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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 44 · 8 months ago

Beauty’s Bits S2:E2 - Arnie Price


Join Kristine Knowlton aka Beauty as she interviews and hangs out with the amazing Arnie Price!!!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the beauty and the be show. This is a little bit that we call Beauty D if you want to see these teas, you got to join my only fans. WHOOHOO. We are so excited tonight. We have an amazing comedian with us, with us right now. It's like, please, welcome here to the stage, Arnie price. Hi, Arnie, thank you, thank you, thank you. How are you doing now? He he's coming all the way from the garage, so his wife doesn't know. So it's a secret location. Your secretly Batman, aren't you? Well, I'll tell you. You want me to tell you our ORL started when covid first started. Look at the door. Welcome back here. The covid first started, we were home and made my garage into a man cave, and that I did wait one second because toy. So I made my garage into a man cave. I got right now, I'm sitting next to my sixty eight Mustang. I got everything in here and I was bored, so I took my PA system that I have and I face towards the street and then I got online. I did it facebook lives thing, and I'm telling people be good. You know what, I'm trying yourself some jokes and have some people. I said, come on, what by you don't have to stay, although this on the head. Like fifty people come by and then online I have it over three hundred people watching. So it was really a lot of fun. Next thing you know, we get a call from channel twelve news and News Day. Hey, are you going to do that again? This is short, doesn't cost document shot. So I go on facebook and I say, you know what, does anyone want to come join me? I said only problem is not coming in a house to go to the Bethroom and I phone lection. So you have to be p the P S at p someplace else. So I had people coming from Washington, Virginia, Baltimore, Connecticut, New York City, with about fifteen comedians come more one and two, but it was just too many. And we did this same thing. People were coming out watching and like sitting a course the street from the garage, and same thing, like three hundred people online. It was fantastic. From there I get a call from north while hospital...

...and they asked me because I come by and help cheer up people. That's a little hot to do during cold because I mean that was ridiculous, but it's something I like to do. It's something I do. I want to make people happy, want to make people laugh. You know, whatever it takes. That's what my golden life is here. Yes, yes, yes, we are so fortunate to be, you know, in this Internet lifestyle that we can go on and we can entertain and it's like that's awesome. I was like now I want a garage, that's awesome, and now you have a Mustang. So I'm sitting here gruel and I'm like, that's one of my favorite cars in the entire world. It's sixty eight convertible, red with white interior. Oh my God, that's amazing. That's amazing. I had a friend of who I had a friend. I believe it was a sixty eight, but it was all black on the inside. It was amazing. Who hit those classic cars? They don't make them like that anymore. Yeah, absolutely not. I could. I could. I can change you oil and with in a Tuxedo. Would not get dirty. HMM, not like today today. I know these cars today it's like man, one accident, that thing is done. You hit like an older car. It doesn't do anything. It's like rush. It off wers. You know there's a problem that when you walk into a car deal with today, you know you feel your butt stuck to like shake around and Shimmle because you're about to get screwed. You it. You know, going to quade deal, it's like going in to see you get a parktology test. You know they both have the hands up your ass. It's pretty much yeah, I definitely know who someone that got really screwed. Yes, my ex fiance, he went out and got a newer car. This was all that when I was at my father's funeral, right he didn't wait for me, didn't ask for my opinion or anything. He just went out. Guy Used car and he ended up. I looked at the receipt and everything and he's paying for fourteen point ninety nine percent and I was like, dude, I was like, it's a used car. He's paying like almost fortyzero for a used car. Don't my God, that's royally screw that's roight Jo. That's what I said. I was like, did you go in there and pull down in pants and bend over? Oh my God, like wow, that had a hurt. Oh my God, it hurt him, not me, thank God. Thank God for that. All right. Well, I'm going to unspot light myself a little bit. I'm going to give you the stage, so feel free to do a set. You can end whenever you want. There is no rating here because we are explicit. So knock yourself out, because let me in. Let me get out of this here. Pin to think. All right, coming to the stage. Now we have arnie price. Thank you.

