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Beauty and the Beast

Episode 42 · 9 months ago

Beauty's Bits - S2:E1 Richard Parisi


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You. Just hello, everybody, welcome back to the beauty of the beast podcast. This is a little segment that we like to call beauty spits. That's with a bean, not with a tee. If you want to see these teeth, you gotta go to my only fans. But we are here tonight. We are bag is fucking two thousand and twenty two. Hallelujah for that. And we are back. We are out of our slump, we are getting things going tonight. It's like I have a very funny comedian joining me all the way from New York. He's Richie the head freeze. I'm going to bring him down here. I'm going to bring him. Here we go, here we go, welcome to the stage. Whoo yeah, thank you for having me here. There the beautiful Christine, and you're gotta give me, you're only only fans, page for me when you dine right. Oh Yeah, you know it, man. So talk to me. What would you're gonna do some comedy? I'm like you, how many? First? O You comedy first? Yes, okay, I'm tell you don't do a little comedy for us. Okay, I said been doing standing comedy since he's never two thousand and nineteen. But actually I've been the stand up clown and school and high school and since I've been five a USA performing Londer, Matt's Grocery Store, lines, Dr's office is stuff like that. Before actually did it, I guess professional. You know, I come from a family of very funny people and I think I was the second funniest. My brother, older brother, was the funniest. He'll use one of the total the jokes in the party to get the because not standard. But he goes threet jokes and when I saw all the Laft in the happiness you brought the people, I emilated him. So I'm this way because at him riding and let's see bout comment. Seems I am I'm coming to see I'm a hundred percent Italian. I'm going to break my fake Mike. Listen here if I could. I'm town when people I was there a hundreds of the time and I asked my parents was younger, what kind of a time I might have. Sicilian. My Not Beldami go, no, no, nine percent do not and ten. You can't see from this podcast, it's I'm sure I'm five foot too. Now I've been sure it my whole life. You would say me, don't rich, you'll shoot up, you'll shoot up, still waiting to shoot up, still waiting. But the thing was my dad was five hundred and eleven, a mother four hundred and eleven. Guess whose high I took our pet yorkey. And you notice in the sky these bumps on my skin. It's a genetic disorder called nerve or Bromantosis. I was born with it. It makes you look like in the love child Dandy Vieto and a pickle. I've have there all over my buddy, all over for one place. Yeah, I wish they were there and I would be ribbed for her pleasure. And you know I hate all these reality why of the reality dating shows? You know, the Batchel. That's what who wants to matter? A billionaire? Beautiful people. Do I help getting a laid? This face this we help getting laid. How about a dating show for me, because...

...who wants to marry a troll? Oh, Oh, I know, I get the Ois all the time, but the girls give me the number at the end the show. No, MMM, or beauty in the bumps, very close to your show. Beating the beast immers. I would be duty and US. But one of my friends asked me once, you know rich, if you could take any celebrity, who would it be? And why? I said simple, Taylor Swift. And why? Because once a dumper, I get a song driving the car. Come on the radio. He so short and bumpy as how he so weird. But it doesn't so well. Had the my mind a way, because I can flow to macy's Day parade and activially, you know I am bisexual. If I want sex, I got to buy it. And the thing is, escorts do not pro rate the hour. But you know, I had one say you know something I don't. Did you don't do this, but instead of charge by the hour, I'll charge by the bump. Yes, it cost me a lot of money banks to have them hope, but actually actually do. A beautiful young girlfriend. If she gets lacing surgery, I'm history, which she's only empty for your money, your Sugar Daddy. Oh No, I'm our Papa SNURF. She is five foot eight and wish three in shields. Maybe I've a two were together. You look like Sonny and chair. Huh. And but you did help me sub change my bucket list. It's on practice. Every guy's bucket list. ME, my girlfriend and another a girl, best ten seconds of my life. Yes, you know to this out of kissing. You Know Christine. She said I was done. I was he when you run through then, but brief, brief, leg data, Spanish bill, but she had another legs. My name was Twalo, a terrible but I love that joke. In High School, you know, you vote anything in high school, Christian at all. When you when I school, you will you voted anything like no, if you popular. You know. You know. Best dressed was what most likely pissed off at Drohovah witness, but I was on the wrestling team when he got my ponent a headlock. Took a shopping. I wrote my name. That was my signature move. And so every, every year, people magazine voats the sexiest man alive. I learned every guys on this list. You just got a google search it. So I checked. I am number four and thirty four million turned thirty six thousand and sixteen sexy's man alive. I'm replos Jimmy and I also tried. They have a new fusion Russia, my neighbor. It's Italian age of fusion. The place called fungals on a similar story. I've just found myself a beautiful, beautiful Asian female proctologist. Every exam ends with a happy rearreending and I watch it while I watch TV. But it seems the only cause of their pillage. You've noticed that they have Christine all the all the bill heads. Oh yeah, yes, and the thing is sometimes a side effects are worse than what she got. Some say death. We actually say some side...

