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Episode 669 · 4 months ago

Beauty and the Beast Show Episode 66.9 - Christmas in July Spectacular w/ the Beast Parts


Beauty and the Beast Show Episode 66.6 - Christmas in July Spectacular w/ the Beast Parts

Join us as we celebrate Christmas in July w/ the Beast Parts!!


Beauty Show Opening/Day of Christmas in July

1 - It's Alive

2 - Intro: Xmas in July

3 - Song: Beautiful Sploosher

4 - Xmas in July Special

5 - Song: 2nd Most Wonderful Time

6 - Song: Little Drummer Boy

7 - Commercial: Manson Family Christmas

8 - Show Close

9 - Song: 24/7 Christmas Song

10- Commercial: Vibrating Fanny Packs

11 - Preview: Beast GSP Tour 202212 - Santa’s BallsBeauty Closes the Show


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Yeah, m coming to you almost live from weak side. Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the bat show. All right, and we are celebrating. We are celebrating. Yes, we are celebrating. It is Christmas in July. Gets you figure July twenty would probably be it, coinciding with December. But you know what, fuck it in July, every day's Christmas. All right. So there I said. All right, before we move on to our actual show. Wait, this is the actual show. What the Hell? Okay, so, before we get started, everyone must join the Colt and they must endure and something I'd like to call it was the day of Christmas in July. All right. It's also the only thing I still remember from high school. Dear Lord, help us all. So here we go. It was day of Christmas and July. Money was short, times were hard. Here's your fucking July in Christmas card, Christmas and July card. That's what I meant. God Damn it. It was the day of Christmas in July and all through the house everyone felt even the mouse mom at the horrorhouse and dad smoking grass. I had...

...just settled down for a nice piece of ass out on the lawn. I heard such a clatter I sprang from my piece to see what was the matter. Out on the lawn I saw big Dick. I knew in a minute it must be St Nick. He filled all our stockings with pretzels and beer and a big rubber dick from my brother the Queer. He rose up the chimney with a thunders Fart. That's son of a bitch flew the entire chimney apart. He cursed and he swore as he flew out of sight. Whizz on you all and have one hell of a night. Merry Christmas in July, bitches. Now let's get on with the show. Go reaching sit's, your old pal beast, wishing you a merry Christmas in July, as we soon will be looking behind with fon nostalgia on July, the year of good. Did you get any on you? Have you gotten any yet? Gosh, we hope so. Here at beauty and the B show. Have you...

...seen that beauty lately? She's everywhere, bitches. She's on channels you never see, in social media platforms that don't yet exist. But I think she will show you her hooters on only fans, and she does accept them, take requests and is available for grand openings and Bachelor parties. Speaking of which, a little song for beauty. I'm doing some being crosby later in the show, so this gives me a chance to warm up. It's a two first, beautiful splu shirt, Bubba, sposh over me. took me with splush like a sailor at see splushing like dew drops. So fancy, free green out the SPLISHERS. Prince blush over me. Beautiful splue shirt, queen of the home. Bye will don't you. Whereever I got gone are the kids of the life. Bubba, busy throughou do, beautiful spush, please...

...take off your Thong. Beautiful Spusha, please sush me. But Hey, kids, enough about beauty. The real reason we have gathered together is because it's Christmas in July, m hm H, and it's real, folks. Christmas in July is real, not just some marketing ploy, fancy media bullshit hype designed to help separate you from more of your hard earned cash, although it is about the giving and the air conditioning which is cranking away. Why? It's the second most wonderful time of the year, folks, second only the actual most wonderful time of the year, followed by the most wonderful day of the year, New Year's Day, when everyone makes resolutions and gets really, really drunk. Okay, wait a minute, if this is Christmas in July, there should be a new year's in August. So everyone should stay up late on July thirty one and get really, really drunk on August one and maybe have a parade. I don't know, but enough with the fireworks. Okay, it's the second most wonderful time of the year. With the temperature soaring, there's no sense in storing your cash in the bank. It's Christmas in July. It's so by a tank, I mean if you can...