Thank you, people, if ice here, I tell you something. I've been married for forty one years and thank God I did get married. There's a lot of things I had no clue about before I was married. I thought I knew everything, but I guess I didn't. One night we were ready to go out and they walk into the living room and these women have their own intuition, their own language. That, guys, you'll never figure it out. So I you said, I'm ready to go, and I look and she used me that look and you know what it is, go back and change. I don't like what you're wearing. Okay, try turn around. Like a good husband I am, I go back and change. It's okay, ready to go, she says, Did you pee? I Don't have to pee, just go. Of course. Good husband, I am. I go back and I had a pay. Damn, what am I to have done if I was single? I didn't know I had a pay. I'm glad I got married. So now we go out and she takes me shopping. Now I like every other guy, I hate shopping. So we go to the store and I feel like an eight year old. So I'm trying on the close. I come out of the dressing room and I'm turning around and she's giving me her approval, but now I don't like that one. Go Change, come out again. Says that one's too tight in the CROTCH. What the Hell to my crotch? So I said, I hate this, I can't stand shopping. So I said thank God for him. As on. Now what she does? You order stuff, it comes to the house, I try it on. Same Shit. I try and she says, Madam No, I don't know to tighten to Crotch, but I don't pick out my clothes again. For Forty one years I have never picked out my clothes. I have a thing in the bedroom that holds the pants to share to Bellot, the other one in Socka Jose everything. It's all set up every morning, every day she picks out what I'm going to wear. If I put something on, Nah, you're not wearing that. Okay, I guess. Before I was married I thought I knew how to dress. I mean, I got you, didn't I? And she was a playboy model. Surprisingly enough, I was drunk and cute at one time. This is what forty one years does to you. She's still hot. But you know something, she likes going on holidays and vacations. But wait, I just want to see some time trying a couple of new things. So I know I was happy, and the reason I knew I was happy about my marriage was, you know why? Esther. He said. Am I happy? She's. Of course you are, but she gets all crazy with me if I fart, make anything like that. Pick my nose, but the damn door could screwed across the carpet with his ass. That's cute me. Now at I can't find all the thing I didn't know.

I didn't know that you had to take your shoes off when you came in the house. Setting it. Took my shoes off. Do you take your shoes off now? I didn't know that. Thank God. I got married and I want to ruin the carpeting, I guess. I don't know, but she decides, you know what, let's go on vacation. Okay, WE'RE gonna go down to the Caribbean and I love sitting by the water watching the girls walk by, the topless ones. The only problem I have with that is when you get these older women with their boobs down to the ground dragging across the sand. That's hard to watch. Man Turns around to me and says, you think that's all? I torch, don't do that where. He says to me, what do you think people think about you walking around that Bung's the baby. I we're well, next destination we go. We go to Disney FYI. Guys, they opened up an adult store there and I we go in and I see Disney character condoms. That's what I want, and I see Hanopio, you know, the knows that grows. Yeah, that's what I need. She says, where you kidding me? Jimmy Cricket, as you know what based on my performance the other day, how about we split and get goofy? He said a lot of that. So we get home and I'm in the bathroom and I see her makeup drugs open she's got filler foundation paint brushes. This is what are you doing? Building a new house? She's now I'm building a new husband a calm and said I hope it comes with a new house. But she still likes all those things, that romantic stuff, like Balentin's. They was just by chice. Figured okay, I'll be a nice guy. So I get dressed up as cupid and I go into the bedroom really like this, and she's a sterical laughing. She says you look like Humpty Dumpty, of those tidy whities. But being will, I still got a little groove left and me. So we get into the sack, we start doing the twist, chap, Humpty Dumpty, and all of a sudden she starts going like this with my head and said, what is that? Some kind of new sex act? She says, no, Japanese coming on to big heads in the way. You know, you gotta Love It. You gotta love her. But I was outside with her, one of my friends, in the backyard and all of a sudden we're here, hello, how are you? And I had this is stasis here. Wow, I always wanted to meet Mrs Down Fire. Go to the front of the House and I hear it again. Hello,...