...effects, maybe fatal. Tell you what, doc, you keep the pill. I'm keeping the diarrhea right and yes, and the Viagrans of worse. The EGRAENDS won you twice. One you twice. Firstly, seeing the beginning. Check with your doctor if you're healthy enough for sex. It might doctor ever told me, Mr but it easy, I can. I give it this beauty your neck. Get enough for sex. It's a great talk. Keeping a pill for diarrhea. And at the end they won you again. There she's less in more than three hours. Seek and make him out of her health. That actually happened once. I had a three hour erection, but my girlfriend realize that. She jump said been. She grebs the phone. I said my babies called nine hundred and onety one. No, no, she was cool. Girlfriends and when I finally got the mercy from the Dr resuct to be scared nervous. Mr Broducy, we must perform a very dangerous procedure. I hope, my God, surgery, because no worse than surgery we're going to show you naked picture rose o'dnald hobby, that Rosia Donaldhan. Apologize, but I also into, you know, starting to get to rap music. Of this camera doesn't work out, I'll try to be a rap store. A rap name is going to be to pope's IT and why? I was drobbing home day from work. I got below by police officer. Can know, neisissary, you know you're weaving. When the officer, I don't even know. And finally, who can really? I said I got all my Kobe vaccines, one, two or three in my Aunti backers conspiracy friends tell me you know rich. Now you have a chipping you. Now they know every way you go. I go big to you, widow, I go home, work the titty bar. We're all the same building. All RIGHTYVW is my time. Very much. Hope me audience had a good laugh. Thank you. Oh my gosh, that was so funny. Oh my God, I had no idea that you were five to. I'm five to too. Do do five teens and its tech to it was this will are on Hump Day, on two three. That's all good. That short joke only works on live stage event on zoom. I have to tell you I'm I'm short. Yes, yeah, I'm the same way and Damn it, we're not short or fun sized. Well, I heard a comedian, for name is for Mer comedian. She was very short too. Was Long time show. I'm not sure. I'm just far away, but I can't use that one because it's I know, zoom kind of zooms in. Or is it? Yeah, I try, I try to use one of my own material. I get help. Will you give Wi to go? I do the joke zoom meetings with a joke writing meetings, are you and not now for Oh yeah, Oh yeah, there you go. Everyone helps when I think is absolutely fantastic. I mean I get get so much helping inspirations from my fellow Comedians that I'm working on the joke and it's amazing really, as it's you know, a lot of times where I'm from, like the comedy world is so damn competitive. Here they're like Oh you do. Come on, you do comedy, like, okay, get away from me, you know, I don't want to associate with you. And then it's like the whole pandemic started and it's like band. There's all these awesome groups and they help you spunch and it's likely and in the rules. Want to work at you work at someone jokes or if you get any ideas, it's their joke. You don't yes, use it. You know, same things that will roll at a very we're pretty protect committee with Rob Roffey doing the joke. Zoom, joke, zoomcom people, you want to join a joke writing zoom cut Kiro comedy. Right, and it's free. Oh yeah, check it out. Check it out. I will definitely post the link in the description of wherever the fuck we can be found. Yes, I'm like who. Also, it was great because I totally understood your set because I'm half Italian, so I understood after set. It was great. It was yeah, that that joke, that joke that usually was. I was supposedly...