...find one. It's the slap happiest season of all, I mean second most, with barbecueweenies and chicks in Bikinis, the best time to ball. It's the tack Tacky is season of all. There are spokesman alls shelling and retail sales selling. The air conditioners all chilled. There are food courts at bustle and salespeople hustle with all kinds of coupons and thrills by one get toof the most wonderful time of the year second most, with the gas pumps all pumping and customers dumping their cash on the floor. It's the most wonderful time we adore. H Wow, kids, look at all the pretty lights. And Hey, everybody, there's Santa Claus. Let's hear it for Chris Kringle, all the way here from the North Bowl. Why it isn't Santa Claus, it's my old friend Bing crosby. What are you doing here? Being calm, they told me, and save lots of Gosh, it's Christmas. In July the Holiday Dash, I took some money from right out of my stash. I bought a sweater and some socks just for me. They're in a... under my tree. Whoa do you join us here? We're down at the mall from two to three. And don't forget to stuff either. The Food Court and have some delicious pizza, a fat slice of Paradise, where you find the fattest slice, thicker than thick and piled high with cheese, boy dignity. And don't forget to have a delicious Pepsi Product. And they even have old favorites like Fresca at Mr Pip. Well, thanks being lots of Christmas and joy to you Christmas in July. That is love to you and yours. Oh, merry Christmas in July. You better not pout. Do you hear me? I mean it. I'm sick of the pouting and the negativity on social media. And another thing. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Chris Kringle, or Mr Kring Bosby, I mean bing crosby. And now a word from Mars Pot. Con Job Records presents the Chiles Manson family Christmas album, recently transferred from cassette and remastered for the masses. The Charles Manson family Christmas album as all your favorite classics, including death to all the Christmas pigs, the twelve days of LSD Christmas and the holiday version of helter skelter. He'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll mostly cry, and then you'll cry some more. For the Charles Manson family Christmas album, exclusively from con job records. Jeffrey Dahmer gave it twenty stars out of five and serial...

...killer magazine says it's six D classic. Pick up your copy today at all Kmart cutout bins and in finer gas stations across the tri state area. Well, that's about all the time. We have, folks, we decided to go out on a bang and turn it up a notch. We just have to be careful. We are using a lot of power here, folks. The air conditioners are working over time to keep it at crispy sixty eight degrees throughout them all. So Cross your fingers and take it away, boys gencel Bob wire blazing like a you'll tight fire. I did Christmas all year long, Johnty, for seven Christmas Song, John't Pout, don't cry, Jos. It's Christmas in July, but that's just not enough for me. A twenty four seven Christmas, dree h bright dream, missile toe, Santa Claus...

...says Ho, Ho Ho. Some folks think it's really a rude swinny boss. Save and Christmas, dude, Merry Folk, and Christmas in July. That is. Merry Christmas everyone, merry Merdi Chistmas, and then I'll be happy. UNI here and I'll be I've been here, here. It's a Oa if you want to bone till the cows come home. Hi loves, Harry, loves Harriet, SEP shop and Porn Open Oreo is the exclusive distributor of beauty and the beast products like the popular gorilla did and award winning buckets of SPLOOGE. But wait, there's more. Harry LOVES HARRIET IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE the latest from beauty at the B show. vibrating fanny packs designed to please and carry your cell phone to vibrating fanny pack are the discrete way to stimmy your the J J. Inspired by Lizzie, this fashionable fanny pack is comfortable to wear, lightweight and can carry everything you need pre a busy night on the town. But who cares? It vibrates. Get one for the back door too. Makes a great gift. Available in four fashion colors, dark silver, mid gray, off black and white. Inspired by Lizzie, they'll get your snatch in a tizzy. Exclusively at Harry Loves Harriet set shop...

...and Corno Emporia. Welcome back to the newsroom, where we invite you to join us on the second part of the Beast Parts Garden State Parkway tour two on the next episode all beauty and the beast show. After an amazing opening at the Frank Sinatra Service Center, the tour continues at the many rest stops along the GSP that have been renamed for famous New Jersey celebrities, including journalists Connie Chung, author Judy Boon, old blue eyes, Mr Frank Sinatra and Mr John Bon Jovi. Please listen to episode sixty six for part one of the tour and thanks the beast parts GSP tour is made possible by proud sponsors, including Harry loves, Harriet's show and morning borium, where you find the entire line our beauty and the beasts show sex products, including patent pending veggie handles. Fruits and veggies. If you've got them, why not stick them in your bottom? Patent Pending Veggie handles are the safe way to make sex toys out of everyday objects, fruits and veggies, even candles are better with patent pending veggie handles. But now we take you to a satisfied customer we have on the line. She has a glowing testimonial about beauty and the beast show vibrating fenny packs. Are you on the line, satisfied customer? He Hey, I'm just calling about the vibrating yes, yes, the vibrating fenny pack. Thank you for calling. Um, it's got a fault. It seems to be stuck on the while sitting and he vibrates loud. It's looking... feel difficult for me to work. Oh My, I see people in the offense are complaining about the rules. Oh, madam, yes, please send it to us. All beauty and the beast show products are guaranteed for life, maybe not your life, but someone's life, and we'll keep you updated. So yes, please send it back right away. Oh do I have to take it off? Join US for part two of the Beast Parts Garden State Parkway tour on the next episode beauty and the beast show. Sando's balls are wrapped in the mistletoe. It looks like encountered off both, and so he was drawn so high. I hope sand it doesn't it Tom Right, merry Christmas and raise yourble AH. That was one hell of a show, wasn't it? I hope y'all enjoyed our Christmas and July spectacular. Keep coming back and, hell yeah, I will see you next week on the flip side. Yeah, on the LAMBIC, Dod W, Dowt Gideons and the show dot COM.

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