...who it? Turn around to see my wife talking to the neighbors. She's turned into a warm nil and housewife. This is how you women, Greek people, Hell Yas, hello, Jesse, how they talk. It's like, I'm here, you don't. You guys talk like that? You know, I see guys hogging each other like women. Do magine me going over the brutal hey Brulo, Helloa you. The women hug each other more than they hug me. But I'm happy in my marriage. You know again. You know again. I told you. Why am I happy? Because she told me so. I have by ninety seven. Well, she's going to be ninety eight May. My mother in law living with us. I do I set the old one. She isn't watches Japanese, she's candy, she's Great. And when pissed the room the other day and I see she's watching the history channel. is either. What are you doing? Looking for some of your old friends in turns around to me and says, how did you go back? You want your friends on the biggest loser. Nice Burn. I got a part of his right. Well, let me tell you where this all started. It was August one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine wood stock, sex, drugs and rock and roll. I don't know what to do first, so did at all. Okay, next to me, some spoken part. He says a man try some of this shit acid LSD. Sure, why not? But in neglected to tell me that it's a fifty year time release. That's why I'm so fucked up. Nice. I did so much acid. Let's see if you get this one. I did so much ancid in would stock that I passed out during Jefferson airplane. By the time I came to, they would Jefferson starship. You got to know the group that on that one. But my buddies and I used to love doing as a trips. We had a friend add he was so cheap beau. His name was mark, and they are see, he was so cheap e couldn't up for the line to make an Ark, and they always used to say, I don't have money fast and could you front me some. Think baby as for to tell him, yeah, it's Great Wall. The rest are said, let's take it as a trip down to Disney. Twenty four hard hours later we finally see the gates. Welcome to Hecksfield. Train station who used to go swimming at night in the pool and we found a bag of bagels, so we said, hey, let's drop him in the pool and see maybe we can dive into them make believe their life preservers. That didn't really work out too well. So we're saying, you don't want guys, next time, maybe we should bring bagels. Well, one of... friends said to me, says you think you could do you said hi on drugs. Give it a shot. So they take me over to the theater. I get up on stage and start doing my thing. All of a sudden lights go out and a guy yells down front. Some of the bitches took me to a movie theater. It's just sins. This a life of it. There was another time that I didn't always do this. I spoke pot every once in a while. So we went to this club in Brooklyn. I wasn't crazy about going to clubs in Brooklyn. Wait, wait, I spoke a lot of pots. was hanging out at the bar and remember, I'm young and cute at one time. So one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen comes over to proaches, but we start talking and we're getting along well. And she says kind of run around the corner, want to come over and if I say now, of course. So we go over and we're got to jump in the sack and I said to a kind of ask you something very, very important before we do anything. I said you are such a beautiful, beautiful woman, but you got such a deep voice. She says about one thing. Right, okay, I'm gonna end this one thing that I tried and I think we're happy to work out well, but this is a dumb public announcement way back. We know we have the black life matter. Just so you know something, it's very important. It's not just black life matters. Everyone's life matters. When you red, white, Blewe a purple, doesn't make a difference. Let's go back, like in the S, everyone loved each other. Is Love, peace and happiness. Today, you know, it's crazy. Everybody's likes matters. So one day my wife says to me, who, can you bring home some Chinese food? This is sure. So bring it home and she's unpacking it and she sees on the package. BLM, black lives matter. Just look how nice these Chinese people are. I said you, honey, that's great. It Really Nice. Well, I'm hungry. That's might be flow Maine. Oh my God, that's funny. That's very there to give it all away. Yeah, now that that was perfect. Oh my gosh, it was so funny. We definitely have to do shows together, but like, Oh my God, excellently. Oh my God, yes, the LSD. Yeah, I think maybe we need some more of that going around, because people forgot how to chill out. Oh my God, tell me about it. Driving, people just like rush to get to the light and I come cruising back up in my silber room and right next to one. Hey, so you got to have real quick uh, the second before me. Yeah, I know. That's why I always say it's like you're racing to get to what the next light? Like, what's going on? Like you...

...see, it's great, it's not going anywhere. People in wrap to tight and smoking joint d you drink, do something, and I was like something, get that stick removed out of your ass. Stop buying new cars. I think that's what it is. It is you know something, I'm sixty eight years old. I mean I got all of the sixty eight year old problems. You know, I take this bill, that pillar next bill, but you know something, I am not going to go doubt without having fun, having a good time. I mean I went to the Supermo my wife on even go to the supermarket with me because I just pick on the people and have fun and the people have fun with me. So one time I went, I went to shop right and I'm in the toilet paper run and I'm looking for the prop the best woman I could find. So I finally find one and I say to it, man, please, you really gotta help me. My wife sent me. Had to get toilet paper and there's a whole long with it. I didn't really showman white that this idn't know what to get it. She says, I know what your body to get. The cheaper to your put it, the talk us your wipe it up and you get a little claim and you're done. It was great. I mean I that's true. I did not yellow wood cream shots with people in the superwarted. I think I'm out of my mind, but it's true. I can't wait until I get up there. I'm getting there, I'm getting there. We're only off by about twenty years and fuss some. But what I do still like to do. When I was a kid, like a teenager looking for something to do. You know, we used to go to shop right, popular store right, and we used to go there and what we do was we would slip condoms into people's carts and baskets and then we go out to the check out that and we would just wait for them to come up and be like those aren't my Condo, that's a good one. I know, looking for something to do. And then that was passed from like kids two kids, because then I worked at like a higher retail store and, okay, it was five below and we had a lot of kids work in there and they're bored and they're like what, you know, like we're looking for something to do tonight. And I told him I was like, Dude, the condoms in the cart things like the most. It's the best thing to do, is it doesn't cost you money and you get some last out of it. You talk about condoms, back when I when I was a teenager, guys used to pair carry condoms in their wallet and what would happen is you would get the indentation from the condom in the wallet when you pulled you will out. You can see it. So other people, oh, you're cool, you have a condom, but maybe while they're not cool, because they're gonna be used to damn thing. I know they do have an expiration day and yeah, pretty much one of the guys I know this one guy had a process to come to the house and she saw him. She gave him a hundred dollars to go away. Wow, that was...