...haves do not have got a dose, but Gobados is stickhad peoples a rich they might. I know what Goba those is, so I switch it to alive. Thought that works better than Oh, I get it. They are not, but then they're like all, okay, there we gother Goba doos a thickhead cap. Yes, exactly. That's actually my dad. I got my dad was Goba doose, so I got that action. Mothers covers either one. You got the best of both world you got if I was only student one growing up. Hope you don't think it's Commason to make you make you any money when? Yeah, you said there's a lot jokes on eployment line soon, so you're right right. I was young, twelve, thirty fourteen. Actually had one of my my third grade teacher, actually facebook friend me many men a few years ago. Is this a Richie Prize? In my quest it maybe ramp all. It's time with that's me. I've got good that I actually pressed on my one of my teachers from forty years ago. I know it's awesome. It's like, Oh wow, it's like that's you, that's you. Yes, that's me. And now I do it for living. Yes, yes, exactly. I well, don't do it for a living. I don't work for the power post. I was diring day. Actually have a postal work at on the day and this is my side Gig for now. Well, I retire in three more years. All you know, hopefully on the post was then back of me, something he traveling and and seeing what I could do. Yes, I do, and I can, which I do. So makes shows I'm ready for if it's like maybe one day you'll be delivering your package, I'm not gonna go there right now. I know I'm bad post office and you know it's funny, as you see all those asds with certain things. So we facility, the people the post of know your carry, your nose, you're getting eat the dipe. Is dildos a point we know, and sometimes it could be all three. It's like a field Ba. It's like all right, yes, okay, I see. Sometimes, if you see, I see the Buildos in the in the on mail. I write the girl's name down and it's local stuff. I go build this personally. You're here. I'm here for the food, to be the food demonstration. Right, writing that the into my post a grip. I even did that. I can't do that. I know we can't do that. No, no, I like as it was so funny, like when you first logged on. Sometimes I do hit record, so I'll get like weird moments or whatever. But we're talking about, you know, the Dick Flavored Wall paper and yes, Oh my God, it's like that's like the best. I'm like yes, yes, that's the best. When someone when I but I do something like when I have a reference like that, if someone gets it from a movie, I love it. Love when I do it obscure movieline rescupen Messi and someone Zapses is. That's a a a. You work so freaking cool, because I do very obscure movie people sometimes, and I really you. Could you quote that? I love that. I love that as like yes, the schnosberries are here. Yes, I was like, you know, the adults in that movie should have been look at that because they were a bunch of dickheads. Yeah, the adults were looking that. They were I mean, they should have had more of it. They should. That mean is that was in the book rat doll. They was it radar wrote the Um we we Wanka was called trolley trump of factory. Hmm, I I think so. Yeah, right, Ralph the ROB Rowl, that Rye doll will different name, not sure. Yeah, and I said but Brucu sults Datsy, datsy.

Why does this woman taste like your pep? That's on the editing room for the cut. That that part out. You can get to see that. No, it's exactly. It's like they haven't people pick up a book. It's awesome. Yes, they're missing all the good snows, very jokes. Sure you have that. Another book too. I'm not sure which book it was. He I still mentioned in some of the movie a book starsberries. It's like, why not? Why for? We wallpaper for everyone. That everybody did get. But it's when you tell people don't know that and they don't believe. I go. I go google searching. Right now. Did see what are snarlsberries and the audio the girls Galas who with from the voice, because it snoisberry or penises? Go yes, it's so supporting. Support a local comedian today, look at Shasberry US exactly. Maybe that will be be beacting gay people, gay men's houses. Oh, come in and take paper. I'm sorry. They who? This one tastes like Johnny. I know where that one's from. Now only one. I know him down at the bitch. This one taste familiar. This one, M it's like I think you look up to me. I think he woked up next to me last night. It was great and awesome. New now here. He is on the wall anyway. So when your turn, this is like I said, this is what I did. Beat in the base. It's unfiltered, it's unedited. I'm just too lazy for that crap. That's why I get people come on here. I was like, well, are you talk? The less crap I have to do. You know, I said I could. I could talk. I mean I hate political correctness me and I'm when I'm I mean I that counts Waylo joke. When I first did that. I didn't do that. Did I just recently started the joke and I mentioned that joke. We back him. Without you might have set the women with that joke. Itascase your men. But I went and try to actually did. I'm on Gig Salad and my first two days of gigs out I got a Gig at someone's house of fifty, a birthday