month shows there. Yes, I was checking out your instagram before we started in everything, because I'm like I would be a terrible host if I bought people on and then didn't look like their stuff. I like, I'm gonna check everything. Yeah, you know, I'm like, okay, I screwed up this morning. I woke up literally thirty am here Eastern. It's not only gave me about two and a half hours before we started the podcast. So I did that and then I ended up playing pinball for like an hour. So you lost. Like I didn't do my homework. I'm like a kid that doesn't know how to do her homework. Well, I love that. I love your top. I love your top and I've actually got a top very similar, but minds this chemical romance. It says I'm not okay on it. But it's a very sort of similar design. It's similar. Yes, I took pieces of that. My partner and I'm Mark Hill's were coming out with a design and I took like part of like Prince's logo here. Yeah, I like design, you know. I made it a little bit different and everything. And then in the center, of course, I had to add in the six hundred and sixty six, because why not? Why not? Well, I'm in the middle of sorting out... wardrobe at the moment. They can see all this behind me and they so that the you know, people talk about this three, three, three, that with clothes you need thirty three items for three months. Well, I'm doing the six hundred and sixty six. I have sixty six items and when aware of for the next six months, and let's see how that goes. It does help that they are all black. Yes, it's spent. I noticed that the lights. So I am experimented. Where is color? Oh my gosh, it's so cute. Look at the roses in the school's rosten profit. Yeah, as a little bit, it's a little bit of color for this season. Let's see how that works out for me, I think it would be amazing. It's like yes, yeah, that is perfect. I can't believe. Oh my gosh, did you think about doing like the even French fested? You think about doing that, like virtual or anything? Because I know I'm actually part. I'll be in the Braton finch fringe festival myself with the carnage returns. It's like a theater show, theatrical show that shows pretty messed up in itself. I don't know how we got nominated for an award last you're Edenborough, but now we're back and we're in brightening. Then we will move on the edinborough again, but it is it's a different experience, but it's like I would hate for you to miss out on it because you're amazing. Well, we'll see. I know a lot of the problems I'm having is that I'm constantly in and out of surgery and they're still not finished operating on me. I recently had a new titanium rod put in the arm and they're working on my back at the moment. So it is just one of those things that I take things as they come and opportunities do tend to sort of arise for me. So some people say, Oh, there's been a cancelation or whatever, and if I'm up to it. But yeah, we're working on the show at the moment. I don't if you can see this. I might have to put this light on so you can see it. I just got these amazing things. Can you see in the corner there the wings? So the wings? Yeah, they fold out there like proper, like the wingspan is like six for so that the next show that I'm working on after around closure is called the demonic car boot sale and and so watch the space with that because it's it's a piece about so people often ask me. They look at me and they asked me from the satanist and so there's a lot of kind of stuff around that, whereas no, I'm not. I I'm actually mocking any kind of organized religion and in fact disorganized religion I'll mock. I'll lock the back baptists as well, because in the UK the methods and the Baptists they tend to be a little bit more disorganized than the Church finglord. But but a lot of it is. You know, nowadays you see a lot of people buying into the kind of spiritualism and all of this. So we're kind of mocking that a little bit with this show, which is lovely because it's really a foray into much more surreal stuff, which is where I'm at home. I find sometimes that when I'm doing pulp Standal I've got to meet the audience halfway. They don't know what's going on in my twisted mind. So yeah, the wings are my costume for the DEMONIC CAR BOOT says. So watch this space. I get we I can't. We definitely is. It has been a pleasure to have you on here today. Said, thank you so much for joining me and absolute joy and I wonder to meet you so absolute brilliant. Thank you so...

...much for inviting me. You're welcome and this has been another episode of Beauty Spits wwwwcom.

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