...some quick and easy money. Uh, I've never tried this. I was going to try this at one of the shows but my wife said doubts. I would say you remain the back in the days when you get your quailots and you had a booty call and people would say yeah, I said, I know you do. That was me. I was pretty good. How could you not prevent me? It's just the kids that because you're embarrassed their women after that. So I won't do that. But it's true. Brea, I was just talking with one of my friends earlier today. Like I said, get the book, a show and everything, and he's like yeah, whatever you do. You know, don't you know? Those start with a vaginal explosion. I was like no, no, no, that's usually an ending joke. It's like I like to start more with sperm burp and gutter sluts and he's like, okay, we're on the same page. Or and then I was like you know what, and he's telling me the comedian that's headlining and he never holds back, and I was like maybe I should grab my wet for sign from the Strip club down the street just incase he's like that. That's actually a true story. Actually got my first wet floor sign at a strip club and I was doing comedy. I was doing company, not stripping. People would probably pay me to put back my I was gonna say yeah, Baby, Oh my God, we did. You did the whole thing about, you know, being on the beach and woman's boobs dragon on the sand. I'm like, Oh my God, that stuff is hot. I'm like there's no way that I would want they near me. I'm like no, I mean, I'm longing for the days that I can talk him in my waist band so I don't have to wear broad anymore. But sand is known. You see him like a monkey. Those things go back and falls in the face, rights like you know, something like if you look at these girls on tick tack, now the top tick, whatever it is, they have best, but you know what's gonna happen to that huge chest that's gonna be down on here. Don't disrespect I never right. They'll finally get the chance to feel what it feels like when you sit on your balls the wrong way. There you go, I'll forget. Those things are gone. I'd been here. Those days are gone. You know, talk about maybe two, three minutes. Yep, I'm not twenty years old anymore. I don't think what I used to do. Oh Wa, okay, what you guys? Picture? Let me show you. So let's see if you can see this. Could you see this quiver? Is You get? I can see it. Okay, that was me. Wow. Okay, wow, that would be look at you. That was me out.

Wow, this is the wife. She was a playboy model. Oh Wow, so beautiful, so beautiful. This my posse Nice. What happened with this? Back in the days when we did the cocaine and the speed, we would go on to get in the cars, like three or four of us and just say let's go some where. So I decided what we like on the Florida. So we just twenty four hours driving and driving, talking, you're talking and getting finally we're in Florida. So ever, you're sleeping on the beach. I get up that I see these people sitting there. Should I sit there next to him to take a picture? I said, you're officially are these posse? Now you know the pockets from working from water bail, though. There was one little problem with this whole thing. We had a friend that came along and he was looted out, so he slept the whole time through. So finally, when we got to Florida, he says, Hey, man, where are we? They were Florida. Oh Shit, I gotta go to work. Shit, you screwed. We're in Florida. Oh Yeah, you slept the whole ride. This is the crazy shit. That crazy shit. It's like, Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah. Now I'm like I was like onto the grocery store coming back. It's like, is it naptime? Is it? Oh yeah, I do. We're looking what times. It's ten o'clock. Has Been Time late for me. I can't say right. Sorry, and I didn't know what time zone you were. When are you? I'm in New Jersey, so I'm here in the different world. I'm in New York. So okay, yeah, we're different girls and another city, another world. That's it's old thing like that island. It is it's like just here Jersey. You know, it's like we're born with rogue rage before we even drive. It's great. It's your have you been doing any shows? You really nothing. Too Much live I hit. I HAVE ONE COMING UP April seventh. I'll be over at Casey rays, which is like practically right down the street from where I live. Okay, that's good. Other than that, just doing some online stuff. I do twitch every Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays, just anything that I jump on with. Monday night I'm hosting cohosting this just in news comedy club with my friend Aaron. It's like that's always fun to do that. I have it just a couple online things. Keep it, keep it going, and then I'm back down at the PTHREE comedy festival in Pencacola at the end of May. But you got a very good appeared. So you know, I...