party. You want a half hour and I threw that. That did that Consuelo joke. One of the girls, woman Peter Pants, running to the bathroom with Jesus laught. He so a lot of that joke as if, yeah, I guess I'm going to use that dope. That's no way to slide it in. It is like boom, there exactly. I mean. I think it's a funny soul joke and that's a that's a joke. I had this least ten, fifteen years ago and I would and I never start doing stand if I've had that joke on my head for a while. I had a lot of my jokes man Mons, most of a Rod. I've had a most of us in my hedges, but never doing it stand up. You know, if I took I took rob CHOPPI's joke writing class. Actually the real physical quest I had hopeing we're all the jokes are remember, for my did us a do in grocer as a grocery stores, you know, Dr Dolphs and stuff like that. That's what yeah, now, now, now, Dell, do it alive and I have actually people pay to make me pain to laugh. I know, it's great, isn't it is here, oh my gosh, sh like how our like a lot of comedy shows like they're still going on in New York and everything. Like they didn't close down as much as Broadway did, but it's like I know a lot of them. Like they're still open, they're still going. What has a comedy in I'm enjoy's a put of Jersey. You say you by Atlantic City. We have by Atlantic City. It's Y's not too much there. It's up. I used to work in but go to New Jersey before work for the post office. M I was right over. That's right up the Joje wash which right next to you for League and Teenick cry. Yeah, I used to be a specter from people sell them acctional at homes, bike home testing and I said do I was an exterminator, less exterminator and I am and be wanted by the house in Jersey wherever they want to make sure the water was clean at to the water testing asbestos. A rate on or the rate on? You you know rate on in Jersey right. Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm probably...

...up the raid on. I'm Friv Yeah, oh no, that's expected before the post office and I said in the post of was thirty, thirty, four years. I'm not. I'm thirty Pi. Yeah, old. That's a lot of packages delivered. It's like who when I work I work in the main calling what old mail comes. I work there. Oh, okay, that's awesome work. I don't work in the like that. Lorbis is that I don't delve a male because I hate people the most part because, please, think you know. So I don't want to do with carry being a carry as I give more the cred in the world because they, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, they get the barn of everything, of something. Where's my this? Where's My dad? Why don't you have that? I can do it that. So I'm works right now now, thanks, in the morning. And you know, we met. We mail, we may are we mail animals to you? We mail. Oh well, email, birds said. Why can they find themselves? I know, right, have wings. That's why I put it amazes me to like the birds and everything. You see him like, especially down here in New Jersey, like you see him like walking in the street and everything. I'm like, Dude, you got wings, you can just fly across like what is going on? You have the free range Turkey to walk around your neighbor too? Oh yeah, we got those. Oh Yeah, you want to shoot them make up for dinner? No, usually hawks just come down and take them. We yeah, he's I hate. I hate the season. One male beats all. I hate boys. You know what? I know, I feel comfortable with that's like, no, I'm good. I tell them I am not touching those goody kind of like these little poppy boxes, but they're they're clear. Can See the beas. I wouldn't with you when man and I said, I said, I'll tell you what, I'm going someplace else because a box wants broke open and everyone is sectionally. That stung except me. Oh, I guess the best figure. They got me a ready. I mean that's one advantage. Is like yeah, that we are. You got that. We got that, dude good, like, what the Hell's going on here? Like, let's get out of here, gonna say, do we? I atually get that guy, gotta remember, look like he got stunned a dozen times on his face. M another cooled up who called up and asked to be asked me I was sure I'm and he asked a question. What's up? Can I make a poison snaked my ex? If you could, I would have mail one of mine years ago. And that right like surprised, you know, just comes out like it's like you know something. People actually put their own return to center at or soon. It's all because some people. Comb criminals are dumb. Yeah, I know, at of force having to write the alimony checks, I'd write my return address on the on the snake. You're not going on my door. You mail email a King Kobody. Your exploit. Was it me? Wasn't? That's where they can get you to. You have to make sure you like your friends off. I you know, I love being I love being divorced. You know, it's great because, you know, I can do things I couldn't do when I was married. I drink out the milk container now, who I told? You know, and I get the watch a lot of movies I couldn't want. You know, was married. Hmm, you while child. You you why, exactly when Harry eet's ally and Shaven Royn's privates, you know? And Yeah, that's making and come back. It