Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Episode 55 · 4 months ago

Beauty and the Beast S3:E8 Beast - The Beast Parts 420 Revisited


Beauty and the Beast S3:E8 Beast - The Beast Parts 420 Revisited   

It's 420 somewhere bitches!  

Welcome to the Beauty and the Beast Show! Beauty and the Beast is a show with comedian, Kristine Knowlton (Beauty) and comedian Mark Hills (Beast) coming together to make and create a show about nothing and everything in between! Please sit back and enjoy some of their best comedic diarrhea! Disclaimer: For best results play the whole show backwards with the sound completely turned off. 

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Yeah, coming to you almost live from lake side. Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the beauty and the B show. I'm Christine, I'm beauty. Hell Yeah, bitches. Yes, this is also a rated our show. This is a great show to catch up on your comedic diarrhea. That is correct. And you know what the universe? Um, the universe isn't being so nice right now. No, no, no, no, no, no, it's saying, uh, let me funk you in the ask without any lube. Okay, that's where the universe is today. But guess what, we have a special tree. You know, this is going out for beasts. Beast is so amazingly talented and everything, like God damn it, I need to catch up with him so much. Um. Yeah, this is gonna be his episode. We are going to show the four twenty edition on Beast Bits. So sit back, relax. It's four twenty somewhere. So, Goddamn it, smoke it up if you got them go. It's four twenty, bitches. WHOA, Ladies and gentlemen, and you know who you are, to the year of good, the spoke, the calm, the cream, the beast and beauty Han the air, the best calmty team and the whole white fucking world beauty and to the beast, beauty and the beast, the chesyst of shows. Come me, Dick Dia read, and the ship just over flows. Someone get a mob you may not be seated. Lessons of the Algorithm to you. And now a word from our sponsors. Take it away, sponsors. Harry Loves Harriet is...

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...checked out cat box comedy on twitch, check it out soon. The multi talented beauty, a k a Christine Nolton, is there to entertain you mornings because of her busy schedule. Mean while, speaking of busy schedules, it is the forward twenty edition and we just want to want to sing a little song about it. Well, I got a need. I need to smoke some weed, but all I got it stems in seas. Got The need for Weed Blues. If I had a Roacho two, I would smoke them with you, but I haven't got a clue. Just a need for Wat Blues. Was A huh. The need the weed lose to do that. Even smoke some ragweed orsome home grown. If I had a time machine, I'd hang out on Bob Marley scene. Let me tell you something. I'd love to smoke with will of Newson and if I had my way, I'd smoke every dirty but oh, I got stems and seas and a need for wheat. The need for wheat bruise, the need for Wheat Blues, Needful Wee Blues. Oh Yeah, you know what I mean. Maybe you don't. I don't know. Recreation is legal now in Jersey, so why don't you come on by? You can buy me some weed and I'll make you a pizza pack, because that's what we do in Jersey. Kathan, need for Wid Blue, whose guests of beauty and the beast show? Stay at the magnificent days in downtown Absecon, just miles from the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk and exit of the Garden State Parkway, and join your by shopping at major retail chains like home depot and dollar general, and fine dining at McDonald's and dairy. Days in APPSECON offers great views of absecon Bay, the Atlantic...

City skyline and everyone's favorite seagulls. Continental breakfast is served Monday through Friday and on site dry cleaning is available. Don't forget to ask about our free airport shuttle leaving hourly, special discount rates for senior citizens, Bachelorette parties and members of the hundred and seventy seven fighter wing. Days in downtown APP Secon, treating you like a tourist since nineteen eight. Wait, you're still here. What the funk that was like the end of the show? God Damn it. Did you enjoy peace for hell? Yeah, he definitely needs to make some more for stuff, but you know, that is a special occasion, so it'll be coming back and around. Trust me, we'll do more stuff with weed, I promise. What's end'll here. Let's end with a fucking song. Am I right? Let's go with hello mother, hello father. I know it's Hello Moa, hello father. It's weird saying that. You know what, maybe I'll free VAMPA. Anyway, here we go right, hello mother, hello father. I've been smoking marijuana. Indica is good, Sativa's better. I'm so soon I could hardly write this letter. Leaves of green, summedables. I'm in love with marijuana. That's the whole theme here, isn't it? The joints are good, but bones are better. Why is that Moose over there wearing my green sweater? Feeling relaxed, feeling great? I've been smoking marijuana. Chris is good, but wheat is better. They're the same thing. I'M gonna go make myself a double decker. Oh yeah, getting Munchie's feeling Horny I'm in love with Little Debbie Swiss rolls. Masturbation is a dream. Oh, I ended up with two kinds of cream. That is a true story right there. Anyway, get back the smoking. Eyes are glazing. I'm in love with you, guess it. Marijuana high, like trying something new. There's a goddamn string based off of gorilla glue. GOT PUT A P S A right here. Do not use gorilla glue as Lube unless you won't be stuck to your partner. Remember, it's rock paper SCISSORING, not rock paper SCISSORING gorilla glue. No, all right, here you, how the funk do high end this song? It's been going on now for way too long. Back to smoking, back to baking.

I Love Smoking, you guess it, bitches. Marijuana, my boon is mighty, mighty plenty. Let us all get together and sell a bright for twenty, which is everyday. bitches. Check your clock. It comes around twice. The song is done. The song is over. I'll keep smoking marijuana. Back up bull or roll one time. That's all for me now, as I say good night, good night, bitches. You don't have to stay here, but you can't stay here, damn it can I sunk that up again. You can't stay here, but you don't have to go home. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. I'll fuck it. I'm out. Enjoy the rest of the fucking show. Wait, those, it my bad, I'm out. I've Been Christine Norton, I've been beauty. Tune in next week. Check us up on the web. A dogy W W dot Gideons, the best show DOT COM M.

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