...really tempt don't. I haven't done any of these online things because no friends. I feel sometimes you talking to yourself. But Yeah, you were recommended highlight. They said, you know, give her a shot. She's pretty good and she's kind of good a good interviewers. That's a fun I give it a shot. So I said, yeah, I do this and the other one I do is dens of comedy, Jody Oliva. Yes, you're the all from me. I'll be on that this Sunday. That's right. That's where I saw some of your footage from. I was like, oh my gosh. I was like arguing for I was like yes, it's like he's gonna be on my shop soon. He's going to be. You know, it's funny about from when she first they asked me to do her and they see, you know, like the guys said, you know, Bruce Again, it was that she's good, give her a shot. She needs you, need your help. Okay, so it was funny. It's from again. I'm sitting on the couch here holding my cell phone talking to us. It was just weird, but I said do something. If I enjoy it, like what I'm having right now, I'm okay with this, you know, and if it helps you. I'm here now because again I'm looking at you, your parents, you're interviewing and everything. It's great. Also, even just the way you're wearing your shirt, that you see the top where it says beauty and the beast. You know, exactly what to do, which is a great form an interviewing point. So I give you a compliment. So there, thank you. Thank you so much. Like I said, thank you for joining us. I'm like, I'm just I'm like pink in the face because I'm like, oh my gosh, people actually talk about me in a good way. I'm like, this is awesome, you know. It's like I'm so grateful for all the people that I've met doing comedy and I'm so grateful that you came on the show tonight and it's just so wonderful. It is. It's like, I hope you continue to do some more online things and everything, and I hope we get hooked up in another show together and just have some fun. That's what's all about. That's what I was like. You know what, it's just relaxing here, be positive, just have some fun, knock some jokes around and just riff off of things, and that's it exactly. Well, here's what I got coming up. I got actually dens of comedy tomorrow at Eight o'clock. Well, the next one I have much eleven. I have at the curse. I've ever seen this place. Corey, Bowling Leagues with John jus hair. Yeah, Friday the eleven, I'm going to be a bad one. Then January nineteen I'm gonna be at Charles Tabley. That's in lake run, Concobo, so far from you guys, and I got one tonight. I don't know much about this. It's cool. It's about trying cocktail lunge and for me Dale, that's April fourteen. Then rode ask me to do this one. So I don't know if you know these guys, but you sound familiar. Yeah, well, Dan's going to be there and and rich Walker, who...

I really respect. His great guys, same as what's his name, Drum your terror. These are two of the top guys in comedy of Long Island and I respect them both. But they're going to be there and they asked me to do the show. So yes, I'm going to do those. Then I'm going on vacation, going to fly the Nice. You're like tired time. I want to be tired, you know, and just do my comedy there and just hang out. They have some great comedy spots there. They have, you know, they definitely has some. I'm not in for the money. I'm in into it to make people happy. And if I was in for the money, I would even have a shirt on. You couldn't afford it. I know, I don't know any comedy. Well, jump you terror and rich Walker through this whole time and they making money. At least they're living unless their wives and making a money. I don't know, but that's their work. And the other people on the show. There's a lot of comedians there. You Go. There was actually one of the guys I know went to an open mic in Wednesday. I figure out whatever the places, but he went there. There was like fifteen comedians and doing an open mic and then, course him anything. He's just you know, and want itself to drink or whatever we had. This is shit. This is beenterly going to governors. He said some of them are good. So I'm over Shitty, but I got to watch fifteen comedians. You go to governments who pay a hundred buck. Looks Hmm. But just like I said, you've meeting a lot of people. You're leaving it all nice people, be honest, be nice, help each other whatever it takes. That's exactly exactly. I'm actually in a theater production that's on zoom and we're going to the Brighton Fringe Festival. We did eat a Burg last year and now they wanted us at Brighton for like five weekends and we're in rehearsal and the one who directs it in the one of the creators of the show. He wasn't able to he just lost his job. It stinks, and then he couldn't afford, you know, Zoom. So I'm like, let's just use my account. You know, I'm going to be there anyway. Something like that's what we need to do. We need to help each other out when we can. I was like, if I have something that I can offer to someone, or somebody comes to say I need a comedian that's, you know, like this or something, or I just need comedians in general, of course I'm going to say it's like yes, check out him and check out her. Check out. Yeah, you know, check out our any price, especially Arny price. You know. The check is this. It's like a broadbreak production at theaters. It's just the theater show. It's kind of like horror comedy. It's very interesting doing it online. One of the raiders is from Italy, one is from London and what is from New York? My nephew, he was an actor. He went out to California, he did producing. We know he was working on a set with different shows and producing and act. He moved back to New York here. I mean he...