is just coming on someone's back. I don't know where's Yo. Yes, yes, yeah, yeah, Buddy, actually watch lesbian porn because, you know something, I want to see another guy have any fun of the chickens pissing me off. Yeah, I get jealous because they're dicks are bigger than mine. But... know, I don't have that booth. All right, I was I wasn't blessed. Can you do you know? I actually I got an ad in the on paper that you know, and email, stick enlargement pills, things, and I say you know, and I read them as about the click, because I said I was get my free sample by the quick. Said big flashing Red Guarantee, fifty percent increase in length. Is it great? Now MY PENIS gonna be three? Just is it really the know you to difference? Is My girl for gonna Notice? Oh, you look different. Yeah, you're a hung like that piece of Pepperoni I dropped on the floor, like more like a cocktail weener's not right. You know all this personality. You know. You think I I'm not going to. I'M NOT gonna. I'm not going to convench about it. All right, no, she knew, as my ex wife argue to us, make's wife complain to us. So you married me. You knew. You we it wasn't like a wedding night surprise. I told you. You know, you knew. So you you still married me. Maiatic me, personalities on man. So there you go. That's it. Yep, that's all you get. That's it's like that. And put them boat on top of it, but you wouldn't find it till Christmas. You know what I'm just so I'm just going off online. It's great. Now. I always do that. Like people like what and I was like yeah, don't worry. It's like I don't have a physical Dick, you know, but if I did have a physical Dick, I'll do use that sucker is a donut Holer, you know. Yeah, why not's like awesome about there. I bragged my friends every night. It's like, yeah, man, I got three up there last night. Bullshit, it was like wand and covered. You know why? It's easy. It's you know, it's just sort of a game out ring to us. Yep, and your Brown's gone down. Take another pill. We ought to do this, janity. Would you hold it up right at least? Maybe so getta get the ankle going. Like Hell, you have fun with food, Fun, but I'm always like yeah, why not? You know, because then you can eat your dessert and get your protein shake at the same time. You know exactly. It's like that protein stuff is just expensive, you know. So why why buy it when you get it at home for free and it's got cology that's good for the skin. MMM, yeah, Yep, Moscoose, you do. You don't buy that? It's good to be a skin now, but it's in a worriable light. Oh Light, Oh way, it's right, oh light. Yeah, just take a seaman bath right now. It's great enough. I'll be good enow that she gets. Wiper. Whom he was? I think in history do some used to put seamen on their face to keep their face so I think so, probably proud of a way. They have not seema back of the NOPE, no, they had not, Copshit, not, but awesome, awesome. It's like I never said these jokes were good and you gotta know out you got to feel on every joke and you know, you gotta at least I said some. To me, I have some jokes that I'll have lots of way ups in the same joke of the next venue is cricket. HMM. It's all in the crowd. That's what it is. It's all the crowd, exactly. It's like you just have to try it out, you know, left and right. I know when we did, when we did the Valentine's they show together like that was one of my best sets, you know, and I did that throughout the week because building up to Valentine's Day and then the day after that, on Valentine's Day, I did that. I show and a totally fucking bomb that. I'm like, really, that was that was. That was on Regina, where we regina show right with them. Stories. Yes, yeah, sound like tell stories to I have... telling stories and most stories I tell true you know me too, me a little little Gilberlue, a little bit, but most of the stories I tell a true like I'd Ba told one of my funniest true stories. I had a used the work. We used to work with. This guy's thing was short. He would never go down on a girl. I'm just gonna gonna do to grab. We grably go down a girl. Never's I kept. He's always a bust on his ass all time. I'm like I was as a matter of not, really only was starting time. He as okay, but he would not know rich we'd he said, we don't do that. He said, we don't do that. Said do you got? You know the girl you find, you grow love it and you know it's fantastic. You know. So many years lady rose up. There was rich, rich. I did it. I did it what you Douche want them, and I said that's fantastic. He said, you know, rich knows down there eating a pussy, or could think about was you and how B and me. God is my witness, as was the exact words. That's a laughing I was showing him. You know, it warms the cockles of my heart to think when you're eating pussy and thinking of me. Oh yes, yeah, but I tell you I love you. Man, what I'm eating, pussy, you purposing from my mind right. That's what I said, though I can. I converted one person. I did my job, like we will, yes, and I will thank you. Then the world think the world thanks me and I made we're talking about before the show valley. I said I never knew girls farted to like wekefter my marriage. Crazy said. Now I had girlfriends in high school, not one farther, and from I grow it's in college. Known not one of them far in front of me. I have you girls before I want got married another funny. So I thinking, you know, it's good, bummy, you have periods. Men Fart. That's why I actually thought, you know, that's down there. There go. So Eve my Wi, my mother, woman, I married during our engagement if she never fired fun even through honeymoon. To afford it. We can have the honeymoon, the laying in bed. WHO's a beautiful who's a warm of cool summer night? Whiners? We had a babble broken our back yard. It was something brook. I'm lying up this one. You know, for a few months of your marriage I'm with your in love. I'm laying this, smiling on, this coolgeous got us next to me. How lucky am my ways on really covers. Now I could stun I get stunned. I actually thought, thought I actually fought it. Didn't know it. It's a waiting. She has a dog and not tell me. Look into the covers. Is No dog. Come a turner. I get to these, my God chers back for two, three, for years. That was funny. And after that the gates, the gates, the floodings open every night, every day. That I won't by now. Okay, you're out farting me. You Win. I would you win. I had to that. We are shock is like, Oh my God, was that me? Did I not know it? What's wrong with my ass? Like, what's going on? What's are exactly? I was gretly shocked. I think you girls did, but you kept it very secret. I you know, I have a friend. It's been married for hard, but he is. He's that she's never fart in front of him. He's she's never fought it from his wing, never fought in front of him. No, I haven't said never. Use No, never. I tend not to believe that. But he what's up with that? I mean I of my I'm my girlfriend, of my girl friend, for in front him either. Is that my faulty in front of you? I don't far. She's just scared me. Want to marry her proper. We have that a marriage one going from of me. Every time she's at the House, of my house, she goes to bedroom. My sneak up the door just to listen to it's gotta be a partner somewhere. Nothing. What is it? It's like damn..., dal it. Yeah, I had this fear. Like these, you girls don't for wanted one of Dr Evils. Girls don't find a dactor. Use spembots. You know, ast the powers Doctor. Yes, you know, because gambots can be a pe. They eat, they do everything except part. So it's free one day at the make unlevel you get the beds. Goodbye, Mr Head. Yeah, now left really put the fear in here right there, don't she said. I tell her to catch you. One day YOU'RE gonna slip up. I'm gonna Mark This Day in history, the day my girlfriend father in front of me and the exact year time and day time it to how long it is right, it was a stop watching. We go big at the longest part and getness records longest parts. Two minutes forty one seconds. Whoop. I would like to do that kind of Lone Park in an elevator. Yes, drap people in is like, you know what, not just any elevator, any of it, like going to the Empi state building or something ridp you sit there, keeps going into going and it goes up enough higher and your part just keep going and going, going on, exactly rising, and then everyone you know is hopelly. Those in run. And I wouldn't be me. I do the same thing. I I got like, what's wrong with you people, like what you're far? Oh, me down the lobby right. Yeah, see, that's what I'm a trial. When it comes to Farts, I'm a five year old. I think they're funny. As Hound me too. Me Too. I grew up watching blazing saddles and that being seen just gets me every time. Yeah, it's that's best. If you go on like it's greaming Youtube, like you know. It's funny as all those that the Poodha to make the people do fake parts in front of people on Youtube. Oh my God, it is, but I'm sitting lating like a five year olds to grow up. No, it's funny, I love it. It is all you. I want to hear this one little story here. My friend jewels and I we tend like a lot of renaissance fairs. I work with. I've I'll find them and everything. Want to go to one of those. There's so much fun, right, and we do like ladies in waiting, so we have like all these clothes on these hoop skirts, everything right. So we're at the finale at one of the Renaissance Fairs. is where we gets together. We sing songs, this a day's end story, big Blobo Boom, you know, and we're sitting there and we're like quite a few people down from each other and I have one of her kids on my laugh and I look over like at first I thought there was an earthquake. I kid you know. I look down, she's left and I'm like did you for he's like yes, blue her kids off. You do that through four hundred layers of material. Dude, Dude, great, I'm a fun story to be my two friends were Vegas back we'll all three was the elevator alone, go down the lobby right. If we get the lobby, I let them go and it was great and we dart out this beautiful young couple walking in. I remember the belode with a yellow, one red sun dress like it was yesterday. And our boyfriend too, to get into doors closed because, oh my God. Yeah, a trouble feeling one of Nice, the whole piece of you behind for someone else. You think, hers and a team...