...loves, actually loves the theater and things like that. I don't know if that's something that you guys do. You know if you need to hook up with him or something. I mean he's really good at what he does and he's I think he might act. She's back forty one years old and definitely that's that's wheund my age bracket. Ye, that's very nice. What you know? If you don't mind, I'm going to give him your name and I don't know if it's that you guys do, but if it's something you know that you like, I said, it helps you. If it doesn't help you, helps him, I don't know. So maybe you guys could just jump together. Yes, it's like I'll definitely eat a I'll keep his name. I'll pass it on wherever I can. I know there's physical auditions, I think, and a couple weeks coming up for much to do about nothing. That will be over in brilliant New Jersey. I'm scheduled to be in that. Like over two years ago and then the pandemic came and shut everything down, and then we're restarting up again. I'm like, oh my gosh, it's like I'm auditioning, it's like I'm hoping to get a bigger part. I was doing three different roles in that show, but I'm like, I like three roles that I'm doing, but if I get bumped, you know another character that that's just that character that I have to worry about. That would be cool too. And I'm like, oh my gosh, it's like it's it's coming back, it's coming his name is Michael a bromsince so you know the name of you. Contact you now so you know what you do. The thing that I'm doing on the fourteen, the kind that's doing this show. He's writing. I don't know if he's writing a book for a movie Wat called cheeko thrill or something like that, Cho killer. I don't know if it's something to do with acting or anything like that. Again, I would let you know. I don't know what it's about. I just start frohim today. So if there's something that I could click you up with that you know, same thing you could do. The only thing you get if you get your first contract for thirty million dollars. I want to cut you got it, you got and we have it right here. I could take three Hundred Tho. I'm happy. Finders, faith, finders, I just Yep, there we go, and now we have it on podcast, which will be on Youtube, spotify, Sounder FM, I heart radio, Amazon music. I think that's it, because I was I added us to so many more stations. We just rebooted the beauty and the beast show and I was like, you know what, we need to hop on more platforms. Something like let me see if I can remember them all. Yeah, you know something, the one you said, I heart radio. I met the guy had right. I don't remember his name, but I met him a month ago. It was just a strange meeting and he was the one that came up with the idea of MTV and vh one, and now he's the president, CEO of I heart radio, which says I mean hundreds of radio stations. Yes, yeah, that's the one guy I met.

So that's it's a what the next thing? We'll see this. You'll let me know when I can see this away. Arrogant. Oh yes, definitely you could definitely catch this Wednesday. Is it mart yet? Wednesday, March night, and APM will be releasing it on Youtube and then it all. It'll also be on Itunes, spotify, Sound Er FM, I heart radio, and Amazon music. I think we're just waiting for the contract from Pandora to come in. I was like that would be interesting. So yes, and I'll put I'll blast this out all over social media. Okay, this record. Tell everybody also. Oh yeah, excellent. They could definitely come see it. Like I said, I'm hopefully we'll get some more. If you're if you're viewing this on Youtube, please hit that like and subscribe button, because once we get the five hundred, then we could have youtubecom beauty and the beast show. It takes a little bit to get there. Yeah, it takes a little bit. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for joining me. I think, and hopefully we are. We done? Yeah, we are done. What you want to go longer? I mean, I can be here all night. I guess it's just it's just so fun talking with Comedians and people that I interview on here. It's like whether their Comedians, actors, anything, it's like I'm up for it. Like I said, you're very pleasant. You can look out of the eyes. You well, you're nice persons. That's what makes it a little better. They again thank you for joining beauty's bits. Yes, tune in next week for another episode. I'll speak to you soon. You just keep in touch. Well Do. Thank you, good night. Good night. Wwwcom.

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