...that was in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine soon. That I want. If she remembers that, let me telling me. They you see, five ments and working. Everyone is discussing in body. Well, how much she thinks back to that day, like I think back of it. Yeah, maybe that's what every time she smells a fart she just remembers that time, like every time she goes into the elevators. Six had insis okay, I was like I ain't doing that. I am walking through that again. Yes, me too, like I said, is I grew up with blazing saddles and my dad actually took a cassette tape and recorded the farts on there and we used to go like Tu big and everything. So we set up one time. Our table was like on the corner where everybody would come around the corner and everything, and everybody's taken turns, you know, he hit play and people take turns. Lifted up their little cheeks and everyone their big adult cheeks. But this one time he hit it and I lifted up at the right time and this person coming around the bend and the tube starts late. Are they fall out there too. But it was great. I love it. It's funny when that mean I saw that. I guess I saw the first time of somebody's that was on HBO. When it when it was HBO, and that's when I sort of fourteen. Well, I was kid, kid, yeah, and it was I live as a then when they put it on TV, it was funny. Back in the s when it sets IV, they kept the end word all through the movie but bleeped out the farting forest, like what they got the horsest winnying every time, the far whose course winnying, but never they bleep out the end word and they keep the party funny. Yes, back then the n word was acceptable. Party wasn't. No, it's like what I love. That's that's you know, when he first of you, if you get the DVD, he has a one track. We talked about the show during what the Chug Wayne and they said they wanted that pot scene cut out as and the you can't do that. Yeah, what do you kept? You get a lot of things they can. They said he couldn't do and he's a hell, I'm doing they put in. Say, Oh yeah, he's like either you can't keep it in or I walk with it. You know, I walked with exactly, but that was that was that was one of the funniest movies. That and Mel Brooks. He still alive? Yes, yes, hit that in young Frank Hastigne to the funniest movies ever. But I think, I think blazing sounds is funny, but I think they're very close. I can't pick me. Oh yeah, Lazy said. They like both, like right there. It's like yes, yes, one time. Will you come back to this podcast and we'll just talk about Melk Brooksh it, you know, we'll just ride and all the shows in there and all the movies are just make one and we'll riff off of it and exactly use someone. You know, I'm I can use it, foreign change. Usually every day I'm solut I'm always good, you know. And they at it and I guess I got the jokes. I got the joke zoo mooting, mooting, the joke zoom weaning. Tonight at eight o'clock and let's see, I'm joke riding meeting Nice, Nice, very nice, nice, thigure. What I want my dinner now? I have no idea what I'm taking out for. Really, I know right, it's like from the center top food. We just talked about farts for like twenty minutes. Let's Chinese. I'm not in the mood. I'm a Chinese. There you go, there, you hey go. And he's Italian. You know they have a Dishco some wap slap that number. Sixty nine. Yes, okay. And there's the greatest Jackie Martlin. Greatest Jackie Martlin joke, every every GE. This only goes age a couple of make. I love the the girl woman goes, I want to try sixty nine. He goes, you want beef and brock me now. Yes, that is the best. My favorite. Jackie Martlin Joe, because that is a freaking funny as hell. Oh Yeah, hell, yeah, hell,... actually has been so much fun having you here today. Job, Christine. You're welcome. You're welcome. Where can people find you on the Internet? Okay, wait, wait, hold on, I gotta waite down. Okay, the way, I'll post everything. I'll post everything in the description and everything. Just give it out there. Give okay, I'm Richard Percy on Facebook, Paari SI, Richard prezy. On instagram, I am post made five ninety five. On Tick Tock, I'm at the head one thousand five hundred and ninety five. I'm on twitter, but I'm not on twitter. I don't even go near it, but I'm there. So I'm not going to go up up with twitter because I don't know, isn't an up on there. So I'll repeat that. You wanted to Richard Percy on facebook, instagram it's postman five hundred and ninety five, and Tick Tock it's at the head five hundred and ninety five, and that's why you can find me. I'm Availa, for for the parties, of course, kids, you got to contact me or am again. We're clean. If people need clean, I can work clean. Be Like work clean, but I prefer dirty because I'm funnier. Me Too, me too, my friend, me too. All right, we are over and you are so welcome. Thank you for tuning in to the beatings the best show betse bits by Christine Milton and our special best Richard Purcy. Make sure that you follow us on Sounder FM, spotify and itunes. Also check this out on Youtube. Check out our website at www dot showcom.

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